Chapter 16: Returning Home With A Man

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(5 days later; Normal POV)

It was beautiful day in Suncove City with sun shining brightly and the birds signing, but all that was shut out for the dragon slayer couple in their hotel because of a certain fire dragon was eating out his mated celestial dragon while she screamed out his name in ecstasy.

Wait hold up that is not how their day started. Let's ty this again before everyone has a nosebleed or something.

It was beautiful day in Suncove City with sun shining brightly and the birds signing while Lucy was sitting in separate train room looking out the window in the moving train looking at the scenery and having a relaxed motion sickened dragon slayer in her lap as she combed through his spikey and rosy pink hair. (That's better)

Lucy was really happy that she was able to have time with Natsu all to herself but she was really happy that she was able to go home again from a long and fun mission/vacation.

Lucy thought it was funny that Natsu wasn't feeling motion sickness even when they got on train but still wanted her to play with his hair while he laid his head on her lap like he usually does. At times Lucy would have told him to sit like any normal person would but she was going to let him enjoy it this time.

She enjoyed these moments but a certain annoying thought that came into her mind earlier that week was still bugging her. What were they gonna do about Lisanna and Bickslow?

It wasn't something she was gonna dwell on it but she couldn't get it out of her head and it made it even worse when she started thinking about how mad Natsu got when she one time even brought up her name. (No flashback too much trouble lol)

She had no intentional hate towards her, besides what she did to Natsu, but even that she wasn't mad because it brought him to her and let him do the thing we wanted to do back then when they were in the infirmary. But it kept making her think about what's going to happen when they get back; will it be a big argument and everyone sides with Lisanna or everyone shuns Lisanna and makes her feel like an outcast for what she did to Natsu and even her. The possibilities are endless and all could end badly for everyone in the guild even though they had no parts in the messed up betrayal between Lisanna and Natsu.

She was gonna go into further thoughts about other scenarios until she felt her finger was slipping into something wet and hot while realizing it's her boyfriend's mouth. She squealed and took her hand out of his mouth to wipe on the side of the bench she was sitting with Natsu while he laughed his ass off at her reaction.

When she was done wiping her slobbered hand she glared at him before a funny and bright idea came to her. She aimed her finger at him and shot a burst of her magic at his forehead knocking him backwards on the bench.

Lucy started cracking up at the position he landed at but stopped when he tried attacking her. She dodged him and fell over on the ground where he jumped on her with his body covering hers and completely capturing her in his grasp.

Lucy groaned a bit but gasped when she saw the hungry and sexy look on his face that always makes her insides feel like they're on fire with a craving need that only he can extinguish with his body.

Natsu recognized that look Lucy had and loved how her bright chocolate eyes turned into dark lustful brown that made him want to shove against a wall and ravish her till morning.

Both were leaning forward and mere inches away from one another but like the universe (ME!) didn't want them having fun, especially in a train, decided to end it by telling the two and everyone on the train they have arrived at their destination; back home at Magnolia.

Both of the mated dragon slayers groaned irritably at being stopped of what they were about to do and started getting ready to get off the train so they can go home and go to the guild so they can say hi to their family once again and tell them the good news about their new relationship.

(Lucy Pov)

I just can't believe it sometimes, even now walking down the streets with the man I've been in love with and being able to be next to him like this is absolutely amazing.

I don't have to worry about hiding my feels for him or faking that I hate him when all I want to do is love his cute and sexy self.

I grabbed his hand and he slowly started intertwining his fingers with mine and I couldn't help but feel happiness and butterflies fill my stomach when feeling him touch me like I will only belong to him and he only belongs to me; which is true being mates forever and everything.

We kept walking together and finally got near to my place so I let go of Natsu's hand and ran over to the front door so I can enjoy coming back home from all the crazy and fun stuff we did after out mission together.

I opened the door and jumped in dramatically while spreading my arms out widely.

"Yay I'm finally back home!" I yelled out happily.

"Whoa Luce this is your new place!?" Natsu yelled loudly, his face in awe at what it looks like.

I smiled proudly "Yep, this is Team Mystic Force's House" I said, walking into the place to give him a quick tour of the house before we got back to the guild.

I showed him all the parts of the house; the kitchen (which he never wanted to leave), the breakfast nook, the living room, the patio deck, the office room, the basement, the attic, the girl's bedrooms and quest bedroom, then finally showed him the biggest and important room of the house, my room.

When we were both done looking at the room I sat down while throwing my stuff in bag in corner to be messed with later and looking at Natsu with anticipation at what he thought of the house.

"Sooo, what do you think of the house?" I asked cautiously.

