Astrid's POV:

I was walking around the forest with my axe sometimes throwing it into a nearby tree.

"That damn idiot Snotlout!" I yelled to myself. "Will he ever get it threw his Gods forsaken skull that I don't like him!? At All!" I yanked the axe out of the tree easily. Then threw it again. "He is so damn annoying! It's like the gods decided to see what would happen if they sent a Viking to Magard with no brain."

It was early morning and already that load mouth Snotlout was pissing me off! Trying to get me to like him with that stupid talk about him becoming chief. I pray to the gods every day to help us for the day he comes of age. I also pry that the chief we currently have becomes immortal so that his leadership will be gifted to the next generation till Ragnarok. Although that one's a bit extreme.

'I wish that something would happen that would make it so Snotlout wouldn't be chief.' I thought to myself. I was walking in a circle with my axe for a long while before finally letting it go into a far off tree. Strangely I had thrown it a bit too far to the left and it missed the tree and landed with a 'Thunk' somewhere else. 'Ops...'

I walked over to where I had thrown my axe and started to push through some bushes. When I did the first thing I saw was my axe sticking out of the ground. The next was the large black figure it was next to. I quickly hid from it not sure what else to do. I took out my dagger and took a deep breath. I pushed over the bush and saw the black lump again.

With dagger ready I slowly got out from behind the bush and closed in on it's from. As I got closer I noticed that this thing was actually pretty small. I couldn't really make out what it was from the bush but now it looked like a small black cloak. I then noticed the dark brown shoes that peaked out of the bottom.

'This is a person!' I realized. I was close enough now to see the shape under the cloak. I pulled my axe out of the ground right next to this persons head. 'A little further and I would have lopped his head right off. 'Serves him right for taking a nap in the middle of the woods!' I thought. 'All the other Vikings are working on rebuilding the village and he's lying about! The nerve-'

I stopped mid thought as I pushed the person a bit to see their face. When I did he turned right over and I could see him as he was. A boy no older than me. Younger even! He had on a long black tunic and dark brown pants that matched his shoes. His hair was a chestnut brown with bits of dark brown and red. He had soot on his face but I could still make out some freckles underneath. The next thing I saw were all the cuts and bruises he had on him! His right wrist looked a bit swollen and his face was pale.

'He looks like he fell from the top of the highest tree and hit every branch on the way down!' I thought in worry. 'What do I do!? I've never seen this kid around Burk before! He could be from an enemy tribe or a foreigner! He's hurt pretty bed what-'

Suddenly the boy let out a sort of grown. He opened his eyes a bit to show off their forest green charm. Then they closed not long after and his face showed a lot of pain.

'Alright, worry about who he is after taking him back to get some help!' I decided.

As careful as I could I pulled his thin frame over my shoulder. I heard him groan in protect and I winced a bit.

"Sorry. Sorry." I whispered to him. I slowly started toward the village. Careful of the large bumps and too rocky areas. I didn't want to make any of his injury's any worse.

I got to the village and saw some people working on the burned houses. None were really paying any mind to me as I stumbled out of the forest walls. The boy was heavier then he looked and going as slow as I was didn't help. I lowered him from my shoulder and called out to the villagers.

"HAY! I need some help over here!" Some looked my way with confusion. Then alarm when they saw the black figure at my feet. They all ran over and started to ask me questions that I couldn't make out. "He needs help! Can someone help me get him to the healers?!"

"I got 'im." One of the people said. I couldn't remember their name at the moment but that didn't matter.

"Alright, get him to the healer, I need to talk to the chief." I directed.

"Last I saw he was in the Great Hall." I nodded to the person who spoke and started to run that way.


The Great Hall was filled with some of the higher up adults and a few kids. The adults were talking about the raid the night before when the doors burst open. I ran in, a little out of breath, and headed right for the chief.

"Chief!" I called out.

"Astrid? What's going on?" He asked confused. I reached him and took a big breath before answering.

"Chief! I was in the woods, blowing off some steam, when I found a kid! He was badly hurt and I sent him to the healers, but I didn't recognize him! You have to come and see-"

"Whoa, slow down lass. Now, you say that you found a boy in the woods?"

"Yes! B-but I don't recognize him from the village."

"Another tribe perhaps?"

"I don't know. That's why I need you to come with me to the healers to find out who he is!"

"Was he conscious when you found him?"


"Then I don't see the rush for me to be there."

"But, sir-" The chief raise his hand to stop me from ranting again.

"If it makes ye feel better I will send Gobber with ya. When the boy wakes up he can question 'im for me, then report back."

"Thank you, sir."

"Not a problem. Gobber follow Astrid to the healers."

"Aye, Stoick!" Gobber, the village black smith and the chiefs best friend, replied. Saluting with his hook hand.

