Title: Thrown Through Time

Authors: R. Mason & Joanne Collins

Codes: C/P, C/P/M (only once), M/I (implied)

Ratings: G – NC – 17 (depending on where in the story)

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Summary: See Chapter 1

Thrown Through Time

Chapter 18

Two days later Chakotay and Tom entered their quarters to find the vid player and Melody's log disk sitting on the desk with a message.

"I wonder where Mel is? It's almost dinner time," asked Tom.

Chakotay saw the message light on the COM system blinking, and walked over to the computer screen.

"Tom, I think I found your answer. Over here," said Chakotay.

Tom walked over beside the older man just as Chakotay said. "Computer, play message."

A few minutes later an image of Melody appeared on the screen.

"Hi Daddy, Dad. I see you found my message. I know you both have had a really long day so I'll be as short as I can. There is an issue that has come up and has been bothering me for some time now. I know you want me to talk to both of you directly, but this is something I'm just not comfortable talking about face to face so I'm doing the next best thing.

"I have my logs flagged at the first entry where I bring up the issue. I'll be home late tonight so you should have plenty of time to watch them all. Talk to you both later. Bye guys. Love you both.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Since I know I'm going to get you both upset, the least I can do is buy you something to eat. So dinner's on me. Eat well, and have some wine or something with it. You'll need it. Bye again. End message." said Melody as the screen went blank.

"Well, that sound ominous," replied Chakotay.

"Sure does. Do you think we should take her up on it?" asked Tom.

"I don't think we have a choice, If we want to find out what's bothering her we'll have to view her logs," said Chakotay.

"All right. You set up the vid player and I'll get dinner. White wine all right?"

"Fine," said Chakotay as he carried the vid player and log disk over to the couch.

A few minutes later Tom returned with two plates, two glasses or wine and a full wine bottle.

"From what Melody said, I figured we might need it," said Tom as he sat down.

"Good idea. You ready?" asked Chakotay.

"As I'll ever be," replied Tom.

Chakotay turned on the vid player and a few minutes later an image of Melody appeared on the screen. It was from several months ago, just before their wedding ceremony.

******Personal Log; Melody Hanley******

"Well, Chakotay finally did it. He asked Tom to marry him. I'll have to admit it, sure took him long enough. Now I just hope it doesn't take them another year before we have the actually ceremony. You know seeing those two together makes me wonder what of child of theirs would be like? I bet it would be hell on wheels, but probably a sight to behold.

"With Chakotay's hair and coloring along with Tom's eyes and good looks. Uhh...if it were a boy he would definitely be a lady-killer for sure. With both Tom and Chakotay as his father. Whoa… and if it turned out to be a girl. They would have to get a shotgun to keep the men away. Oh well, I'm sure that's a long way away knowing those two.

End Log."

"Computer, pause playback," said Chakotay.

"Do you want any more wine?" asked Tom as he reached for the wine bottle.

"Yes, please," said Chakotay as he took their plates to the Recycler.

"I never realize Mel had thought about us having kids?" said Tom as Chakotay sat down.

"I know, and we've never even talked about it."

"Ready for some more?"

"Yes, computer. Resume play back," said Chakotay as the screen came back to life.

******Personal Log; Melody Hanley******

Next Day:

"Today something really weird happen down on the planet. It was when I was with the Head Magistrate in one of their palace gardens. I was looking at a bed of the most beautiful cream white flowers when all of a sudden this cloud of color surrounded me, and then it disappeared. When I looked over at the Magistrate and he was kneeling on the ground in front of me. It was really weird, he started babbling about how their gods had given me his blessing me or something then he hustled us off to another garden.

"I didn't feel any different after that, I just remember being a little dizzy when it happen. All I could see for a few minutes were different colored lights floating around me. When I told Chakotay and Tom about it they insisted that I go see the Doctor and then tell Tuvok. It turned out to be nothing, but I humored them anyway.

