Well, this is my disjointed attempt at writing angst. It starts out almost heartbreaking, but gets less and less sad as it goes on. I think it would've been better if I'd gone into more detail, but I didn't want to do so in this one-shot, mainly to make this more of a concise experiment in a genre I don't deal with often.

I don't think it's all that great but I think there's some potential here. I'm not used to writing angst AT ALL, but perhaps I'll try it in a longer form some other time. This is rated T for depressing themes and some references to affairs and stripping.

Alejandro was kneeling on the muddy ground, in front of a tombstone. It was raining, but not very hard, the droplets falling on him. His tears added to the water pooling around him as his pants legs were soaked. The Hispanic lady-killer, once so handsome, now had a face that betrayed the hardships he'd been through, instead of covering them up. At most he was in his late thirties, and although still very fit, he looked much older.

A few roses were clutched to his chest as he brushed the dirt off the grave in front of him. It belonged to his dear Heather, who had died in a plane crash the year before. He'd been the only one to attend her funeral, and likely the only one to visit her grave since. Laying the flowers down on the ground, which was now little but a puddle of mud, he shed a few more tears and laid his hand on the top of the cool stone.

After hooking up at the end of Total Drama: All-Stars, the two had practically ruled the world together for most of their twenties and thirties. They'd started companies, some legal, some not. They'd intimidated everyone around them and stayed somewhat-famous long after their fellow campers were forgotten. Every now and then they had a nasty falling-out, but they'd always gotten back together in the end. A true power couple, the two had no friends excepting each other, but that didn't matter to them. All Heather needed was Alejandro, and perhaps even more so vice versa.

Then, she'd died. Alejandro was left alone, without a single friend or lover in the world. He was no longer a lady-killer or a friend to all, everyone knew his evil tendencies and the world shunned him. He fell into substance abuse, which ruined his handsome good looks and almost killed him. After struggling through that, he found his situation post-addiction barely better than it had been during his addictions, and it almost prompted him to kill himself. The only thing that stopped him was his desire to avenge Heather's death by making the rest of the world suffer. Nothing had killed his love but dumb chance, but that didn't matter to Alejandro. It was the people who didn't care about her death, who laughed at her death who would pay. Once they paid, then he could rest in death eternal.

They all did pay, eventually, hundreds of them, with their lives. How and where varied. Alejandro paid the most however, as the monstrous deeds he did devastated and destroyed him, leading to him hanging himself. The world did not mourn his death.

Total Drama had been cancelled after its sixth season, Pahkitew Island. Chris was deemed unfit to be around minors, or really any people at all, and locked up in an asylum, supposedly to try and "cure" him and turn him into, well, a decent human being. It didn't work, as expected, and he spent the rest of his life there.

The many contestants went on to do many things. Most of them stayed famous for a year or two after the show's cancellation before slowly fading out of the public eye. Others became long-time celebrities, some of them even starting their own shows. Whatever they did, most went on to happy endings. But the villains? Not so much.

Courtney became a lawyer and was well-renowned for her vicious defenses and attacks. Her clients almost always won their cases, whether or not they justly should have. Her entire career came crashing down around her, however, when she was revealed to have done many indecent things to further her career, from ruining evidence to having affairs to accepting and handing out bribes. The public rioted, demanding her arrest, and this was one case she didn't win. The teen with once-great aspirations rotted away in a prison, her money, fame, and fans all gone.

Her fellow TDA antagonist, Justin, was the only villain of the series to enjoy any reasonable amount of happiness throughout his life, perhaps because he was only vain, not greedy or even evil like the others. He went on to do a lot more modeling work during his lifetime. Even throughout his sixties and seventies he was still a sex symbol to the world. The model could never find a girl for him, though. Many thought they loved him, but after getting close to him, realized just how self-centered he really was. Many nasty break-ups marred Justin's celebrity life, but it didn't bother him much, as he still had himself and that was all he cared about in the end.

Scott from Revenge of the Island held the distinction of being the first contestant to die after the show's ending. With the leftover money fans had donated to him to help him recover from his 'Trauma Chair', the redhead had moved to California and tried to start over. Getting rid of his audacious and nasty tendencies, he became a surfer and tried to befriend as many people as possible. Just when everything was looking up, disaster struck, and it wasn't even Scott's fault. Fang had stalked him all the way from Wawanakwa to L.A., and one day while he was in the ocean, the mutant shark attacked. The consequences this time were far worse than a trauma chair. Scott was brutally mauled and ripped to pieces before being devoured.

As for the 'villain' of All Stars, Mal, and the three minor antagonists in Pahkitew, they all fell out of the public eye rather quickly. Mike disappeared, potentially due to Mal, and was never seen again. There was little news around it and little suspicion of foul play, so after some brief coverage the media forgot all about him, and so did everyone else. Amy continued to act horribly towards her sister, only to watch Samey go on to lead a far more successful life as she herself became nothing but an old cat lady. Scarlett was sent to prison after determining to kill her fellow campers, and lead out a moderately peaceful existence there, always plotting escape but never really getting around to putting plans in action. Sugar tried a career as a stripper, causing everyone to become deathly afraid of her. She moved out to the country and all her neighbors would avoid her.

Dang, this feels kind of disjointed and rushed at the end, plus it needs way more details. I still feel like it was good to write and publish it though, I feel like it's a stepping stone in my development as a writer, and hopefully any constructive criticism in reviews will help me even more. Let me know if I did anything well, though, too! Thanks for reading.