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"What are you doing here?" the boy asking his vampire friend.

"Well, looks like you needed my help, I mean looked at all of you, beaten to a pulp by an old dude" the raven haired girl said, clearly hurting some of their pride. But even so they were thankful enough that these young looking vampire girl came in just in the nick of time.

Finn tried to argue but nothing came out of his mouth. Him and the others that had just been saved were all master swordsmen, the best of the best, but stood no chance against another swordsman and an old one they might add. Marceline chuckles as she sees the boy embarassed, blushing a three shades of red as he rubs the back of his head.

"Thanks, Marcy" he said, giving Marceline a warm smile which clearly says that it was now her turn to blush.

"No worries, Finn" she said, trying to look the other way.

"Not to ruin your moment but..." Kai pointed to the old guy, still breathing they still did want to know the secret of the Citadel. Just before they started interrogating the old man, Bonnibel Bubblegum and Flame Princess arrived, there was a hint of relief on their faces as they saw all of them standing just fine.

"Why do we have to keep him alive, there's a huge door right in front of us, surely that's the way in?" Flame Princess asked, she isn't known for being patient after all, nobody knows if it's her elemental matrix that keeps her that way or just herself.

"Cause, when we go inside there no one knows what will happen, I mean we didn't even count that this dude (old man) has the ability to vanish or teleport if you want it that way" Kai said, winning everyone's favor, charging in recklessly to fight the old man almost caused them their lives he wasn't about to let that happen again.

"Fine.." Flame Princess said, who started walking around the huge hall of the Citadel, everyone drop a sweat as Finn followed her, calming her down if she was angry.

"We're gonna go with them" Princess Bubblegum notifying the others as she grab Marceline and dragging her to follow Finn and FP.

"Bonny, what the!" the raven haired girl said

"We need to talk with Finn, all of us" the princess rubs her tummy, and Marceline already knew what was about to happen.

"Finn wait up" said the catching up princess followed by the vampire queen.

As all four of them walk still visible to the group of Kai.

"Hey guys, you're tummies are still swelling." the boy said, still. STILL unaware of the condition of the three.

Bonnibel burst from laughter, the atmosphere that she's trying to create was instantly shattered by Finn and she still wasn't saying anything.

Letting out a chuckle "Well... about that" she said smiling to the boy.

"Tell me!" Kai was growing impatient as every questions he asked was answered by a crazy laugh.

Once more the person that was being interrogated was just laughing.

"The only thing you'll know is.." the old man was suddenly cut off by another one's shout.

"BABIES!?" everyone's attention was now focused on Finn and his ladies

'Seriously? He really didn't know about that?' everyone thought as all of them dropping a sweat 'Just how innocent is that guy' Kai thought 'Wait, if he's so innocent then how was he able to.. make babies?' Kai was now dumbfounded by Finn. A boy who knew how to... but doesn't know what comes after that.

His thoughts however was cut off by the old man laughing, Kai heard the pink princess's voice "We'll talk about it later now go" she said in a 'motherly' tone.
He was now more confused at or is the princess just acts motherly at everyone.

'He sure has a weird taste' the red haired boy thought.

As they continue to interrogate the man, he finally said what's behind the door, Eyes widened and shock well everyone, but what really got them was what he said next.

"Boy" the old man pointing at Finn "Humans has gone extinct in this land for a thousand year, have you never thought that you're living here right now but no one knows of your origin?" he added.

"I was adopted by my brother Jake's parents" he said nervously, for some reason he already knew the truth but just didn't want to accept it.

"Yes, but I bet they've found you.. somewhere... alone..." he said, seriously.

"I... uh... yes.." the boy nods, as he kept his head lower his eyes now being foreshadowed he bit his lip.

Finn was now waiting just outside as his three wives... well girlfriends, he still hasn't proposed anything yet it took them a month to return to Ooo, deliver his children. Jake was outside with his brother who was starting to hyperventilate and started questions of 'What if?' that got into the dog's head a little.

"Bro, relax! I mean if you're the one giving birth I'm gonna be worried but those three... well they're tougher than you!" he said laughing heartily.

"Hey!" the boy said, instantly snapping out of his panic attack.

"See, even some part of you knows that" once more the dog laughed, the boy couldn't help but laugh with him, well it was true, all of him being hero and all was no match against one of them.

