Chapter 2: Start of a New Journey

The man was cleaning up his shop when he heard his bell go off he turns around to see the girl from earlier he smiled at the thought he walks over to her "Your back I didn't think you would be back so early" smiling

Lucy looked at the man while scratching the back of head "Yea he was hard but I didn't have that much of a problem with him" laughing nervously

'If he found out that it wasn't a monster that I fought he'll never give me the money for this job so I have to play it cool with him and get the money and leave quickly' thinking

The old man goes back to working smiling happily "You must be really strong because there isn't a single scratch on your body not even a drop of sweat" laughing lowly

Her eyes widen when hearing the old man 'Oh crap' thinking, she tried to find an excuse so she can get out of this "Well what I meant he was hard he was tricky to get him but he was actually easy to get rid of" laughing nervously looking around the room randomly

The old man turned round to look at the celestial spirit mage/celestial dragonslayer "Really I went to that cave bunch of times in and out there wasn't a monster like that a single celestial spirit mage could do" smirking with his wrinkles stretching

Lucy looked at him with wide eyes she was shocked to know who was in that cave, but thinking back how nice she treated Lucy but still it was all very surprising for her "H-How did you know what was in there you went that deep into the cave to search it"

"Well If you could tell I'm a mage as well but I'm also a protector for Unolena from any human harm but of course that just means to just keep her hidden under any circumstance, but my other job was to help her find a celestial spirit mage so she can train them in the art of Dragonslaying, you must be the one she's going to train are ready to become a dragonslayer"

She nodded her head "Yes, I didn't know dragons had protectors where are the other ones?"

The old man looked down sadly "All of them died 5 years ago when some of your Fairy Tail mages got stuck on Tenrou Island I'm the only surviving dragon protector here"

Lucy looked at him with sympathy "I promise I'll do whatever can to be the best dragonslayer I can, but I have one question have you met the Dragons Igneel, Grandeeney, or Metalicana before?"

He laughed softly "Yes I have met them before a couple weeks ago"

She brightened up with excitement and anxious at the news "Really! Where please can you tell me where they are my friends are the children of each them"

He turned around quickly with a shock expression "Your friends with the dragon children! I'm so glad that they are ok, but still do you know the other dragnslayers of the first generation and any other generations?"

"Yes I do, there's Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel but there are four other dragonslayers from different generations there too, two are second generation dragonslayers and the other two are third generation"

"What are their names I may now the third generation dragonslayers"

"The two second generation dragonslayers are the Laxus Dreyar the Lightning Dragonslayer and Cobra the Poison Dragonslayer, Laxus Dreyar is in my guild and also the grandson of my master, Makarov Dreyar"

The old man smiled brightly at the hearing of that name "Oh Makarov is your master how interesting he's still alive, when you go back tell him I said hi I missed that old troublemaker" laughing out loudly

Lucy sweat dropped "Yea I'll do that, ok the third generation dragonslayer are Sting Eucliffe the Light Dragonslayer and Rogue Cheney the Shadow Dragonslayer"

The old man had a shocked expression written all over his face "What Sting and Rogue the children of the Weisslogia the White Dragon and Skiadrum the Shadow Dragon! That's impossible I never knew that both of them were training any one to become a dragonslayer"

Lucy face dropped "Yea we didn't know either but both of them said that they killed both of their parents with their bare hands, they said they are "true" dragonslayers for doing it and also put lacrima into themselves to make them even stronger"

The old men had a glare of pure anger and rage "WHAT! THEY KILLED BOTH OF THEM, I CAN'T BELIEVE THOSE BRATS KILLED THEM" he shouted grabbing his hair almost to the point of ripping his hair off his hair, he breathes so he can calm himself down "No wonder Unolena couldn't find Weisslogia for all that time because he was already dead" sighing heavily "Unolena is going to be so crushed about this"

She looked at him questionably at what he meant "What do you mean Unolena is going to be crushed, was Weisslogia an old friend of hers or something?"

