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Exile island was the worst. Duncan couldn't believe that he was stuck there for the night, Thankfully he managed to sneak some alcohol on this show, sure he could have found the hidden immunity idol but he didn't care. The plan was to sit on the island all night and get drunk until he passed out and Chef would come and get him.

About an hour into drinking, Duncan was starting to feel tipsy and laughing at all the funny things he had done to Harold in the past. The island really was where he had most of his best memories. As much as he hated Chris for all the crap he put him through, he had to admit if it wasn't for Chris and this show he would still be rotting away in Juvie or actual jail at this point.

"This place isn't so bad, pranking Harold was great! I met Geoff and we smoked a lot of weed..." Duncan smiled to himself. "I made out with Courtney in the fish shack and then in the bunk beds, How can I forget kissing Gwen on the plane? Those we're some great kisses, I miss Gwen but I think I miss Courtney more, I'm not sure!"

Two hours later Duncan was sobbing and laying on the ground as he was yelling about how things have turned out. It was dark and cold and Duncan was completely drunk.

"This is all Tyler's fault!" Duncan yelled. "If he didn't see the kiss then I could have had Gwen and Courtney! what the hell is wrong with my life?! Why do I always have to make such stupid choices and on international TV too!"

"Hey Duncan, could you keep your venting a little more quiet?" Fang walked up from out of the water. "Some of us are trying to sleep."

"I'm really drunk, I didn't know that mutated sharks could talk." Duncan put his hand on his head. "Hey Fang, would you help me out here? You've seen both Courtney and Gwen, which girl should I stay with and bang?"

"Neither." Fang laughed. "Take it from the talking shark that walks, I've heard them talk and Courtney thinks you hide behind the piercings because you have a small penis and Gwen just thinks you have a small penis, she sent a picture to LeShawna and Bridgette while you were sleeping and asked for their opinion. They both think you're an asshole though and none of them want to date you."

"So, is your answer Zoey?" Duncan asked. "Now that Mal's all evil and stuff I think I stand a shot!"

"You don't learn do you?" Fang laughed. "Don't date girls who are all on the same TV show!"

"Look, I screwed up! I mean I could have Gwen or Courtney and maybe I dated them in the wrong order!" Duncan sighed. "I mean, I wanted to date Gwen first but she had Trent liking her and Cody stealing her underwear, Courtney was fun to break! Nothing more fun than getting a good girl to do something illegal and bad."

"So, you know the outcome of dating Gwen and Courtney." Fang smirked. "Do you know which one you would choose now?"

"Does it matter? I have them both hating me and that means I have no girlfriend." Duncan laughed. "Who needs them? I don't want either of them."

"Here." Fang threw a locket at Duncan. "I'm giving you a second chance, if you want to use it them go ahead, if not then you can drunkenly throw it back into the lake. A mermaid gave it to me and since I'm a mutated shark I have no use for it. All you have to do is say 'Courtney and Gwen do over' and then open the locket and then when you decide what girl you want you give her the necklace, she puts it around her neck and it's like the whole situation never happened at all."

"I'm so drunk..." Duncan looked at the locket as fang walked away and went back down into the water. Duncan stared at the locket as he fell drunkenly into the sand. Once he had no alcohol left and the island looked like it was spinning in circles. Duncan rolled his eyes and sighed as he opened the locket

"Courtney and Gwen do over...at The Total Drama action finale with Beth where I won the million dollars..." Duncan quickly said and then slammed the locket shut. "Well that was a waste of time..."

When Duncan woke up he found himself back on the island and it was daylight. Duncan slowly sat up and realized just how hung over he now was. He was about to head to the resort when he realized halfway there that it wasn't there. He saw Gwen walking by and figured even if she hated him still, she would know where the hell the resort went.

"Hey Gwen, what the hell happened to the resort?" Duncan asked. "I got really hung over last night while I was on that exile island and I guess Chef must have brought me back and now the resort is gone."

"Resort? You mean the playa? I don't think you want to go there and risk losing the chance to win the million dollars." Gwen laughed. "I'll see you later, I have to go meet Trent by the lake."

"Trent's here?" Duncan was confused. "Since when?"

"Since day one..." Gwen gave him a funny look. "Just like all of us."

"Where's the flush of shame?" Duncan laughed. "There's no way Chris could pull of getting rid of that to prank me!"

"What?" Gwen laughed.

"The giant toilet?" Duncan sighed looking at Gwen. "Ring a bell?"

"Real funny, Duncan." Gwen laughed. "I gotta go though."

Duncan looked around the cabin, this had got to be a joke. Duncan hated when Chris and Chef did this crap. He stormed into the cabin so he could tell everyone on his team that this wasn't cool and that he was hung over and just wanted to lay down.

"Alright, listen up! This isn't funn-Geoff?! You're back?!" Duncan asked in disbelief.

"Uh...I never left the cabin..." Geoff gave him a strange look. "I'm going to go and talk to Bridgette, She's so pretty and down to earth! Later dude!"

This wasn't funny anymore. Duncan had no clue what was real anymore! Thinking about everything that just happened he reached into his pocket and pulled out the locket.

"Aw shit!" Duncan groaned.

Soooo...Do you guys like this idea? The better question would be is if Duncan was being pranked by Chris and Chef or if he really got a magical locket from a talking mutated shark while he was drunk. Should I continue this? I thought it would be kind of a neat idea.