So we woke up early, or rather Alice work up early and dragged me out of bed. I knew today was the day the new kids were coming but somehow it slipped my mind, not that I am surprised my mind doesn't run right. Alice drove us to school in her Audi. Yes, I had a car too but I just preferred to tag along.

"Ah the Swan twins" Mrs. Cope exclaimed as we walked into the office "Girls, a favor"

We walked close and that was when I noticed the new kids. I had no idea they were going to be early I mean Alice and I came in 'fashionably late'. While I lagged behind Alice skipped to the front desk.

"Hey Mrs C" she greeted. She was the friendliest employee here, at least I thought so

"These are the Cullens, do me a favor and show them over to their classes will you?" she asked and Alice nodded. She called their names and handed every one of them their schedule. I learnt their names were, Rosalie and Jasper Hale Emmett and Edward Cullen

"You're such dears" she said adoringly at us.

"Aren't we all?" Alice answered with her usual blithe attitude.

"It's no bother Mrs. C" I agreed.

The Cullen's and Hales were already waiting for us outside. When we went outside Alice walked up to them and introduced us

"Alice and Bella Swan" she said cheerfully sticking her hand out to shake

"We'd rather you just walk" the blond girl Rosalie said coldly.

A flash of anger ran through me at her flippant snobbishness to Alice but it passed quickly mostly for Alice's sake. I looked to her and she was about to say something plus I knew that look on her face, I've seen it so many times before Alice was about to go off on a verbal assault.

"Easy there tiger" I thought to her putting a restraining hand on her shoulder and she faced me her eyes relaxing as she saw my smile. My sister and I could communicate through our thoughts. I saw the boy with the reddish hair…Edward…raise a perfect brow at me drawing my attention his gold eyes. I sighed

"I'd rather you didn't, not this time." I thought to her again I pulled her towards me and said "I'm sure they are very…uhm…private" I said the last word with my voice sarcastically polite. I even added my too damn innocent smile. Yeah, like anything could ever be private between Alice's gift and mine. Plus no one was allowed to talk to Alice that way, not because she couldn't handle herself, but because she didn't do anything wrong plus she was my sister "Follow us please"

Alice and I walked ahead a little bit to be out of hearing distance

"You really shouldn't have stopped me" Alice said to me pouting just a bit like it really affected her. I rolled my eyes at her childishness.

"The things I do for you" I sighed dramatically, and then quickly became serious "I know you Alice; I saw the way your eyes were. You were going to start with your verbal nonsense and somehow, you'll hit her where it hurts the most which will more than likely piss her off and whatever shred of control she has left and she'll start a fight which you'll see and escape somehow. Did I miss anything?" I grinned at her cheekily

"I do not" she said petulantly then she saw my incredulous expression "ok maybe just a little bit" she conceded in her thoughts.

"Your presentiment will get you in trouble this time, trust me. I'd just rather avoid it altogether" I said to her and she stuck out her tongue at me and pretended to be hurt by my lack of faith

"Don't worry I still love you and you know I love your freaky brain" I added nudging her

She stopped and faced me then stuck her hand at me and deadpanned "hi I'm kettle, nice to meet you pot"

"So not funny" I said even if I did find it funny, her face told me she wasn't buying it "Hey, I resent that" I said with a small smile and she burst out laughing while I smiled wider. "Distracted enough?"

"Thanks" she said after a while

"No worries, I got enough restraint for the both of us" I said to her "So on a serious note, any chance you would peek to give me a hint on my biology quiz or at least how I did, did I do all right?" I said even though I knew she wouldn't

"Now, now how is that right?" she chided fluttering her lashes trying to be more innocent. I was sure she already saw it but she wouldn't tell me I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Mary Alice Swan" I full-named her

She ignored me pausing and turning to the Cullen's "government with Jefferson, follow me"

"Good luck" she called waving to me. She stopped in mid step "oh and Bella?" she said to me

I turned around the Cullen brothers following me to look at her.

"All signs point to yes" she said like a magic 8 ball.

I crossed my eyes and blew a kiss at her and watched her turn to leave. I pushed the other two boys in the right direction and then walked to my class. The day went along repetitiously as the last one, the schedule the same. I kept a close eye on what was being taught at the same time doodling in my notebook. Somehow it always turned out to be those peculiar eyes

As I entered the cafeteria, I noticed the Cullens at the corner keeping to themselves. I rolled my eyes and I took my seat beside Angela saving the seat beside me for Alice.

"Hey pretty lady" I said to Angela hugging her from the side and pecking her cheeks liking the way she blushed while she smiled. It was a relief to see someone else does that. Angela was one of the people I really loved in this town.

"Hi Bella"

"Oooh, some girl on girl action" Mike opened his big mouth, bringing more attention to us

"Must you be so crass Michael" Alice disapproving voice came from behind me.

"No worries Alice, I mean it's no secret Angela and I are hot for each other" I said winking at Angela who just laughed

"Would you look at that, the reverend's daughter, with the chief's" Ben said jokingly

"Two highly respected officials" Alice tsked joining in the teasing

"We're rebels that way" Angela piped up. Now it was my turn to laugh, soon everybody else were laughing too.

It wasn't too long before the chatter about the new children came into every discussion; I just tried to tune them out. It wasn't really hard all you had to do is look at their expressions and give them answers by nodding or its likes.

