(In case it wasn't clear in the last installment, Tails went through a massive, adrenaline-induced maturity growth spurt, Hence why he is basically going Terminator on the badnicks. Personally, I thought that he had gotten a little too mature. His weapons deviated from the cartoon violence of the rest of the show. So I dumbed the stuff down a bit. Now, it's back to the cartoon violence that makes up this story.)

Sonic, who is miraculously in the next cell over, hears this self-pity. He says "what are you talking about bro? you are far from useless." "how so? I couldn't break you out of here. And face it, I'm just a cowardly slow-mo who always hides behind you all the time. You're the plan guy, the fighting guy, and the do stuff guy. I'm just dead weight." "why do you think that you're useless? You didn't hide behind me that one time and you didn't hide behind me now. today, you took charge and defended me against all odds. You did a great job at it. Even though he got me in the end, you didn't give up. You broke into Robotnik's fortress. You got here." "but I lost. I'm now in the same predicament. We're done for and so is the rest of Mobius." "not true. You're the smartest kid I know. And despite what you may think at the moment, there's no other freedom fighter I would rather have by my side. also, I bet you have a way to get us out of here." Tails stops moping for a second and smiles. He says "thanks Sonic. I needed to hear that. And in fact I do have a way out of here."

Tails reaches into his right sock and pulls out a lock pick. A few minutes later, the locks to both cells are open. Sonic asks "where did you learn to do that Tails?" Tails holds out a book titled Lock Picking for Dummies. "this book taught me how. I just followed the steps. It's amazing what you can find in books." "yeah but, I hope you don't plan on using this anywhere else. Because lock picking is illegal." "ok Sonic. Now, we need to get out of here." Tails looks around. He sees his gun and grabs it. He also spies his backpack next to it. He grabs that as well and puts it on. Next, he puts his left arm around Sonic to hold him up. He is now holding his gun with one hand. Tails says "ok, let's get you out of here." (so you know, this is basically the demon cold from hell on steroids; Which is why Sonic is still incapacitated.) they slowly walk towards the first set of stairs. (The dungeon has 3 levels. They are on the lowest one.) suddenly 2 robots come charging from behind. Tails aims the gun and fires, taking out the first bot. then braces the gun against his chest to pump it one handed. After that, he takes out the other bot. with the way once again clear, Tails helps Sonic to struggle up three flights of stairs.

At the top of the stairs is a long hallway with 2 doors. Tails says "which way do you think we should go Sonic?" "right." So they take the right passage. After 5 minutes of walking, they come to a door labeled "room of (un) pleasantries." Tails opens the door. He is not prepared for what's behind it. A large room full of torture devices. (Robotnik brand karaoke, poison ivy pollen sprayer, automatic wedgie giver, tickle machine. You name it, he has it in this room.) Tails says "this is horrible. How anyone could be THAT sick and twisted is beyond me. I can't stand to look at this. So, I'll get rid of it. That ought ruin his day." Tails reaches into his backpack and takes out another soda can. He lights the cloth sticking out of it and throws it in the room. There is a small explosion when the can hits the ground and fire is spread everywhere. With the room now burning, Sonic and Tails take their leave.

This time, they take the left passage. This passage is longer than the other one and it takes a good 3 minutes of walking before they get to the end of it. But they are not alone in this passage. At the end of it, they find Scratch and Grounder. Scratch says "you're not going anywhere. We're going to take you AND your fox friend and put you back in your cells." Tails says "not a chance. I'm taking Sonic out of here. You can't stop me." "oh yeah? What are you gonna do kid?" "this." He takes out of his backpack what looks like a gumball. Sonic says "now's not the time to be snacking keed." Tails replies "I'm not. Just watch." He throws the gumball at the two bots. As soon as it impacts the ground, it explodes, sending gum everywhere. The bots are now caught in a very sticky situation. Tails says "I guess you'll just have to stick around guys. Bye now." the two continue to the door as Scratch and Grounder furiously try to break out of the gum. But the bots don't succeed and their prey simply walks away from them. beyond that door, is another hallway. Though this one is short. At the end of it, is a door marked "exit". Tails says "yes! Finally we found an exit. Now we can get out of here." Suddenly, out of the door on the far end comes a squad of 10 robots. Sonic says "badnicks at 12 o'clock." Tails says "I'm on it." This time, he takes out a brown gumball. He rolls this in the path of the robots. When it stops rolling, it melts into a large puddle of molasses. The bots run right into it and get stuck. Tails says "ah I love molasses. Not only is it good for stopping enemies in their tracks, but it's also a sweet desert ingredient." He turns to the robots and says "yeah, you guys can just stay there. you're not getting out of that. So I bid you farewell."