He looked at me with awe and excitement in those dark eyes that I get so lost in when I look at them deeply "What do I think, it looks fucking awesome Luce!" he yelled out while jumping backwards to land beside me on my bed.

I laughed before turning sideways to look at him "I'm glad you like it as much as me and the girls do. It took us all day to find it and even then we couldn't find the right one until Mira told us she could help with out problem and now we're here living together like one big happy family; filled only with sisters" I explained while laughing a bit from the memory of first time moving in together.

I was pulled away from my memory when I felt two familiar hot pair of lips kiss and lightly nibble on my neck while two strong hands glided across my hips slowly, heating me up in ways I couldn't help but love.

I glanced over my shoulder to see my wonderful boyfriend kissing and biting my neck with a dangerously hot gleam in his eyes and panty-dropping grin on his face with every kiss and bite he puts on my neck I moan out loudly at how hot his mouth is every time he kisses, bites, sucks or licks my body.

I flip myself over on top of his body and started kissing him passionately with our tongues battling in both of our mouths while our bodies molded perfectly together. I grinded and rolled my hips over his and feeling like my body was burning all over and the only thing that could calm me down was the wonderful and incredibly hot dragon under me.

But before I could start getting lost in my dragon's body I started smelling a familiar scent coming near the house and I knew if I didn't try to stop us from continuing on my team was going to have a nice little surprise when they come inside. So I had to do the one thing that I hated doing in all the worlds; stopping Natsu from fucking me until I can't walk.

Oh well I have no choice, I definitely don't want them coming in and finding out what our relationship is without explaining or trying to figure out why Natsu is cheating on (now Ex girlfriend) Lisanna.

" we...we gotta stop" I tried telling him but I kept moaning when he started moving his lips away form mine to go down to my neck so he can bite and suck on my neck. He also flipped us over so he now can be on top of me to take the lead now.

"Natsu" I called out to him again breathlessly, trying to stop him but my body wanted him to keep going at how good it felt with his body and his mouth on mine like he can't get enough of me. I was hooked but just as stubborn as he gets when he's like this I can be can be equally stubborn and a whole lot more persuasive too.

"Baby we gotta stop...if we don't there will be someone coming in to get a big surprise" I said trying to make him listen, but he kept going while lowering his mouth down my collarbone and moving towards my breast which I knew that if I don't stop him right now I wouldn't be able to later.

So I quickly flipped us again where I was on top again but this time pinning both of Natsu's hands over his head and my face away from his so I can control my libido and to catch my breath before I lose myself again in the fog of lust between us.

I look down at him and I couldn't help feeling warm at the intense and lustful raw power he had in his eyes when looking up me. He looked like he was predator that got his meal taken from him and he would do everything in his power to get back.

"Lucy" he growled at me dangerously but I growled right back him because he knew I was serious about trying to stop before my team came back home and he was letting his instincts take over again.

"Don't you 'Lucy' me mister you know very well I wouldn't ask you to stop unless if it was absolutely important" I glared down at him for trying to go down that road again.

He looked back up me again and this time he changed from raw and uncontrollable lust to a pouty little 10 year old boy who had something of his taken away and he wanted it back.

"But Luce" he whined while leaning forward to rub his face and nose against my neck and then move over to my face to make me forgive him. I rubbed my face back against his but I wasn't going to drop the subject just because he wanted to finish what we started.

I pulled back away from him to look back at him again "No buts Natsu, we have to get out of my room they're almost here" I told him while placing my hands on both sides of his face so he can look into my eyes.

We both started at each others eyes to make the other give up but this was a battle that I was confident on winning. After about two minutes he closed his eyes and gave off a disappointed sigh. "Fine" he said dejectedly.

I giggled at his cute little pouty face before pulling him close and giving him a small kiss on his lips "Thanks for seeing it my way baby" I laughed while laying my head against his.

He looked at me and went from pouty and sad to smiling and looking like his usually cute goofy self again. "You know I can't say no to that beautiful face of yours" he said softly before giving me a longer kiss on my lips.

I smiled back at him and was about to get up and greet my team, that had just entered into the house about a minute ago, after so long but I was pulled back into my dragon's arms again but instead he had sly smile on those sexy fanged teeth of his and I already knew I was in trouble.

"What are you trying to do Natsu?" I asked but I had feeling I knew exactly what he was going to do and I also knew I wouldn't like it in the end.

"Oh come on Luce, why do you think I'm trying to do something?" he asked me innocently but I crossed my arms over my chest, as best as I could, when sitting on his lap.

"Natsu I've known you for almost 11 years and that's just adding the 7 years we were trapped on Tenrou, so if you think I don't know how you work when you're about to play one of your practically jokes or little games you must be crazy" I said while looking down at him skeptically.

