Title: Thrown Through Time Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Rating: From G to NC -17 depending on where in the story.

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (Implied)

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Summary: The story idea came from a thought "How would someone from our time (twentieth century) react to suddenly being thrown into the twenty-four century.

Voyager finds an old earth life pod floating in the Delta Quadrant and discovers that it holds a young woman from the twentieth century. Tom and Chakotay help her adjust to life aboard Voyager and the Delta Quadrant and eventually adopted her as their daughter.

This story pretty much follows the Star Trek Voyager television story line except that Tom and Chakotay are a couple and have been for five years, and Kes stays longer then the three years and dies not changes into a "light being".

I need to say a Big "THANK YOU!" to all the ladies that helped me write and correct this story. Cathy "Helmboy", Britta, Leone and mostly Joanne (she wrote the sex scenes for me), also my new beta reader Kimbo. Thanks a million ladies, you are the greatest!

Warning: This story is about a relationship between two males. If this offends you don't continue.

Thrown Through Time Chapter One

Alpha Shift on the bridge of Voyager was quiet, so Ensign Harry Kim was having a hard time concentrating on his console until a small bleep caught his eye.

"Captain, I've got something on my long range scanners."

"What is it Mr. Kim?" asked Janeway as she sat up a little straighter.

"Unknown Captain, it's not listed in any of the Starfleet databases,"

"Distances?" asked Janeway.

"Less than one point light years away?" replied Tuvok.

"Life signs?" asked Janeway as she turned to look at Harry

"One Captain, but it is very faint," said Harry

"Mr. Paris, change course to intercept," called Janeway.

"Aye Captain," said Tom as he turned in his chair and changed course.

"Warp four. Engage," said Janeway. "Aye Captain."

"Are we within visual yet, Mr. Kim?" Janeway asked.

"Yes, Captain."

"On screen. Magnify. What is it?" asked Janeway.

"Unknown Captain. Our scans are having trouble getting a clear reading. They indicate that is

some kind of small ship," said Tuvok.

"Can you beam the ship to shuttle bay two, and have security erect a level eight force field around the ship?" asked Janeway.

Tuvok nodded. "Affirmative, Captain."

"Good. Janeway to Torres. Report to shuttle bay two."

"Aye, Captain. Torres out."

"Chakotay, Tuvok. You are with me," said Janeway as she rose and left the bridge.

They entered the cargo bay to see a small silver ship lying behind the force field.

"Report," said Janeway as she approached B'Elanna.

"Our scans show it to be a late twentieth century escape pod, but the power source is definitely not from that time," said Torres.

"Agreed. B'Elanna, start working on trying to shut down the power source and open the pod. Keep me informed!" said Janeway.

"Understood Captain," said Torres as she turned to start working on her console.

"Tuvok. I want a full security report on that ship within the next two hours," said Janeway as she turned to face her security officer.

"Aye, Captain" replied Tuvok.

This defiantly wasn't what she needed right now, granted things had been fairly quiet lately but this wasn't exactly what she had in mind.

"Chakotay," said Janeway as she took one more

look at the pair, then turned to leave with Chakotay behind her.

Several hours later B'Elanna Torres commed the bridge to inform them that they are ready to disable the power sources.

"On my way," said Janeway as she and Chakotay got up to leave.

"Ready when you are, Captain," said B'Elanna as Janeway and Chakotay entered the cargo bay to see B'Elanna and Harry at console's close to the ship.

She had read Tuvok's security report and had decided that except for the unknown power source the ship was harmless to Voyager.

"Precede B'Elanna," ordered Janeway.

"Power is dropping. Power is now off line," said Ensign Kim from his console.

"Disengage the field," said Janeway as she moved toward the ship.

"Captain, be careful," said Chakotay.

Torres dropped the force field and Janeway moved closer to the ship. Janeway reached out and touched a small panel on the side of the ship. With a hiss of air a small panel opened to reveal a long metal tube with the top half-clear plastic.

"Careful, Captain," said Torres.

Janeway carefully reached in and wiped some moisture from the plastic and revealed a young humanoid female.

"There's a human in there. It's a woman," said

Janeway with amazement.

"Captain, her vital signs are dropping," said Ensign Kim from his place behind the console.

"Beam her directly to sickbay and keep working on trying to find out how she got out here," said Janeway as she turned and left the cargo bay.

This is the last thing she expected to find inside that ship. If she was from the twentieth century then how did she get into the Delta Quadrant? What's more, why? These and many more questions would have to wait until they talked to the person in sickbay. For now the wondering and waiting was one of the hardest parts of being a Starfleet Captain.

