True faces.

Yeah I am having a hard time getting where I want in Ephesians so I am going to do this story.

Again I don't care for Omniverse.

'News report'

By the way Albedo crimes for being imprison were making another Omnitrix (which is something Azmuth never did isn't that right Ultimatrix, and Omnitrix version 3), and didn't trust humans with the power of a super nova/black freak hole.

This is a story requested by Dimmension Traveler.

The Request:

Yeah. I had a crossover idea with Ben and Rex about Ben coming to Rex's dimension to retrieve Albedo, who had been staying with-and falling for- Beverly. Beverly decided to dye his hair black and give him a pair of sunglasses to wear to keep his eyes hidden if he wished, and to hide his identity. Living with Beverly, Albedo learned how to use his transformations for good like Ben- but his are the opposite colors that Ben's are- and he is Beverly's bodyguard in order to pay a debt (she saved his life from Providence when he first got to the dimension) he owed her. This is set during and after the nine month Black Knight take over of Providence, so her friends and sister have no idea who Albedo is or how he got there.

No one POV:

Albedo was busy making a new Omnitrix, he figure he would try to a device that would give some powers of any given alien power even when he became…human he would keep some of the alien powers. Not only better improve his prison* power that along with the aliens lasting longer and maybe to finally become Galvan again.

He rather returned as a beaten comatose Galvan; as oppose to a healthy human.

He manage to ditch his sidekick for a few hours so he wouldn't have them interfering. He had a earth TV showing the locals news live, Ben and his group was too busy fight a bunch of crooks holding people hostage, had explosion, and about an hour away by car.

He knew he couldn't stay secret forever but once he active his new Omnitrix he may finally be free. He use some parts he got from his device he made as an action, some new parts, and from the remains of the original Omnitrix he stole from the floor of Vilgax ship when no one was looking.

Albedo check the news again, Tennyson stop the threat. Right as Albedo gather up his stuff the news report mention that a few dozen still missing people, and several monsters appearing out of nowhere.

'This is Lois Jane,

As for the past 4 months a few million people had disappear throughout the world, there rarely had been any clue of struggle nor break in. Along with these disappearances have come some unknown beasts, so far there been over a hundred unknown monsters attack that the governments of the world had been unable to contain or kill these aliens without the help of the hero Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, and his friend Kevin Ethan Levin.

The government had made no comment on this.

This is Lois Jane giving more information as it come.'

Albedo was glad about what was going on, as long as the earth was going to hell; he was free to do what he want.

Despite his incredible intelligent he had not the slightest clue what was going, but as long as it doesn't stop it won't be a problem to him.

He glances at a website that gives what area Ben 10 is at any given time. Albedo uses this so he knows when he has to stop what he doing and leave the area.

He had a few plans if this didn't work he would cut his losses and choose a new default form, he probably won't get his Galvin pride back but he could at least take away Tennyson humanity. He also had another plan in the form of a load colt .44 he found while buying his parts that was given to him for free, he wasn't sure if he would use that on Tennyson or…himself.

Hated to admit but he secretly prefer the weapons on earth didn't have so many unneeded stun setting on Galvan and plumbers weapons. Earth weapons had a point and did their job and very little more.

He had a plan once a month he would see if he can alter his form into an alien that would be helpful to him and harmful to Benjamin.

He found one that he thought would work, but he wasn't sure if he should do it.

He was sad, he lost the only girlfriend when he became his a human, his actors were starting to lose intense in him even Huge haven't been talking to him as much as he did when he had a theater.

He would be lying if he said he didn't considers swallowing his pride asking Tennyson if he could restarted Ben 10 LIVE, Albedo would love to go back to theater life, it would be better than killing one self.

He has been lying if the multiply actresses he got to play Gwendolyn flirting with him weren't fun. He blame the human hormones, if he wasn't broke he wouldn't mind spending time dating one of them.

Albedo shook his head that he would spend his limit time on a miserable human, he was a proud Galvan, and would never breed with something as primal as a human (even if one of their female would be cute).

Every time he thought about mating with a human female he only focus on perfecting his Omnitrix/ruining Benjamin Kirby Tennyson life the same way Albedo life was ruin.

He got all the parts and DNA for the 'Mastertrix' all he need is a powerful enough energy to start it up.

He knew he could spend decades using legal Earth and only go so far, and even if he uses illegal Earth technology like a nuclear reactor it would take a whole year. He knew of only one way to power his new device up, but involve him breaking into a plumber ship.

To be continue…

*prison for Albedo refer to his humanity.