Hey guys, Chloe here.

Sorry if I got you excited for a long overdue update on this story...this obviously isn't one. And, unfortunately, I have to say, there isn't going to be one.

Yup. I have finally decided to move this to the unfinished list.

I am really sorry guys.

This is a story idea I had bouncing around in my head since I was 15, doing my History GCSE in school. I had so many crazy good ides that I had to find the right one to write about, and it took me so long, and I really, really thought I had it! But, obviously, I didn't...I will keep trying, I do want to finish this one day, but I think I need to do some rewriting and rethinking and some work on other projects before I jump headfirst back into this one.

Please do keep up with my other stories, I have a few going on at the moment.

Again, I am sorry.

Thank you for everyone who has stuck by this story in hope.

Love, ChloeRhiannonX