He looked at her with saddened look "Weisslogia was Unolena's older brother"

Lucy's widened "Wait what! Are you serious there both related"

"Yes but of course they both went their separate ways so they never saw each other, Unolena had the stronger magic then her brother but he was stronger than her in power" he sighed putting stuff away and organizing things while talking to Lucy "He was going to show Unolena that his magic is stronger so he went off to find someone who can learn his magic and he never came back, sad thing he died because of the thing he wanted to prove to Unolena so badly" laughs softly "They were really like brother and sister in a way"

Smiled at the thought but was interrupted when the old man asked her question "I just remembered isn't there another dragonslayer besides yourself, one that belonged to Igneel"

She looked at him confused "No, Natsu was the only one that's what he said"

"Are you sure because he was training another child about a year or two younger than him, she was a little girl named Natsumi Dragneel"

Lucy's widened again from complete and utter shock "Wait what that's impossible Natsu trained with Igneel since he was kid then left on the seventh day, on the seventh month, in the seventh year how could he train another little girl without Natsu knowing it?"

The old man turned to face Lucy's and shrugged "I don't know myself maybe there something that you, your guild mates, and maybe even Natsu might not even know"

She looked down with her hands right under chin thinking about the news of a dragonslayer that no one knows about 'That's weird how didn't not know about there's maybe a another dragonslayer that none of us knew about until now and also she has the same last name as Natsu so that means he has to be either an imposter or' she gasp at the other thought 'she's his long lost sister that Natsu never knew about' she shakes her head of the thought for a second "Oh my god, Natsu may have a long lost sister he never met before after Igneel left him and he doesn't know it"

The old man gave a quick thought "Maybe, you may be the only one who could probably find out about it, wait for a second" walking away to into the back for a while and coming back as quick as he left and giving something to her as well "Here this is the money I owed you for completing the mission and here Is the location at where Natsumi is now, she's obvious in a guild but I don't know what the name is right now but when you're done with your training you can visit her and ask her about Igneel and everything"

Lucy took the money with stars in her eyes and the location of this mysterious dragonslayer but before she was about to leave she thought of something, a clue on how this new dragonslayer was now existing all of a sudden "I have an idea, maybe Igneel found her because he probably found out about Natsu and the attack at Tenrou Island seven years ago and went to find another student to teach his magic to, that would be the only logical answer"

"That would make sense but you still need to find out more before you can be sure, I'm going to go and tell Unolena the news and you get ready to go back home to say goodbye to your friends" smiling

Lucy smile back and then hugged him surprising the old man "Thank you for all your help"

The old man smiled and went over to tell Unolena and told her what happened to her beloved brother, she was shocked and started to cry over her lost brother, but then calmed down she understood how it happened and keep moving forward with everything that was happening now

Lucy looked at her 'mother' "Unolena are you going to be all right? I can start the training now if you want"

Unolena looked at her daughter with sad eyes then softened into a smile, she rubs her snout against Lucy's cheek making Lucy smile back at her "No child, you must tell your guild mates where you are going and only then will you be able to start your training, ok my child"

Lucy smiled and hugged her snout "Ok I will and I'll make you proud of me when I become a great dragonslayer"

Unolena looked at her 'daughter' and smiled with a toothy grin "Yes I believe in you, I'll help you become stronger and help you become a fantastic dragonslayer" leaning her head down "You ready to go"

Lucy nodded "Yea I'm ready" Lucy gets on Unolena's neck, she touched her fur and felt so soft, it felt like touching a cloud, her scales shinned so brightly in the sunlight it was like looking at the sun with little stars scattered around her body, she was so beautiful it felt like a dream being able to ride a dragon and to become a dragonslayer she was so excited

Unolena saw how happy Lucy was and smiled too, she chuckled thinking about how she was going to deal with flying around in the middle of the air "Ok I hope you're holding on tight because we are off" her wings opened up widely with dazzling bright white stars and glowed brightly, she flapped her wings then she was off in the air with a screaming Lucy holding on for dear life

Lucy opened her eyes and looked at the clear blue skies and started to smile brightly she spread her arms wide and felt the smooth air brush across her face and body and felt so free and full of life

"Unolena this is amazing I can't believe this really happening to me this going to be so much fun, I can't wait to start our training" laughing loudly

"Good we'll be in Magnolia in at least an hour so get ready and take what you need for your leave ok ,and try not to get into trouble when I'm gone ok" laughing lightly while saying in a motherly tone

Lucy laughs with her "I won't I promise I'll be back to go with you for our training, I'm going to miss the guys at the guild so much but I wanna become stronger so if that means going out for some train for a few years then I'll do it and I'll become one of the best dragonslayer in the world!" shouting loudly in the sky

"I know you will and I'll train you to become that, but still don't think that just because you have strong magic you'll always win you have to also train and get better at controlling it completely and feeling the magic deep down inside of you grow, and the most important thing to do always is"

Lucy asking anxiously "What, what is it?"

