Toothless POV:

After the raid the night before I had returned to the nest and waited for Fireworm and Hiccup. I stayed near the boy's cave and waited. Toward the end of the returning dragon I finally saw Fireworm, but something was off. She landed close to the cave and I noticed she was favoring one of her wings. I flew up to her.

~What happened! Where's Hiccup!? ~ I asked alarmed and angry.

~I- I'm sorry I- They were flying right at us! I had it under control I- I'm sorry… ~ The she-dragon said in frantic speech.

I didn't understand her words but I got the fact that something bad happened on this raid.

'I should have been there!' I cursed at myself. 'I should have protected him!'

~Fireworm. What. Happened? ~ I demanded.

~Toothless… ~ She looked at the serious look in my face and sat a little taller. ~Ii was during the raid. After Hiccup called you to attack the giant weapons. Suddenly the Vikings turned their weapons in our direction. I did my best to doge them but one clipped my wing and I don't know what happened. One second he was on my neck and the next thing I knew he was falling off into the forest below. ~

I felt my face show a bit of fear that was soon wiped away. ~He fell… And you did nothing to stop it! ~ I roared loudly at her.

~I tried! You try to catch a falling boy while having Vikings fire every weapon at YOU! ~ She snapped.

Again I felt my face fall after trying to glare at the infuriating Monstrous Nightmare. I turned toward the cave that Hiccup has lived in for over 12 winters. He had grown and learned many things but as dragons we could not teach him everything. Fireworm seemed to sense my distress because she broke the sudden silence between us.

~He is a strong human. I am sure that he is alright. We taught him to be that way. ~

I already knew that Hiccup was strong but he is still a Human, and humans are fragile creatures. The only time that I show my sensitive side is around Hiccup. I couldn't help but feel for the human. I have known him cense he was little- well little-err. I couldn't help but feel protective over my little human. I was the first dragon that saw the boy when he set his foot out of his cave for the first time in a year after his mother's death. Fireworm avoided him like he was made of eel; she being there when his mother died. Though son Hiccup soon came to her and now she was as protective over him as I am… well not as much as I but close.

Our silent conversation was interrupted by the growls of our queen. She must have wanted something. We took flight and headed off to the entrance of the nest. Fireworm's pain momentarily forgotten. The will of our queen was absolute, no dragon could resist her call, and even Hiccup felt it. Although that boy was special in every aspect of the word. I can only hope that he is alright and on that Viking Island, and that he is unharmed.

Hiccup's POV:

I sat alone in the room and looked at the bandages around my arm.

~What is the point of understanding their language if I myself can't read or speak it!? ~ I asked myself quietly. ~I might as well practice the words, at least. ~

"Let's see." I spook in Norse. "I understand you. Um… Do not…" ~What's the word… ~ "Remember? Yes! Um… too tired? Too much… to… remember. Hello, good to meet you." ~This language is easy. ~

I looked at the bandages again and stated to pick at the bindings. I undid the bandage and looked at the small cuts. 'Why would they bandage this up? It's a waist.' I started to undo the bandages on my other arm too when I heard an angry shout.

"Hay! Don't do that!" The healer shouted.

"Why?" I asked calmly. Barley glancing at him. The man seemed a little surprised at the lack of reaction but quickly shook it off at the question.

"You could get an infection. I don't need any dumb Viking getting sick from infection because they didn't want their bandages on."

I frowned at the healer. "Not Viking." I said in a demanding tone.

"Do you even know what a Viking is?"

I was about to growl out an answer when I remembered that I wasn't supposed to know. So I shook my head and put on a sad look; like I was a defenseless child. Then I went back to picking at the bandages.

"Will you quit that!" he was about to touch me when I let out a warning growl. Promising a painful death if he dared to try that again. He backed up and just watched as I took off the rest of the bandages. The bruises were barley there and the cuts were all healed over.

'None of this needs to be raped up.' I thought. But as I moved my wrist I realized it stung a bit. 'I most likely hit it on my way down. It should be fine in at least two to three days. Nothing I can't handle.' Then, mostly out of spite, I threw the useless bandages toward the healer's feet.

At that moment there was a hard knock on the door. The healer went to the door and opened it to revile Astrid and a larger male with short blond hair and a small recognizable twitch that suggested that he wasn't comfortable at the moment.

