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Chapter 5

I followed Clint into a shooting range and he picked up a training bow from the racks before grabbing a small quiver of arrows. He held the bow out to me and I looked up at him.

"Go ahead. Take it in your hands." He smiled kindly and I obeyed.

The bow was light in my hands as I held it. I ran my fingers across the bow and the bowstring, and I heard the sound of an arrow being taken out of the quiver.

"First thing's first," he said. "Hold the bow at your side, holding the bow with your left hand, since you're a righty."

I did so and he handed me the arrow. I held the arrow in my right hand twirled it around my fingers before glancing at the tip. It was blunt and I realized that it was a training arrow.

"The end of the arrow has a small clip to attach it to the bowstring, so slide the arrow's end into the bowstring and you should hear a soft click."

I nodded before sliding the arrow's end towards the bowstring and sure enough, there was a soft clicking sound.

"Good. Now raise the bow with your left hand and carefully pull the arrow back with your right hand, the arrow resting between your two fingers. Not your thumb. You should be strong enough now to fire a lightweight bow, but for now, you can work with a lightweight."

I managed a small smile before turning sideways, and raising the bow before pulling the bowstring back towards my cheek, the arrow between my two fingers. I narrowed my eyes and aimed the bow at the target before taking a deep breath. I took another deep breath before letting go of the bowstring. The arrow flew towards the target and just missed the target by an inch.

As I lowered the bow to see where the arrow had hit, I saw a small spark igniting on the end of the arrow. My eyes widened and the spark suddenly disappeared.

"Is something wrong?" Clint questioned as he saw my eyes grow wide and my shoulders tense.

"No." I quickly answered. "Everything's fine."

He nodded and smiled slightly. "With a bit more practice, you'll probably be as good as me."

"Tasha says that I'm already really good with a gun."

"And I thinks she believes that you'll be a damn good SHIELD agent."

I smiled and nodded. I just hope she's right…

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