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I have never been scared or terrified before. Maybe nervous when the school assholes walked down the halls but never scared or terrified. My brother was impressed by it and it was really the only thing I could boast about. My brother cries when a scary movie is about to start. I didn't really have a fear. My dad thought I was lying but it was true. Was. That all changed during the summer of my 14th year.

"Al!" I yelled through the bathroom door. "Al! Hurry or we're gonna be late for our first day of summer camp!" Suddenly the door opened and my younger twin brother stepped out. Alfred (Al for short) had blonde hair and a cow lick that could never stay down. He had blue eyes that were hidden behind wired glasses. He wore a Superman t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and his favorite pair of All Stars. He gave me a lopsided smile. "Alright Matt I'm ready!" I sighed. "Dad's downstairs making breakfast. Can you wake up Vicky and Peter? I'll get them ready just wake them up." I said. Al gave me a thumbs-up and ran off. That gave me about five minutes to get ready.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I had dirty blonde hair that went up to my chin accompanied by a long curl. My eyes are so blue it looks it looks like they were violet. They were also hidden by wired. I sighed and brushed my teeth. After I wiped my face, walked out of the bathroom and headed to my little sister's room. Vicky stood in front of her closet. "Matt!" she said in a whiney. "Ya?" I asked. "Can you get me my tutu?" After a few moments I looked at Vicky. She was an exact replica of my mom. Her dark brown hair along with brown eyes and caramel colored skin. It kills my dad everyday because he misses her so much. Mom died in a shipwreck. My mom just had Peter and she had to go for work. Dad told her to stay but she said it was important. Ever since then it kills dad to look at her for so long. "Hey what's wrong?" she asked me when she noticed I was staring at her. "Nothing, Dads downstairs making breakfast go and eat." I said. Vicky nodded her head and ran down stairs. I walked out of her room and into Peter. There I saw Alfred pinching Peter by the cheek while Peter had a fistful of Alfred's hair. "Uh, What's going on?" I asked. "Ah nothing Peter's just being a brat." Al said through gritted teeth. Peter looked at me with big blue eyes. "Mattie!" He said. I sighed. "Al put the kid down and get our stuff." I said. Al released Peter and ran out. Peter held out his arms signaling he wanted me to pick him up. I did. "Hey, Peter you want breakfast?" I asked him. He shook his head and I chuckled. My dad's cooking was not the best. Almost everything he made was burned, so we salvaged what we could.

When I entered the kitchen I set Peter in his highchair. Vicky was already seated next to him. My dad stood in front of the kitchen island. He was a proper British man. He wore a sweater vest and brown pants. When he cooked he wore an apron saying "Kiss the Cook". My dad had large eyebrows. Peter was the only one cursed with them. I could hear Al running down the stairs with our stuff. "Dad! We're gonna be late!" He yelled opening the front door. Dad looked at the clock. "Alright kids get in the car! I've got Peter. Move it!" Vicky and I ran out of the house and launched ourselves in the car. Dad came out of the house with Peter in his arms. "Alfred!" he shouted while locking the door. "Start the car!" Alfred quickly jammed the key in the ignition and turned the key. Dad opened my door and put Peter in my lap. I then put Peter in his car seat as my dad hopped in the front seat and buckled his seat belt. "Are we ready?" he asked. We all nodded and Peter stuck his hand in his mouth. "Ok, here we go." Dad said as we drove out of the driveway and to the bus stop. Al brought a comic that he usually leaves in the car, Vicky made different animals with her hands and showed Peter who giggled happily. I looked at dad who was enjoying a classical song. I wish I would've left my ipod in my pocket and not my bag. I sighed as I looked out the window. I wonder what this summer would bring. Would I make more friends or watch Al have fun from the sidelines? Would I stand out more this year? I wonder what kind of people would be there. "Alright boys we're here!" Dad said interrupting me from my thoughts. We grabbed our stuff and waited by the bus sign. "I love you boys have a good summer!" Dad said then drove off. After he left I took the opportunity to take my ipod out of my bag. After I did I jammed it in my pocket to listen to it on the bus.

"Hey, Matt?" Al asked me. "Ya?" Alfred turned to face me. I have a feeling about this summer. It was my turn to face him. "What kind of feeling?" Al looked up at the sky. "I don't know! It's just a feeling." He said. We saw a larger charter bus approach us. "Well let's hope it's a good feeling." I said looking at the bus. Al and I picked up our stuff as the bus doors opened. I examined the seats. Each person had taken up a pair. This meant Al and I couldn't sit next to each other. I immediately felt unconscious of myself. I moved down the aisle and studied my options. The first two seats were taken by two brothers. They almost looked the same aside from their hair color and the way their curls were positioned. The seat on my right was occupied by a two boys? I couldn't really tell if one of them was a boy or girl. This boy closest to the window, I guessed, had his light brown hair in a ponytail. He had a brown baseball hat on his head. He wore blue jeans and a red flannel. The boy closest to me had dark hair accompanied by a curl. He had a huge mole on his chin. He gave off a snooty air. Behind them were two blonde boys. One of them had their hair slicked back. The other had shoulder length hair. He gave me a scowl. On my other side were also two boys. One had chin length blonde hair the other had messy brown hair. They both gave me mischievous smiles and the chills. Behind them was a guy with silver hair. I couldn't see his face. I assumed he was asleep since he had his hat on his face like Indiana Jones. Since he was the only one sitting there I took the seat. Luckily the seat next me was also occupied by one person, a small Asian boy, with big brown eyes, and short brown hair. Al sat next to him.

The bus started moving. Al immediately started having a conversation with him. This made me smile. I looked at my partner. I really couldn't see much. He was really pale. He had gages, tunnels, to be exact. He wore an ACDC t-shirt with black pants. He had headphones in his ears. The music was really loud because I could hear it. It was obviously Death Metal. I repositioned myself. I guess my partner felt the shift because he moved and sat up causing his hat to fall off. "Oh now you've done it!" A French accent said. "Huh?" I said looking up to see the two mischievous boys from earlier. "You've gone and woke up Gil!" The boy with messy brown hair said with a Spanish accent. "Gil" looked at me. He had a frown on his face but I couldn't see his eyes because he was wearing dark sunglasses. "Was zum Teufel, Bro?" He said darkly. "What?" I asked in a squeaky voice. "Vous a réveillé le meunier de battements!" said the blonde kid. I understood him since mom always spoke French. "Hein! Desole! Je ne signifie pas trop!" I said quickly. "Oh, so you speak French?" The blonde kid said. "Ya." I squeaked. I looked at Gil who was still giving me the death glare. "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean too!" I said quickly. Then I heard laughing. The two boys were laughing at me. "Oh, quit scaring him Gilbert!" The boy with messy brown hair said. I looked at Gilbert. He was staring at me. Then he gave me a smile. "Sorry 'bout that dude." He said in a thick German accent. "I didn't get much sleep yesterday 'cuz of these assholes!" He said has he kicked the seats in front of us. The boys snickered. "Verpessen, Antonio und Francis!"He said causing them to laugh more. Gilbert turned to me. "So, what's your name?" I was starting to feel nervous again. "Um, Matthew" I said quietly. "Well Matthew," Gilbert said. He moved his head so I could see out of the window, putting his hat back on his face.

"Welcome to Hetalia Summer Camp 2014."

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