"Hey that's not true and besides I've grown and matured in the last three years when you were gone" he said proudly but I still gave him the same look as before not believing it that much.

"Really Natsu?" I asked.

He was silent for a few minutes and sighed again. "Fine, but I have grown up even if you don't think I have. Like how I made the biggest mistake thinking you were dead; you're too stubborn to let that happen so easily" he said pulling me closer to him so he can nuzzle my face with his nose and making me giggle at how affectionate he could be when were alone or even when we're in public together.

"Ok what you said about those two things are completely true and I'm happy that you admitted that" I said while kissing his nose cutely. "But you're still the same goofy and cute guy who dragged me to Fairy Tail" I nuzzled my face against his face too while he gave me his favorite and infectious fanged smiled.

"Ok you got me there but you're always going to be my Luce and brightest star of my life" he said softly, while laying his forehead on mine.

I felt tears form on my eyes but before I could Natsu kissed both of my eyes then started kissing all over my face until he reached my lips and was kissing me softly but also so deeply that I was drowning in his lips, his taste, his scent and everything that made this man who he was and all the things I can't help but love about him.

I lifted one of my hands to brush through his insanely soft hair while the other rub against his toned chest that I can't help wanting to lick and bite every time I see it. His hands started roaming all over my body and pulling us closely together again.

I was so completely entranced in this man's being, my man's being, that I when I pulled back to get a quick breath I smelt four familiar scents that made my body rigid at what they were looking at just now.

I moved away from Natsu and turned around to see Wendy, Annabelle, Carla and Anna standing there with their jaws dropped down to the ground and their eyes practically bulging out of their heads.

We all stared at each other and no one moved until my mind finally caught up with the rest of me and I started feeling heat go out through my entire body making me blush madly. "Oh my Mavis! All of you get out right now!" I started picking up pillows and started chucking them at random in their direction trying to get them to leave.

I heard scrambling and everyone quickly getting out while trying not to get hurt any more than they already are. I gave a sigh of relief but before I could relax I heard Natsu laughing his head off at what happened. I felt my embarrass wipe away and replace it with pure uncontrolled rage at how he thought this was all a joke and that he might've planned all this when he grabbed me so I wouldn't leave him. Well I had a little present for him that will change that laughter of his real quick.

I got off the bed and walked over to Natsu, who was still laughing his pinky ass off, while letting my anger seep off of me and surround me in it so he'll notice it.

Natsu stopped laughing and his entire body started shivering probably when he felt how angry I was at him. He slowly turned around with wide and frightened eyes to see what he was about to deal with and was trying to move away from me but every time he moved back I moved closer and closer to him until he had his back was against the headboard and my face in front of his face.

"Natsu" I said very lowly.

Natsu took a big gulp before answering me back. "Y-Yeah L-Luce" he stuttered with his forehead sweating buckets.

"Did you by chance set me up to have the girls catch us kissing so you can prove a point or something" I asked him darkly, with my nose touching his and my eyes burning into his.

"U-Um N-No Lu-" he started but I put a finger on his lips shutting him up before I crush him. "Natsu I'm a dragon slayer just like you and if you think I can't smell how nervous or terrified you are at telling me the truth then you're dead wrong and if you lie to me I'll have to punish you and not the fun one that we had at the resort last week" I whispered softly but also very dangerously, that I would beat him into a bloody pulp if he didn't tell me the truth.

He hesitated for a few minutes and after five minutes he gave in but not before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them I saw that he was ready to tell me the truth.

"Ok I'll tell you but you have to promise me that you won't Lucy Kick me into the wall or out the window" he said, but trying not to show how scared he was right now. I smirked evilly internally but my face had a small smile on it so I could follow up with my new idea.

"Ok Natsu I won't try to Lucy Kick into anything in my house or out of it; I promise" I said softly, but in my head I was laughing evilly at how my plan was going to work.

He smiled his usual way not knowing I was going to get him back for playing with me when I told him not to. "Awesome! Ok yea Luce I did plan to distract you until the girls came up so I could show them that you're mine now and also to see how cute your face looked when you were embarrassed from it" he said, laughing after a bit from the memory while I was seething inside but I kept my cool until the right moment.

"Oh ok then Natsu I'm really happy that you told me the truth" I said smiling brightly at him. "No problem Luce!" giving me his fanged smile again and letting his guard down for me to strike.

"I have something for you that I forgot to give you earlier" I said nicely.

Natsu eyes widened and he smiled happily at me getting a gift for him and also squirming in his spot on the bed like a child getting a surprise toy.

"Oooh what did you get me Luce?" he asked excitedly.

