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Lucy couldn't believe it, there was her childhood friend whom she hasn't seen in almost a decade!

"Ryos!" She cried, tackling Ryos to the ground.

Ryos smiled, "Calm down,"

Lucy felt tears streaming down her face as she sniffed, looking at her childhood friend. "I-I can't!"

Ryos smiled and patted her head. "Same Lucille as before, I see,"

Lucy shook her her head, "I no longer carry the name 'Lucilla'. Instead, I live my current life being called "Lucy"."

Rogue smiles, "Then, I too dislike to be called by my real name,"

"Oh?" Lucy asks, her eyebrow raised and her face was clearly amused and curious.

"I live the name as "Rogue"," he introduced.

Lucy smiles, "Pleasure to meet you, Rogue,"

"Pleasure's all mine," he smiles.

They shook hands.

"Want to have a midnight walk?" Lucy asks.

Rogue nods.

Hand-in-hand, the childhood friends talked and chattered, trying to catch up to one another.

"You mean to say, we both have idiotic partners? That's great then!" Lucy laughs, "I can finally share my pain to someone!"

Rogue chuckles, shaking his head.

"Appologies for ignoring you in last year's games," he says, out of the blue.

"Oh, you mean the Grand Magic Games? It's alright, I didn't recognized you either, so, we're even," Lucy shrugs.

"That's good," Rogue says, "Speaking of which, where have you been for the past year?"

"Oh, just stuffs... Relaxing, training and finding myself," Lucy shrugs.

"So, you have not yet heard?" Rogue asks.

"... Not yet heard about...?"

"Sabertooth and Fairy Tail are now close allies," Rogue says.

"No... What?!"

"Not yet then, also, Sting's now the Master of Sabertooth, and still my partner."

"What?! No!" Lucy wails.

Rogue chuckled, "Did something happen?"

"Yes!" She cried.

"I kicked his stupid arrogant ass to the wall." She scoffed.

Rogue chuckles, patting her head, "Good job."

"I agree- Wait... you're not mad?" Lucy asks.

Rogue shook his head, "Why would I be?"

"Well, I kicked your stupid master's ass..." Lucy says, slightly fidgeting.

"He deserves it," Rogue chuckles.

Lucy sighs in relief. "Thank Mavis. I thought it would start World Guild War II."

"Oh yeah, something bothering me... Why aren't you a twnety-six?"

"You mean even after the seven-year timeskip? I stopped aging once I turned eighteen. I approached some expienced mages and they said that I indeed stopped aging. They also said that something was causing my body not to age."

Lucy nods, although she must admit, she was very curious of what's the full reason.

She looked at the time. 11:59.

"Well, I have to-"

The Magnolia clock rang.


It was midnight.

Lucy grit her teeth once she felt a huge migraine coming.

A groan escaped her lips as she gripped on the railings.

She was glad that a certain Shadow Dragonslayer wasn't worried. Speaking of him, why wasn't he worried?

Gripping the railings harder, she stole a look on her childhood friend.

Indeed, he two was have a huge headache on his own.

"Children," a familiar voice calls.

Tryibg to control her breathing, Lucy gasps. It was the voice that bothered her at the night she got her memories.

Rogue grits his teeth, trying to keep his stoic face on but the headache was stopping him.

"You promise, my dear... Your promise..." the voice repeated about his 'promise'. He also gripped the railings in support.

The promise he couldn't even remember.

He gritted his teeth and gripped the railings even tighter.

This always happens to him every month and lasted a week.(ඤ)

"Don't tell her... or everything will fall... Magic,"

It was darn too late for that. His childhood friend was smart and she could figure it out. It won't take a person long enough to figure things out in her condition.

"Make her fall for you,"

Both mages gasp once the Magnolia bell stops ringing.


What a nightmare that was for the two teenagers.

Mavis sighs, watching the two from a far.

"They've went through so much..." she sighs once again, leaning her transparent body on her lover's. "Don't you agree, Zeref?"

He nodded. "I agree, let's just hope all ends well as it did from the start."

Mavis sighs, "The Wheels of Fate are turning(ॐ), all that we could do now is watch." Mavis says.

"Layla, what were you thinking? Are you happy now that everything's going the way you planned?"

Zeref just watched emotionlessly.

The Next Day...

Lucy groans, waking up with a massive hangover. Did she even drink last night? No, it doesn't seem so...

Last night's events struck her like lightning.

She groans. What the hell...? She needs answers, now.

Besides, where were Skiadrum, Yuki and Weisslogia?

"Oh Princess~" Yuki sang.

"The Great Weisslogia is here!" Weisslogia boasted.

She just had to remember, hadn't she? She waited for Skiadrum's usual polite greeting. None came.



"Where is he?" She asks.

Yuki and Weisslogia didn't answer.

Lucy moans in pain, massaging her temple.

"It happened again, didn't it, Princess?" Yuki interrogates.

"Yea, and you know what's weird? Even Rogue had one," she groans. "I'm gonna get ready, don't you dare peek,"

Rogue wake up beside Frosch.

Frosch snored, "Frosch... wants... too!"

Still dazed, he remembered now.

He remembered the promise he made. With Lucy's mother, Layla Vermillion Heartfillia.

Make Lucy fall for him or there would be great consequences.

Layle Vermillion Heartfillia... The person who started everything.

She was also the mastermind of this whole mess. The mess where he and Lucy were dragged into.

(ඤ)= Hehehe... It kinda reminds me of a girl's month period. You would call it, "Rogue's man period." LoL JK.

(ॐ)= Does it sound Familiar...? Did it click to you? LoL, I remembered Arcana Famiglia there.