The Doctor looked down at his patient with a satisfied smile. They had almost lost her twice, but managed both times to restart her heart and lungs. Her blood pressure had finally leveled off. She couldn't be more than her late twenties or early thirties, if she was even that old.

His scans had showed that she had been beaten when she was younger, and her back and legs still bore the marks. Whoever had beaten her hadn't believed in using a dermal regenerator. He would have to run more tests to find out who she was. It was strange that her lungs showed signs of weakness due to lung trauma.

He had told Kes earlier to sample of her DNA and run it through the computer to find a match. The results should be back soon and then he would have the answer to his questions.

"Match found," said the familiar female voice of the computer.

"Display information," said the Doctor as he moved to the terminal in his office. He quickly scanned the information and then hit his COM

badge. "Sickbay to bridge." "Janeway here, Go ahead."

"Captain, I have the identification of our visitor, but I think you and Commander Chakotay should come to sickbay immediately."

Janeway looked over at her First Officer and then replied. "On our way. Tuvok, you have the bridge."

As they both entered the lift they wondered why the Doctor had called them to Sickbay instead of just telling them who she was.

"Report Doctor," said Janeway as they entered Sickbay.

She quickly looked over at the biobed with the young woman and then back at the Doctor.

"Captain, the computer could not find the requested information in the Starfleet database so I asked it to look through the historical database and it came up with this match," said the Doctor as he went over to the terminal closest to the biobed.

"Computer display information on Melody Hanley."

The screen came alive with a picture of the young woman and information list:

Name: Melody Elaine Hanley Sex: Female Date of Birth: August 22, 1965

Occupation: Elementary Science Teacher

Education: Teaching Degree at University of Maine, Masters in Elementary Education, Secondary in Elementary Science.

Date of Death: September 16, 1998 *DECEASED*

"How can this be Doctor?" asked Chakotay.

"I don't know, Commander. But she is not from this time," replied the Doctor.

"Has she awakened yet?" asked Janeway finally finding her voice.

"No, not yet. I gave her a sedative, but she should be coming around soon."

Just then Kes heard a noise from the biobed and moved closer

"Doctor," called Kes from her spot near the bed.

The three moved over to the biobed where Melody was lying. Melody slowly opened her eyes to see four faces staring down at her. She quickly rolled off the bed and crawled to a corner of the room, huddling with her arms wrapped around her knees.

"Doctor, is she all right?" asked Janeway as she started to move toward her. Janeway stopped when she saw Melody flinch.

"According to my scans she is experiencing severe emotional trauma and disorientation. Perhaps we startled her when she awoke. She also shows signs of beatings, which would account for her actions when she saw us," said the Doctor.

"She seems cold," said Chakotay as he took a

blanket off the biobed and slowly approached her.

Melody tried to move farther into the corner, but the soothing words Chakotay was saying seemed to relax her enough to where Chakotay could put the blanket around her shoulders. Melody smiled shyly, but never looked up at him.

"Well, Chakotay, looks like you have been assigned to help the Doctor find out all you can about our new visitor," said Janeway as she smiled at Melody and then looked from the Doctor to Kes.

Melody's reaction to people was far more than just being startled, but the answers were locked away in the quiet young woman huddled in the corner of sickbay. Janeway looked once again at Chakotay and Melody and then turned to leave.

"Perhaps we could try to get her back on the bed so I can run a few more tests," said the Doctor.

Chakotay moved slowly towards her, holding out his hand. Melody looked quickly at him and then at the two other people. She took his hand and he pulled her to her feet. She stood for a second and then slumped forward, Chakotay catching her before she hit the floor.

"Doctor!" said Chakotay as he laid her on the bed.

The Doctor ran a tricorder over her quickly.

"She's just fainted, Commander. While her roll off the bed was impressive it has lowered her blood pressure. She will be fine shortly."

"Good. Call me when she comes around again," said Chakotay.

"Yes, Commander."

He took one last look at the young woman on the bed and turned to leave. He needed to talk to Tom.

Chakotay found Tom in their quarters after their shift was over. Tom had already changed into civvies and was waiting on the couch for Chakotay to return. When the door opened and Chakotay walked in Tom meet him halfway with a hug and a kiss.

They had been a couple for five years now, living together three. Chakotay knew that it had taken some time for both of them to adjust to being together and for the most part they had with a few minor adjustments from time to time. He just hoped that their relationship was strong enough to survive what he was about to ask of Tom. Suddenly going from two to three was a big step and he suspected from the Doctor's reports that Melody was going to need a lot of support and time. With a deep sigh Chakotay pulled out of Tom's arms and lead him to the couch.

