Chapter 67: Gray Mann's New Robot

Once again it was Chris McLean who was going to give the recap to the audience for the last time for the season.

Chris McLean's commentary:

Last time on Camp Drama Team Fortress 2, it was a fight between Daphne, Tails and Deadpool to see who'll be making it to the final two in a bumper car survival challenge! Yep, that's right, whoever scored the highest on the bumper car pinball style challenge and scored the second highest would go onto the final two!

Deadpool had it all, Daphne tried to stop him from having it all, yet poor Daphne met her match as Deadpool literally blew her car right out of the challenge! Leaving Tails to face Deadpool in the final challenge! Yep, that's right, Tails is geared to fight off Deadpool!

Will this two-tailed fox outfox Deadpool? Find out here on Camp Drama Team Fortress 2!

End of commentary.

It was a long journey but now the audience could finally be relieved to know that the journey was going to be over as the two main challengers for the final challenge would be Deadpool and Tails.


"That two-tailed fox will be outfoxed by me!" laughed Deadpool, "He might be smart, but he doesn't have the powers of the fourth wall!"

"That Deadpool thinks he can beat me, well he's never really dealed with someone like me" said Tails.

End of confessions.

The two ended up meeting in a room which where Chris wanted them to stay put for the time being.

"Oh, I bet it's a fighting challenge which means you'd lose fox boy!" laughed Deadpool.

"Not necessarily, I have beaten tougher bad guys than yourself" said Tails.

"Oh, you sound like a genius, oh wait the fourth wall makes me smarter than you!" laughed Deadpool.

"Enough!" roared Gray Mann as he appeared before the two, "Follow me, I will be the one administrating the final challenge."

As the two followed Gray Mann, they were led to a large arena where all of the former contestants were in the audience.

"Snap, I guessed right it is a battle challenge which means you lose fox boy!" laughed Deadpool.

"No, you two will not be fighting each other, this is meant for a robot battle arena, you two will be inventing my newest robot, whichever robot wins the fight will become my newest creation which I'll give you the 500 million dollar reward as royalty" continued Gray Mann.

"Sounds fair" said Tails.


"What?!" cried Deadpool, "Deadpool creates no robots for no one!"

End of confessions.

Deadpool thought of a nifty idea how to keep the 500 million dollars while screwing Gray Mann and Tails at the same time.

"Ha I think I can create the better robot than you" laughed Deadpool.

"We'll see about that" said Tails.

As the two headed to their areas, they were given various materials to create their own robot. Deadpool really didn't need any of those materials as the perfect robot would be obviously a robot that's just like him being a Deadpool robot. For Tails, he knew Deadpool was going to create a creation that looked like himself, to add insult to injury he was going to improve Dr. Eggman's old Mecha Tails model to be used in the battle. Deadpool was finished early thanks to his fourth wall abilities.

"Ha, I beat that fox, robotic version of me, you look so perfect!" laughed Deadpool.

"I do appreciate it creator!" said the Robotic Deadpool.

"Creator, I love that word!" laughed Deadpool.

Tails was soon finished, yet his version of Mecha Tails was sealed in a box.

"What, that's just a stinking box, ha, I win, I got my robot!" laughed Deadpool.

"I run on tacos" said the Robotic Deadpool.

"Don't forget your extra boost when I give you a chimichanga" said Deadpool.

"That too" added the Robotic Deadpool.

Tails soon ended up using a crowbar to open up the sealed box to reveal his version of Mecha Tails.


"I must say he must have made a few improvements!" laughed Dr. Eggman as he noticed Mecha Tails.

End of confessions.

Gray Mann then instructed the two to place their robots in the arena, as the audience gazed upon the robots, Gray Mann fired a gun in blanks signaling the start of the battle.

"Okay robot me, let's see what you can do!" laughed Deadpool who was programming it remotely.

The Robotic Deadpool took out its swords and charged at the new Mecha Tails. Mecha Tails was able to quickly dash right out of the way.

"So, you think you can beat me?" asked the Robotic Deadpool, "Fox bot?"

"I can and I will, my Creator promised I can" continued Mecha Tails.