"Tuvok talked to the Magistrate about it and he told him that it was a great blessing from their god. It seems that they think I'm pure of heart and spirit, and will produce many wonderful children. Boy, did they get that wrong! If I'm pure of heart and spirit it is because of Chakotay and Tom. I've never really thought much about the power of love to change a person. Personally I always thought it was a bunch of crock. But now, I'm not so sure. Since I've been with them I definitely feel different, almost worthy of all the love everyone shows has for me.

"Well, time will tell I guess. I have to admit though, that at first the thought of having kids of my own scared the hell out of me. But now, I don't know. It might be nice to have a child of Chakotay and Tom's around. Oh well, I guess we will have to wait and see! End Log"

******Personal Log; Melody Hanley******

Two days later:

"I had a talk with the Doctor today, about the possibilities of a male couple having children. I knew that the Twenty Fourth Century had made some big medical break through, but this one is amazing.

"The Doctor told me that now it is possible for a man to develop a false uterus and actually carry the child themselves. I'm sorry, but I just can't see Chakotay or Tom carrying a child. I'm not sure it would be practical either. Can you image a pregnant Chakotay on the bridge, or Tom sitting at the helm while at arms length," said Melody as she made the gestures to imitate her words. Melody then burst into a fit of laughter. She laughed for a good ten seconds before she stopped, wiping her eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh, but every time I think of that I just start laughing. Oh no...I've got to stop. I'm sorry," said Melody, then she laid her head on the desk, and for a few seconds all they heard was her muffed laughter. After a few minutes, Melody raised her head, wiped her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Another option he mentioned was using a surrogate to carry the child for them. Now that sounds like a more workable option for the guys but the main problem is I'm not sure they would even consider using me. I know I enjoy kids and don't even mind all the trouble and mess of taking care of them. I'm just not sure I could do it in the *normal* way. But now there is a way around even that.

"But I guess the main problem now is that I know it's possible, do they even want any children. I guess I'll just have to screw up my courage and ask them, but the problem is how. I mean I really can't just walk up to them one day while they're eating and ask them to get laid or something. And yes Chakotay, I know. Language.

End Log."

Tom and Chakotay sat in stunned silence as the vid player automatically stopped and then shut off. Neither man could believe what they had just heard. Melody wanted to carry a child for them. It was evident from her logs that she had given this a lot of careful thought.

Now the only question remained was did they want to have a child? They were both happy with each other and the way their life was. Would it be fair to them or the child to bring it aboard Voyager? 70 thousand light years from home in the Delta Quadrant.

Chakotay slowly rose and walked over to stand in front of the window while Tom remained on the couch. After a few minutes it was Tom who finally spoke.

"Well, I guess she's raised an issue we both need to address," said Tom as she came to stand behind Chakotay.

"Yes, she did," said Chakotay quietly.

"Well, if you want to know my answer, it's yes," replied Tom as he put his arms around Chakotay's waist.

"Yes, to what?"

"Yes, I want a child. I meant what I said in our wedding vows, Chak. I want to see you the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Even though it scares the hell out of me, I want a child with you and teach them about both our worlds," said Tom against his back.

"Then I guess that only leave Kathryn and the Doctor."

"You mean..."

"You had your doubts, Tom. Loving you is the best thing that has every happened to me. I meant what I said as well. Let's have a baby," said Chakotay as he turned around within Tom's arms and kissed him.

When they broke for air Tom laid his head on Chakotay's chest.

"What do we do now?" asked Tom.

"Well, I'd say the first thing we do is go talk to the Doctor, then find our incorrigible daughter."

"Sounds like a plan to me, Chief. Let's go," Said Tom as they walked out the door towards sickbay.

A few minutes later Chakotay and Tom walked into sickbay to find the Doctor working at a terminal.

"Doctor, can we speak to you for a moment," asked Chakotay.

"Oh course, gentlemen. What can I do for you?" asked the Doctor as he turned around.

