Camp Drama Team Fortress 2

Chapter 1: Blue and Red Teams

It was finally the next season and Chris and Chef were gearing up the contestants for their first challenge but first they'd have to be split into teams and classes.

"Okay this season is going to be a little bit different, each contestant will be assigned to each team that'd have a separate class, there are nine of them, ranging from scout, soldier, demo, sniper, doctor, heavy, engineer, pyro and spy" continued Chris, "each class is unique in its own manner.

"Okay it's time for the roster for the Red Team it'd consist of Jimmy who'll be an engineer; Cindy Vortex a scout; Carl a heavy; Johnny a soldier; Sissy a sniper; Danielle a spy; Danny a demo; Tucker a doctor; Dukey a pyro; Hiro an engineer; Naruto a spy; Gunther a doctor; Ice King a heavy; Sam a sniper; Phineas a soldier; Ferb a pyro; Isabella a demo; Buford a scout; Finn a soldier; Jazmine a spy; Hoagie an engineer; Wally a soldier; Mandy a pyro; Mindy a scout; Scooby a soldier; Megan a doctor; and Fred an engineer" said Chef, "for the Blue Team they'd consist of Janet as a soldier; Sheen a scout; Mac an engineer; Riley a sniper; Libby a doctor; Timmy a pyro; Molly a spy; Deadpool a demo; Huey a soldier; Dale a sniper; Joseph a scout; Heinz a doctor; 16 a spy; Zim a heavy; Tak a heavy; Dib an engineer; Gaz a demo; Marceline a pyro; Jake a soldier; Cindy McPhearson a scout; Abigail a demo; Kuki a doctor; Billy a soldier; Irwin a spy; Shaggy a spy; Daphne a scout; Frida a scout; Lee a doctor."

"Phew that's quite a number of names there" laughed Chris.

"Wait you said I'm a sniper right?" asked Dale.

"Yep that is correct" added Chef.

"Heck I will be the best sniper there ever was" laughed Dale.

"Now if you don't mind, Blue Team will be coming with me the Red Team will be going with Chef to be shown where they'll start the first challenge" continued Chris.

"This season is going to be a fun one" laughed Chef.

As Chris led the Blue Team to where they were going to be stationed, a large payload cart was placed right outside.

"This challenge will be your first challenge you're going to have to push this guy all the way to the Red Team's base" continued Chris.

"And then what happens?" asked Joseph.

"I'm getting there" continued Chris, "you are to protect the payload and push it to the Red Team, once it's there it'd set off automatically destroying their base and then your team wins immunity that's how it works. Sounds simple enough."

For Chef, no one really seemed to complain that much as he instructed the Red Team what to do.

"So all you have to do is prevent the other team from reaching the base with their payload cart" continued Chef, "your weapons are given to you depending on what class you are."

"Won't that hurt them?" asked Finn.

"Yea" added Chef, "but they'll respawn back at their base; their health will be full until their time runs out."

As the Red Team were allowed to be given a few minutes head start, the members of the Red Team rushed toward where the Blue Team was located noticing the members of the Blue Team were prevented from leaving their base.

"Hey what's going on here?!" cried Sheen as he was purposely firing his weapon at the door, "How come I can't target them now?!"

"You have to be patient" said Deadpool.

"Just manning the fort" said Dale as he was setting himself up.

As the seconds ticked by the doors ended up opening, members of the Blue Team were at first confused what to do along with their Red Team counterparts.

"So I just fire a shot like this?" asked Sam as she was the sniper.

Sam ended up taking out Heinz who was a doctor, yet Heinz soon showed up back at the base.

"What just happened?!" cried Heinz.

"You just got fragged" laughed Chris as he was watching them in the base.

"Why that!" cried Heinz as he went out only to end up being back at the base again taken out by Sam again.

"Still here?" asked Chris, "Come on, this is your first challenge."

"But I keep on getting fragged!" cried Heinz.

"Whatever I'm heading out watching this with Chef" replied Chris as he headed out.

The Blue Team were finally able to move the payload thanks to the help of Deadpool who was purposely going silly nilly with his grenades.

"Ha, being a demo rocks!" laughed Deadpool as he took out a few members of the Red Team.

"Watch out for those sentry guns" said Molly as she came back from spying.

Suddenly the sentry guns built by Jimmy and Hiro began to fire trying to prevent the Blue Team from going further.

"Time for someone like me to handle this" laughed Marceline.

Marceline ended up going crazy using her flame thrower destroying the sentry guns that both Jimmy and Hiro had created, with that Deadpool along with the help of Janet and Libby who was healing them as a doctor helped push the payload to the first stage.

"Yea points!" laughed Deadpool.

But soon they were all whacked by Wally who had came in with a shovel knocking each one of them down.

"Ha you're going to have to get passed me!" laughed Wally who ended up knocking down Deadpool.

Deadpool ended up trying to fire his grenades, but for some reason they were not hitting Wally.

"Hey something doesn't make sense here" said Deadpool.

"Oh yea!" laughed Chris through a megaphone, "I forgot to mention doctors have the power to create an urber charge that makes the one they're healing temporarily invincible, sorry."

Soon poor Deadpool finds himself back at the Blue Team base.

"Come on we'll get them" said Libby as she charged up healing Deadpool.

"Yea time to give them a taste of their own medicine I'd always say" laughed Deadpool.

For the Blue Team they were on high hopes that they could get passed the Red Team's line of defenses to make a win for their first challenge.