Hey. I decided to do an alternate ending because you probably weren't happy with the way things turned out, so, like the awesome person I am, and because the fic was awful in the beginning, I'm going to WRITE IT OVER for you because I DELETED THE DOCUMENT. I don't own TMI, so, yeah. No suing.



Clary Fray was in the Institute garden with Jace Wayland.

"You go first," Jace said.

"No, you go first," said Clary.

"Nope, you."

"No, Jace, you!"

"No, Clary, you!"

"No, Jace, you!"

"I won't unless you do."


"That's the way of the Wayland." (A/N: This is BEFORE THEY FIND THE MORTAL CUP)

"Ergh! You go first already, Jace!"

"Oh, by the Angel."

"Just do it."

"You mundanes with your stupid-"

"What? Say that again? You'll go first?"

"Yes! I mean, no-"

"Tsk tsk, Jace. Now go ahead, proceed, collect two hundred dollars, whatever."

"You infuriate me, you know?"

"Yep, now get on with it!"


And then...

Jace leaned in to kiss Clary.

Did you like that better? It's like, come on you picky people.