"To protect the people you care about, I want you to always remember that ok Lucy if nothing else just that promise"

Lucy smiled "Yea I promise Unolena always" hugging her neck while closing her eyes drifting off to sleep

Unolena noticed that Lucy fell asleep so she continued to fly to Magnolia and let Lucy get some sleep before she left on her big adventure

(Outside far away in Magnolia's forest)

Unolena landed in a desolate part of the forest, she sniffed the air to see if it was safe and when she felt like it was safe enough she looked over to see if Lucy was still awake or not and went to go wake her up

"Lucy, Lucy, Lucy wake up" rubbing her snout against Lucy's face trying to wake her up

She groans at the actions "Ugh five more minutes mom" tying to go back to sleep

Unolena's eyes widened at what she said and then smiled, she breathed in amount of air then blew it in Lucy's face making her hold on to her fur for dear life

Lucy screaming "Ok, Ok, Ok! I'm up I'm up" wiping the hair off her face and trying to straighten her hair which was in a complete mess

Smiling at the sleepy blond "You finally awake, were here in Magnolia"

Lucy looked around not knowing the area they were in "Are you sure, I don't see Magnolia anywhere"

"Try smelling the air you'll know it"

Lucy looked at her with confusion, then did what she said and started to sniff the air and in a second she recognized the smell it was Magnolia for sure "I smell it were right outside of Magnolia" smiling brightly "So this is how it is when dragonslyers smell no wonder Natsu and the others are so good at tracking people and hearing things no one can it's so cool!"

Unolena nodded "Yes we are and you need to go and get ready before it gets dark"

Lucy nodded in agreement she jumped off of Unolena's neck and landed perfectly she turned around and gave Unolena a kiss on the snout before sprinting off to the direction of Magnolia "Bye Unolena I'll be back soon"

Unolena stood there in shock looking at the blond running away seeing her figure get smaller and smaller until she wasn't there anymore she smiled "Yes I know you will"

(Right in Front of Lucy's House)

She stared at her house like It was the last she was going to see it "Wow it's going to be a while before I be back here again, well I need to get ready to go and tell everyone the news" she opens her door to her house and starts packing everything she wants and needs for her training and starts walking to the guild with her things about to get ready to leave the guild for a new adventure

She walks into the guild with her bag walking over to the bar where Mira was cleaning glasses "Hey Mira, I'm back from my mission"

Mira looked up and smiled "Hey Lucy how was your mission did you complete it"

"Yea I did and I got the full reward this time" laughing

Mira giggled "Good I'm proud that you did a hard mission all by yourself"

"Thanks Mira" she hesitated for second to ask Mira then took a deep breath before asking "Hey Mira can you do a huge favor for me"

Mira looked at her "Yea what is it?"

"Can you pay for my rent for the next three years because I'm leaving to go off for training and I know I won't be able to pay for it because I'll be gone for so long, so could you help me out with that, I promise I'll pay you back but I really need your help here Mira, so will you do it?" looking at Mira expression

Mira stood there like a statue "Your leaving for three years, why?"