The Robotic Deadpool tried to use his swords to cut off the head of Mecha Tails, yet Mecha Tails ended up grabbing Robotic Deadpool's fist and literally tore it right off.

"Not so fancy with your sword are you" laughed Mecha Tails.

"Boy this fox bot is strong" said Robotic Deadpool.

"Hey robotic me, got a few spicy tacos I just made!" laughed Deadpool.

The Robotic Deadpool then used his jetpack to hover over to where his Creator was located where he scarfed down some tacos where the robotic arm ended up rebuilding itself.

"Ha, tacos also give my robotic a healing factor, let's see if your robot has one, oh wait it might not like the way you don't have a healing factor yourself!" laughed Deadpool.

The Robotic Deadpool charged at Mecha Tails in the second round wielding its two swords, however Mecha Tails ended up creating a shield around itself pushing the Robotic Deadpool back. The Robotic Deadpool then took out its uzis and started to fire at Mecha Tails literally obliterating its shield sending it flying right into the air after the Robotic Deadpool also tossed a few rounds of grenades.

"Ha, take that fox bot!" laughed the Robotic Deadpool.

"Yea, take that fox boy!" laughed Deadpool.

Tails rushed to aid Mecha Tails which was badly injured by the Robotic Deadpool.

"He's too strong" said Mecha Tails, "Creator, I am not sure I am able to make it."

"You have a self-destruction sequence, however I think I got a neat plan that'd tear the Robotic Deadpool apart, it's really a bomb within you, I want you to place it onto him" continued Tails.

For the Robotic Deadpool he was copying some of his Creator's dance moves for the audience whom were not too amused.

"Ah come on, that fox bot couldn't stop me!" laughed the Robotic Deadpool as not even the crickets were cheering.

Soon the third and final round between the Robotic Deadpool and Mecha Tails took place, the Robotic

Deadpool clashed with his swords trying to slice Mecha Tails in half, yet Mecha Tails was able to however right over him and started to activate his self destruct sequence, yet this time however the bomb that was part of that sequence was removed, Mecha Tails had secretly placed it on the Robotic Deadpool.

"Ha, looks like you-" said the Robotic Deadpool who soon suddenly stopped as he exploded into pieces.

"No!" cried Deadpool, "My creation, no, no!"

Deadpool raced onto the arena and pushed Mecha Tails out of the way, all that remained of his creation was the head of Robotic Deadpool.

"I don't think a taco will help me here Creator" said the Robotic Deadpool's Head.

"And it looks like the winner here is Tails! That's right, Tails gets 500 million dollars in royalty money from Gray Mann and for those of you here, it is time to try to hitch a ride to Latveria for our next season!" laughed Chris.

[For Deadpool to win the challenge:

Robotic Deadpool clashed with his swords trying to slice Mecha Tails in half, yet Mecha Tails was crafty enough to hover right over him and try to plant the bomb onto him. But what Tails and Mecha Tails didn't realize was that Deadpool had also added his own blood DNA within Robotic Deadpool, and the Robotic Deadpool knew something like this would happen since he had fourth wall abilities.

As Mecha Tails landed thinking he had succeeded in planting the bomb on the Robotic Deadpool, he soon realized the bomb was really on him.

"Thought you can sneak by like that could you fox bot!" laughed the Robotic Deadpool.

Soon poor Mecha Tails exploded into pieces and poor Tails came running onto the arena.

"My creation, no!" cried Tails as he soon caught Mecha Tail's head.

"Creator I am sorry that you didn't win" said Mecha Tails' Head as it soon shut itself off as poor Tails shed a tear for his creation.

"Move aside crying eyes" said Deadpool as he joined his robotic version.

"I may present the winner Deadpool!" said Chris which everyone in the audience booed.

"Beat you to Latveria!" laughed Robotic Deadpool as he grabbed the suitcase with the 500 million dollars in his jetpack.

"Hey, I didn't program you to do that!" cried Deadpool as he started to chase his robotic self.

"Need the money for tacos and chimichangas!" laughed the Robotic Deadpool.]