"Tom, we need to talk for a few minutes. Did Kathryn tell you about what happened in Sickbay?" asked Chakotay as he pulled Tom down beside him on the couch.

"Yes. She said that the girl nearly freaked when she woke up and saw all of you," said Tom

"Tom, she had been beaten. According to the records that the Doctor found she is not even from this time. She was born in 1965 and died in 1998."

"Hisses, I can imagine how she might felt waking up to a room full of people who don't even look like her. She must be scared to death."

"Terrified is more like it. I think she might trust me a little though not completely,"

"Well then, we will just have to make sure that she sees you the way I do" said Tom as he pulled Chakotay into his arms.

"Are you sure, Tom? This is going to take a lot of time and patience. Not to mention time out from us being alone together."

"Not if we work together. The way I see it she will get twice the help if she has both of us to work with her."

"Oh thank you, Tom. You don't know what this means to me. You should have seen the look on her face when she looked up and saw us standing above her. I never thought I would see that look of complete terror on another face again."

"You had your doubts? I understand, Chief. You're just an old softy at heart. Now how long do we have before we're needed back in Sickbay?" asked Tom as he pulled Chakotay closer to him.

"The Doctor said that he would call me when she woke up again," said Chakotay as he moved closer .

"Good. So what should we do in the mean time?" Tom purred

"Oh, I can think of a few things." "Oh really now." "Yes," Chakotay whispered.

Tom's irrepressible grin was softly kissed from him, Chakotay's full lips eliciting soft moans of

pleasure from the beautiful man in his arms.

Chakotay gently moved his lips back from Tom's and took a moment to look at the man who was everything to him.

The familiar, beautiful features were forming a perfect picture of arousal, one that Chakotay knew he mirrored. He groaned, deep in his chest, as Tom began slowly removing his uniform. First the zip was pulled down and the sleeves were eased off his wrists as Chakotay kicked his boots from his feet. Then Tom eased the waistband over his hips, smiling as he encountered just a little resistance. The long strong legs were next to be revealed to Tom's hungry gaze, and only one area was now covered. Tom removed the white boxers, revealing Chakotay's most intimate places to his burning gaze.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" Tom whispered.

"You keep telling me," Chakotay smiled; an edge of aroused laughter coloring his words.

Tom smiled back, his smile holding the same edge of arousal, and engulfed the length of Chakotay's erection in his mouth. Chakotay gasped, and his moans set a constant cadence to the rhythm of Tom's swirling tongue, sucking lips and very gentle teeth. Just a very light scrape of teeth was all it took to send Chakotay over the edge, and the Commander shouted Tom's name to the heavens as his climax overtook him.

"I love making you sound like that," Tom whispered as she lover came back to himself.

"And I love how you make me sound like that. Now, what do you want? Shall we go into the


Tom considered this, but reluctantly shook his head.

"Doc might call any time,"

"Good point. Well, there must be something I can do for you..." Chakotay gently removed Tom's clothing, wrapped a large dark hand around his erection.

"You...can...just...keep...doing...that...Ahh..." Tom managed to say, semi-coherently, as Chakotay's fingers teased pleasure out of his nerve endings. The other hand was roaming his chest, playing in the red-gold curls, teasing the nipples to hardness, while the hand on his erection was moving almost too slowly. But not quite.

Tom loved this slow, gentle, love play. It seemed at times more intimate than any other form of sex. There was nothing but he, and Chakotay, and their love. He sighed, feeling the first waves of his climax lap at the edges of his consciousness, a gently sight the only indication. Chakotay smiled, and increased the movements of his fingers, both sets.

After a few strokes, Tom was begging for release, which Chakotay smiled, and granted. Tom screamed his release as Chakotay held him, they way no one else ever could.

It turned out to be several hours later before the Doctor called.

"Sickbay to Commander Chakotay."

Chakotay awaked slowly as he struggled to reach across Tom for his COM badge on the nightstand.

"Chakotay here," he said in a grizzly voice.

"Commander, Melody is now awake," informed the Doctor.

"On my way. Come on, Tom. Melody's awake," said Chakotay as he slipped out from under Tom.

Tom struggled to sit up and looked at the retreating back of Chakotay.

"What time is it?" asked Tom in a sleepy voice.

"About 1600," said Chakotay as he stepped into the shower and turned on the water.

