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After Katie was sent off, Sadie started to cry and that's when Duncan saw Courtney walk up to Sadie and tell her it's okay. The next thing he knew, they were making a fire and sitting around it, just like last time. Duncan realized that this time, he had the advantage and he already knew everyone's fears. Now, all he had to do was let it play out just like it did the first time and he wouldn't ever need to worry about facing his fear, which he was starting to think might be different. Maybe his fear was deciding which girl he wanted and how it was going to affect his life?

"Chickens freak me out…." Duncan heard Tyler say when he finally tuned back in the conversation.

"I could never go flying." Izzy looked up at the sky in a state of panic. "Nuh-uh! No way!"

"I hate flying." Owen agreed. "I'd never go up in a plane."

"Isn't it weird how two teams can just come together and talk about things like this?" Trent threw a pinecone into the fire.

"Yeah." Gwen smiled at Trent and it made Duncan incredibly angry. "I'm scared of being buried alive. You know? Can you imagine being trapped somewhere and nobody knows where you are and you're stuck there?"

"That reminds me of this one movie I saw." Duncan told Gwen. "It was called Alive 4."

"Yes! That movie!" Gwen agreed. "I thought Alive 2 was so much better."

"I hate being alone in the woods." Bridgette looked around and changed the subject. "Even being here now is pretty scary."

"Puh-lease!" Heather scoffed. "We're right by camp."

"What are you afraid of then, Heather?" Gwen came to Bridgette's defense.

"Nothing." Heather lied.

"That's bullshit." Duncan laughed. "You're a preppy teenage girl. You're probably afraid of not having gourmet coffee."

"As if." Heather glared at Duncan. "I'm not some Princess who is scared of superficial things. If you must know, I hate sumo wrestlers."

"That's so lame." Duncan laughed. "Why are you afraid of sumo wrestlers?"

"They're sweaty and gross." Heather defended herself. "They're also fat and could kill you if they wanted to! What are you scared of then?"

"CelineDioncardboardcutouts." Duncan found himself say. He knew he needed to say this to keep the challenge going the same way it did before. Courtney started laughing.

"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard." Courtney laughed, a snort coming out with her laugh.

"What are you afraid of?" Duncan smirked and grabbed the plate of Green Jelly that Beth had brought with her to share with everyone. "You want a snack?"

"Get that away from me!" Courtney yelled. "I hate Green Jelly!"

"Scared?" Duncan smirked. "It's okay if you are…"

"I'm not scared of Green Jelly." Courtney crossed her arms. "It's just gross. You shouldn't be judging, Mr. Dion."

"Hey! Don't go there!" Duncan got defensive.

"What are you afraid of Trent?" Gwen asked as she changed the subject.

"Mimes." Trent shuddered. "They're creepy!"

"You're afraid of mimes?" Duncan laughed. "That's even worse than what I'm afraid of."

"Mimes are real." Trent glared at him. "You're afraid of a cut-out that just stands there! Not even the real singer."

Duncan wasn't going to let Trent get to him on this. He didn't fear that anymore, not after all the seasons he's been in that Trent didn't even know existed. He just needed to keep pretending that it was his fear and go hug that cutout tomorrow. Duncan just sat around while the rest of the group talked about their fears while he tuned them all out. He already heard them all anyway...

The next morning everyone woke up and went to the mess hall to eat really bland food. No matter what Duncan did over he knew that he would never be able to fix Chef's cooking so he didn't feel the need to try. As everyone was sitting down eating, Chris walked in and Duncan knew what was coming so he quickly looked in Heather's direction. Just because he already knew what was going to happen, hardly meant that he wouldn't watch it again and again like his favorite movie.

"Campers, your next challenge is a little game I like to call phobia factor!" Chris walked in. "Prepare to face your worst fears!"

"Worse than this?" LeShawna looked at a sausage she was holding on a fork.

"We're in trouble." Gwen seemed to state obviously as Chris pulled out a random slip of paper from his ass. Seriously, Duncan was sure he just carried around a blank piece of paper and just called out whoever he felt like.

"Heather, let's go to the theatre." Chris smirked. "It's Sumo time!"

Duncan watched as Heather spit her drink in Trent's face and Duncan found himself laughing really hard which caused Bridgette and Courtney to give him a dirty look. Trent also glared at him, based on this rivalry they've been having.


While Heather was wrestling the Sumo wrestler, Chris started to assign other people the challenges and everyone would watch and laugh when it wasn't their turn. Duncan knowing how this was going to play out wanted to be there for Gwen rather than Trent.

