Recovery of the Moon Watcher

Synopsis: When she saved Anko's life, Yūgao Uzuki was left with out her legs. This is her story of recovery.

This story takes place during the 3 year Time Skip when Naruto is being trained by Jiraiya. Much thanks goes to HowAboutThat and OperaGhost11235, my Beta readers.

I do not own Naruto.

Chapter 1

This Op is cursed. It has to be.

That's what Yūgao Uzuki thought to herself as she followed Kakashi and the rest of her 4 man team traveled through the valley. Anko was designated as their T&I expert, a position she and Yūgao shared. Kakashi was Team Leader while Akuma rounded out the Team as an ANBU Healer.

It should have been a simple mission, really. Find the spy, bring him back to Konoha and get all the information he had.

Never mind the fact they were deep in the Land of Sound. Never mind the fact the information was on Sasuke Uchiha and that the Land of Sound was ruled by the traitor, Orochimaru, who probably would kill them on the spot if he saw them.

Yesterday, they had to kill eight Sound Shinobi. That same night, Akuma had a close call with a pit trap, which after closer inspection, was shown to have spikes and snakes at the bottom of it. And to top it all off, this morning Kakashi's precious book had inexplicably ripped. Even now as he led them through the valley, he was fuming. It just had to be the one that Jiraiya had given him, autographed and everything.

"Where is he?" Anko's voice took Yūgao out of her thoughts as they came to a stop. Anko Mitarashi had never been a patient woman, not even as a child.

'She has a point though,' Yūgao said to herself. This had been the arranged meeting place after all.

"What's that?" Akuma's hoarse voice brought their attention to something in the distance.

As they walked towards the object, it soon became clear that it had once been a human being. The man's eyes had been pecked out by the birds. His throat had been torn out and numerous stab wounds ran up and down his body.

"I take it this is our informant?" Kakashi's voice betrayed nothing to the fury that everyone had no doubt was present in his heart.

"Yeah," was all Akuma said as he approached the body cautiously, his hand already on a kunai, when he suddenly stopped at the sound of something burning. The sound of a paper bomb getting ready to go off.

"Run!" he yelled before they started running as fast as they could away from the booby-trapped body. Then it went off.

The next few seconds felt like years to Yūgao. One moment they were trying their best to get out a valley. The next, they were avoiding a rockslide. It was when they were nearly out of the valley that she saw it before Anko did. A boulder was about to crash down on her and she couldn't see it.

Her body acted on autopilot as she dove forward and pushed Anko out of the way. Then everything went black as the boulder crashed down on her legs.

Two days later, Konoha Hospital

As Yūgao brown eyes opened, they saw Anko and Kakashi sitting around her. Anko was reading a magazine while Kakashi had chosen to go with his standard book. A groan escaped her lips and both of them looked up. They stood up and walked over to her bedside.

"Welcome back Yūgao. How are you feeling?" Kakashi's was forever calm, Yūgao was sure of it. Back when they were in the ANBU together, he never raised his voice once.

"I feel like I just went through one of Might Guy's training sessions." she deadpanned, giving all of them a laugh. "Where are we?"

"Konoha Hospital," was all Anko had to say. Her face had a cloud of gloom over it.


Before Anko could answer the question, Tsunade walked in.

"Oh good. You're awake. Glad to have you back."

"Lady Hokage," Yūgao bowed as best she could out of respect for the village leader.

"At ease, Yūgao," was what the Fifth Hokage had to say before she started taking her vitals and writing them down on a chart.

As the purple haired Kunochi tried to move, she realized that she couldn't.

"…Lady Hokage…why can't I feel my legs?"

Nobody said anything as Anko moved towards Yūgao's side. She took a deep breath before she started speaking.

"Yūgao, when you saved my life, a boulder landed on your legs. If you hadn't pushed me out of the way, I would've been killed…"

Two days earlier

As Yūgao blacked out, Kakashi and Anko ran over to her. Anko was the one who checked her pulse.

"She's got a pulse, but barely. We got to get her out of here."

"And what? Have her slow us down?" demanded Akuma, as he shook with nervousness. That explosion had to have drawn them a lot of attention.

"We leave no one behind, Akuma. We're getting her out of here, one way or another," growled Kakashi, sending a chill down the Healer's spine.

"And just how are we going to get that rock off of her?"

End Flashback

"There's no easy way to put this," said Anko is a strained voice. "Yūgao, we had to amputate your legs an inch above the knee."

I hope you all enjoyed it.