Tom got out of bed and stumbled, stepping quickly into the shower with Chakotay.


"Don't worry, I know we don't have time. I'm just saving water."

They washed, dressed and a few minutes later were entering Sickbay. Chakotay looked around and saw Melody sitting in the same corner that she had been in earlier. He headed toward her when the Doctor's voice stopped him.

"Commander," said the Doctor as he stepped forward. "I have finished running my scans and they show some brain cell damage,"

"Where, and how much?" asked Chakotay as he looked over at Melody who was watching Tom.

"Most of the damage is in the part of the brain that stores her short term memory. My scans show that she has most of her mental abilities intact. It is just that some of the things she knew before she will have to relearn now."

"Is that why she doesn't talk?" asked Chakotay.

"Unknown, Commander. My scans show no physical reason for her not communicating. Her hearing, sight and cognitive abilities appear to be fine. Perhaps it is a side effect from her prolonged stasis."

"Can she be moved from Sickbay?'

"Yes, as a matter of fact I recommend it strongly. A more comfortable setting might put her more at ease."

"Good. Thank you Doctor. We will be taking her with us as soon as our quarters have been modified." said Chakotay as he once again looked at Melody, and then Tom.

Tom had gone over to Melody when the Doctor had stopped Chakotay, and now he was kneeling in front of her talking softly. Chakotay approached Tom and put his hand on Tom's back. At Chakotay's touch Tom looked up and smiled.

"I see what you mean when you said she must be scared to death," said Tom.

Chakotay knelt down beside Tom and looked at Melody.

"Melody, this is Tom. He's my companion and wants to be your friend."

Chakotay held out one of his hands and nodded his head for Tom to do the same. After a few quick glances at both men, Melody took their hands and they pulled her to her feet. She stood for a few minutes, and then her knees buckled. They helped her back to the biobed where the Doctor did a quick scan.

"She is just weak from her prolonged stasis. She

will gain strength as she progresses," said the Doctor as he closed the medical scanner. At that, he left.

"Tom, do you mind staying here with Melody while I talk to Captain Janeway?" asked Chakotay as he patted Melody's arm.

"No, go ahead. Be sure to ask B'Elanna to start right away if she approves," said Tom as he smiled at Melody.

"Thanks. Melody, I'm going to talk to Captain Janeway, then I'll be right back O.K.?" said Chakotay.

At Melody's fearful expression he quickly added, "Tom will stay here with you O.K?" said Chakotay with a reassuring pat.

Melody looked from both men and the nodded slightly.

"Good, I'll be back as soon as I can," said Chakotay as he turned and left sickbay.

As he walked the corridor he asked the computer where Captain Janeway was.

"Captain Janeway is in her ready room," came the impersonal female voice of the computer.

"Chakotay to Janeway," called Chakotay as he tapped his COM badge.

"Janeway here. Go ahead Commander,"

"Captain, may I speak with you on a personal matter?" asked Chakotay as he tried to calm his voice.

"Oh course, Commander. Meet me in my ready room." said Janeway.

"On my way. Chakotay out," As he cut the com line Chakotay ran through everything he wanted to say to convince the Captain that Melody should live with Tom and him.

They were a stable couple, and she trusted both of them. Also, Tom knew some about her century and he could help her with her adjustment to the way they did things. Now he just had to convince the Captain.

Captain Kathryn Janeway was waiting for Chakotay at her desk and looked up only momentarily when she heard his buzz.


Chakotay entered and stood in front of her desk with his hands behind his back. Janeway could tell whatever he wanted to talk to her about was important to him so she decided to put him out of his misery.

"Commander Chakotay," said Janeway as she leaned back in her chair.

"Captain, the Doctor has finished his scans on Melody and has recommended that she stay with someone who is stable and will help her adjust and relearn the things she needs to," said Chakotay.

"Chakotay, I read the Doctor's report and I agree with his recommendations," said Janeway as she rose from her desk and came around to stand beside him.

"Captain, Tom and I have both agreed to..." started Chakotay then he realized what Janeway had said.

Chakotay looked so shocked that Janeway couldn't help but smile.

"Commander, did you think that I would leave her in sickbay? I saw the way that you connected with Melody when she first woke up. If she couldn't be with me, you and Tom are the next best choice," said Janeway as she put a hand on his arm.

"Thank you, Captain," said Chakotay as he started to leave.

"Chakotay, you and Tom are officially off duty until you get Melody settled," said Janeway as she went back to her desk and sat down.