"It's quite sad" Alice said next to me, ignoring the gossip too

"What is?" I asked I said picking up a cucumber from her plate and popping it into my mouth.

"Jasper seems like a person I'd want to know" she sighed and repeated my motion.

"you smoked this morning?" I asked her jokingly.

"I am serious" she said to me then through her thoughts pleaded with me. "Be serious"

"Honestly, bad thoughts Alice" I said "Walk away while you can"

"I know it's just…I saw" Alice said as she became lost in her thoughts a while later she shook her head to clear it "…well never mind"

"I won't tell you what you can or cannot do Alice" I sighed "but if you're saying what I mean you're saying, remember this, we Swans have the pleasure of only falling in love once"

"Bond for life" Alice quoted Nana Swan fondly

"Exactly, be careful sweetheart or you could end up like dad" I thought to her

"Let's hope it never comes to that" Alice said biting into her celery stick.

"Amen to that sister" I said.

I could feel eyes watching me from the table where the Cullens were seated but I didn't know who it was so I made an effort not to look by putting my head down

"You okay?" Alice asked me and with that the rest of the table looked at me. Angela gave me a small smile as I rolled my eyes

"Yes" I said in a whisper then turned my head so it was facing my lap and I wouldn't have to see their worried faces

Jessica who was seating behind me giggled at my ear. "The Cullens are looking at you"

My head shot up so fast I was sure I would have a whiplash. I chanced a look at their table and sure enough their eyes were on me except Jasper who was looking at Alice. Rosalie looked away bored after a while and called Emmett's attention to her. Edward kept looking at me though, he had a frustrated expression on his face and I couldn't figure out why. I looked at him while he looked at me. His was boyish in a way and handsome too, definitely handsome but then again, they all were, inhumanely beautiful. I bit my lips to stop the sigh threating to burst. I do not date anybody, just to prevent that whole falling in love in high school fiasco but if I did something tells me I'd choose him. Alice eyes glazed over so I knew she was getting a vision. I tried to distract the others to buy her sometime. So I asked Jessica if Mike asked her out yet and just like a charm she started prattling endlessly. I looked at Alice who was looking between me and Edward with a small smile on her face.

"What is it Alice?" I thought to her already dreading the answer

"Oh nothing" she thought back "you're going to gain a new friend"

She looked over to the Cullen table, Edward had an incredulous expression on his face but he quickly composed it. As soon as he saw our eyes were on him which made me wonder if he had heard our conversation from that end of the cafeteria. Was he a hypersensitive too?

I went to biology when the bell rang, I was lost in my thoughts about how Alice could have seen us becoming friends, and I did not know when I bumped into him, Edward. He reached to steady me, just as his hands got mine I noticed it was cold, I mean his hands were cold. A surge of electricity passed through us. If he felt it I didn't know because he tensed a bit. I closed my eyes as I was drawn to the past, I don't know how long ago it was but I got a flash of a woman with the same hair as Edward but different eyes hers was green, a beautiful shade of green

"Thanks" I said thanking every deity that it was just a flash

He nodded and continued to the teacher's desk. I sat by the window in class. Everyone else was paired up which unfortunately meant Edward was going to be my lab partner for the rest of the year.

Mr. Banner handed us our test and I kept mine faced down.

"Afraid you flunked?" he said as he sat down next to me. His voice like a river of velvet chocolate and vanilla.

"Oh I already know I did well" I said confidently and returned my attention to doodling. That face, the woman's face. A wind blew from the window and I felt Edward stiffen. I turned to ask him what was wrong but his expression was borderline murderous with a hint of restraint he looked…tortured. I didn't know how to help so I returned to my work letting my hair cover my face like a curtain. Alice showed up at my door in that instant and excused me out of class.

"What's wrong Alice?" I questioned

She rubbed her head like it hurt "I don't know, your future just disappeared for some reason someone made a decision that will hurt you"

I looked at her expression and found she was serous so I kissed her forehead and promised her I would be careful, though I knew it was related to what got Edward tense but I couldn't figure out why, why would Edward want to hurt me? I went back to the class

"Sorry Mr. Banner Alice was not feeling to well" I said as I stood at the door

"Hope she is alright" he said with concern

"I hope so too" I said honestly as I stopped at my table

"You could take my seat if you want" I told Edward whose eyes were now gold, dark gold. I don't know what prompted me to say that but I guessed some fresh air will do him some good. Without a word he gathered his book and took my seat by the window and dropped my stuff for me. I noticed my test was turned up but said nothing I got an A plus which was no surprise, Alice already said I did well. I collected my books from where he dropped them in the middle and placed it in a neat pile beside me

"Thanks" I hear a voice say beside me so I figured it was Edward.

His voice was still soft like silk or velvet. I wonder if there is such a thing as musical velvet but that was how it sounded. Against my better judgment I spoke.

"I was beginning to assume you went mute, Edward Cullen, and then again my father said never to make assumptions" I said to him without looking at him. When he didn't say anything, I figured our discussion was over and I sighed.

I returned to the sketch I was doing previously. I had drawn her eyes and facial features. I was about to start the hair when I noticed Edward was staring intently at the page like he was trying to remember something. It was then I knew that the woman must be from his past maybe his mother? Just then the bell rang signaling the end of our class and fortunately the end of school.