Authors Note. I am not disbanding or getting rid of this story, I am simply rewriting it. I feel like I've matured as a writer and am able to do better. I will still need beta's so no worries. I do wish to also say that I am not on hiatus, it may have seemed that way but I really wasn't... I just couldn't find the motivation to write for the past few months I've been gone. I have officially decided to not read my reviews, I'm sorry if that's a shock to some of you. I've realized that the reason I haven't been writing is because of some of the things I've gotten from certain reviewers. None of the stuff was very nice, so I'm just going to ignore reviews altogether. My source of motivation to write is when I actually see that people have followed my story, or I'm suddenly inspired by something. The whole point of me being on this sight was to better my writing skill all to prepare me for when I come up with my own original piece of work.

Well, I guess that's all I wanted to say, I'll be rewriting the whole story up to where I stopped. I'm keeping all of my pairings and OC's, even some of the plot, but there will be subtle changes. My other stories will be getting updated sometime soon when I'm feeling up to it. And I'm serious about the review thing, I know it must suck to hear this but it's kind of the only way. Sorry :(

~ Anime hotty lover. 18