'Gauss this is Fishlegs.' I observed. Upon seeing who it was the healer turned to let the teens in and shut the door after them. He then proceeded to pick up the bandages I threw on the floor with a grumble, then threw them into a bucket. He left the room leaving the teens alone.

"Fishlegs, this is the kid I found in the woods. Kid, Fishlegs, Fishlegs, Kid." Astrid tried to introduce.

"Uh… Hello…" The blond male said timidly.

"Hello, good to meet you." I greeted with confidence. Both not expecting such an easy going responds blinked in confusion. "You teach… me?"

"Huh? ...Oh! Yeah! Right, that's me. So you want to learn Norse better?" Fishlegs answered.

"Yes. Know… very… little. Cannot… read."

"Really? Alright I can help you! I am one of the smartest Viking in the village. Um… At least I think so…"

"You are Fish. Trust me." Astrid said with an annoyed look.

"Is Viking dumb?" I questioned, truly curious.

"Some are." Astrid answered.

"Chief?" I may know little but I knew that instead of a queen like dragons, the Vikings call their leaders 'chiefs'.

"What! No! The chief is very smart. He has led many into battle with very few casualties and many a victories." Astrid said with a type of pride that sounded so dragon it took me off guard. "If he wasn't then we would have tossed him out a long time ago."

"I see…" I thought for a moment before finishing my words. "… Are… un-loyal?"

"No! No! We are loyal! Very loyal! But if our chief isn't doing a good job and is not putting the village first then we are only trying to help ourselves. What good is a chief who cannot fight or serve our village?" Astrid spouted out.

~Hmm… Interesting… ~ I growled without thinking. The teens in the room looked at each other but shook it off, deciding not to ask. "Others?"

"What?" Fishlegs asked for further explanation.

"Other… Kids?" I tried again.

"You mean are there others our age?" Astrid tried.

I nodded. "Yes."

"Of course. There is Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut. Tuffnut and Ruffnut are twins, Ruff the girl and Tuff the boy, then there's Snotlout who is training to be the next chief." Fishlegs explained.

"Gods help us when he does." Astrid mumbled loudly.

"Do not like?" I said with an amused grin.

"He's the most boar-headed Viking you will ever meet!" Astrid said then huffed her hair out of her face.

"She just doesn't like him because he's always hitting on her." Fishlegs said as he hid his mouth from her with his hand, like that would make it so she couldn't hear him. This earned him a not so genital punch to the stomach. "OW! It's always violence with you!" Another punch. "OW!"

"So~ He has… crush?" I said, on the verge of laughing my head off.

"I hate it!" The only female in the room fumed. "He thinks that just because he will be the next chief he can do whatever he wishes. He thinks that everything he does should be praised by the Gods themselves! Its ridicules'! Not to mention annoying!"

"True as all that may be, he is still the chieftain for our tribe." Fishlegs said matter-of-factly.

'So much to learn' I thought. 'I can't wait to tell Toothless and Fireworm about this! ...Wonder how they are? I hope that Toothless went easy on Fireworm… I hate it when they fight each other. Especially about me and my safety…' I had started to frown at the thought.

"Hay, you alright kid?" Astrid's concerned tone pulled me from my depressing thoughts.

"What? Yes! ...Just… thinking…" I replied. "Sorry…"

"What about?" Fishlegs asked in the same concerned voice.

"… Family…"

"You don't remember yours do you?" Astrid asked her voice sounded like it wasn't used to talking with such pity.

"Not really…" The truth is that when I was younger I would ask and ask my mother about the rest of my family but she would only say that she would tell me when I was older. She never got that chance. So I never found out who my father was or is. Now I will never know and I try really hard to not think of it because now I have the dragons and they all love me and treat me like one of their own, well… some do…. Others are a bit more reluctant. Now I don't even have them. But at least I can get back to them. I'll never see my mother again.

Astrid, noticing my distant look and sad thoughts, decided to change the subject. "I see you're healing well!" Although it wasn't a good distraction I took it.

"Yeah…" I nodded and looked my healing wounds over. "I should heal soon."

"That's good! Hay! How about when you feel up to it we take a tour of the village!?" Astrid suggested now excited. "Fishlegs and I could show you around. Right Fish."

"Uhhhh… Yeah! We can show you around. It would be no problem!" Fishlegs agreed a bit unsure but obviously didn't want to upset the blond female. The two where amusing to watch and I couldn't hold in a genuine smile.

"I… I would like that…"