"I'm going to train, I don't feel strong right now so I'm going to go off to train so I can come back and be at the level of Natsu, Gray, and Erza so I can become a helpful addiction to their team, not just a cheerleader" looking down sadly

Mira saw this and smiled softly "Ok, I'll do it Lucy"

Lucy eyes widened with shock but then smiled brightly while jumping over the table to hug her "Thank you Mira so much you're the best"

"Well if you better promise me you'll come back in 3 years or we'll go off and find you ok" laughing

"I promise just you wait Mira I'm gonna come back stronger than ever before" showing a look of determination

Mira smiled "I know you will, I believe in you completely" hugging Lucy tightly having Lucy return the hug smiling

Lucy and Mira ended the hug with tears in their eyes but smiling again and laughing too at what happened, she got up too do a couple things before she goes off

"Hey Mira is the master here, I need to ask for permission to leave for my training" looking down "I never thought I would say that but its happening" laughs lightly

"Yea he's in his office right now I think you can see him" grabs Lucy's wrist before she went looking deep into Lucy's eyes "I want you to know that none of us think your weak at all ok, ever"

Lucy smiled "I know but I have to prove that to myself first and when I do I'll come back and we'll go on lots of jobs and new adventures together" smiling brightly

Mira let go while Lucy walked into the master's office she started having tears fall down her cheeks but keeping a smile on her face thinking about the future and her friend's safety 'We'll really miss you Lucy you were the glue who kept Fairy Tail together I don't what we'll do without you her and especially Natsu'

Lucy knocked on the door and asked if the master was in there "Hello master are you there?"

Master looked up and saw Lucy "Oh hello child come in, what brings you to my office?"

Lucy walked over to his desk trying to clear her dry throat, trying to find the right words to tell him "Um well master I wanted to talk to you about if I can leave for a while, I wanted to start training so I can become stronger so I can be a better at helping protect my teammates and nakama"

"Of course you can, how long are you leaving for?"

Lucy looked away from her master's eyes "Um about three years"

Master's eyes shot right of his eyes with shock "Y-you want to leave for three years? What for my child?"

"Because I don't feel like I'm strong enough to be put in Fairy Tail's strongest team if I can't help out in fights or in any big missions if I'm always getting saved by everyone, I just want to work hard and become a great addition to their team, that's all I ever wanted"

He looked down for second "This is what you really want"

Lucy nodded her head "Yes master more than anything in the world"

He sighed "Ok, I'll let you go but you have to come back in three years, if you leave Fairy Tail may not be the same" laughing to brighten up the mood

Lucy started to cry and she gave Makarov and big hug, he was surprised but returned the hug "We'll miss you so much Lucy just come back to us ok"

She nodded her head, she wiped her tears away and smiled leaving the office but stopped before she left "Master I'll always come back, Fairy Tail is my home now and I would never leave even if I tried to you guys find me wherever I am" laughing

Makarov turned his seat around so she wouldn't see his tears "Just be careful you little brat ok"

Lucy giggled to herself "I will, bye master" she said her goodbye while closing the door leaving the crying Makarov trying to hold his emotions failing miserably

Lucy walked around the guild telling everyone that she's going it hurt Levy the most but she promised she'll be back with stories for when she's done, she told Mira to tell Gray, Natsu, and Erza that she would be leaving, she was about to leave until she heard three familiar voices burst through the door

"Hey guys were back" saying a loud pink haired mage

"Lucy walked in their direction she hugged Gray and Erza in a tight embrace that confused both of the mages then looked at Natsu, Natsu standing there wondering what was going with his teammate but before he had any more thoughts on the matter he was also pulled into a tight hug

"Hey Luce are you ok your acting kind of weird" laughing nervously

Lucy looked up at him then grabbed his head and kissed Natsu straight on the lips shocking him and the entire guild before he could return the kiss she parted away "I'll miss you guys so much I love all of you so much, especially you Natsu I love you so much but I gotta go now see you goodbye" she ran past the three with great speed running back to where Unolena was leaving Erza, Gray and Natsu to process what happened

Natsu touched his lips remembering the feel of Lucy's lips on his he had a slight pink line go across his face and then he turned to look at Mira, he quickly walked over to her asking what just happened "Mira what is Lucy talking about why did she say she's going to miss us, is she going somewhere for a mission and didn't tell us"

Mira looked away "No she didn't do that she's going to be gone for a while, but she'll be back I promise"

"Well how long is she leaving for? A couple days or a week or 2, how long?" Natsu asking anxiously

Mira closed her eyes while breathing in to clear her throat; she sighed and looked at Natsu, Erza and Gray's faces and told them everything "Lucy is leaving Fairy Tail for three years to go off for training" she saw the expression on Erza and Gray's face was full of complete and utter shock but Natsu just started to laugh sort of like a madman everyone including Mira looked at him like he was crazy

Natsu still laughing "Hahahaha Mira wow you really got me there man I can't believe that I thought you said "Lucy's leaving Fairy Tail for three years" man you're really good Mira" he started to calm himself down but still was slightly laughing still "But seriously how long will Lucy be out?"