"I'll show you but you have to close your eyes it's a surprise and don't peak or I won't give it to you, alright?" I told him, while I smirk at everything is playing out just like I planned.

He nodded his head rapidly. "Yea sure!" he closed his eyes with a giant smile on his face.

I felt bad at first that I was going to do what I planned but then I thought about his little joke from earlier and that driven my resolve to get back at him.

"Ok baby I want you to open your eyes on the count of three, ok?" I told him, getting ready to give him some physical discipline.

"I'm all fired up!" he said happily with his eyes still closed.

"1!" I charged my fist up.

"2!" letting my magic get stronger and ready to go.

"3!" I shouted out and when his eyes opened they changed from being excited to terrified again in mere seconds but it was already too late because his punishment was going to start with a grade A beat down.

"Wait no! Lucy please don't! Oh Mavis No AHHHHH!" Natsu screamed loudly.

(Normal Pov; Downstairs in the Living Room)

The girls were trying to catch their breath and trying to figure out what the hell happened the last couple of days when Lucy was gone on that mission with Natsu. When they both left Lucy decided she wasn't going to get with Natsu because his relationship with Lisanna. But now it seems like that is thrown out of the window like Lucy kicks Natsu out of her bed when he sneaks in at night.

They were all beyond shocked but the main thing that is on all the girls minds is what changed Lucy's decision, how did Natsu and Lucy get together after only being with each other for only a week, and what happened with Natsu and Lisanna's relationship?

Before any of the girls could ask each other these puzzling question a loud and painful scream radiated around the house with also some pounding noises coming from upstairs. It was strange to hear them so loud and ones in pain instead of pleasure like they thought they were going to be when they were so rudely thrown out of Lucy and Anna's room.

After good 10 minutes the sounds had stopped completely besides someone coming down the stairs.

"What the hell just happened up there between those two?" Annabelle asked softly to the other girls and they shrugged their shoulders, looking just as confused as her.

"Natsu played a little joke on me but no worries he got what he deserved" a familiar female voice said when entering the kitchen area.

"Lucy!" the four girls shouted before rushing over to her to give her a 'Welcome Back Home' hug, which Lucy gladly gave back to them as well. She smiled at all of them missing her team more than she thought.

"I'm so glad that I'm home, I've missed you guys so much this week when I was gone" Lucy said before pulling her girls in for another group hug.

"I was surrounded by male testosterone for an entire week and it was practically smothering me to death wherever I went to including my mission!" she said dramatically, with a pretend horrified face on making the girls laugh and girl at her 'acting' skills.

"I didn't hear you complaining when you were with this 'male testosterone' and kissing just a few minutes ago" a male voice called out making the girls turn towards it and making Lucy smile softly.

"Yea that's until you tricked me to so you can let the girls see what we were doing you pervy dragon" Lucy said before giggling to herself at what she did to her dragon earlier.

Footsteps came to towards the living room and out came a beaten up Natsu Dragneel with three big bumps on the top of his head, a bruised cheek and some crescent finger marks on parts of his face and arms. Natsu looked up at all the girls in the room and noticed that all of them, especially Lucy, were trying really hard not to laugh at his appearance but after Natsu winced in pain when he thought too hard about why the girls were trying not to laugh Lucy started bursting out laughing which led to the other girls following her lead.

At first he was mad at the girls for laughing at him but then started feeling embarrassed that his Luce made him look like this over a silly joke, only in his mind, that wasn't even a big deal in the first place. He wanted her to be shown as his to everyone so why not just start off with her new team to get the ball rolling so they can be together more. He looked down at the ground sadly.

Lucy kept laughing but when she turned to see the look in Natsu's eyes and she felt really bad for what she did to him. She slowly walked over to him and took her hand to lift his head up from looking at the ground so they can look into her eyes. When Natsu looked into those deep loving brown eyes of his mate he couldn't help but get lost in them and he saw all the emotions swirling in them all at once; her love, her heart, her soul and everything else that made Lucy his Lucy. He also noticed that she was sorry for what she did to him and he apologized right back with just a simple look into her eyes.

Wendy, Annabelle, and the girls were practically stunned to watch Lucy and Natsu act this way with each other especially when Natsu and Lisanna were still dating each other (To their knowledge). Both Natsu and Lucy were so focused on each other that they didn't realize that they were looking at them and decided to lean in close and kiss each other.

When Wendy and Annabelle woke up from their shock they ran over to the both of them while pulling Natsu away from Lucy. Lucy looked at Annabelle and Wendy with a confused and irritated expression while Natsu was flat-out growled at Wendy and Annabelle for not only interrupting their kiss but manhandling his mate for no reason.