"In private, please. Doctor," said Tom.

"Oh, yes. Follow me please," said the Doctor as he motioned for them to follow him into his office. Once there he sat down behind the desk as a visible nervous Chakotay and Tom sat in the chairs in front.

"We know that Melody came to talk to you about us having a child?" said Chakotay.

"Yes, she did. I'm glad she took my advice and discussed this matter with you?"

"Well, not actually. But we do know how she feels about it. What we need to know now is how to proceed," said Tom.

"Well, as I told Melody. There are several options available. The first would be a cloning technique using DNA from one of the males. The second would be for one of you to under go a hormone treatment, which would allow you to carry the fertilized fetus in a false uterus. The third is to use a donor egg, fertilize it with sperm from both of you and implant it in a surrogate mother."

"Well the first one is out, and I'm not sure the second would be feasible here on Voyager," replied Chakotay.

"Yes, I understand. Melody expressed concerns with either of you undergoing the second option as well. So the last one seems the best option," replied the Doctor.

"How would you make sure the child was completely ours?" asked Tom

"After the egg is fertilized I would change the genetic structure of the egg to completely match that of the sperm. The method was used as a blind for fertility clinics in the last century."

"And the baby would not carry any of Melody's genes?" asked Chakotay.

"None at all. It would completely yours and Tom's. If you were to agree to the procedure Melody would only carry and nurture the child nothing more."

"It wouldn't harm her in anyway?" asked Tom.

"We would have to monitor her asthma a little more closely, but other than that she would not be harmed."

"Well, thank you. Doctor," said Chakotay as he stood up.

"Gentlemen, are you considering Melody's offer?" asked the Doctor.

"We have not decided yet. When we do, we will let you know" said Tom as he stopped by Chakotay.

"Fair enough, Gentlemen. Good night," replied the Doctor.

Chakotay and Tom took each other's hand and left. The Doctor watched as the two men left and wither they knew it our not they were very lucky men. They had someone who was willing to carry a child for them. Melody was indeed a very special person.

Melody had eaten dinner with Samantha and Naomi, and then stayed until Naomi's bedtime. After that she had gone to the holodeck to find it available and had scheduled the next four hours. She had been so nervous that even Naomi had noticed, she couldn't tell them why but did say that she had made a very big decision about her future. Now as she was driving she could feel the muscles in her lower back tighten up. Fortunately this was her favorite way to relax. She and Tom had written the program before their wedding, but with everything that had happened she hadn't gotten a chance to use it until now. So here she was driving down an endless highway in her favorite car (GMC Safari) listening to a complete selection on Neil McCoy playing over the radio.

Melody wondered if Chakotay and Tom had gotten through watching her logs. She figured that when they were done they would call, but she hadn't heard from them yet. So either they weren't finished yet or she had gotten them really upset at her.

Melody knew for a fact that when they had a child it would have a much happier childhood than she'd had. For one thing she just couldn't see Chakotay or Tom harming the child in anyway. Hell, it had taken them almost a month before they would even make love with her around. Going by that she was certain that both men would protect the child with their lives. It also wouldn't lack for love, with those two plus Aunt Kathryn, B'Elanna, Harry, Neelix, Kes, Tuvok and even the Doctor. The child would almost be spoiled rotten. She hopped that they would consider her offer and let her help, those two really deserve someone to carry on their genes and the knowledge of their cultures.

Well, according to the clock on the dashboard it was morning. She had been driving for the past four hours now and she must admit even though she was exhausted she was perfectly relaxed. It was a good thing they had made this highway deserted or she would have caused an accident.

"Computer, what time is it?"

"The time is now 0300," said the computer voice.

Melody pulled off the road and shut off the engine. "Computer, end program," she called as she watched the holodeck grid appear. Stretching she headed toward the doors covering a yawn. What she needed was a hot shower and some breakfast. They would just have to find her tomorrow, or today.

