Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Rating: From G to NC -17 depending on where in the story.

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (Implied) Feedback: mchakotayparis Summary: See Chapter 1

This story pretty much follows the Star Trek Voyager television story line except that Tom and Chakotay are a couple and have been for five years, and Kes stays longer then the three years and dies not changes into a "light being".

I need to say a Big "THANK YOU!" to all the ladies that helped me write and correct this story. Cathy "Helmboy", Britta, Leone and mostly Joanne (she wrote the sex scenes for me, and my new beta reader Kimbo. Thanks a million ladies, you are the greatest!

Warning: This story is about a relationship between two males. If this offends you don't continue.

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 2

It took B'Elanna and her team one day to connect the two quarters and by late afternoon she commed Chakotay and Tom that they were finished. After her lunch and a short nap Tom had taken Melody out to play in the sand, and they were currently trying to build a sandcastle. Chakotay stood on the small pier that led down to the sand and watched Melody and Tom.

They were so much alike in some ways, it was almost scary. They both tried so hard to please people that sometimes they took on the wants of the other person. Chakotay really hoped that they could help Melody feel comfortable enough with herself that she didn't have to look to other people for acceptance, but that would come with time. Right now they needed to get Melody comfortable with Voyager.

"Tom, Melody. B'Elanna just called and said that she has finished with our quarters," said Chakotay as he came up to them carrying his shoes.

"Sorry, Mel. It's time to go to your new home," said Tom as he stood up and brushed the sand off his shorts.

Melody looked at both men and then around at the sea and ocean. Chakotay saw the longing in her eyes and knelt down beside her.

"Don't worry, Melody. We can come back here again sometime," said Chakotay as he took her hands.

He pulled Melody up and she took a few steps, then lost her balance and started to fall. Chakotay was beside her in an instant scooping her into his arms.

Immediately Melody tensed up. "Relax, Melody. This time you get a free ride." Said Chakotay softly.

Melody relaxed and put her arms around his neck, then looked back for her shoes.

"Don't worry, Mel. I'll make sure we don't forget anything," said Tom as he picked up her shoes and the blanket.

The trio entered the house and walked straight to the door. As the holodeck doors opened, Melody saw two crewmen coming down the corridors and hid her face in Chakotay's neck.

Tom and Chakotay both smiled and headed towards the turbo lift. The ride in the lift was

short and soon the three of them were standing in front of Tom and Chakotay's quarters.

"This is where you are going to live now, Melody," said Chakotay as he carried her into their quarters.

Chakotay set her down on her feet and held her while she looked around.

"You're room is over here," said Tom as he started walking toward her room.

Melody looked at Tom's back, then Chakotay and followed slowly with his help. When they entered her bedroom, they stepped aside and let her in. It was a small room with a bed against the wall with the windows, and a chair in the corner. On the wall across from the door was an opening that led to the bathroom. Melody sat down on the bed, then looked at both men.

"The bathroom is in there, and there is a refresher to clean your clothes on this wall," said Tom as he pointed toward it.

"We will have to get you some clothes to sleep in, but for right now just look around," said Chakotay as he came to sit beside her on the


"Melody, we will be just outside in the living area and will check in on you in a little while, OK?" said Chakotay as he patted her hand and then followed Tom out.

"It looks like we are going to need some help with this," said Chakotay once they were outside her room.

"Your right, why don't we check the historical database and see what we can find," said Tom.

"Agreed. We might also ask the Doctor to see if he can find something to help her get around by herself," suggested Chakotay.

"All right. Why don't I tackle the database and you can talk to the Doctor," said Tom.

After several hours of research and numerous comms to the Doctor, Tom and Chakotay had enough information to replicate what Melody needed. The EMH Doctor had checked the medical database and found a reference to a thing called a walker and promised to replicate one and bring it by tomorrow.

After programming the things Melody needed into the replicator Tom and Chakotay waited

for the items to appear, then carried them into Melody's room. They discovered her the same way they had the night before, curled up in the middle of the bed on top of the blanket.

"Do you think we should wake her?" asked Tom as he looked at the bed.

"No, just let her sleep. We'll show her the things tomorrow. Besides Kathryn said she would come by and see if she needed any help," said Chakotay as he covered her up.

"I guess you're right. Let's go to bed," said Tom as he pulled Chakotay into his arms.

"Why don't we take this somewhere a little more private," said Chakotay as he kissed Tom back.

