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~Chapter 1~

Darkness. That was all Lenalee saw as she was falling aimlessly into a dark abyss. She didn't know how nor did she know why, but somehow her innocence had gone out of control before her eyes. Her boots spewed lightning and wind like it was normal, then suddenly a gigantic black hole had opened up and started sucking in everything in sight; that included Lenalee as well. Her brother and friends had yelled out her name as soon as they saw what was happening to her. Allen tried to grab her with his innocence activated, but it was too late. She has been sucked in by the black hole and now she was drifting in the dark hole. She was lost in darkness for good, or was she.

Out of the corner of Lenalee's eye she could see a light. It was dim but bright enough for her to see. She tried to reach for it but her arms felt like lead. She wasn't going to give up though. She stretched her arm out again as far as she could to touch this light. It seemed like her only glimmer of hope to get out of this endless darkness. When she had finally been able to touch what seemed to be light, she then felt a spark of electricity hit her hard. She screamed out in pain. She had thought that this light would save her but she was dead wrong. Then all of a sudden, after the pain had stopped, she saw something in the distance. She squinted her eyes. It looked like a person to her, but she wasn't going to take any chances with that.

She attempted to make her body move forward, but she wouldn't budge. At that very moment she had felt miserable and helpless. She couldn't move, her innocence wasn't activating at all, and she was stuck in darkness which was all to familiar to her. She then started to cry. She couldn't go home to her family, to her brother, and she felt helpless. She covered her face with her hands and continued to sob. Then she felt something touch her shoulder. She turned around to see who or what it was that touched her. To her amazement it was a person and not just any person, but a woman. She had long silky blond hair, her eyes were a sky blue, she had on what looked like a white Greek style dress, her eyelashes were long, and she looked about the same age as Lenalee.

"W-who are you,"she said with tears still spilling from her eyes. The other girl just smiled. She pulled Lenalee into a hug. She rubbed her back in soothing circles trying to comfort her.

Lenalee didn't know who this girl was or why she was trying to comfort her, but she knew for sure that this girls presence was certainly needed at the moment. She relaxed into the hug and instantly her tears stopped. She hadn't felt this at rest since-never. She had never felt at rest or at peace at all, and she did not want the feeling to leave her.

The blond haired broke out of the hug but kept her hands on Lenalee's shoulders. She stared at her as if trying to communicate. Lenalee was confused by the girls unusual staring, but unusual was the norm for her. The blond haired girl then rose her hand off of Lenalee's shoulder and touched her index finger to her forehead. She closed her eyes. Lenalee was still confused and tried to find out what was going on but decided not to move. Then all of a sudden a bright light started to spread all over Lenalee's body. Her body started to fade away. She looked at herself in shock then back at the girl. What did she do? It was a simple question that had gone unanswered. Then she fell unconscious, but the last thing she heard before passing out was 'Don't be afraid of what is to come and try your best,' and that was it.

Star City, California

January 1, 2009 12:00 A.M. EDT. (not sure how it's done but I tried)

Dinah was happy and why not, it was New years. She was celebrating with the man she loved dearly and a teenager that she thought of as a son, Oliver Queen, and Roy Harper. They had been celebrating since the morning before and now it was the next day.

A new year had started and it was time for things to change. Dinah had been contemplating whether or not to take in a sidekick of her own. Some of her JLA colleagues had proteges of their own, and she loved them like a mother would. Batman A.K.A Bruce Wayne, had Robin A.K.A Richard 'Dick' Grayson who had come to be with him through the loss of his parents. He was 8 when it happened. It must have been painful for the poor child. Next, Flash A.K.A Barry Allen had Kid Flash A.K.A Wally West as his protege. The boy was a major fan-boy for his uncle, and he showed it. The kid wanted to be like Flash so bad that he tried to recreate the same experiment that created the Flash in the first place. The poor boy ended up going to the hospital for awhile for some serious injuries, but he recovered fully along with having super speed. What a card that kid is. Last but not least Green Arrow A.K.A Oliver Queen and his protege Speedy A.K.A. Roy Harper. Roy is such a stern and scowly young man. He has a mouth on him, and he has some trust issues that really need to be worked out. That's everyone. There are some others but mentioning them would mean spoilers.

Back to Dinah, she was sitting outside on the balcony of her bedroom. The party had ended as soon as it struck midnight, but knowing people they would stay up late to party. That was going to get them in some trouble believe it or not. Dinah sighed. She had been looking up at the stars for quite awhile now and she was also getting tired. It was after midnight after all. Then out of nowhere a bright light appeared in the sky, it looked like a comet falling toward earth, but in this case that was not likely. It looked like a human figure falling towards the ground at an incredible speed. She immediately got up out of her chair as soon as it made impact. She ran out to get changes into her gear quickly. Once she was in her Black Canary outfit and communicator, she immediately started to call some of the League for back-up. She wasn't sure what she was getting herself into, but calling for help was just her being cautious. She went out to the balcony and jumped off of it into the night.