She made her way down the empty corridors reaching her quarters quickly. She keyed in the door code, shedding her clothes as she entered. By the time she entered her bedroom she was only wearing her under clothes, and peeled them off quickly as she entered the shower. As the hot water beat down on her shoulders she felt the last of her tension leave her body. She washed and dried quickly, then wrapped a towel around herself as she entered her bedroom.

Wearing only the towel Melody replicated herself a small meal then returned to her bedroom. Dressing quickly she laid the tray on her bed then crawled under the covers. After she finished eating she placed the tray on the floor and was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

As Melody was falling asleep Chakotay and Tom were standing outside of Captain Janeway's quarters.

"Come," called Janeway.

Tom and Chakotay entered just as Janeway was coming out of her bedroom fixing her hair.

"Do you gentlemen know what time it is?" she asked as she walked over to the replicator. "Coffee, black." when the mug appeared she took it over to her desk.

"I'm sorry Captain, but we need to speak to you are on an important personal issue," said Chakotay.

"Go ahead, gentlemen."

"Captain, we would like to have your permission to have a child," said Chakotay.

"Oh Chakotay, Tom. That's wonderful. Who's going to carry the baby?"

"That's one of the things we need to talk to you about. Melody has offered to be the surrogate for us," said Tom.

Just as Tom finished speaking Janeway was taking a sip of coffee. When the words registered she swallowed quickly then began coughing.

"Are you all right, Captain?" asked Chakotay as he came to her side patting her back lightly.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you. So she finally got up the nerve to talk to you?" said Janeway laughing.

"No, not exactly. When did she talk to you?" asked Tom

"The night of your wedding, she asked me about having children."

"And what did you tell her?" asked Chakotay.

"I told her that she needed to discuss this with both of you," said Janeway as she walked around her desk to stand in front of them. "I'm assuming you have discussed this with the Doctor?"

"Yes, he says that the procedure can be done with no harm to her."

"Then you have decided to go ahead and to it?" asked Janeway.

"Tom and I both want to have children but with our duties here on Voyager we didn't see how that would be possible. Now, with Melody's offer the possibility is open. We would be fools not to take her up on it. With your permission we would like to have a child with Melody," said Chakotay.

"Permission, granted. When will you go ahead with the procedure?" asked Janeway.

"We really need to talk to Melody first, but we will let you know," replied Tom.

"Thank you. Now go home and talk to Melody, then get some rest. You look both look like hell."

"Aye, Captain."

"Dismissed, and gentlemen, congratulations!" said Janeway.

"Thank you, Captain," said Tom as they both left her quarters.

They made their way to their quarter to find it quite and empty. Chakotay noticed the trail of clothes and followed them to find Melody asleep in her bedroom.

"Tom," called Chakotay quietly.

Tom walked over stopping in her bedroom doorway. "Well, that solves one problem."

"Sure does. Now what about the second one?" asked Chakotay.

"And what would that be?" asked Tom as he went into Chakotay's arms, kissing his neck.

"I seem to remember the Captain telling us to find Melody, then get some sleep," said Chakotay breathlessly.

"Oh, yeah. Now that you mention it she did say that didn't she?"

"She sure did," said Chakotay as he picks him up and carried Tom into their bedroom.

"0ne of these days, Chakotay, you're going to put your back out doing this," Tom murmured into his ear.

"Just as well my husband's almost a doctor, isn't it?" Chakotay replied, kissing him deeply.

"Problem is," Tom, gasped as the kiss finally had to be broken or Chakotay would have been in serious danger of collapsing and depositing both of them on the floor, "I can't treat you. Family members and pre-existing conditions and all that. You'd have to let the Holodoc put you back into alignment. I'd just end up testing it when it was realigned."

Chakotay's sense of humor was awakened and his laughter bubbled to the surface, as it often did with this man. Tom joined him in the fits of laughter, until they calmed, Chakotay stroking Tom's skin in that intimate way that made Tom feel loved. Everything Chakotay did with him made him feel that way, this felt special and tender in a way that few other things could. Tom gasped as the fingers began moving with purpose, and then were joined by lush, full lips, and a liquid tongue.

