Luke Prov.

I'm fifteen year's old, my name is Luke ,and I remember.I mean before I got rebirth. I ran away form home again in search of answers.

I stared when I got weird flash I really remember is a girl named Thalia that's now I'm walking throw centaur park.

I sit on the bench."AHHHHH" I heard a loud screech I ran towered puling out a hard stick I got awhile back.

I see a girl lining on the ground I stared, it was her."Oh Thalia" I whisper there were other girls but far off.I took her in my arms and carried her to a safe house I found a while back.I put her on the bed and banged up her wounds.I pull up a chair and waited.

Thalia Prov.

"Ellen get ever one and fire arrows on my call, I well attack head on distracting it " I instructed to the were tracking a cyclops in center park.I stared to attack but two more came from the trees surrounding me.

I remembered once these happened But I had Luke back then now he is died, long thought distracted my a second to long."Bang" then it all turns black. I wake up to blue eyes a boy was looking down at me with those blue eyes the same I called a friend,enemy,and cant be him I stare at his face there was no scare but he still had his dirty bound hair and muscular build.

"Thalia" he murdered "it's inposable" I spoke quietly I tried getting up then I had a stabbing pain in well every were."Please don't" the boy said resting his hand on my shoulder I laid back down."Who are you?" I asked though knowing the answer "Luke Castellan you?".

"Thalia" I answered knowing he know "What no last name" He mocked and I laughed remembering the first time we met."How" I asked. "Well some thing got secured up and I remember stuff" he said "What" Only trusting my self with one word."You" then he hugged me I sobbed on to his shoulder.

"Why" I asked "why what" he answered confused."WHY" I said anger " why did you go backstabbing us me, Annabeth, camp why"I yelled in to his chest and bagged my hand on it to.

."I was so bitter and angry that gods did not help us" he contained holding me tighter "I was scared I was never going to see you again" I said nothing "Kronos stared to come to me he promised me every thing but I said no only when he said it would bring you back I accepted.

" I looked up at him and nodding not saying anything.I let go slowly "I have to go" I said quietly filing better.I got up and slowly walked to the door and stopped when I heard "I'll be waiting" Luke said right at me.

I looked at him then he said "you better not turn in to a tree aging".I smirked "I can't promise anything I heard maples were petty cool" he laughed then said "go, artimus well be waiting and when your done I well be waiting" he said with a reassuring smile.

"Until then fly boy" I said walking out and heard "see you around sparky".

So ya please tell me if its good because i'm just starting out on fan and sorry Thalia a little out of character.