Natsu heated his body up to make Wendy and Annabelle let go of him. He walked over to Lucy and held her in his arms again so he will control his anger and strike the two recklessly. While Wendy and Annabelle were cooling their hands off, Lucy tried figuring out why the hell did they try to pry Natsu away from her when they knew they were having a moment together.

"I don't know what you guys were thinking but why did you guys try to separate me and Natsu?" Lucy asked while crossing her arms under her chest, because doing over wasn't going to happen any time soon with her chest size.

"We were trying to stop you two because you know Natsu is dating Lisanna and even though we thought something might be going on we didn't think that you would actually try to make a move on him when he's dating another girl" Wendy tried explaining and healing Annabelle's partially burned hand with her magic.

"Yea and even though I want you to get together so badly" Annabelle said with a dreamy look in her eye, it disappeared when Wendy gave her a look of disapproval "we can't let you two get mixed up into a situation like that, especially one were the older sister of the girl Natsu is dating is an S-Class and called 'The Demon Mirajane' is not great when you have been dating her for three years; very bad anniversary gift" Annabelle said with a little shiver when she mentioned Mira in her Satan Soul.

Natsu looked down at the ground angrily at the thought of what Lisanna did behind his back and Lucy sighed at the appreciation for trying to help them but after everything they had to go through last week before getting together was still a fresh wound whenever brought up, especially for Natsu.

"Guys there is something me and Natsu have to tell you and it's really important so you might wanna take a seat somewhere before we tell you" Lucy said while everyone found a seat in the living room, but just before Lucy sat down Natsu picked her up and sat on his lap with his arms wrapped around the middle of her stomach and laying his head on her shoulder while looking at the girls and silently purring next to her neck while her nuzzles against it softly.

Lucy got immediately comfortable with her back on his warm, toned, and muscular chest with his arms making her feel protective and confident at what she had to tell her teammates and 'sisters'. The girls thought that it was wrong for the two of them to be together while Natsu was dating Lisanna but in the back of all of their minds was how absolutely adorable those two looked together, it was match made in heaven.

Lucy relaxed and took a deep breath before getting ready to tell the biggest thing that's ever happened to her in her entire life. Lucy looked over to her girls and was ready to tell them what's happened when they left for their mission.

"I know you guys are thinking that what me and Natsu are doing is wrong and completely unlike us but I have to say first that you guys are wrong" Lucy said to them with a straight face, while looking right at the girl's shocked faces.

"WHAT!" they all shouted loudly.

Lucy put her hands up to defend herself but Natsu narrowed his eyes at them and growled lowly to show if they stepped out of line they would be sorry even if they are nakama.

The girls stopped their protest when they heard the similar growl from before and looked scared at what the pink haired dragon slayer was going to do next to them.

Lucy sighed and started rubbing Natsu's arm to cool him down before he started a fight and ended up burning the house down on accident. Natsu felt calmer from Lucy's touch but still a bit tense and had his eyes still narrowed waiting for the girls to try something else while his mate is talking which of course made the girls nervous and bit scared.

"Like I was saying before what we we're doing right now is not as wrong as you think. You guys know that I'm against any form of cheating or affairs but what I'm about to tell you is gonna change your perspective of the both of us" Lucy said calmly.

Lucy looked at Natsu from the side and gave a signal to ask if he was ok to tell them what happened and with a nod from Natsu she knew it was time for everything to come out.

Lucy back at her girls with a serious look "When me and Natsu left for our mission we were friends but not as close as we were before and I accepted that with no problem at all. It's just that there was a lot of um...sexual tension on the train that we got on" she said with a blush on her face while Natsu had a perverted grin on his face and the other girls were blushing madly from the little bit of info. Lucy cleared her throat and tried going back to telling them the story.

"Either way we finished up the mission we had to do and we got to stay at hotel and relax a bit while getting closer to being really great friends like we used to be but when I went to take a shower someone called on Natsu's communication lacrima; it was Lisanna" Lucy said her name with such venom and with a deep scowl on her face while Natsu had burning rage flare in his eyes making them look a bit of an emerald color with slits in the middle like a dragon. The girls were so shocked to see the two look like that when talking about a nakama especially when they all thought that the "Natsu and Lisanna dating when Lucy was gone" thing was already dealt with and moved on from it all.

"Naturally Natsu answered it and he seemed really happy to hear and see her" she said with a bitter tone while Natsu grunted.

"I don't know if I was that happy to see her" he said distastefully and then whispering "not after what she did I wouldn't be happy to see or hear from her again" but almost everyone in the room being dragon slayers and the exceeds having pretty good hearing up close heard every word as if he said in his usual loud voice.