"Yessssssssssss..." Tom gasped, writhing under the skilled movements of his husband.

Chakotay smiled against the sweat-dampened skin of Tom's back, knowing that his husband was moving into that place of unutterably perfect pleasure that they could only find with each other. As Tom moaned again and Chakotay's erection twitched, he acknowledged that he was heading there too.

"How do you want to do this?" Chakotay asked, before they were completely lost to incoherence.

"However you want it, Chakotay," Tom replied his trust in his husband to take them both on this journey to pleasure complete.

Chakotay gasped an agreement, reaching for the lubricant under the pillow. As he sucked gently on Tom's nipples, raising them to hard little nubs, he squeezed the tube, coating his fingers. As he moved into Tom's cleft, he could feel Tom tensing slightly, relaxing as his greased finger found the puckered skin, and moved slowly inside. Chakotay sighed inwardly, the ghosts were still there for Tom, and probably always would be. He pushed the thoughts aside and returned to thinking only of Tom.

He added a second finger, then a third. Tom was moaning and pushing himself back on the twisting fingers, and Chakotay almost came at the sight to Tom, his lover, his husband, so open to the pleasure he was giving and receiving. He entered Tom, slowly, yet with an urgency that both of them felt, the moan as they were completely joined a sound of beauty. Tom pushed his hips back, urging Chakotay deeper. Chakotay gasped and began thrusting, grasping Tom's erection as he moved within him. Tom went over the precipice first, the wet heat of his climax pouring over Chakotay's fingers. Chakotay thrust once more, and the tight heat of Tom massaged his climax from him.

As they caressed each other gently in the afterglow of their lovemaking, Tom drew closer to Chakotay, not saying anything, just clutching a little more tightly. Chakotay knew what Tom needed and responded with more of the tender stroking that had built to the fire earlier. Chakotay stopped before it could build that high and pulled the covers over them, holding Tom as they drifted to sleep.

The next morning both Tom and Chakotay appeared on the bridge for their usually duty shift but after a few minutes it was very apparent to everyone that their minds were somewhere else. It was a good thing that they were flying through a relatively quite part of space or Tom would have flown then into several problems. After several minutes of trying to keep a straight face watching both men fidgeting Janeway cleared her throat to get both men's attention.

"Gentlemen, where is Melody?"

"Asleep in our cabin?" answered Tom as he turned around to face the Captain and Chakotay.

"And I take it that she was sleep when you both returned last night? "Asked Janeway as her face broke a smile

"Yes, but how…?"

"Chakotay you and Tom are both are acting to guilty to have talked to Melody last night," replied Janeway with a smile

"Sorry, Captain. We'll try to do better" answered Chakotay.

"Not on my watch you won't. I'd like to keep Voyager in one-piece thank you. Go home and talk to Melody."

"But Captain…" started Chakotay

"That's an order!"

"Yes, Captain," said Tom as he gave up the Con to his replacement.

Janeway had had a feeling that they hadn't talked to Melody last night so just as a precaution she had arranged for a replacement for Tom.

"Aye Captain, and thank you." Said Chakotay as he stood up and meet Tom at the turbo lift.

As the doors closed they could see the knowing glances and hear the snickers from the senior staff and once again realized that life with Melody was going to be anything but peaceful.

"Good morning," said Tom from his place in Melody's chair.

They had been sitting in her room for four hours just watching her sleep. Both of them day dreaming about the children she was offering to carry for them and the family that they would have once the children were here. They had set the computer to monitor her and tell them when she was waking up and at the computers signal they both returned to the present and watched Melody as she slowly woke. Melody looked so peaceful and innocent when she was asleep, it was almost a shame that she had to return to the *real world*

As Melody opened her eyes and stretched she saw two pair of eyes, one brown the other blue looking back at her.