"Thank you, Captain," said Chakotay as he smiled and left.

Janeway sat and watched as the door closed behind Chakotay. She knew Melody was in good hands with Tom and Chakotay. She couldn't help but look forward to the changes in the young woman that she knew would come from being with the two men. Kathryn was certain that her second life, with Tom and Chakotay, would be better than the first one. She smiled at her thoughts and tapped her com badge.

"Janeway to Engineering." "Torres here, Captain."

"B'Elanna, I need you and your team to make an arch between the Chakotay-Paris quarters and the adjacent one," said Janeway.

"Aye Captain, we'll get right on it. Torres out."

Janeway smiled and then returned to the bridge.

Chakotay returned to sickbay with a smile on his face that told Tom they had been successful. Tom and Melody were sitting on a biobed with Melody looking at a picture PADD. Chakotay came over, putting his hand on Tom's arm and

gave Melody a smile.

"Everything is set. We are officially off duty until we get Melody set in our quarters," said Chakotay.

"That's great. Where are we going to take her tonight? She could stay here, but what about us?" asked Tom.

"What about the holodeck? Do you have a holoprogram that she would be comfortable in?" asked Chakotay.

"I sure do, Doctor! Do you think that Melody could be beamed to the holodeck?" asked Tom.

"I don't see why she couldn't, but it might be unsettling for her," said the EMH Doctor as he came out of his office.

"Good point, Doc. I'll go and set everything up. You can bring her later," said Tom as he looked at Melody and then left.

Chakotay noticed that Melody kept her head down, apparently looking at her PADD. Chakotay patted her leg and Melody looked up.

"Melody, how would you like to spend the night with Tom and I?" asked Chakotay.

The look on Melody's face and her sudden withdrawal to the edge of the bed told Chakotay that something he had said had caused a severe flashback. They were going to have to watch what they said until they find out more about Melody's childhood.

"Don't worry, Melody. Nothing will happen to you. Do you trust us?" asked Chakotay as he gently moved towards her and took her face into his hands.

Melody looked up into the brown eyes of Chakotay and for the first time in several days Melody smiled. It was a small smile, but it was a smile. Chakotay knew for the first time that she was truly beginning to trust them. He smiled and patted her leg.

"How about we get you some different clothes and then we'll go see what Tom has done."

Melody smiled again, Chakotay brought a small terminal over and helped her choose some clothes. While Chakotay replicated Melody's clothes, Kes helped her into the bathroom. When they came out Melody was dressed in a pair of dark blue sweat pants and a blue tee shirt. Kes helped Melody to a chair near her bed.

"Are you all right, Melody?" asked Kes as she left her hand on Melody's arm.

She smiled up at Kes and nodded her head.

"Thank you, Kes, for everything," said Chakotay as he came over by Melody.

"You're welcome Commander. I'll see you again soon," said Kes as she patted her arm then left.

"Are you ready to go find Tom?" asked Chakotay.

Melody held out her hands, and Chakotay took them, looking her in the eyes.

"Are you sure?"

Melody nodded, and Chakotay saw the pleading look in her eyes. Gently squeezing her hands, he pulled her to her feet, holding her in his arms while she steadied her legs. When she was ready Chakotay and Melody made their way to the holodeck.

Luckily the corridors were empty so they didn't meet anyone and by the time they reached holodeck two Melody was leaning heavily on Chakotay. He wrapped his left arm around her waist as he buzzed Tom.

"Tom, we're here," said Chakotay just before the doors swished open.

"Tom's inside. Are you ready to go in?"

Melody looked inside the holodeck and shook her head. Chakotay helped her inside as the doors swished closed behind them.

"Well, what do you think?" asked Tom as he came into the living area and helped Melody to the couch.

"This is great Tom. Where are we?" asked Chakotay as he looked around.

"It's a little place we used to vacation in by the sea," said Tom as he wrapped a blanket around Melody. "Do you want something to drink, Melody?"

Melody nodded her head and Tom walked over to the replicator, returning with a glass of water. Melody drank half of the water, and then leaned her head back on the couch.

"Here, sweet one, just rest until dinner is ready," said Chakotay as he took the glass out of her hands and brushed back the hair from her forehead.

Melody looked at both men that stood in front of her and smiled, sighing deeply she closed her eyes and slept. Tom and Chakotay looked down at the young woman who was asleep on the couch. She looked so young and innocent lying there, but they both knew that she had a hard road ahead of her. They both silently promised

her that they would do everything they could to make it easier for her. They quietly left the front room calling for lights out as they left.