"Oh Chris, please don't tell me you have a fake Celine here…" Duncan casually. "I think I'd cry on national TV if you did."

"International." Chris corrected Duncan. "Since you've said it, I guess we should take a walk over to the cabins where I have a friend for you!"

Duncan pretended that he was scared as he and his team walked over to the cabins and saw the Celine cut out as snickering could be heard from anyone who was watching him. Duncan wanted to put on the best show he possibly could to make Chris and everyone else truly believe that he'd never done this before…I mean, why wouldn't they believe he never done it? They didn't know he was doing things over or that he had the ability to do it.

"You can do it!" Courtney yelled to Duncan. "Just go and hug her, She's pretty!"

"That's not pretty." Duncan told her as he pretended to be scared.

"She's nice!" Courtney yelled to him.

"Have you ever met her?!" Duncan asked Courtney as he took a step back from the cut-out, giving himself the appearance of being scared.

"You got this, Bro!" Geoff yelled to him.

Duncan felt that he put on enough of a show and hugged the stupid standee. The team got a point and Courtney ran over to him and hugged him. This made Duncan blush but he didn't have time to go hang out with her and watch everyone else. While he was doing that, Chris already told Gwen he was going to bury her in the sand and he send Cody off to deactivate a bomb that Chef made while Bridgette got sent to the woods.

"You did it." Courtney smiled at him. "Do you want to stand with me and watch the others?"

"Yeah, let's go watch Gwen get buried?" Duncan suggested, hoping she'd agree with it.

"Gwen is going to be underground, we won't be able to see her anyway." Courtney told him like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Let's go watch Tyler with the chickens."

"I think I'm going to watch Gwen." Duncan told Courtney who didn't seem happen about this. "Uh, it sounds more...entertaining."

"Do whatever you want." Courtney flatly told him.

"I'll be right back." Duncan promised her. "I'll be back before you have to face your fear."

"I'm not scared of anything." Courtney crossed her arms. "You won't be seeing me do anything. Just, go watch Gwen."

Duncan didn't even try to reason with her and instead decided that he was going to get to Gwen and be there to pick up the pieces when Trent would fail. He figured that he could always make it back to Courtney before she has to eat the Green jelly.

By the time Duncan made it to the beach, Chris was just finishing burying Gwen when Trent tossed in a walkie-talkie and started talking to her from above.

"It's alright." Trent told her into the walkie-talkie. "I'm right here and I'll dig you out when your time is up."

"I'm here for you too." Duncan grabbed the walkie-talkie from Trent and made sure that Gwen knew.

"Duncan?" Duncan heard Gwen say his name for him and Trent to hear. "You're here too?"

"You bet." Duncan quickly pressed the button and spoke into the Walkie-Talkie. Trent glared at him and grabbed the walkie-talkie from him.

"You don't need to be here." Trent told him. "Don't you have a fear you have to face?"

"Been there, done that." Duncan shrugged. "I've got some time to kill and I want to be there for Gwen."

"Maybe you can go kill it somewhere else." Trent told him. "In case you haven't noticed, I really like Gwen."

"I've noticed." Duncan admitted to him. "In case you didn't realize, I also like Gwen."

"You seemed just fine with flirting with Courtney." Trent told him as he glared at him.

"Uh, guys?" Gwen spoke and the walkie-talkie went static as she spoke. "I'm seriously freaking out! I feel like I'm being closed in. One of you talk to me!"

"What do you want to talk about?" Trent pressed the walkie-talkie button. "I'm here, don't worry."

"Hmmmm, you said you're afraid of mimes?" Gwen responded with a slight pause. "What happened to make you scared of mimes?"

"My Mom took me to the Circus to see the Elephants and I was so stoked." Trent told her on the walkie-talkie. "I somehow got separated from her and when I turned around there was this Mime behind me and he was copying everything I was doing and he was wearing creepy make-up!"

While he was telling Gwen this, he was facing the water by the beach and didn't see the Mime coming right at him. The Mime placed his finger up to his lips and smiled at Duncan, giving him a 'shhhh' sign. Duncan held in his laughter as the mime approached Trent.

The second the mime tapped Trent on the shoulder, he started running away and screaming. Dropping the walkie-talkie. Duncan started laughing hysterically as the Mime copied everything Trent did. This was another thing that Duncan thought would never get old.

Duncan waited for three more minutes for the timer to go off indicating that Gwen was done. Once the timer went off, Duncan smiled to himself and grabbed the walkie-talkie.

