Chapter 5 : A different change

Naruto saw Kyuubi slam his hands onto the stone and felt it warm up then suddenly he was surrounded by light seeing nothing but it. When his vision cleared he saw not his mindscape but in an unfamiliar yet familiar place : a landscape that stretched as far as the eye could see made up of swirling colors, sometimes he felt that if he tried hard enough he would see something in the colors but he put it down to his imagination.

Suddenly from the colors formed many figures all hooded. They surrounded him then spoke in unison each voice different and holding a different emotion yet all saying and meaning the same thing "Welcome changer, here you will pass the test to determine the outcome of this change." Naruto was frightened but he nodded "You will answer one question and the nature of your answer will decide your fate." Again Naruto nodded.

"What do you fight for, what will you use this power for?" Without hesitation Naruto answered in a voice laced with determination, power and truth "I fight for those I hold dear, I fight to protect those who need to be protected, I fight to stop those who do wrong, I fight and strive for peace."

The figures as one nodded "You have passed the test. You will from now on bear the mantle of power you will become an elemental lord of the Kitsune spirit clan and the second bearer of the nine tails. One of the figures pulled from within its robe a sheathed blade of white " Use this sword well young lord and it will and it will help you guard and protect those you hold dear." The figure handed Naruto the blade. The second figure stepped up holding a glowing orb of light "Use this gift of wisdom to guide you." With that the figure pushed the glowing orb into Naruto's chest.

One by one each of the figures gave him a gift to help him on the road to his dreams. Finally they all stepped back speak once more in unison "Uphold the mantle and you shall be rewarded. Your heart is pure and so it shall stay. Goodbye Naruto. But one pice of advice find someone to love and share your life with and you will be closer to your dream" With that they disappeared. Naruto closed his eyes and willed himself back to his mindscape.