"You got it Chief," said Tom as they walked, arm in arm, out of Melody's room.

On their way to their bedroom they set the computer to monitor Melody, just in case she woke up. The moment the bedroom door closed, Tom pulled Chakotay into his arms again.

The kiss was long, but it left both men wanting more. Chakotay began nuzzling Tom's neck,

biting gently when he reached the junction of neck and shoulder, but not hard enough to leave a mark. Tom moved his head to give his lover better access to the more sensitive areas of his skin.

"Ohhhhhhhhh Cha..." moaned Tom.

"Computer. Sound proof this room," called Chakotay breathlessly.

Tom leaned back his head to look at his lover.

"Just in case," teased Chakotay as his mouth went back to Tom's neck.

Tom's fingers were busy unbuttoning their shirts. With a groan of protest, Chakotay allowed Tom to remove their shirts, breaking their embrace for a moment. Tom took the opportunity to remove slack and boxers from his lover and himself as well. Of course, that meant that he had to kneel before Chakotay, but as Chakotay make to cup the back of his head, Tom whispered,

"No." "No?" Chakotay was a little surprised. "I want you to take me," Tom explained.

"Can't argue with that," Chakotay smiled, and with one move scooped Tom into his arms, carrying him to bed.

Chakotay lay Tom crossways on the bed, and lay down beside him, moving to cover his lover with his body. The skin-to-skin contact was unbearably erotic, the light mist of perspiration forming on both bodies mingling to create delightfully slippery erotic sensations. Chakotay's lips found Tom's again, fastening to his lover's mouth with a building urgency.

Tom wriggled his hips impatiently, and almost screamed as his hard weeping erection brushed Chakotay's hip. Chakotay's deep groan as his hardness brushed Tom's stomach signaled to Tom that they both were as ready as each other.

Without a second thought, Tom fumbled under the pillow for the tube of gel that they kept there. Finding it after several more endless kisses, Tom pushed it into Chakotay's hand. Chakotay's chuckled against Tom's lips, realizing what his lover was hinting at.

"You want something?" Chakotay teased, pulling back for a moment.

"Stop if you can," Tom gave his best flyboy


"You know damn well that I can't," Chakotay, replied, memory warring with lust, as the Conversation was almost word for word what they had said to each other the first time they had made love. It had been awkward getting past the hostility and hurt feelings of the early days of their journey, but they had done it. The memories evaporated in the flood of sensations, as Tom's gel-coated fingers found Chakotay's hardness. Tom rolled the erection between his fingers, transferring the slick gel to his lover.

Chakotay picked up the gel, squeezing a generous amount onto his fingers. He moved his slick fingers to Tom's body, gently moving a finger inside, stretching the tight muscles. They relaxed instantly, knowing his touch, and Chakotay moved a second finger inside, preparing Tom to open him. He brushed Tom's prostate, and felt his entire body move back onto his thrusting fingers. At Tom's inpatient whimper, he added a third finger, wanting to be sure Tom was stretched enough. Tom was thrusting himself back on Chakotay's fingers, and Chakotay almost came at the sight of his lover so open and abandoned to pleasure. It was a sight to behold, and Chakotay wanted to

see it all.

"I want to see you," Chakotay groaned, removing his fingers to a wail of protest.

Tom turned over impatiently, pulling a pillow underneath his head so that he could see his lover as well.

"Now," Tom pleaded, "Chakotay, I need to feel you in me now."

Chakotay slipped his fingers inside Tom once more; just to be sure he was loose enough.

Tom's pleas had developed into wordless moans, the need for fulfillment overriding everything else. Chakotay positioned himself to enter Tom, slowly easing his way inside his lover.

Tom immediately clamped his muscles on the head of Chakotay's erection, drawing a moan from the older man and a chuckle from the younger one, who released the pressure almost immediately, allowing Chakotay to move deeper inside him until he was sheathed fully in Tom's body. The power of the connection caused both men to shudder in reaction as Chakotay's hardness touched Tom's


As Chakotay began to move out of Tom, torturously slowly, he captured Tom's erection in his still slick hand, moving over the familiar flesh, Tom moaning as he played his fingers over him. Chakotay began moving faster, unable to keep going as slowly as he had in the beginning, Tom thrusting up to meet him. A few more strokes of Chakotay's hand, and Tom erupted in orgasm. His cries and the clamping of his internal muscles on Chakotay's erection massaged Chakotay's climax out of him, and Chakotay followed Tom into blissful oblivion.