Within a smoke and flame filled house laid an unconscious girl, She had on what looked like a short, blue dress, that went up to almost the highest point of her thigh, and it had ruffles on both sides. She had on bluish-black boots that went just below her knee. Her hair color was an interesting shade of a blue-green with a small tint of black. Her skin looked slightly burned thanks to the fire. She looked Asian facial features as well. Lenalee's eyes opened quickly in shock. She started to look around in panic. 'Where am I,' she thought as she tried to get up out of the rubble of the burning building. She winced. Her arms and legs were burned pretty bad, and something was most definitely broken. She started to look around at her surroundings. There were these weird lights that looked similar the lamp lights back at the Black orders headquarters. The scientists used them when it got dark so they could see their work.

She frowned. She wasn't anywhere near her home and nothing here looked familiar at all. She had thought that that blond haired girl had sent her home. Then she jumped up in fright when she saw people show up. They looked weird though. Several had on capes and some did not. They all also had on tights The one in black was the first to speak up when they were all close to her. He looked ready to attack at any time. She was frightened by him more than an akuma right now. He glared at her.

"Who are you? Where did you come from,"the mean looking costumed man demanded in a growl. He sounded very threatening. Lenalee couldn't say anything back because of how scared she was and she was showing her fear well. Her whole body was shaking so much and some of the other people standing there noticed. A woman with blond hair, wearing a black waist jacket, a black corset, gray tights, and black boots spoke up. She didn't look scary at all nor did she look like she was about to attack. Lenalee let her guard down just a little.

"Batman I think you should stop. The poor girl is frightened and she needs medical attention,"she said as she turned her attention to the girl. She gave a look of sympathy to Lenalee which she thought was strange. These people looked mighty threatening when they showed up. She took a couple of steps back. She might have felt a warm feeling inside when the woman smiled sympathetically to her, but she still felt scared.

Dinah felt really bad for the girl. When her and the others showed up she was the first to see what fell from the sky. It was an teenage Asian girl who had on a very, very, short, blue dress on. Her hair was up in two pigtails and her hair color was a bluish-green. Her hair color was strange, but she didn't care about that at the moment. What was really important was getting the girl taken to a hospital and fast; she was loosing consciousness. Lenalee's eyes started droop and she tried to keep them open but it was that was failing. Her eyes finally closed and she passed out. Everyone, except for some, panicked when they saw the girl fall out. Black Canary was the first to react and went over to the girl. She took a look at her injuries and winced. Her right arm was dislocated, there were bruises all over her arms and legs, and her long hair was in disarray. The poor girl must have gone through something horrible to end up looking like this. Dinah carefully picked her up and carried her over towards the others.

"I'm gonna take her to the nearest hospital,"she said as she walked past them. Green arrow gave her a look but them started to walk with her. The others just stood there. They knew how she was when it came to situations like this. They just left it at that and left the area. The fire department and police showed up shortly after the Leagues departure.


Lenalee was in a lot of pain and her eyes were scrunched up. She was breathing heavily as well. The blonde woman in the room who brought her there, was outside of the girls hospital room. Her eyebrows were creased and a frown marred her face in sadness. She felt really bad for the girl that she has previously encountered.. The girl looked to be in a great amount of pain and the doctors didn't know why. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw little blue sparks resonating from the girl boots. She had seen her with them on earlier, but thought nothing of them as being regular boots. The blue sparks volted immensely which caused the girl to scream. Dinah gasped in shock. Those boots were the cause. She immediately went into the room and tried to pull the boots off of the girls feet. They wouldn't come off but she didn't give up. She gave them one more pull with as much strength as she could muster.

Then finally the boots finally came off. Dinah looked over at the girl to see if she was better. She was right, the girls face was not strained and she looked at peace. She must have felt blue electricity hurting while she was unconscious. Dinah then decided to just sit in the girls room for the night; maybe watch over her to see if anything else happens while she's asleep. She kept her gaze on the girl for a couple of hours until she fell asleep.

Lenalee woke up startled and got up quickly out of breath. She had just had a nightmare and it was one she never wanted to see again. He family at the order, her brother, and everyone else were being tortured mercilessly by the Earl and his akuma. Her brother looked stricken in fear and was cornered by a multitude of akuma. He had nowhere to escape too. He ended up getting shot repeatedly by the akuma.

She started to cry; there was nothing she could do if she was stuck here. She looked around the room then she looked down towards her arm. There were wires hooked to her and she had something on her right index finger. It was blinking red a lot. She thought all of this was strange and she had know clue where that pretty blond haired girl had sent her too. She was scared at first but after having that encounter and meeting that lady in black, she had calmed down.