"I know baby but let me finish the story so we won't have to talk about it anymore for now, alright?" Lucy asked him softly and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Natsu nodded his head and nuzzled up against her neck to smell her mixed scent with his.

"When he started talking to Lisanna she seemed like she was acting weird and she did something that shocked me and Natsu" Lucy said with her face getting mad again. "She broke up with him" she growled lowly. Wendy and Annabelle gasped while Carla and Anna eyes widened.

"What! No way! Why the hell would Lisanna break up with Natsu like that right out of the blue and especially on a communication lacrima?!" Wendy shouted.

"Because that little bit-" Natsu started to say but Lucy gave him a look to say something else. "I meant that little cheater was with another fucking guy when she was with me" Natsu growled.

"I might not know everyone like you guys do but I at least remember almost every person's scent in your guild so who the hell was screwing with her while she was screwing with you?" Annabelle asked with a scowl and questionable look on her face.

Natsu kept quiet, as much as he could with his low growling and Lucy was the one to look at everyone and sighed at having to tell them what happened.

"It was Bickslow from Laxus' followers; the Raijinshuu" Lucy said softly.

"Oh my god I can't believe Lisanna would do that to you guys especially after everything that's happened the past couple of months once you got back" Wendy said with a disappointed look."Yea but with everything that happened lead to us getting together and becoming mates" Lucy said kissing Natsu's cheek and making him smile at her.

"And that's probably the only thing I'm thankful for that Lisanna did for our break up, I got the woman of my dreams and the love of my life" Natsu said sweetly while turning Lucy's face around and kissing her softly on her lips as she instantly responded.

"Awww" the girls said in unison while smiling happily.

Lucy and Natsu kept kissing but instead of pulling back they started kissing deeper and passionately to the point that they were slowly moving their hands all over their bodies while they were having a audience in the process. Annabelle knew where this was going to go and went over to spilt them up but had to get Wendy and the others to pull them away before they started having sex together right in front of them.

When they were pulled away Lucy started regaining her senses again while Natsu was still hungry for more after not only once or twice that they interrupted their intimate time together they do it a third time! He was getting sick of it and if he didn't do anything with Lucy by the end of the day he might just lose it and take her in front of sisters/teammates whether they like it or not.

Lucy looked over to Natsu and saw the similar look when he's not cooled down yet and started blushing. "Sorry girls I just lost control there for a moment" she said softly while looking down.

"it's because you can't help get enough of this and I can't blame you, I can't get enough of you either my little star" Natsu said seductively with a sexy smirk and a wink towards Lucy now red tomato face.

"SHUT UP YOU DAMN PERVERT!" Lucy shouted with her face still red.

"You calling me the pervert? I wouldn't say that after you were screaming last night from-" Natsu was about to finish that sentence but got Lucy Kicked into the other side of the wall.

"DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT OUT LOUD!" Lucy shouted with angry and embarrassed look on her face while the other girls, especially Annabelle, was blushing hard.

Natsu slid down the wall but got up with his head down and his hair blocking his face making Lucy a bit nervous at what was going to happen next. Natsu started chuckling softly with his head still down making the girls look at him with confusion and to Lucy she showed absolute terror on her face when she realized what she did.

Natsu raised his head up and had his "I'm fired up and ready for a fight" look on his face and also had predatory grin on his lips. "Oh man Luce, you just got me all Fired up!" he yelled out while lighting his fist on fire and fist bumping them together with excitement.

Lucy shook out of her trance and gave a side-look over to the patio door to see how far it was from her and how fast she could get there before Natsu could catch her. Natsu caught on to Lucy's mind track about trying to escape the situation she put herself in but like a dragon he wasn't going to let his prey get away, definitely if it's as sexy as his mate is.

Lucy knew of two things at that moment. one: Natsu already guessed on what she was trying to do and had a plan to get revenge on her and two: she knew she would have to run like her life depended on it, because the look on Natsu's face didn't express that he wanted to only fight but he was showing that he also wanted to capture his prey and devour it with his entire being. And she already knew that she was the prey he wanted to devour.

Before Natsu could charge towards her or the girls could say anything Lucy decided to take a risk and book it as fast as she can. "Stellar Boost!" Lucy shouted out while shooting off like a rocket right to the door and opening it the next second.

Natsu growled angrily internally at Lucy for getting the best of him and being faster with her new magic, but on the dragon side of his mind he was excited at the outcome of all this; Will he get Lucy?, Will Lucy get away from him?, or maybe will both of them get to have some hot steamy sex? Who knew and Natsu didn't care besides catching Lucy and giving her some sweet punishment for knocking her into the wall earlier.

Natsu charged his magic all over his body and shoot off after his mate attended to catch her.

