Okay, Sadly, I must close the book on this story, I have had fun writing this story and I want to thank you guys for reading and bearing with me as I try to balance this and graduate school. I do hope to write more stories, but at a time when I am gifted some free time. Thank you so much to my loyal readers. I love you guys.


Alice was finally able to get a location on Fred. Bree and Diego left last night for Canada looking for him. They still haven't officially made their decision on whether to stay, but Alice told me there was a high chance they wouldn't become permanent fixtures in the Cullen home once they saw Fred. It was okay because they would be back with Fred in two weeks. Anyway Today was Graduation day and I was excited. Edward even more so. He says he is excited for me...yeah right.

"Swan, the 's' are over there" Mr Banner said.

"yes Mr Banner" I replied. I kissed Edward on the cheek and moved back until I saw Angela and I entered in front of her.

"Bella, it's been so good being friends with you" Jessica said hugging and turning me around over her shoulders Angela chuckled which forced my lips together to prevent busting out in laughter.

"hmmn, Its been something alright" I responded but hugged her again nonetheless.

she bounded on ti the next person while I shook my head.

"what is up with her?" Angela commented

"Beats me" I responded.

"I think I saw Alice" Angela said.

"Yeah, you did. She's with Charlie."I said

"when did she get to Forks?" Angela asked. I told her what we rehearsed. Alice was here for my graduation. She wasn't staying she had been accepted to Dartmouth and she planned on going there in the fall.

"Really? Dartmouth?" Angela exclaimed.

"you're still interested in Alaska? " Angela asked hesitant "Didn't you also get accepted to Dartmouth?

"yeah, Edward and I have decided to go to Dartmouth" I smiled. "Alice and I are different individuals, give us time to catch up"

"Bella" She asked softly probably worried about my mental health.

"Ang, don't fret,We'll work it out eventually" I hugged her before we placed our caps on our heads.

That was probably true. Charlie was dealing with Alice's reappearance well enough I suppose. It's been about a month. Renee and Phil flew from Jacksonville two weeks ago. They had a long talk with Alice for about half a day. Their expressions were sober when they finally came out. I didn't even want to know what went on in there.

My eyes caught Edward's and he smiled at me which I returned. There was chatter everywhere, both from my peers and from the family members behind the curtain. I could hear my family talking excitedly, Well Renee and Esme were doing most of the talking. While the rest of them offered noises of acknowledgement. We were led to our seats and the curtains were drawn back. The Principal was the first to give his speech followed by our guest speaker and my father in law. Angela, being our valedictorian went next. Our names were then called alphabetically, the projector behind us showed the audience a baby picture, our graduation picture, and name of the college we have chosen to attend.

Edward's name was the first in my family to be called. I almost laughed at the baby picture of him as I remembered how we'd actually gotten it. Emmett and Jasper had been playing around with an age progression software one afternoon. It wasn't that Edward didn't have one, it was just too old to turn in so Emmett, the funny genius, came up with a solution. They all had a fun time playing with that even Carlisle. Emmett's boisterous laughter and cheering brought me out of my thoughts. I looked up clapping as Edward reached and shook Mr Banner's hand. I cheered loudly for all my family and friends and they returned the favor when I went up. The ceremony ended with the about 50 students throwing their hats off. Esme requested for our hats to add the wall of caps she kept so I caught my hat after I threw it.

Charlie, Renee, Phil, Alice and I went to the diner to celebrate and afterward we drove to the Cullens for the graduation party Esme was throwing. The house was packed like the whole town was present.

I led Charlie through the private road and into the Cullens garage which we used to get in. Charlie whistled at the cars spending a little time admiring each one. He stopped by the Mercedes Edward had given me for a wedding gift commenting on how that was the cheapest in the lot. I sighed remembering when I had given Edward a Burberry watch that cost almost half my savings and he gave me a freaking car.

"Hey Bella, Chief" Edward said as we came in

"Bella" Angela called cheerfully pulling me away from Charlie and Edward "I was beginning to think you weren't coming"

"Seems rude to ditch a party my hus...boyfriend's mom threw for us" I said hoping she didn't catch my mistake. She was too busy pouring the drinks to notice. I noticed the smell as she turned the bowl and poured some into a cup for me.

"I thought so too" She said as she handed it to me.

"where is Ben?" I asked observing her skin was flushed and I wondered how much she had to drink before I got here and who was brave enough to spike the drinks. Emmett's silver flask caught my eye answering my question. Emmett

"Somewhere around here. I love him soooo much Bella and …" she hiccupped.

"Ang, honey lets pace ourselves" I said grabbing her cup and setting it down. I dragged her to the kitchen I handed her a cup of fruit juice and with no warning I threw a glass of cold water at her face.

"Bella" she yelled "what the hay?"

"sorry" I said sheepish. "I love you, but I don't need you drunk"

"Had a lot of experience with drunk people have you?" She said grabbing a bunch of paper towels trying to dry her dress. Her eyes were better and she looked more focused.

"Come on" I said to her "Let's get you something else to wear"

I managed to drag her upstairs to the third floor past the crowd and into Edward's room. She took her time looking at her surroundings.

"Whoa" she said as I opened the closet and switched on the light. "Bella, this closet is the size of my bedroom"

"I know right. Edward's very organized" I said smiling we walked through to my side at the back of the closet. She stared at the huge painting of Edward and I on the wall. I pulled out some dresses and put it on the sofa.