"Finn..." the doctor suddenly pops her head out of the delivery room "Come in" she said, smiling, and that got Finn and Jake and Lady who was with them but also kept her noise as she too was panicking... for her friends, knew that this meant good news.

As he entered that room, three different cries can be heard, the father of three suddenly started crying, he was so happy that his eyes were flooded by tears.

The first that the doctor introduced was Flame Princess's, it was a Fire Elemental and a humanoid to add. A bright warm glow emitting from the baby as Flame Princess said to Finn while holding his hands "It's healthy, and powerful." she suddenly smiled differently at that time.

"Not sure why would you add the power thing." the proud father said, chuckling with her flaming love one. He tightens his hold with her hands and kissed her.

The next that was introduced was Bonnibel's, once more another humanoid and this time a bubblegum person. Exhaustion was drawn on all of their faces, Finn just kissed her and move on to Marceline.

"I think you'll be surprised with this one." the doctor said as she and Finn move to the next bed. to the Vampire Queen.

"I doubt it" he said.

Finn was speechless at what he saw, he looked at the mother of that child and both of them didn't thought that this will be the outcome.

"It's a live and healthy baby girl, Finn!" Marceline said as she started crying, for a vampire who's heart no longer beat give a living healthy girl.

Finn was taken aback.. none of them was expecting this. All of them thought that it will be a human for sure but a vampire.

Finn uttered no words. He kissed his wife and his baby girl "I'll let you rest for now" he said, once more kissing his vampire.

[After a week]

"Shhh... sleep now" Finn whispered to one of his babies who still hasn't sleep unlike his brothers.

"Still who knew that the three of us will give birth at the same time" Flame Princess whispered behind Finn, wrapping her arms on his waist, taking a sniff as her husband... well the three of them prefer him to be 'Their Husband', just finished taking his shower.

The baby was now sleeping peacefully with his little brothers. Flame Princess dragging Finn into their room where Bonnibel and Marceline was waiting.

He pats and rubs each of their head and gave them each a kissed on their forehead, whispering loud enough for the three of them to hear "Go to sleep"

The three girls didn't argue and started to sleep. They knew Finn had to take a lot after the Citadel incident. He has to have time for himself.


"You're not of this world, boy" he said, that hurt Finn with much more force than being hit by a thousand train combined.

"Wh-what?" he said, starting to break.

"Let me show you" he said, he walks slowly towards the huge door and opened it. Imagine a small key, smaller than a usual key opened a door of 40 feet high.

The door was opened and everyone except for the one who opened it couldn't believe it.

"Let me introduce to you the greatest thing your kind has invented" pointing at Finn, and speaking in a tone where he is a prophet.

"The Multiverse" he said, everyone was confused and didn't know what it was, well except for a certain bubblegum.

"The Multiverse, where everything exist, yet everything is extinct" the old man said with a smug face. somehow his face said that I heard this from someone else and I'm just copying it.

"The-then... where do.. I...belon-" Finn was stopped by a hand.

"Now, I don't know your history, I didn't know if you were part of a colonization team or an expedition one but it's clear that you were left here as an accident. seeing how they left you and never returned means that the humans has no needs for this land. and test wasn't run here either." the old man said

"But what I do know.." the old man spoke once again before anyone can say anything "Is that... I'm outta here! see ya suckas!" he added.

"Oi!" Kai said, suddenly running towards the portal where the old man jump, before he was able to jump his girl stopped him and whispered something, Kai nods and walks back towards the group.

"Finn, we are closing these doors permanently" Kai said (A/N: by doors he meant portals, Imagine a huge room with nothing but portals, thousand.. no millions of them all leading to different area and once in that area a million more that that wasn't on the first door) The boy could say nothing but just nods in agreement.

[End of Flashback]

Finn realized that it as midnight, he felt tired and started making his way on their bed without making a sound.

Before the man could drift into his sweet slumber "Finn, you know... it's been a week and...well we can't sleep" Flame Princess said, seductively. Finn gulp as he saw Bubblegum and Marceline's eyes wide open and they were looking at him like some piece of sweet and juicy meat.

"Ahehehe" was all he could reply and his laugh was toned in 'avoiding' one.

"Don't ahehehe us.. It's not gonna work, we've waited long enough" Marceline said running her tongue across her lips and into Bonnibel's.

"I can't wait too!" Bubblegum said, and with the the three of them grab Finn not wanting their prey to run away they tied him to the bed and started their

night... that lasted for three days.

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