As Chakotay gently pulled out of Tom, the pilot drew the covers up over them, and, ignoring their mutual stickiness, the lovers curled up together and drifted into sleep.

For the next several days Melody mostly ate and slept. The Doctor came the next day as promised and showed her how to use the walker. Captain Janeway stopped by and helped Melody choose her nightclothes and under things.

One evening while sitting on the couch with Tom, Melody tapped him on the arm.

"Tom," whispered Melody.

Tom looked over at Chakotay working at the desk then back at Melody.

"Chakotay! Melody spoke," said Tom excitedly.

Chakotay left the desk and came to sit next to them on the couch.

"Yes, Melody?" asked Tom.

Melody leaned over to Tom and whispered, "Bathroom."

From the look on her face Tom could tell that she had waited too long and wasn't going to make it by herself.

"Don't worry, Mel. I'll help," said Tom as he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bathroom. Tom waited outside the door, and then helped her back to the couch.

"Melody, do you know where you are?" asked Tom as he sat down beside her.

Melody looked at the men like they were crazy then quietly shook her head.


"Do you know who we are?" asked Chakotay.

"Tom. Chi...Chakotay," said Melody with a little smile.

"That's right, that's very good. Do you want anything?" asked Tom

"Water, Please?" whispered Melody.

Chakotay got the water from the replicator and then gave it to Melody.

"Thank you."

"The Doctor would like to see you tomorrow," said Tom as he took the glass from her hands.

"Will Kes be there?" asked Melody looking around.

"Yes. Would you like to see her now?" asked Chakotay.

Melody's face lit up and a smile crossed her face. "Yes, please," said Melody.

She had been stuck in their quarters for days now with only Tom and Chakotay and she was dying to see another face.

"Chakotay to Kes," said Chakotay as he tapped

his COM badge.

"Kes here, Commander," replied Kes over the COM link.

"Would you be able to meet us in the airponics bay? Someone would like to speak to you."

After a short pause Kes's voice answered. "I'll be right there. Kes out."

"Do you think you can make it, Melody?" asked Tom.

"I want to try," said Melody as she struggled to her feet.

Tom handed Melody her walker and with Tom and Chakotay on either side of her she slowly make her way to the door. Even with the corridors empty the trip to the airponics bay was a long trip. When they entered, Tom and Chakotay steered Melody to one of the benches. Melody was just catching her breath with she heard to doors open again.

"Melody," said a soft voice from behind her.

Melody stood up and turned around to face the small woman. "Hello, again Kes." her voice weak but Kes heard it.

Kes walked over to the young woman and pulled her into her arms. The two women stood in each other's arms for a few minutes then Kes pulled back wiping tears from her eyes.

"Oh Melody, I'm so happy for you." "Can I see your gar...garden?" asked Melody.

"Are you sure you're able to, Melody?" asked Chakotay as he came up beside her.

"I want to try, please?" said Melody with a pleading look in her eyes.

"All right, but go slowly and be careful," said Chakotay as Kes took her arm.

Kes lead Melody down the small path that lead farther into the garden. Tom and Chakotay sat down on the bench that Melody had just left and held hands.

"Do you think she understands where she is?" asked Tom as he looked at the path the two women had just taken.

"I don't know Tom, but I do know that she will need both of us to help her get through the next several days. She has a lot to get used to and more to relearn," said Chakotay as he

looked into the eyes of his love.

The compassion Chakotay saw in Tom's eyes for Melody was like a magnet and he leaned towards that face for a kiss. Their lips almost meet when a voice broke the spell.

"Commander Chakotay, Tom!" called Kes.

They broke apart and raced towards the voice to find Melody leaning heavily on her walker with Kes's arms around her shoulders. Her breathing was coming in short gasps, with a slight wheezing sound.

"I think she over did it a bit," said Kes with concern in her voice.

Chakotay looked at her tired face and instantly scooped her into his arms.

"Kes, would you ask the Doctor to come to our quarters?" said Chakotay, then looked at the small woman in his arms. "It's OK, Melody. We're going home."

"Home?" said Melody as she relaxed a little in his arms.

"That's right Mel, were going home," said Tom as he stroked her hair.