"Time's up." Duncan told her. "I'm gonna dig you out now."

Duncan quickly dug Gwen out and opened the door to the case Gwen was in and held his hand out for Gwen to take. Once she was out, Gwen hugged Duncan and took several large breaths of air, happy to be above ground.

"That was terrifying." Gwen told him, still slightly in panic. "I can't believe I did that!"

"She's alright." Chris walked over with some camera men and seemed happy she did it. "She's alright!"

"Uh, what happened to Trent?" Gwen looked around.

"He forgot about you when a Mime showed up." Duncan told her.

"If Duncan wasn't here, I probably would have forgot you were here." Chris shrugged. "Oh well, Geoff and I have a date with some hail."

"Trent left me to die underground?!" Gwen yelled. "He promised he would stay with me. I can't even see him! He's that far gone? He was just going to leave me?!"

"You're fine though." Duncan smiled at her. "I was here and I got you out and Chris's cameraman left him know that I was with you."

"Thanks." Gwen smiled at him with a blush. "At least I know that I have someone here I can really count on."

"Anytime." Duncan smirked. "Just don't go around telling people. I don't want people to think I'm some sort of softy."

"I get it." Gwen left a giggle escape. "I have to admit, I like this you but I'll keep the secret nice guy to myself."

"We should probably go and see how everyone else is doing with these challenges?" Duncan suggested to Gwen.

"I'm good with that." Gwen agreed.

By the time they made it back to the campgrounds, Duncan's eyes got wide when he saw that Chris was announcing that his team lost and Owen was in the Green Jelly, tasting it. Gwen heard this and cheered that her team won.

"Sorry you guys lost." Gwen tried to tell Duncan sympathetically but knew she had to go celebrate with her team. Duncan could see that Courtney seemed disappointed in the fact she couldn't do it and he remembered that originally he cheered her on and this time, he did not. He decided to go steal Trent's thunder and play the hero.

"I'm sure you tried your best." Duncan placed his hand on Courtney's shoulder.

"Don't touch me." Courtney slapped his hand away. "Chris offered us double points if I could do it and I failed. It's Green Jelly that I don't like. It looks like snot and it's so stupid to be afraid of."

"I'm sure you did your best." Duncan tried to tell her.

"Just leave me alone." Courtney glared at him. "I'm probably going home anyway tonight and I just thought you would be there if I needed you."

"How was I supposed to know you needed me?!" Duncan lied. He knew he let her down. "You said you didn't have any fears."

"It still would have been nice to have you there." Courtney informed him. "You're just not the guy I thought I was getting to know."

Courtney walked away and left Duncan stand there. Duncan didn't know what else to do. When you do one thing, he realized it had another effect on something else. Gwen may like him now but he wasn't doing a good job getting Courtney to like him. That night it came down to them voting out Courtney or Tyler in the final two. The final vote ended up going to Tyler and he was sent off in a boat full of chickens.

After the ceremony, Courtney continued to ignore Duncan and so he decided he was going to give her some space. As he was going into the cabin, he noticed that Gwen and Trent were sitting on the steps of the guy's cabin and he could only imagine the conversation that they were going to have based on how he stayed there for Gwen while Trent did not.

Once Duncan walked past the two of them on the steps, Trent made sure that he and Gwen were alone before he started to talk to her.

"I'm so sorry that I took off." Trent told her. "This Mime was chasing me and I got us the point but I had to jump in the water and I wanted to make sure he was gone before I went back to shore!"

"If it were up to you, I would have been buried alive for hours!" Gwen told him. "Were you even going to come back? I'm glad Duncan was there! He got me out we even talked on the beach for a while and you didn't even show up! I know I can't trust you in a situation if I needed you."

"You can trust me." Trent insisted. "It won't happen again."

"It won't." Gwen agreed. "I'm not going to put any trust in you. You don't have to worry. Goodnight, Trent."

Gwen left Trent on the steps of the cabin as she walked to the girl's cabin. It wasn't a very happy night for anyone on this island. Nobody was sure what was going to happen at this point, not even Duncan.

There we have it! I had so much fun doing this! Everyone knows that I'm a Duncney fan and they thought I had it set in stone that I wasn't going to give Gwuncan a shot, well I did and I love it so much. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Gwuncan but I'm also going to write the couple the best way I can and I love the fact I was able to turn the tables and have Duncan there for Gwen. I feel like this may be my favorite chapter that I have written so far! I hope you guys enjoyed this!