"Aren't you two suppose to be on the bridge?" asked Melody as she looked over at her chronometer. It was nearly 1500, and she had been asleep for almost twelve hours.

"We were, but after a long day on duty plus watching your logs last night we were slightly distracted so Captain Janeway gave us the rest of the day off," came Chakotay's reply from the end of her bed.

"Oh yeah, I guess we do need to talk. Huh?"

"Don't you think so?" said Tom as he got up from the chair. "Have you eaten?"'

"You mean you haven't checked the computer? Wow, I'm impressed!" said Melody as she sat up.

"Very funny, young lady. Were serious," replied Chakotay.

"Yes, Daddy. I've eaten, the tray is around here somewhere?" said Melody as she started looking around the bed.

"You mean this?" asked Tom as he held up an empty tray.

"Yeah, that's it. I wasn't very hungry last night."

"Well you're going to eat now, then we need to talk. OK?" said Chakotay as he got off the bed.

"That's fine, give me a few minutes and I'll be right out," said Melody as she crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom.

Tom and Chakotay waited until they heard the water running then they left to wait for her in the living area. Twenty minutes later Melody reentered the living area wearing blue jeans and a light blue oxford cloth shirt. She walked over to the replicator and ordered her some food. When it appeared she carried it over to the couch and sat down between both men.

"Have you eaten?" asked Melody, as she took a bit.

"Yes, Melody. Are you sure you want to do this, sweet one?" asked Chakotay.

"It's it a little late to ask that! Guys, in case you haven't noticed. I don't do things I don't want too," said Melody

"All right, then I guess the next step is to talk to the Doctor," said Tom

"Um, he all ready knows. At least he knows that I'm considering it,"

"We talked to him last night, he knows were considering it," replied Chakotay.

"Then I guess all that's left is to tell him to go ahead. Let me finish this, then we can go now if that's OK?" said Melody as she continued to eat.

"That's fine, Mel," said Tom.

Melody quickly finished her meal then they left for sickbay.

As they entered sickbay the Doctor turned to see the trio.

"Ahh...I see you found her. I take it from your joint appearance that you wish to proceed?" asked the Doctor.

"Yes, we have," said Chakotay.

"Good, if Melody will step over here I will explain the procedure to her while you both take care of your contribution," said the Doctor as he handed two clear jars to Chakotay and Tom.

The surprised look on both of their faces started Melody giggling. "Oh, come on guys. You know it will be fun," She said laughing harder.

Tom and Chakotay took the jars from the Doctor's hands and head to the sick bay bathroom. The smile on the Doctor's face started Melody's fit of laughter again, and it continued until he walked over to another computer terminal. She quickly sobered and followed him.

He explained that the first thing they would need to do would be to give Melody a fertility shot, then in a few days collect some eggs from her. Then they would fertilize several eggs with the sperm from Chakotay and Tom. After the eggs were fertilized the doctor would change the genetic structure of the eggs, then implanted it into her womb. That way the child would be totally Tom and Chakotay's and get no genetics from her. That was a big concern of Melody's but the Doctor assured her the baby would be just Tom and Chakotay's. Twenty minutes later both men appeared, flushed but carrying two full jars.

"Thank you, gentlemen. I will need to see Melody in a few days to harvest the eggs, then we can proceed," explained the Doctor as he took the jars from them, and then left smiling.

"Oh come one guys, after that performance you both need to rest. Why don't we go to the resort and spend the day relaxing," said Melody as she took both of their arms.

"You know, you are an evil woman. Mel," said Tom.

"I know, I know," replied Melody as she led them out of sickbay.

They spent the rest of the day relaxing at the resort and planning for the future Chakotay-Paris. Two days later the Doctor harvested the eggs from Melody and fertilized them with a mixture of both Chakotay and Tom's sperm. Twelve hours later he implanted three fertilized eggs in Melody's womb and told her to come back in two weeks for a pregnancy test.