Chakotay carried Melody to their quarters and had just laid her on her bed when the Doctor arrived. After a quick scan, he gave her a hypo spray and she began to breathe easier and relax. With a wave of his hand he motioned Tom and Chakotay to follow him outside.

""Doctor, what happened?" asked Chakotay with concern in his voice.

"My preliminary scans show that Melody has trauma to her lungs. After some research I discovered that she is suffering from twentieth century condition call asthma. I have given her a hypo spray to relive the swelling in her lungs therefore making it easier for her to breath," said the Doctor.

"Is there anything you can do for her?" asked Tom.

"I will have to do some further research, but my preliminary scans show that the damage is to severe."

"Well, thank you anyway Doctor. Will she be all right?" asked Chakotay.

"Just let her rest for awhile, then give her a light meal. She should be fine by in the

morning," said the Doctor, and then left.

Tom replicated a light meal for Melody and took it to her. After she ate, Tom and Chakotay checked on her again to find her asleep. Both men kissed her goodnight, then called for lights out and left her to sleep.

************************************* ***

Melody woke at 1700 and tried to be quiet but she was just too curious. She remembered a man standing over her with thinning hair and a somewhat pleasant face taking care of her. She thought she remembered how Captain Janeway had showed her how to use everything in the bathroom. At least she hoped she did. She really didn't want to have to wait for Tom or Chakotay.

She crawled out of bed and found her walker, then made her way to the bathroom. She sat down on what she figured was the toilet and undressed, then inched her way to the shower. Melody pushed some buttons, then after a few minutes the water came on. Someone had put a stool in the shower and she thankfully sank down to let the water run over her.

It almost seemed like the shower at home but

something was different, she was surprised that she couldn't remember anything past a few days ago. Oh well, the way she was feeling she wasn't surprised. She was so weak; it took a monumental effort to walk across the room.

She shook herself back to the present and washed and dried quickly, then wrapped a towel around herself and started back into her bedroom. She was almost to the bed when a noise caused her to raise her head and she saw Chakotay standing in the doorway.

He had obviously just woken up because all he wore was a robe. Melody took a step forward when the towel slipped from around her and pooled at her feet. She stood for a second them slumped to the floor and scrambled for the towel. She sat shivering on the floor with the towel held tightly in front of her.

Even though he and Tom had just made love, Chakotay could feel the stirring of an erection again. Melody was a nice looking young woman even in her weakened state and it took Chakotay a few minutes to shake himself back to the present. He moved closer to her, draping the blanket around her.

"You sit down on the bed while I get you some

clothes," said Chakotay as he cleared his throat and went over to her closet. "What do you want to wear?"

Melody had made her way to the bed and sat down pulling the blanket tightly around her, "My blue jeans and the cream colored shirt please."

Chakotay looked through the drawers and found everything she needed then returned to the bed.

"I'll just wait...I mean I'll be out in the living area," stammered Chakotay as he left the room.

"Thank you, Chakotay," said Melody as she smiled after him

Chakotay walked across the living area and entered their bedroom just as Tom was coming out of the bathroom. Chakotay sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands.

"What's wrong Chak?" asked Tom as he came over beside the big man.

"I just made a fool of myself in front of Melody," said Chakotay in a weary voice.

"What do you mean?"

"When I went into her room to check on her she was just coming out of the bathroom wearing only a towel."

"Oh." "Yeah, well, that's not the worst of it." "It gets worse?" asked Tom skeptically.

"Sure does, she started towards the bed and the towel dropped. I just stood there staring at her like a fool," answered Chakotay softly.

"Yikes? How did she take it?"

"Actually pretty well. After a few minutes I picked up her towel. Got the clothes she asked for and then left. She was smiling when I walked out."

"Oh, look Chakotay. At least she didn't scream. Let's just see how things go when she sees us again. O.K.?" said Tom as he put his arms around his shoulders.

"I guess you're right, Tom. You finish dressing while I grab a quick shower," said Chakotay as he stood up.

Tom stood up with him and they wrapped their arms around each other.

"Thanks, Tom," said Chakotay as he gave him a quick kiss and then headed toward the bathroom.

After a twenty minutes Tom and Chakotay came out of their bedroom to find Melody waiting for them on the couch.

"Good morning, Melody. How are you feeling?" asked Tom

"Just fine, but how about some breakfast? I'm starving," said Melody as she stood up.

"Coming right up Mel," said Tom as he headed for the replicator.

Melody made her way to the table as Tom got the food from the replicator.