"Natsu it's true she's leaving for some training because she doesn't feel like she's strong enough to be on your team, so she's leaving for three years to go off and become stronger, I'm so sorry guys I couldn't stop her even if I wanted to" a single tear ran down her cheek

Natsu stood there dumbstruck at what Mira said he felt like his heart was going to shatter into a million pieces thinking that his best friend and maybe the love of his life was leaving for three years what was going to do without her she was always with him no matter in what situation they were together but what about now when she's leaving because she doesn't feel worthy of being on his team what was he going to do?

Natsu turned around and rushed to go find Lucy as quick as possible, moving anyone who was in his way, Mira screamed for him to stop but it didn't work he ran to find Lucy, usually she would be fangirling about that NaLu is finally happening after all this time but wasn't the greatest of moments to have it at this time Mira sighed knowing that no can stop Natsu if he put something on his mind to do there would be nothing or nobody who would be able to stop him that's how he is

Natsu's sprinting trying to find Lucy before she left feeling like his heart was going to jump right out of his chest he looked almost every possible place to find her then out of nowhere he caught her scent he raced to where the scent was the strongest and followed it trying to find her before he never got to express what he feels about her

(Magnolia Forest)

Lucy was almost close to where Unolena was but she wasn't worried about getting there late or early she kept thinking about what she did at the guild and especially with Natsu

Lucy thinking 'I can't believe I kissed Natsu before I left I was doing it with pure instinct or something I didn't even think if he liked me back or not, well I'll find out when I get back but maybe by then he founds someone else and I'm stuck alone again' she sighs sadly 'Well it's my fault for getting my hopes up for nothing I'll just leave Natsu alone for a while so he can think about what he feels for me and what I feel for him, but for now we'll stay friends, if that's possible'

She suddenly stops walking hearing twigs snapping she turns around with her hands on her keys waiting for the sound to come out but before she summons any of her spirits she little things of pink, she squints her eyes to get a better look and notice that it's Natsu running to her

Lucy shocked at what she's seeing "N-Natsu"

Natsu laid his hands on his knees so he can catch his breath panting and trying to talk all at the same time

"Pant…Lucy where….are you going…." Breathing heavily

She looked at him with confusion "What are you doing here Natsu didn't Mira tell you everything about what was happening?"

He breathed in deeply before answering "Yea but I didn't believe it at first and besides" he starts blushing "And you kissed me without telling me why"

"Oh yea, I'm sorry that I did that I was feeling excited and I-" Lucy's eye widened having Natsu lips contact with hers she at first didn't respond but then relaxed into the kissed, they both parted away both connected their heads together with their eyes closed

"Wow that was amazing I didn't know you felt that way about me" smiling

Natsu chuckles "Yea, I didn't at first but after I found out that you were leaving I felt like my heart was dropping because you were going to leave me, I couldn't let that happen I had to tell you something before you go"

"What is it Natsu?" looking into Natsu's dark eyes

"That I'm in love with you Lucy, I've always have I just never noticed it at first but now I know that there's only you Lucy" looking deep into Lucy's brown eyes, he always loved those eyes full of brightness and joy he never wanted to see it filled with sadness and he would make sure of it for now on when she comes back

"I'm in love with you too, I had feelings for you but I was afraid that if I asked you wouldn't feel the same way and our friendship would be ruined by my decisions and feelings, I didn't want that"

Natsu pulled Lucy into a sweet embrace "Well you don't have to worry about that anymore, right?" looking at Lucy's face and giving her his signature toothy smile

She looks up at him and smiles softly while both leaned in close to give each other a passionate and heated kiss, when they parted they looked at each other with love and so much passion "I love you Luce" Lucy responded "I love you too Natsu"

They gave each other one last hug before saying goodbye to each other, but before they let go Natsu smelt something that he didn't notice before and certain smell he recognized but it was different sort of pure in a way

He asked Lucy "Hey Luce I smell something weird that's in the air" sniffing around the air

Lucy looked up at him with a raised eyebrow "What do you mean Natsu?"