"Come on! I don't know if he's woken up yet or not!"

Hiccups POV:

My head was swimming and I couldn't move very much. It felt like I had fallen off a dragon. Then the memories from the night before came rushing back to me. The raid, the boulders that were flung at me and Fireworm, and the landing in the forest before blacking out.

'I did fall off a dragon!' My head yelled. I shot open my eyes and tried to sit up. A shooting pain that ran through my whole body stopped me.

~Owwww...~ I moaned.

"He's awake!" A voice beside me said almost happily. I turned my head sharply and saw I wasn't in my cave or surrounded by dragons, but in a hut surrounded by Humans!

~Who are you?! Where am I?! Owww… What did you do to me?... Owww…~ I demanded.

"Whoa, come down boy." A man with a weird blond braided mustache said as he pushed me down to the bed I was lying on. "You were 'urt pretty badly."

'What the Hel happened?' I asked myself. 'How did I get here?'

"Can you tell us ya name kid?" The man asked me.

I didn't answer. 'I go by many names. Which one do you mean?' I thought sarcastically. I wasn't going to just give them my name. I sat on the bad and noticed that everyone in the room watching me. So I decided to see who these humans are.

There was the large man who did all the talking so far and I soon recognized him from the raids. He was the one in the small hut that al the weapons came in and out of. He also was missing one of his arms and leg. The other man I didn't recognize but he was putting away some of the things in the room so I am going to guess he was the healer in this village. The last one in the room was a young girl, about my age. She was beautiful and I had seen her many times in the raid. She and a few others her age would try to put out the fires that the dragons created. I often laughed at them from the skies above.

After a little while of me just staring blankly at the humans in the room I could tell that I was starting to tick them off.

"Alright lad, it's been a while! Are ye going ta tell us ya name or aren't ya?!" The mustache man asked a little loud. I didn't show any thing. Just sat there watching. "Okay, that's it! If ya not goanna talk willingly I will 'ave ta force it out of ye!"

"Gobber, hold on!" The girl intervened. She pulled 'Gobber' off to the side and started to whisper to him. I could pick some of the words.

"If he don't start talken soon I don't know what I'll do." He whispered to her. I scuffed silently, but still lessoned.

"He looks like he's been through a lot, he might be traumatized!" She whispered back.

'What do they think happened to me?'

"Traumatized like my ant Lucy! He be playing with us!"

Sort of true.

"No he's not." She peaked over at me quickly before focusing on Gobber again. "Let me try."

I raised my eyebrows 'What's she thinking?' I wondered.

Gobber looked over at me with a heavy glare. "Alright Astrid, I trust ye. Good luck."

The girl, Astrid, nodded before coming back toward me and sitting down on a stool. "Hay, I'm Astrid." She greeted. "Do you know where you are?"

'I can answer that.' I shook my head no.

"You're on the Isles of Berk. You were found passed out and hurt. Do you understand?"

I looked at my arm and just realized they had taken off my tunic. I was covered in a stringy cloth that had dried blood in some places, it also smelled a little funny. I looked back at Astrid and nodded my head yes.

She looked relived and then started to talk again. "Do you know who you are or how you got here?" This time she talked in a serious tone.

'I do know my name and do know how I got here but I'm not telling them that!' After a look I hoped came off as 'thinking' I shook my head no.

Gobber looked shocked that this girl could get answers when he couldn't. The healer stopped paying attention and had gone into the back room. Astrid looked like she didn't know what else to ask now. Luckily Gobber took over for her.

"Can you talk lad?" he asked.

'I can understand better than I can actually speak your language.' I thought. I shrugged to show them that I really wasn't sure.

"Well… try." Astrid said.

I tried to think about phrase that would fit in this situation. It's been a long time since I spoke this language freely. The ones I I do know are stupid and useless. Then one came to me.

"S- Sorry. No good?"

"Well it be a start." Gobber shrugged.

"Better?" I asked. The words felt weird coming from my mouth.

"Yes. It's good that you can talk back now." Astrid said.

"Although 'hat limited vocabulary could be a problem." Gobber said while scratching his stubbly chin with his hook hand.

"Problem… Teach?" I said slowly.

"Teach you?"

"Yes. Can, teach!" what can I say, I like to learn. The thought of being able to read the books in my cave got me all excited. "Want…Learn."

Gobber looked at me confused then shrugged. 'Do these humans not know what it means to learn?' He looked away from me and turned to Astrid.

"Astrid go an 'it Fishlegs. He 'ight be able ta 'elp this boy and 'is want ta learn."

"Alright!" The girl jumped up and walked out of the door.

"I need ta talk to the chief. Stay. Here. There. Oh you know what I mean." With that he left with a slam of the door.

'He sounds like Toothless.' I thought with a roll of my eyes.