"should I ask why you seem to have clothes at Edward's room?" She said

"It's better if you don't" I said to her pulling up a grayish pink lace knee length dress I thought she would like. It was similar color to her current dress color. She nodded as she saw it. I took the other two dress and hung them back while Angela changed into her dress.

"You look amazing" I said to her as I turned to her

"Bella this dress still has a tag in it?" She said looking at it. Her eyes widened at the price. That was "I can't take this"

"Yes you can. My graduation gift to you" I said.

"I'm pretty sure this was a gift to you" She said and she was not wrong. Alice and Esme took it upon themselves to give me a totally new closet which while I loved it was bit too much.

"Let's go find Ben" I said figuring changing the topic was easier.

"I love you" She said hugging me

"Aw, I love you too" I said holding her tighter. "Let's go enjoy the party"

Before the summer ended, Alice Edward, Jasper and I took a trip to Jacksonville to see Renee and Phi. The night before we left, Alice, Renee and I were sitting by a fire talking about school and what to expect and holiday schedules. She handed us both a box that was wrapped with a pretty blue paper.

"Sorry it's a bit late" She said smiling "I had to make sure the second set was all done. Happy Graduation"

We opened it and there was a quilt. In the middle was a baby picture of me. There was bits and pieces from my life embedded in it like my first day of school and the time I won the spelling bee. There were also pictures of Renee, Charlie and Alice mixed in there.

"I love it mom" I said hugging her

"Yeah, This is really great. Thanks" Alice said "I'm gonna go show Jasper"

"Honey" Mum said looking at me "The last time you were here, you mentioned a boy named Edward that you sorta thought you were in love with who moved to California"

"Yes Mom?" I said looking at Edward through the glass wall. I smiled at him. He winked at me causing me to shake my head.

"I come to Forks and to find you had a boyfriend Edward Cullen and yet you've told me close to nothing" she said and I looked at her

"What would you like to know?" I asked looking her in the eyes

"Is he' the one'? She asked.

"When did you start believing in 'the one'?" I asked. Renee's philosophy was that you could fall in love with anyone. She believed while faith played a role on who you met, only you had a choice on who you would spend your life with.

"You do Bella. You Swans are so intense it would drive a normal person crazy" she said shrugging

"I do, I'd like to think Edward's my soulmate. Is that crazy?"

"No." She said "You've always known what you wanted Bella. Between you and me, He is as crazy about you. I can see it in the way he looks at you when he thinks no one is looking at him. I can see it when you two are together. He moves just the tiniest bit you do too. You're never far apart from him and when you two are together you are touching in some way. When you are away from him, your eyes finds his every so often. I've never seen something like this before."

I looked back at Edward again catching him staring at me with a loving gaze. My expression softened. Edward was my one. I believed that. Nana Swan once told us we Swans only fell in love once. I looked back at my mom who was watching us.

"See what I mean" She said "It is scares me seeing you two so invested in each other but I know you will be just fine"

"Thanks Mom" I said looking back at my husband. I saw him stand and begin to walk toward us.

"You should go to bed Mom." I said to her just as Renee yawned.

"yeah" she said as she stood up. "Oh Hi Edward"

"Hi Renee" He smiled at her. "Phil's in the kitchen"

"You two have fun" She said to him

Edward picked my up and set me on top of him when he sat down. I pit my head on his chest as he covered us with my newly acquired quilt.

"Renee is more observant than I thought" he said

"I had to get it from someone" I said to him tilting my head to look at him with a smile. He kissed my lips "What is she thinking about?"

"You and Me" He told me "She's hoping I'd still look at you with so much love in 10 years."

"Will you?"

"Forever" He assured me.

I put my head back down and looked up at the stars. They were much brighter than I remember. I sighed I was so happy right now. Edward kissed my hair.

Saying goodbye to Charlie wasn't as easy as it was with Renee. Charlie wasn't doing as well as he claimed to be doing with our leaving. So Edward and I drove to Seattle to get him an iPhone. Charlie came in just as we finished setting up the new phone with our contact as well as the rest of the Cullens

"You kids and your fancy gadgets" he commented and shook his head

"Actually Dad, It is your fancy gadget" I said and he stopped in his tracks. He looked at the phone

"I don't understand" He said

"Alice and I were thinking and we wanted to get you a parting and thanks for letting us stay here gift" I said

"Jasper knows a guy in Seattle who gave it to us for a really good price, barely hit triple digits" Alice lied. because Charlie would flip if he found out how much we really spent. "Bella and I have one too. This way we are only a video call away."

"And you don't have to fight with the laptop to talk to us" I said

"Still for three?" Charlie asked still dumbfounded

"Four, buy one get one free" Alice said. That was true. Alice and I just changed our phone plans to the Cullens family line. Charlie's new phone data plan was on that as well but no need to tell him that.

When Alice had succeeded in calming Charlie down, we showed him how to use the facetime feature. Making sure to explain it was a video call when he put it in his ear.

He was so happy about it that he called Billy to tell him about his new gadget. He made sure to try it out on our road trip to Dartmouth calling every few hours to make sure we were safe. It was just Edward Jasper, Alice and I on this trip. We were giving the rest of them a head start because we decided to do on a road trip honeymoon. We were taking separate cars. Edward and I were driving mine while Jasper and Alice were taking Edward's. Edward and I stopped in Chicago to finish what we had once started while Alice and Jasper went ahead to Michigan. We figured a state was more than enough room for us to have our fun. I love my sister but her and Jasper going at it was something I didn't want to witness.

We stayed for a week before meeting up with Alice and Jasper and then we continued our journey to New Hampshire where we met up with the rest of the family.