Chapter 66: Understanding the Final Two

Once again it was time for Geoff to give a recap to the audience.

Geoff's commentary:

Last time on Camp Drama Team Fortress 2 the Aftermath, it has been quite a season as now comes straight down to the final two. A fight between Tails and Deadpool! Yes it's been quite a close call this season with the competition heating quite up, quite a bit. Yep, that Deadpool ripped through the competition like a knife and butter!

But could our two-tailed fox be the metal that stops the butter knife? Find out more here on Camp Drama Team Fortress 2 the Aftermath!

End of commentary.

As the scene opened, Geoff revealed to have a "Go Deadpool" t-shirt being the only one who had such a t-shirt while the rest of the audience had "Go Tails" t-shirts along with Bridgette and the other co-hosts.

"Ha, I know who is going to win this season!" laughed Geoff as he pointed at his t-shirt, "Yea, Deadpool! A fellow Canadian!"

"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Bridgette as she was wearing a "Go Tails" t-shirt.

"Yea, what gives Geoff?" asked Ms. Bellum.

"Zak Monday you have a 'Go Tails' shirt too?" asked Geoff.

"What can I say he's smart enough to get this far" continued Zak Monday.

"I'd still give Deadpool an A for effort but an F for cheating!" continued Denziel who was also wearing a "Go Tails" t-shirt.

"Ah come on, isn't there anyone besides me who favors Deadpool?" asked Geoff.

Suddenly his cellphone rang which was Dr. Doom on the other line.

"Excuse me for a second, hello, who is this, I'm kind in the middle of a show here" said Geoff.

"You do know who is speaking?" asked Dr. Doom on the other line, "Dr. Viktor von Doom, yes I hired Deadpool and I'm hoping he can bring in the cash."

"Ha, looks like I got Dr. Doom to support Deadpool!" laughed Geoff to which the audience began to boo at him.

"He's a bad guy!" continued Bridgette.

"What nerve" continued Geoff.

"Anyway, no matter who wins in the final two I have signed a contract from the producers to host the next season in my home country of Latveria" continued Dr. Doom, "to make things more interesting I've donated money to the millions of dollars already within the winner's poll. The total amount of winnings have increased to 500 million dollars."

"Whoa, five hundred million!" laughed Geoff, "Oh boy I sure want Deadpool to win that, he could buy a lot of tacos and chimichangas!"

The audience responded with boos again to Geoff.

"Tails deserves that money way more than Deadpool and you know it" continued Bridgette.

"Well let's take a list of their skills" continued Geoff as he then signals Jorgen to display their skills, "Tails is a super genius with the ability to fix anything and create anything as smart as Dr. Eggman. Deadpool on the other hand can hack into anything and mess anything up since he also has a healing factor and abilities from the fourth wall."

"But Tails can outmatch anyone" said Sonic.

"How do you know that?" asked Geoff, "He's never faced someone as cool like Deadpool."

"Well that fox has outfoxed some of my best machines" continued Dr. Eggman.

"I say Deadpool still has a better chance at the millions of money than Tails would ever do" laughed Geoff, "because when you get abilities from the fourth wall things can get out of control for the other side."

"Come on, Deadpool tried to take me out in the last challenge" said Daphne.

"Yea he gave me bad Scooby Snacks" added Scooby.

"Like he's so mean" added Shaggy.

"I know, Deadpool is very cruel" said Velma.

"But he's a mercenary, he's supposed to be like that, he's the Merc with the Mouth" continued Geoff, "I'm trying to bring up positive points since I'm way outnumbered here."

For the rest of the audience whom were debating on whether or not to give Deadpool a chance, they were still in it for Tails to win over Deadpool.

"There is no way Tails can be defeated" laughed Shadow.

"Yea, Tails can beat his pants off" laughed the Ice King, "plus he knocked down my Gunther!"

"Wha, wha, wha!" cried Gunter.

"Well, let's hope one of them wins, because I just cannot believe that the money is so much this season even way more than projected!" laughed Geoff, "So we'll hopefully see a result in the final challenge so until next season here on Camp Drama Team Fortress 2 the Aftermath!"

Deadpool was thrilled that the money had increased to 500 million dollars.


"Snap, there is no way I'm going to lose to a two-tailed fox!" laughed Deadpool, "I deserve it no matter what the audience thinks of me!"

"Wow, 500 million dollars, that's a lot of money" said Tails, "I wouldn't know what to do with it all. I guess I can go into college and get a Master's Degree or even a Ph D., there'd be money still left over."

End of confessions.

Deadpool was pleased the money had increased to 500 million dollars thanks to Dr. Doom donating his millions. Dr. Doom himself was monitoring everything from his home country.

"Wade better put the money where his mouth is or I am going to make next season for him miserable!" laughed Dr. Doom.