Lenalee tried to get up out of the bed but it hurt to even try. Pain had suddenly soared all throughout her legs and feet. Then it hit her. She looked down at her feet; her boots were not there. She then started to panic. What was she gonna do without those boots? They were her means of protection in this strange world she did not know. Then a soft noise could be heard from her right. She turned her head and there she saw the same lady that she had met before. The woman was sound asleep in the black, cushioned chair against the wall. She looked rather peaceful in her sleep. Lenalee got up carefully making sure that she did not make any noise. She did feel that familiar pain in her legs and feet again but ignored it and walked over to the woman.

She tapped the woman's shoulder once which caused to woman to groan a little. The woman's eyes were fluttering until they were wide open. When the woman had awaken the first thing she noticed was the girl in her face. She stiffened but then relaxed because she did not want to scare the girl. She smiled

"How are you feeling,"Dinah said. Lenalee looked away

"I'm okay...I had woken up before and I saw that you were sleeping. I wanted to ask you something,"she said tiredly. Dinah perked at her question.

"What's your question,"she said eagerly.

"...Where are my boots,"she said. Dinah's face dropped. Why would the girl ask that? Did not she not know how much pain they were causing her?

"Those boots of your...,"she sighed,"They were causing you great pain your sleep and I had to take them off of you,"she stated seriously. She did wanted the girl to understand that those things were causing her great pain and could possibly have killed her. Lenalee looked dumbstruck. Did she here her right? Her boots were causing her that terrible pain? She sighed. She needed to tell the lady everything for her to understand why she needs those boots.

Lenalee told the woman everything from before the incident to after. Dinah was shocked. She couldn't wrap her head around what the girl just said, but she understood most of it. She looked up at the girl and saw her expression. The girl looked determined and that gave her sudden feeling of happiness. This girl was string willed. And she thought the girl was a frightened teen in need, but she was wrong.

Dinah then told the girl about who she was and what she does. Lenalee was certainly impressed. The woman saved lives on a daily basis just she does-did but she started to look up to the woman as she continued to tell her stories of her past and how she became the 'Black Canary.' She told her that she could actually screech like a Canary could which she thought was pretty cool. The two of them talked about a lot of things which included their families. Lenalee ended up telling her about where she came from and how she came to be here. Dinah was shocked by the information that she was hearing. She had no idea what the girls life was like, but now she knew. Her world was dangerous indeed and this Millennium Earl sounded as dangerous as the akuma that she described.

As hours had gone by so did their rest. The two ended up staying up all night up until morning talking. A bound had been formed between the two as one between a mother and daughter. Yes, Lenalee did tell Dinah about what happened with her family and that her brother was all she had left of her family. Dinah's heart went out for the poor girl and she told her that when she got out of the hospital she could stay with her.

"Oh I don't want to impose...,"Lenalee said nervously. Dinah put her hand out for her to stop talking. She then smiled warmly at the younger female.

"It's quite alright with me, and I was also going to ask you something else,"she said seriously. Lenalee nodded. Dinah continued.

"You told me that you can fight, correct," Lenalee nodded," ..and that those boots give you powers right." Lenalee nodded again. She was wondering were her new friend was getting at.

"I was going to ask you is you would like to be my protege. I can teach you about the things of this world, the education, and I can even teach you what my teachers taught me. What do you say," Dinah said with a gleam in her eye. She had a feeling that the girl sitting in front of her had the potential to fight. She said it herself that she fought back against evil, and was protecting innocent lives from the enemy. The girl was also reminded Dinah of herself when she was her age; a strong young woman.

Lenalee sat there struck in shock at the woman's question. Did she really mean all of what she said; did she really want her to be her partner and fight for justice. She needed to find a way back home, but right now it seemed unlikely to happen. She also had nowhere else to go to. This woman was her only hope of survival in this strange world. She still wanted to help people too. She looked up at Dinah with confident eyes.

"I would be so graceful if you would take me as your protege,"Lenalee said with a bright smile on her face. Dinah smiled back

"That's good,"she stuck out her hand,"My name is Dinah Lance but you can just call me Dinah." Lenalee took her hand and shook it

"It's nice to meet you Dinah. My name is Lenalee Lee but you can just call me Lenalee,"she chuckled. This world was strange, yes...but there was so much she wanted to learn from it and she wanted to experience new things while here. She remembered what the girl form before said to her, 'Don't be afraid of what is to come, and try your best.' She was afraid at first but she isn't anymore, and she would most certainly try her best. She did miss her brother and everyone at headquarters, but she needed to smile for them and pray for their safety, and her's.

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