Out Cold Sonic and Tails are in this forest place. They are running through said forest place when Sonic says "hey keed, I can no longer speed. I need a rest." After that he sits down and is breathing heavy. Tails, being concerned, says "what's wrong Sonic, you're never this tired after a short run like this." Sonic replies "well I don't feel so hot." Tails feels his head for a few seconds. His hand turns red and starts to smoke. He yanks it away and says "YOW! How can that be? You're burning up." "I don't know. But no rest for the weary. We gotta keep going." He makes to stand up but Tails puts a hand on his shoulder and says "no. you may be well..you, but you're not fit to travel no matter what you might think. You've told me never to go over my limits. But now I'm telling you the same. You rest up. I'll get us some place safe." "but how are you gonna do that?" "Sonic, do you still have that birthday present I gave you?" "yeah, why?...oooooohhh." Sonic plants the machine on the ground and Tails hops into the front seat. He says "I've always wanted to fly this thing myself. Well… hop on Sonic." "but….. you don't have a pilot's license." "Neither do you. get on." "oh alright." Sonic climbs on and they take off on the machine." A few minutes later, Tails lands the craft in a city junkyard. He says "that was fun. ok, we'll be safe here." Sonic replies "and how do you figure that?" "Like this…." Tails rapidly gathers various things from the junk yard. A few minutes later, he a huge pile of stuff. He says "ok. This is everything I need to make this safe." Sonic replies "I still don't see your point little bro. but I'm just gonna have to trust you on this one." "Don't worry Sonic, I won't let you down." Working quickly Tails fashions a bed with Sonic Blue sheets and pillows. He helps Sonic into it. Next, he constructs a room around them. this room, in contrast to the bed, is painted Tails Brown. (yeah I know that he's orange. But in AoStH he's brown.) finally, he furnishes the room with a night stand, a chair, a stove, and some pots. The pots are cooking Chili soup. (yes, it should be Chicken soup, but both Sonic and Tails don't seem to eat anything if it doesn't contain Chili.) Tails says "ok, now that I've got you in a bed, I have one final touch." He runs outside and comes back in wearing a nurse's outfit. He looks at himself for a few seconds and says "woops, wrong outfit." Then he runs out again. He comes back now wearing a doctor's outfit. He says "ah that's better." Now, with his new outfit, he pulls out a tongue depressor and says "now say aaahh!" Sonic replies " are you sure that's safe? You got it from the junk yard." "no I didn't I went to the local clinic. Once I told them about this they gave me the stuff I needed. Now, although I think you just have a bad cold I just wanna check." "there's no way you know what you're doing." "yes there is. I am following instructions from this book." He takes out a book labeled "what's up doc?" (yay for jokes/puns. Careful, there's more where that come from. Like this one.) "really Tails, is there a doctor in the house?" "no it's just me. Now open up already." "ok." So Sonic opens his mouth and Tails puts in the stick. Meanwhile, Sonic things "wow… this is just depressing." (I told you so. But I'm not done yet.) Next Tails takes out a stethoscope. He places is on the top right of Sonic's chest. Sonic says "I know you've always had a big heart, but it's in the wrong place. The heart is in the center of the chest." (they just keep on coming.) after that, he shines a light in Sonic's eyes. When he takes it away, Sonic says "ugghh… you're a sight for sore eyes." Not knowing what else to do, Tails whacks Sonic in the head with a pillow. Sonic says "keed, stop already, you're making me sick in the head." Tails replies "then you must have a head cold." "ugghh…. You're giving me brain fever." "Then I'll make you cool again you hothead." He puts a huge ice pack on Sonic's forehead. He says "Tails now I'm getting brain freeze." (darn, I can't think of any more puns. So you're spared for the rest of the story.) a tear rolls down Tails' face. He says "you're right. I'm no good at this. You're gonna be sick forever." Sonic sees his friend's distress and thinks "uh oh. I'm making him feel bad. Let's change the subject." He says "hey Tails, all this sickness is making me hungry. What do you have cooking there?" Tails replies "Chili soup. According to the book, this is one of the best things to help a cold." "well then lemme try some. That smells good." So Tails ladels some in a bowl and hands it to Sonic who grabs a spoon and takes a mouthful. When the soup hits his tongue, his eyes widen. He thinks "whoa. Tails is some cook. This is amazing." As if reading his thoughts, Tails says "you like it?" "yeah! What's different about it?" "well here's what I did; jalapenos, cheese, onion, chili paste, cayenne pepper, oregano, sausage, and some broth." (basically, he found whatever he could, and threw it in. as if a little kid could cook.) "wow. Why didn't I think of that." Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder, who happen to be in that junkyard at the right time by sheer coincidence are listening in on the conversation. Scratch says "Sonic isn't well?" Grounder says "so that means he can't fight back. We should report this to dr. Robotnik." So Grounder takes out his phone and reports what they had just heard. Robotnik replies "so Sonic is severely sick eh? He's vulnerable now and should be easy to capture. Even you bolts-for-brains should be able to capture him. That fox cant fight." Grounder replies "well actually your maliciousness—" Robotnik cuts him off "LESS TALKING MORE CAPTURING!" the yell freaks out the bots and they fall off the pile of trash they were standing on with a yell. In the room, Tails and Sonic hear the yell. Sonic says "that sounded like Scratch and Grounder. I've got to fight." He tries to get up but Tails puts a firm hand on his shoulder and says "oh no you don't, you're gonna stay here and eat your chili." Sonic struggles and says "but….i….have….to…..fight! Let me go!" "I'm sorry Sonic, I can't do that. I hope you'll forgive me for what I'm about to do but It's for your own good." Tails takes out a remote and presses a large red button. The sheets on Sonic's bed suddenly move of their own accord. They tie his hands and feet thus pinning him in place. He says "what are you doing bro? has Robotnik gotten to you?" "no Sonic, I'm completely fine. But you're not. You need your rest. Now, it's my turn to protect you." "what? Are you nuts?" "Sonic, I protected you once, and I can do it again." "again? What are you talking about?" "I'll tell ya later. But right now I gotta focus on not letting the dumb bots in here or die trying."(see the episode Tails in Charge to know what Tails means by "again.") With his intent clear, Tails walked out of the room, leaving Sonic speechless. Outside the building, Scratch and Grouder are using their tiny little machine brains to come up with a plan. Scratch says "we have to do this carefully. That little fox totally trounced us last time. But this time, we're gonna get him AND Sonic." Grounder says "yeah! Let's pummel that puny pipsqueak… so how are we gonna do that?" Scratch says "we'll hit him with this dart. He'll fall fast asleep like the little kid he is." Tails is standing on a nearby trash pile listening to their conversation. He says " wow, that's all you can come up with? You guys are dumber than I thought." Scratch says "you won't be saying that once we take you back to Robotnik. Eat this!" Scratch fires the dart from a blowgun. Tails sees the slow moving dart and says "I'm waaaiiittting." At the last moment, he moves his head to the side a few inches, letting the dart pass harmlessly beside him by inches. He says "well you gave it your best shot, even though it was pathetic. My turn." Tails takes out a soda can. Grounder says "we're dumb? You're attacking us with soda. HAHAHA!" Tails inserts a tissue into the open can and lights a match. He lights the tissue and throws the can at the bots. Both of them says "uh…oh." Before the can explodes. (hehe.. genius kid made his first Molotov. Isn't that cute?) covered in soot, the two bots slowly stand up. Scratch says "HA! That all you got foxie?" "no. I got a lot more. Like that oil soaked trash you're standing on." Again the bots say "uh oh." Before the fire from the Molotov ignites the oil, making a huge explosion. When they land….and put themselves out cause they were on fire…. Tails asks "you give up yet?" Scratch replies "NEVER!" "alright then, you asked for it." Tails now gets a little red ball covered in goo. He throws it at Scratch. The goo causes the ball to stick to Scratch. Now the ball starts beeping. Scratch starts to run around franticly and says "get it off of me!" Grounder grabs the ball but now it's stuck to him as well. The ball explodes into brown mist. Scratch and Grounder are standing there coughing as the smoke dissipates. Grounder says "ha! Whatever that was didn't work." Tails replies "yes it did." Rust starts to over Scratch and Grounder who both say "we're rusting!" Tails says "I calling my adhesive rust explosive. Oh and I forgot to mention one little thing. That rust powder that is on you now is highly flammable." Tails lights a match and throws it at the bots, who both burst into flames. They say "we're melting!" as the really hot flames begin to melt them. once both bots are a pool of molten metal, Tails walks over to them with a marshmallow on a stick which he starts to toast with the heat from the molten metal. He says " ahhhh… there's nothing like a dessert to celebrate a victory especially if I can wag it in front of your faces. So, you guys give up yet?" "NEVER!" "have it your way guys." Tails now holds an ice cube. He says "I got this from dr vonshlemer (I think that's his name. I don't remember.) this is an ice cube made of solid nitroginium. It freezes stuff on contact." Tails throws the cube into the metal pool and it instantly freezes. Now that the bots are icicles, Tails takes a hammer and whacks the frozen badnicks. He says "you guys have been working SOOOO hard. I thought you could use a break." Scratch says "you little squirt! When I get my hands back together I-" Tails cuts him off by starting to pick up the pieces and days "don't get mad Scratch, get glad." After both bots are bagged, Tails ties the bag to the flying bike and sets the coordinates on the auto pilot to Robotnicks fortress. Then he presses a button and the bike flies off. Once the bike is gone, Tails walks back into the house and says to Sonic "when the bots failed, they fell to pieces and went home on a plane." Sonic replies "no way? I never knew you could…" "oh Sonic, didn't I ask you to trust me?" "no. but I will anyway. Ugghhh I'm so bored in here. There's nothing to do." "well, the badniks will be back soon I think. So, you can watch me take care of them violently and painfully." Tails runs out of the room and brings back a TV. Next he sets up a camera on the outside of the building. Now, he turns back to Sonic and says "there you go. Now you can view all the pain I inflict on the dumb bots. Like I said "this is my turn to defend you. and you're gonna like it. Oh yeah, you wanted to know what I meant by "again". So I'll tell you."