Little Lucy's P.O.V

"Mama, do wou thwink I'm woing to bwee a fwine wage somedway?" I asked

Mama carried me to my arms and told me, "Of course, Lucy"

"Mama, I wanna bwee one of dwa stwongest mwage and join a wuild! I want to pwotect mwy fwiends." I told her. She laughed, angelically

"Oh, Lucy, my daughter." she says rocking me back and fourth with her arms

"Soon, you shall have to kill a shadow dragon slayer that will change your life someday." Mama said

"I pwomise, Mama" I said

"No, Lucy child. It's not a promise, for it's a broken promise" Mama said

Suddenly, an abused six-year-old Lucy appeared with her chocolate abyss eyes. She was looking at the Fairy Tail's blonde mage.

"Who really are you?" the six-year-old Lucy asked to no one in particular

Fairy Tail's Lucy's P.O.V

I woke up from my bad dream, sweating and panting. I'm in a white room... I don't know if it was my sight or the room. I don't care at all... All I care about is my terrible hangover. My eyes were correct for it is definitely a white room. Where- where am I? As I remembered, me and Team Natsu were on a mission. Gray was knocked out. Erza was the first one to be knocked out because someone put some sleeping sand on her eyes.

Natsu was conscious but tied up with chains.

Then suddenly all went black.

"Luce!" Natsu says, tackling me to the ground

"Natsu... What happened?" I asked

"You saved us!" Natsu asked

"Really? I don't remember..." I said

"What's wrong with you, Luce? You should be boasting right now or thinking you're a legendary mage with some magic" Natsu said

"Oh yeah? That's good..." I said

"You're so weird Luce!" Natsu says, grinning from ear to ear

"Really? Yea..." I said looking at the ground


"Yea. I think so too"


"Yea, sure"

3rd person's P.O.V

After several attempts of Natsu trying to talk to Lucy, Natsu has had it.

"Lucy!" Natsu shouted enough for the whole guild to crumble.

"Natsu?" Lucy says, came back to her senses

"Thank Mavis you're back. What's wrong with you, Luce?" he asked worriedly

"I... I don't know... I am just thinking..." Lucy says.

Lisanna suddenly came in the guild's infirmary.

"Is something wrong, Lu?" she asked

"No..." Lucy replied, it sounded bitter when she said that.

'It must be really big' Lisanna sensed

"Natsu, I think I need to talk to her, alone" Lisanna says, emphasizing the word 'alone'

Natsu nodded and left.

"Now, Lu. Tell me" she said

"... It's..."


"Lisa, I... doubt... I... even... know... real..." Lucy murmured

"What? You have a voice for a reason, Lu. Plus, we have lots of time" Lisanna says

"I'm starting to doubt myself. I don't even know if this is the real me. There's something missing. A little part missing... I know, it's just a little part... But that makes me complete" Lucy says

Lisanna smiled. She felt it too. So, they were on the same shoe. It was very painful for Lisanna for she was alone. This time, she would be with Lucy.

Lisanna hugged Lucy. Lucy cried on Lisanna's shoulder.

"What is it?" Lisanna asked

"Him and me..."

"May I ask why didn't you tell us?" someone asked

Lucy and Lisanna look around to see everyone in the guild is in the guild's infirmary

"Minna-san, why are you here?" Lucy asked

Mira, Levy and Wendy pulled her into a hug, saying their nicknames for her(the honorifics).

Lucy's P.O.V

Who are you, shadow dragon slayer?

What does Mama mean by, 'It's a Broken Promise'?

A.n: Happens AFTER the GMG. I don't own Fairy Tail. Plus, it'll be longer next time... This is just the Prologue. My first prologue, as a matter of fact. FOR ROLU FANS THAT WORKED SO HARD ON "FATE AND DESTINY GONE WRONG"! YEAH!