"See Chakotay, nothing to worry about?" said Tom as he brought their plates to the table.

"I guess you're right, but I still feel bad about what happen," said Chakotay as he helped Melody sit down at the table.

"Feel bad about what?" asked Melody.

"About what happen it your room," said Chakotay, as he turned red.

Melody just smiled and gave a little laugh. "It's all right, really Chakotay.

At Melody's smile Chakotay relaxed and they all finished their breakfast.

At 0830 Melody was sitting on one of the bio beds in sickbay waiting for the Doctor to finish his scan.

"Well Doctor, how's she doing?" asked Tom

"Remarkably well, Lt. Paris. Except for the weakness in her legs she is in fine health," said the Doctor as he closed the tricorder. "Now we need to check your current awareness. Do you know where you are?"

"You guys sound like a broken record. I'm on Voyager," said Melody.

"Do you know what year it is?" asked Tom.

"Oh course, it's 1998. Probably around August or September. Why?"

Tom and Chakotay's face showed their surprise while the Doctor's turned to concern.

"Tom, Chakotay. What's wrong? Tell me please," said Melody as she slid off the bed and stood in front of them.

"Melody, this is 2458," said Chakotay as he took her hands.

"No! You're joking right. Tell me you're joking."

"I wish I could Melody, but you're on the star ship Voyager, in the Delta Quadrant, and this is 2458." said Tom.

Melody looked from one face to another, and then started to back away from then when she saw the truth in their faces. She found herself into the same corner she had been in when she first awoken. The three men slowly came towards her with concern on their faces.

"Melody, listen to me. You're here and you're safe. That's all that really matters," said Chakotay as he reached for her.

"Don't touch me! How much time has passed?" asked Melody.

"I don't think that's really important now, Mel," said Tom.

"How much time!" yelled Melody as she

hugged her arms around her legs.

Tom and Chakotay looked at each other then back to the Doctor. He quickly scanned her and nodded his head.

"Almost four hundred years," said Chakotay.

The expression of concern on their faces told Melody that what they said was true. Her life, her family was all gone. Everyone she knew was long since dead.

"What has...where is..." said Melody weakly.

For the next several hours Tom and Chakotay told Melody all that had changed. They explained about star ships, replicators, holodecks, and Starfleet. Also explained that computers ran everything now.

"You mean that all the diseases, the global warming and crime and poverty of my time are all gone?" asked Melody.

"Yes Mel, the world has made great progress since your time," answered Tom.

"I think that's enough for right now, Lt. why don't we let Melody rest for a while before we continue the history lesson?" said the Doctor. "Gentlemen, can I see you in my office


Tom and Chakotay looked at Melody then the Doctor.

"We'll be right back, O.K. Melody?" said Chakotay as he patted her arm.

Melody just nodded her head, then the three men stood up and walked to the Doctor's office. She could not hear what they were saying but right now she didn't care. Her family was gone. Hell her whole way of life was gone.

She was still trying to understand everything they had told her when she heard the sickbay doors open and looked up to see a blue faced man come in. He looked around for a minute then headed towards her. Melody's scream was loud enough to be heard all over the ship.

In a minute Tom and Chakotay were at her side trying to calm her down while the Doctor got a hypo spray sedative.

"Who is it...what is it..." sputtered Melody as the Doctor injected the hypo spray in her neck. The medicine took effect quickly and she slumped into their arms.

"Due to the situation I think it's best if you come back later, Crewman," said Chakotay as he looked at the startled Crewman Chell.

"Yes. Yes, sir," said Chell hastily then left.

"Bring her over to the biobed please, Commander," said the Doctor as he got out his tricorder.

Chakotay carried her over to the bed she was sitting on earlier and the Doctor did a quick scan.

"Considering the circumstances she is just suffering from high anxiety, but I suggest that you take her to your quarters before she wakes up." said the Doctor.

"Will do Doc. Thanks," said Tom as he picked her up from the bed.

"You're welcome Lt. Paris, Commander,"

"Computer, three to beam to my quarters," said Chakotay as they disappeared in the silver beam.

Tom, Chakotay and Melody appeared in their quarters a second later, then Tom placed Melody on the couch and covered her with a


"Well, now what do we do?" asked Tom as he sat down across from her.

"Now we wait, and pray that she understands what has happen to her," said Chakotay as he sat next to Tom and took his hand.