Chapter 1 : Meeting

Naruto ran with all the speed his four year old legs could muster. Chasing him was a mob of villagers and a few nins they ran after him armed with weapons and with cries of "Demon brat" and "Monster" and the like.

Suddenly he stumbled on a stone and fell just as the mob caught up to him. " I'm going to die" he thought. He cowered , begged and pleaded but they kept on attacking, finally leaving him, cut up with broken bones, to die in the street. Sometime during the beating he had passed out.


'Drip, drip' Naruto opened his eyes to find himself in a sewer. He slowly stood up surprised to find himself alive. Then he felt it, an odd feeling originating from somewhere up ahead. Naruto , curious decided to find out what it is. He walked until he stood before a huge set of gates which were held closed by a single piece of paper with 'seal' written on it.

Naruto walked closer to the gigantic gates. Suddenly he spotted a pair of huge red eyes. Naruto fell over onto his backside eyes widening in shock. The red eyes moved closer to reveal they belonged to a huge red fox whose nine tails thrashed absentmindedly behind it. The fox looked at him and in a surprisingly gentle voice "Greetings Kit, I hope I didn't scare you too much."

Naruto stood up while shaking his head in negative at the fox's question." Well come closer Kit, I don't bite" Naruto did as he was bidden then deciding that the fox was nice ran thru the bars of the gate and hugged the fox's warm scruff which along with it's head was resting on the ground.

The fox was amazed that this child was so at ease with it that it ran into it's domain and even hugged it. Naruto leaned away from the fox slightly, so he could see the fox's great eye, keeping his hands running thru the fox's fur and causing it to purr asked " What shall I call you Fox-san?" "Kyuubi Kit and what should I call you?" Naruto smiled " Call me Naruto" both fox and boy grinned equally foxily " Oh and Naruto-kun, for reference , I'm a girl" Naruto nodded.

" Naruto," Kyuubi's tone turned serious "I have seen how much those people hurt you, how about I train you so they can't do it anymore ?" Naruto's face turned sad when she mentioned the beatings but when she offered to train him he flashed her a grin befitting a Kitsune "Oh yes, can you, oh can you Kyuubi-chan?" he eagerly asked " Yes i can and will Naruto-kun" replied the vixen as she giggled at the young boys cute expression.

" Now Naruto-kun it's time for you to wake up, the old man has brought you to hospital and is waiting for you to wake up " Naruto was confused "what is it Naruto-kun?" asked Kyuubi tenderly " If I'm asleep in hospital then how am I here?" " Aha , I have a lot to explain but not now. I'll forge a mental link so we may talk when you are awake. Now go Naruto-kun if i talk to you in your mind just think your answers no reason for people to think you're crazy and don't tell any one about me even the old man now go." Naruto nodded " see you later Kyuubi-chan."As he faded from sight.