Hiccups POV:

I sat on my usual rock and watched the dragons as they slept. Well as some slept; some were just relaxing and waiting for the order to go out and get food for our queen. I started to look at how every rock had only one or two dragons sleeping on it. The larger dragons, who have mated, slept on top of each other while the smaller dragons lay side by side. I find it strange when I see some of the dragons lying alone, even after all this time.

A small green Terror flew up next to me and curled up by my side as I stroked its scaly hide. I was pretty used to having the Terrors come up to me for attention by now and didn't even think twice about it. The rest of the nest use them as chew toys or a snack when hungry enough. A few more showed up and curled around me. Almost keeping me warm; at least they would have of we weren't currently in a volcano.

Suddenly a low rumble shook the island and any dragon not already in the volcano soon filed in in a mess of wings and scales. The Terrors flew away as another dragon took up the space. Except the little green one who climbed up my arm and curled around my shoulders.

The dragon that now sat with me was all black and smaller than the other dragons who lived on the island. His sleek black scales helped him to hide when going into raids. He never took any food for the queen but he was far more powerful than the others. With his scary accuracy that made the humans fear him. He was also my best friend and like a bother to me.

~Toothless.~ I greeted.

~Still a stupid name. ~ He replied in a whisper.

~But it fits you so well. ~ I mocked.

~Stay quiet or I won't let you come on the raid. ~

~Fine. Fine. ~

We let or conversation end as the queen started to talk to us. Well it was more of order us to the location of the raid.


Everyone in the volcano did nothing as she spoke in her booming and powerful growls. Once the order was given the dragons took flight. Not all dragons could go but the ones who flew slower liked it when she ordered us to go to the closer islands and were soon up in the air.

~Hiccup! ~ A voice interrupted me about to get on Toothless. I turned to see a monstrous nightmare that I named Fireworm due to her smaller frame. ~I can take you today! The island that is the closest is also the one that seems to also have the worst weapons and the others will need the help of the Night Fury. ~

~I'm okay with it, Toothless? ~ I replied to her

~Fine. But be careful. ~ He answered.

~When am I not careful?! ~ Toothless gave me a look that said 'I know you'. ~Alright, I'll be careful. ~

~Don't worry I'll protect the child! ~ Fireworm tried to console Toothless as I climbed on her neck.

~I'm not a child! ~ I argued as the dragons took off.

~We know Hiccup. ~ Toothless chuckled. I stuck out my lip in a childish pout and watched as Toothless sped up.

Unlike the dragons I live with, I am human. The ones closest to me call me by the name my mother called me by before she died. The ones not so close to me very in their names. Like the Gronkles call me youngen, while the Monstrous Nightmares call me small one, the Natters call me child, and the Hideous Zipplebacks call me little one. Then there are the not so nice names that other dragons call me like the Whispering Deaths call me dragon born, Changewings call me little human, and our queen simply calls me Human.

I've lived with dragons for as long as I can remember, or at least on their island. When I was far younger I lived with my mother in a small cave. I still live in the cave but over the years have chiseled out the space more and created a sort of door for privacy. I speak the language of dragons which I named dragoneze. As far as I know I am the only human capable of it. Although there may be more out there or ones before me who could speak it.

When younger I was never allowed to leave my cave. My mother forbad it. A year after her death I finally left the cave. The dragons had kept me alive until then. They slowly started to teach me their ways and how they talk. Although I still try to speak some Norse when alone. Norse is the language my mother spoke and the one I was taught at a young age.

When alive my mother told me stories of great men who fought for what they believed in. she also told me stories of the gods. Although they were only bed time stories and things to tell me when I got afraid. I know very little of the world outside of the dragons nest. I have picked up on things as I grew up. I can sort of read the books I have collected when I got the chance. I also learn Norse phrases when we rain villages although it's mostly useless. Things like 'Dragons!', 'Dragon attack!', 'I need some help over here!', and 'Damn dragons.' None were any good to learn.

I miss my mother very much. The dragons try and be like family to me and some are, but there will never be one like my mother. Fireworm and Toothless are like my brother and sister. The little green Terror from earlier I call moss. He's like a small pet. The Gronkles are like mothers and fathers to me, same with the Monstrous Nightmares. The Natters and Zipplebacks are more like best friends and some like brothers and sisters. But none are as close to me as Fireworm, Toothless, and Moss. Had my mother lived and saw the things they did for me she would have loved them too.

~Hiccup? ~ Fireworm's voice cut off my train of thought.

~Yeah? Sorry, what? ~

~We're getting closer… you okay? ~

~Fine…Just, thinking… ~

~Your mother again? ~

~…Yeah… ~

~I'm sorry Hic… ~

~I'll be fine after the raid. ~

~You usually are! ~

~It's the explosions. ~

~No it's your damn curiosity! ~

~You make it sound like a bad thing! ~

~With you it is. ~

~Hay there it is! ~

~You ready? ~

~Always! ~



The dragons flew everywhere, some small enough to fly up and into houses. Vikings fought tooth and nail to protect their village. Grapples were being thrown by the Vikings trying to subdue the flying beasts. Dragons and Vikings fight hand and claw. All while some grabbed the living and unloving food that were hidden around the village.

Up in the air the beasts flew about dogging weapons and trying to look for food. In the sky Hiccup could watch as the humans ran around like ants. Some putting out fires only for it to catch fire again. Other fighting the dragons. Lastly there were some running away from the fights, usually with some of the livestock in their arms.

~This is awesome!~ Hiccup shouted.

~Quiet small one. ~ A passing Nightmare chuckled.

~Can't help myself! ~

~This is getting tough. ~ Fireworm said with a grin.

~Time for Toothless? ~

~Yeah, call him. ~

~YES! ~ Hiccup turned to the sky and cupped his hands around his mouth then let out a roar. One that sounded just like a Night Fury's. Not long after at an explosion was seen below ~YEAH! ~

On the ground every Viking ran to the catapult, very few stayed to fight the Dragons. The teens of the village went off to grab more water to put out the new fire. A blond haired teen, the strongest of the bunch, was running toward the well when she heard a shout from the sky. It wasn't rare to see a Viking get carried away by a dragon but that didn't mean that they didn't try to get them back. The teen ran up to a bunch of adults and told them what she heard.

"Damn, alright in which direction was it?" The chief asked her.

"A little ways from the catapult!" She replied.

"Alright, everyone who can throw or has a working catapult aim it over there! You did good Astrid."

"Thank you, chief!"

The Vikings did as they were told and aimed where their chief told them. The dragons in that direction bobbed, weaved, and flew about to doge the incoming weapons and debris. In that crowd was Hiccup and Fireworm. Trying to doge with a person not strapped to you is not an easy job.

The two did every maneuver they could think of in order to get out of the sky massacre. The dragons around them were having just about the same amount of luck. The unluckiest ones got hit down or nicked. Sadly the gods must hate them because when Fireworm went to doge a rock she accidently got hit by another right in the wing. She tried to right herself but it was too late.

Hiccups grip was loosened by the attack and he slipped right off her neck. Fireworm saw her friend as his small frame fell toward the ground.


~Fireworm! Look out! ~

When trying to get to her friend she nearly ran right into a bolder. She just barely dogged. When she looked back Hiccup was gone and the dragons were retreating back to the nest.

Hiccup was afraid at first but soon his mind caught up to his body and he tried to aim for the trees for what he hopped to be a softer landing. He felt more than he could see. Then finally landed on the ground with a thud. His vision was spotty and soon everything was dark.