Wendy and Annabelle watched the two raced out of their house incredibly fast and thought it was cute that they had such a deep connection that they can "play" like this with each other, but when Annabelle turned around her eyes bulged out of her head at what she saw. A huge burnt black mark that looked oddly like a circle on the carpet. Annabelle's blood was boiling and her mood did a 180 from being happy to being livid in five seconds flat at the damage that pink haired idiot caused in their house!

'I can't believe that bastard comes into our house and tries to give all of us a heart attack when he was messing around with Lucy and now he's burning our stuff to play a stupid version of tag! No hell to the fucking no! I'm gonna kill that bubblegum fire breathing moron who the hell he thinks he is for burning stuff that doesn't belong to him!' Annabelle thought wildly and lividly. Her magic started surging around her with black tendrils circling her body with a dark menacing feeling shrouding anyone who was next to her and unfortunately Wendy and the exceeds were right next to her and were also shuddering in fear at how evil Annabelle was looking when seeing the two mages in the backyard "playing".

"I'll be back" Annabelle growled lowly before walking over to the door slowly and letting her magic get wilder and wilder every second.

"Apparently this dragon slaying magic will be useful after all because I'm gonna slaughter a dragon right now for trying to burn down our house with his dumbass intentions" she whispered menacingly and forgetting that Wendy could hear clear as day and making her look at her in fear at what she might do to Natsu.

Annabelle rushed out the door to the two dragon slayers play fighting with each other and joining in with them.

Wendy walked over to the window to see her two "sisters" and her "brother" to be having fun even though Annabelle is trying to kill Natsu and Lucy is trying to run away from him it still looked like they were one big happy and crazy family in a way. Wendy smiled how happy and fun there lives have become again since Lucy returned to the guild. After everything that happened with the rumors and the stuff with Lisanna she was happy that she could see her sister smile again like she used to and finally be with the man she always wanted.

Wendy knew that no matter what evil, troubles, and problems comes along the way that if anyone tries to destroy what they have as family or as guild they'll never stop Lucy, Natsu, or anyone in the guild because the guild is their home and Fairy Tail is their family, nobody can destroy that ever.

Wendy decided to one thing she usually never did since she's joined the guild; get into a fight on purpose! "Wait for me guys I want some of this fun here!" Wendy yelled before running outside to jump into the playful fighting mess.

Carla wasn't prepared to see Wendy go out there and join them but Anna was laughing her little ass off at the ruckus outside. Carla narrowed her eyes at Anna "Why in Earthland are you laughing so hard at what they're doing out there?" she asked madly.

Anna started calming down and looked at Carla for a bit then looked outside at the others with a genuine smile. "Because look at them I never seen Lucy looked this happy every since we were living in the forest with Unolena. it's nice to see her smile like that again and to open her heart up too with her family" said softly while still looking at the rowdy group outside. She was happy and proud of her mom for being happy again and also finding her true love. It was great knowing that her and Lucy may have lost Unolena that didn't mean they didn't find a new family to be there for them again.

Carla looked between Anna and everyone outside while thinking about everything that Lucy had to go through these past couple months from coming back to the guild and having all the drama start when she was trying to get use to the guild after she's been gone for two years; it must of been really hard for her to deal with that. Carla looked out again and smiled as well at how lucky Lucy found what she deserves.

"Well as much as I want to float here and look at them I want to join so see ya Carla!" Anna shouted before zooming outside with the others in a mix of tag, play fighting and wrestling. Carla laughed with her paw over her mouth trying to cover her smile a bit. She had to admit that this "family" was made because of Lucy but she was definitely happy she was a part of it and living here with Wendy and the others. Fairy Tail made them into a family here in their own home, it was the biggest blessing and gift in all of their lives.

"I won't be left behind" Carla whispered to herself before she opened the door and flew outside to join the others in a bit of fun because sometimes you might just need to enjoy life once in a while.

(Night Time; Lucy POV)

We walked back into the house after Wendy, Anna and Carla were getting sleeping and Annabelle was starting to call it a night but still threatened Natsu that he would either pay to get their carpet fixed or fix it himself which with one dark glare had him giving in within seconds. Man I haven't seen him look this scared unless it was Erza, Mira or me screaming at him to stop acting stupid, which has never stopped yet, maybe we have another girl who can scare him if we're all gone haha.

Natsu, it's funny how saying his name now sounds perfect coming out of my lips but before it felt like I had acid gargling in my mouth that I needed to spit out. Life is so funny that way and harsh but it doesn't matter because now I have not only my best friend in the world, sexiest and hottest lover in all Fiore, but the best and most caring mate ever in life. She was the luckiest girl in all of Earthland for being mated to him and being his forever.

