True faces part 9: Battle Ready.

First chapter of 2016.

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'News report'


This chapter is going to have some violence in this.

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"Hmm, this is a knife." She said, she then realized that he was asking her to kill guards. "I'm not a killer." She told, the boy wondering what his plan was.

"Either them or you." Albedo said, face to the wall looking for guards. He didn't care if he had to kill for his goal, but Beverly was the opposite on this, the thought of killing was too much for her.

Providence No one POV:

Albedo was hiding behind a wall, taking a peak to see if any of the providence soldiers was around. He keep on his knife ready, it did not matter if the two of them were disguise as Providence soldiers they did not know any code words they would be screw so he would have to be on alert at all times. Albedo notice some footsteps knowing that he would have to get by them he would try not to kill unless he have to.

A couple guards show up and Albedo heard them say, "black pawn take out white bishop." He heard maybe that could be useful, Albedo would not over look anything ever again after the failure with those actors, he didn't stay focus on them and they betray him ruining everything. He walked by them until one of the guards asked for the code, Albedo figure that it would be the code from before but Beverly interrupted him, "Check on white queen." She said, the two looked at her and let her go.

Once they were out of hearing distance Albedo just had to asked, "How did you know the code?" He would find out all the information that this young woman had.

"I overheard them a few times over my stay in my room." She said to the attractive white hair boy.

"When we get back you and I should write down all of the codes inside of that pretty little head of yours." He said, unaware that he refer to her as pretty but this made her smile, but since she had the mask on he was equally unaware of that too.

"You want to spend time with me?" She asked, wanting to be a good friend to this boy, and started to blush he likes her he really likes her.

"Yeah you're the only one here I know doesn't want to kill and or experiment on me." He said to her.

She smile, he really likes me I needs to find something that he likes as a gift. "I think we should not be too far away from our distention." She said.

"We will have find a key card to get into their weapon vault or one of the vehicle they used but we need to be careful." He said, wanting to get away from here not caring how he could. He would give her up if it would benefit him but he knew once he did he would love his only possible barging chip (but only as a last resort).

"I think we can find it somewhere around here for the game." She said slowly but surely realizing what is really happening but she did not want to get away from him.

He ready his knife looking for a single enemy for him to get the keys for his escape. "Hey Beverly can you watch while I talk with one of the guards." He said needing some time wanting to have a way to escape this awful place.

"Su-sure." She said not liking where it was going.

He palm his blade and switch the blade up ready to get a code when they head to the right place to talk with the providence agents. He gave a smile under his mask as the two of them went into a locker room he needed to see if there was anyone in there it him and the two of them alone.

The agents found him to be odd just stalking there, "Can we help you?" One of them asked.

He just smile stabbing one of them in the back of the neck where the armor was weaker because the needed of flexibility there. He quickly got his knife out as the other young rookie providence member to get his own knife out. He was ready to fight, he was not a major fighter but he been in a few fight he join a gang during his time to get the money to start his show, so he had some experience.

The guard was surprise by this, "Traitor." He said, even if he knew who the killer of his friend he knew that he was no ally to providence and that meant that he must be stop by any means possible. He reach for his weapon, Albedo kick the guard arm keeping him from getting his gun.

The guard got up trying to tackle the knife away from Albedo. Albedo roundhouse him causing him to stop in his tackle, he reach for his knife he was not going down without a fight. The guard raise his hand up and try to stab but Albedo block the movement of the guard forearm with his. He punch the side of the guard where his armor wasn't protecting him, causing him to grunt.

He then knock the knife away from the guard, he then force him back to the locker, and Albedo used the knife on the neck of the guard.

Once the guard body feel down, Albedo grabbed his key card. He could escape.

To be continue...


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