After that, he and Sonic walk to the exit. Now they are outside, right in front of the gate Tails had blown up a short while ago. It seems like they are home free. But Robotnik isn't going to make it that easy for them. 8 more robots come running. They surround the 2 freedom fighters. Sonic says "we're surrounded. There's no way we're going to get out of this. Tails just fly out of here. Leave me." Tails says "not a chance. I've worked too hard to get you out of here. I'm not giving up." Robotnik comes flying on his hovercraft. He says "now you lose. There's no way that you're getting out of here now. face it fox, there was no way you could have won in the first place. Now be a good kid and surrender." Tails says "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!" then he says to Sonic "I still have one more trick up my sleeve." He pulls out a grey gumball now. he throws it right at his feet. When it hits the ground, it releases a HUGE smoke cloud, obscuring the vision of everyone. Tails says "behold, I'm a ninja! ok, let's go Sonic while they're still distracted." Through memory, Tails guides both of them out of the cloud and out the blown gate. Tails says "freedom at last. But there's one more thing I have to do. But first I have to get you to a safe place." Tails takes Sonic to a small clearing hidden by bushes. He leans Sonic against a tree and says "stay here so I can find you later." Sonic says "what are you going to do?" "I'm going to go stop that egg weapon." "alone? There's no way I can let you do that." "I hate to say this to you Sonic but who to eggify first? Oh I know the perfect place. Now to get back to my lab and set the coordinates." Tails says under his breath "not if I can help it."

Tails follows Robotnik to his lab. Once there, he carefully makes himself hidden. At the moment, he doesn't have the opportunity to strike. So he waits as Robotnik enters the coordinates. After he presses a few keys, a robot comes onto the comm screen. It says "Doctor, there is a matter that requires your attention." "WHAT COULD POSSIBLY REQUIRE MY ATTENTION?!" "a terminal near the gate has been hacked. This has prevented the gate from closing." "oh alright, I'm coming." He mutters "these bots can't do anything by themselves." Once Robotnik leaves the room, Tails says "now's my chance." He leaps from his hiding spot and takes out the lipstick. He starts running the lipstick all over the machine. In a few seconds, it starts to bubble. Soon, the machine is melted into a puddle. A few minutes later, Robotnik walks into the room "seriously, all these idiots can't do anything right." He looks at the room and does a double take. He says "my machine! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE EGGANATOR 5000?!" Tails reveals himself again and says "I happened to it. Now, it can't do anything bad to anyone. So remind me again Robotnik, who lost this fight? Because it sure wasn't me." "GRRRR! I'LL GET YOU!" he runs towards Tails. But Tails reacts too fast. He pulls out a white gumball and throws it at Robotnik. This one explodes into a large quantity of shaving cream. Tails says to him as he struggles "well Doctor, it looks like you've been creamed. and now, I've got a phone call to make. So I'll be using your phone. Don't bother trying to stop me. you won't get out of there for a long time." So, Tails picks up the phone and dials the Mobius insane asylum. "hello? Mobius insane asylum, we take crazies." Tails replies "hi, this is Tails Prower, brother of Sonic the Hedgehog. I have a small favor to ask you." "ok, what is it?" "Robotnik is looking for a reunion with his dear mother. Do you think you could pick him up and take him there in about 30 minutes?" "sure, why not? We'll be there in 30." "thanks." Tails hangs up the phone. He says "ok, now I've gotta work fast.

Over the next 25 minutes, he splices a bunch of video. First he takes the video feed from his camera back at the cabin. Next he uses all the video feed from Robotnik's cameras to make a cohesive whole that shows every minute of him defeating Robotnik's every attempt to capture him. Once he is satisfied that it looks good, he puts it all on a cd and puts that in its own case. A few minutes after that, the people from the asylum come to pick up Robotnik. Tails hands one of them the disc and says "this disc is a present from Robotnik to his mother. Be sure to get it to her." "will do." The truck that the asylum people came in speeds off towards it. With that done, Tails returns to Sonic and hugs him. He says "thank you for trusting me bro. now, you've gotta get better. Back to bed with you." (hehe. Forced medical care.) Sonic says "now wait just a minute I can explain." "EXPLAIN THIS!" *whack* "AND THIS!" *whack* "FEEL MY DISSAPOINTMENT SONNY!" *whack x 10* Robotnik says "I HATE THAT FOX BOY!" *whack*

The end.