Natsu keep sniffing but couldn't put his finger on the smell, Lucy took a small whiff so Natsu wouldn't see and then smelt what he was smelling, her eyes widened in shock at the familiar smell

Lucy thought 'Oh no Unolena, I forgot that Natsu can smell really well so he must of picked up on her scent what do I do' she thought for second then idea came to mind 'I got it!'

Natsu kept thinking and trying to think of the certain smell, but then he felt Lucy put two hands on his face pulling him closer to hers and have Lucy's lips connect with his again but this time it was so much more passionate then last time she let her tongue slip into his mouth and how she moved her head to deepen the kiss, he returned with the same intensity but was stopped when Lucy moved away with a smile and blush across her face, he looked at her with full on lust feeling like he wanted to take her right there right now in that forest but he knew she had to leave so he would wait for that time to come, soon enough it will happen

Lucy smiled at the shock expression he gave her but she knew she had to leave soon so she had to tell him he had to go so she can leave

Lucy broke the stare down after the sweet moment with her fire dragonslayer "Natsu I got to go before it gets dark, I have to leave now"

Natsu partially got out of his high from the passionate kiss they had together and shook his head in response "Ok"

Lucy turned the other way around and started to walk away but heard Natsu call out to her she quickly turns around hearing what he said because of her new dragonslayer abilities

Natsu called out "You better come back in three years Luce, if you don't I'm gonna go and find you, wherever you are" smiling with his toothy grin

She smiled "Ok I promise, and I already know that you'd do that anyway if I didn't come back but yea I'll come back to Fairy Tail in three years, I really got to go Natsu"

Natsu laughed "Fine you'll always be on my mind when you're gone, I love you Lucy" blowing a kiss to her

She giggled catching the pretend air kiss and then placing it on her lips while blowing on to Natsu, he did the same thing she did, she responded back to him "I love you to Natsu bye!" sprinting into the forest

He watched her figure become smaller and smaller then disappearing completely he gives off a sad smile "Bye Lucy, please just come back to me" he starts running back to the guild to tell everyone what happened, totally forgetting the strange smell that he noticed earlier and now only thinking about Lucy and how she would return to him once again

(Unolena's hideout)

Unolena was peacefully sleeping but then started to smell a familiar scent and woke up looking out where the familiar scent was coming from and then saw a blond girl run up to her out of breath trying to catch her breath

Unolena smiles "Well you're here and on time too"

Lucy panting heavily "Yea sorry I took too long, I was talking with one of my friends before I came here" walking over to Unolena's side looking up at her

She asked "Ok I'm ready to go I said my goodbyes and told everyone that I'm leaving, I'm ready to go off and train with you to become a dragonslayer" smiling

Unolena looked at her and noticed that she was sad about leaving but knew she would return one day and be back with her family again, she smiled back and leaned her down so Lucy could jump on, Lucy jumped up and got on her neck and was waiting anxiously to go

Unolena asked "Are you ready?"

Lucy nodded "Yep, I'm ready to go out on a new journey with you to become a dragonslayer" smiling throwing her fist in the air

Unolena smiled and let her wings spread out so she can get ready to fly "Ok if you are then let's get going!" yelling the last word flapping her wings in the air making her take off within an instant making also Lucy scream her head off with excitement and joy

Lucy smiling brightly at the thought of having new adventures with Unolena but also thinking about what will she be like when all of her training is over with and she returns to Fairy Tail as a new dragonslayer and what will her relationship be with Natsu when she gets back, she shrugged it off knowing that it's going to be In the future she had all the time in the world to think about that later now she had to think about what fun things will happen when training with Unolena she was so excited about the new adventures she was going to have with her

Both flying into the sunset into a new future and new day that was waiting for a certain new dragonslayer named Lucy Heartfilia the Celestial Dragonslayer

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