Hey readers! I decided to make a Clary/ Jace one shot to mix it up! Cool, isn't it? Now, mind you, I've only read the first TMI, so don't kill me. Lurve you all readers! ~VJ xx

**Before they get the Mortal Cup*****

Clary Fray was in the Institute garden with Jace Wayland.

"You go first," Jace said.

"No, you go first," said Clary.

"Nope, you."

"No, Jace, you!"

"No, Clary, you!"

"No, Jace, you!"

"I won't unless you do."


"That's the way of the Wayland."

"Ergh! You go first already, Jace!"

"Oh, by the Angel!"

"Just do it."

"You mundanes with your stupid-"

"What? Say that again? You said you'd go first?"

"Yes! I mean, no!"

"Tsk tsk, Jace, now go ahead, proceed, collect two hundred dollars, whatever."

"You infuriate me, you know?"

"Yep, now get on with it!"


And then...

Jace ate the last gummy worm.

Omg! You all thought he was going to kiss her, right? You're all so easy! Review if you thought he was going to kiss her! "Ate the last gummy worm" OMG I had to do that, I'm sooorry don't kill me! Haha. Byes guys!