I looked over at my over eccentric, hot-headed, strangely adorable and sexy mate walking next to me while he carries a sleepy Wendy upstairs to her room with me carrying a sleepy Carla to Wendy's room and a knocked out Anna to Annabelle's room. I love Anna as not just my partner but also like my own daughter and I wouldn't be a good mother if I let her stay in my room while her mommy had some fun with her new daddy. No that would be very wrong to her (me) that we kept her up when she's so tired out.

I walk a little faster to get in front of Natsu to get his attention a bit. "Hey Natsu can you help tuck Wendy and Carla into bed I have to talk to Annabelle about something for a second" I said softly, not knowing what I'm plotting in my head at all.

He gave me a toothy grin and nodded his head. "Yea Luce that'll be easy." he said while I lift Carla onto Wendy's lap so Natsu will be able to carry the both of them and getting them inside. Natsu started moving inside of Wendy's room but stopped to turn his head to the side to look back at me. "Hey Luce do you want me to take Anna too?" he asked me softly.

I shook my head. "No, I already know where she's gonna sleep tonight and I already decided on where you're gonna sleep tonight" I told him. I saw a flicker of disappointment in his eyes but it disappeared just as fast as it appeared and he smiled back at me responded. "Alright see you and Anna in a bit" he said softly before walking in and putting the girls to bed.

I smiled softly knowing what he was thinking but he would get a nice surprise later. I turned around and walked over to Annabelle's door listening in to see if she was awake and lucky she was this time so I decided to knock on her door.

Annabelle opened the door and looked at me with questionable eyes. "Lucy? Is there something wrong?" she asked me with only her head peaking through her door.

"No nothing is wrong I wanted to ask a favor for tonight" I said. She opened the door fully and laid her body on the side of the door to look at me with her eyebrow raised and her arms crossed. "A favor? What do you need me to do?" she asked cautiously.

"I was wondering if you could let Anna sleep with you tonight?" I asked sweetly while batting my eyes a bit and smiling. Annabelle gave me a deadpanned look and just stared me down with her arms still crossed. We stood there like that for about a minute and a half but it felt like a whole hour went by waiting for her to respond to my question. I waited another two minutes before my patience and time was running down. "Ok! What do you want me to do or get for you to do this?" I hissed at her softly.

She smirked at me before putting one finger on the side of her lip pretending to think of something. "Mmm let me think...Oh I got one! You have to do my chores for the next week and if Rogue comes here he can stay and you have to cover for me." she said with her smirk turning into devious grin. Sometimes I really wonder if she was my evil sister (Lol ^~^) because she not only thought up a reasonable deal but also figured why I'm asking her to take care Anna. She's too damn observant and smart for her own good.

I sighed and nodded my head in agreement. "Fine I'll do it but you have only two hours with him each day if it's in the morning, noon, or afternoon but at night he can stay still morning but he has to leave alright?"

"Yea alright mom" she said in a mocking tone and we shook hands on it. She took Anna from my arms and turning around to walk back into her room but I wanted to tell her one thing before she went to bed.

"Also by the end of that week I want you and Rogue to figure out what you both want to do with each other in the future because I want you two together but you have to decide on are you just going to date or do you want to be mates for life" I said softly before turning around myself to walk back to my room.

"I will I promise and thanks Lucy for everything" she whispered to me softly before closing her door to go to sleep.

I walked to my room and saw Natsu standing near the staircase. He saw me and smiled but it looked like it was a bit forced making me frown a bit in worry.

"I got Wendy and Carla all tucked in so I'll get going now I have to go and check if Happy is doing alright at Mira's place" he said while taking a couple steps downstairs.

"Where you going the day is not over yet" I said while letting my magic surged around me to requip into something more comfortable which I hope he likes my little surprise.

(Natsu POV)

I closed my eyes for a quick second and what I saw might actually break my brain but also be engraved in their forever. Luce was dressed in the sexiest lingerie I've seen her in and made me hard instantly. I felt my inner dragon roaring at seeing her practically naked right in front of me with a extremely short lace dress that had a design that I didn't care about at all but I noticed right away that she wasn't wearing a bra or panties at all so I was getting a front row seat of her perky nipples that I just want to suck on them all night and her pussy that I couldn't help imagining fucking her over and over again all night long.

"Hey Natsu~" she called out to me sweetly and I had to raise my head to look at her face which I didn't realize that I was in trance from looking at her sinful hips and her huge boobs that I love playing with.

"If you can get up here and in my room in the next two minutes you might be able to finish what we tried doing this morning" she whispered softly and winked at me before running into her room with her boobs jiggling up and down. I got out of my shock before racing up the stairs and throwing her door open to give my mate a night she'll never forget.

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