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FORGOTTEN'S POV: (aka: Percy)

I sat in forest do dense trees grew into each other and multiple trees had grown into massive trees, the mortals had a name for this place but it slipped my mind. I never really remembered anything like names as I stopped trying many years ago; my fire burned a low temperature as the snow fell around me in a light manor.

I like the snow the feeling of the ice crystals falling on my skin that wasn't covered by my pure white cloak. The cloak was simple white nothing special about it well other than it wouldn't break, but that was it didn't change colors or anything else. I sat silent listening to the sound of the nature around me.

The silence brought me back to the when I first awoke, I was floating in a black space so vast but so empty at the same time. But I sat silently thinking of what I was, but that didn't last for a mere millennia as new beings suddenly appeared in the blackness with me. It was a crying baby girl I just watched as she grew into a fine young woman.

She called herself Chaos the creator, I could feel her power radiating off her in mass waves unlike me. I had learned to suppress my power long ago as I watched her create the universe, it was a fine invention but I could tell it wasn't perfect as she intended it to be. But with the creation of the universe I saw different ones split off from the original one.

With every decision she made or any organism that made a choice I could see a new dimension split off of it and those split as well. She couldn't see the dimensions she created but I could, I could actually traverse the dimensions. I did this for years until I witness the destruction of my first universe, it was a sight I wished to never see again but again and again it happened.

But as the civilizations in the original universe began to expand and increase I returned it, but when I did I found out the original universe had sealed itself with multiple other universes creating roads for normal people could travel. With this it ensured its survival of a universe as I settled in, but that was almost 7.2 trillion years ago as I entered this universe watching over.

I merely watch until one day Chaos found me as I watched over one of her children Gaea, she took me to her palace to figure out what I was.


"Who are you boy?" She asked me as I was strapped down to the chair as I watched her with a emotionless mask I always wore.

"I am me and you are you what else do you need to know?" I asked her in my voice that seemed to surprise her a little; it was that of middle adults as I forever remained the body age of a 21 year old.

"I mean you name you imbecilic." She said as I just continued to look at her as I moved a little.

"I have no name as I have not given myself one, but if you what to call me a name please by all mean chose one. I won't remember it anyways." I said as I mumbled the last part as she seemed to get a little mad.

"What do you mean you have no name, you must have a name your parents gave you?" She said as I still looked at her with my emotionless mask.

"I don't have parents that I know off Chaos, but I will tell you one thing the day you came into the universe I saw it how did you chose your name?" I asked her as she took a step back.

"That's not possible I was the first being of the universe how do you even know my name I haven't even told you it?" She asked in a harsher voice as she let out a little wave of power, it had no effect on me.

"The same way I know that this universe is your twelfth design you had for it, the same way I know that when you came into existence you were wrapped in black blanket. I know that you turned that blanket with magic into the very dress you were now." I finished as she almost fainted.

"How do you know that?" She said in a nervous voice as she had to sit down from the information I revealed.

"Because like I said I came into existence before you, I watched you grow and make the universe all those years ago. So please let me go, but I must tell you something please don't capture me again I like staying on Gaea's surface gives me a feeling of belonging I don't want to be taken from that again." I said as I simply stood up as my restraints just disappeared.

"Wait what should I call you then, you must have something you go by?" She said standing up as I began to warp out.

"I go by the Forgotten." I said as space warped and sucked me back to Gaea's surface.

Flashback End:

It has been many years since then as I watched the earth grow, I just simply watched from a distance not helping at all as I watched the world grow. I remembered the day the first titan was born then their brothers and sisters, I watched as the gods were born and overthrew the titans.

I watched man and women develop the world into a master piece of their minds, but I still remind watching from a distance. Occasionally spread an idea around to help them just a little here and there. But I never did more than what was need in times of need, but I still remind vigilant on this earth.

But after so many years apparently the gods caught a sniff of my power and requested I meet them, that was the day I didn't do as I was asked as I simply watch Zeus get infuriated that I didn't listen to him. But that brings us to today in the year 2000 ad in human years as I sit on my log watching my fire.

I had befriended a small rabbit as I fed it some carrot I summoned; I smiled as he nibbled on the carrot thankfully.

'So I guess you have a family to feed huh.' I mentally talked to the rabbit.

'Yes sir I do seven mouths to feed.' He said back as I just smiled as I petted him.

'Here take these carrots to your family it should be enough for a while I guess.' I summoned ten carrots as his ears went straight up.

'Thank you sir you have no idea what it means to me.' He grabbed a carrot and began hopping away to were the den lay, I just watched as he got all of them. He said his thanks and left leaving me again alone in my little area of trees.

"I wonder if there is anybody else around here?" I said in a whisper as a silver arrow passed my head straight into a tree I was sitting by.

"I guess that answers my question." I said again as I heard the trees rustle as another five arrows shot towards me. I simply just leaned back as the arrows sailed over my body into the tree, I hear a couple of curses as I extended my senses around us to find thirty demigods, one demi titan, and a Olympian god.

"Please come out I can sense all of you!" I shouted as the rustling stopped as thirty two women decked out in silver jackets and black pants came out of their hiding places.

"Geeze I thought you killed him already?" One said as one cursed at her to shut up, then they started to get in an argument as I watched them fight. It stopped as soon as what seemed to be a twelve year old girl, she raised her hand as they stopped fighting with each other.

"Please you two you will make a mockery of yourself, I can sense he is no normal human. You what is your name." She said with power as I realized she was the goddess of the hunt.

"My name is not of importance to you Phoebe Artemis." I said as she suddenly drew an arrow and fired it at me, I caught the arrow as she seemed amazed did.

"How do you know my full name not even the other Olympian gods know it!" She yelled at me as I tossed back the arrow to her feet.

"I know much about you and your hunters so don't be amazed when your true name comes up, but since you asked for my name it is Forgotten." I finished as she looked furious at me, the hunters looked like they wanted to murder me along with her.

"Forgotten what kind of name is that?" She said out loud as I looked up at her.

"I named myself that long ago before you were born along with all of your hunters, I am what you could call a watcher of this world." I said as she looked at me like she was going to stab me.

"That can't be Artemis is older than you will ever be!" One girl spat at me as I raised eyebrow under my hood.

"Silence Kelsey S. Halling daughter of Apollo, found in Oregon underneath a burning building. Two huntresses sacrificed their live to save you that day, so I do not wish to hear another word out of your foul mouth." I spat at her as she suddenly collapsed on her knees as the shock that I knew that hit her.

"How did you know that only Artemis knew that?" She said in tears as the memory pooled her mind, other hunters rushed to her side as Artemis still looked at me like I was nothing.

"Boy, come with me we are going to Olympus." She said drawing a arrow as I sighed at her antics.

"Artemis please don't make me have you regret this please don't." I said as she fired the arrow into my hood as I pulled it back, as my face revealed itself Artemis and the other gasped.

I had pure white hair and fair skin that was a little on the white side, my face was exceedingly handsome even goddesses fell for my looks. My eyes were deep sea green but had a hint of white in them; even my eyebrows were white as they looked at me.

"What it's like you have seen a ghost." I said as they continued to look at me, I stood up as I toward over all of them at my impressive sixe five.

"Oh I see I must still have on my power of what my face looks like, or as I call it mask of fear." My face didn't look like what it really looked like at all to them, instead they saw my face as someone they truly feared from the depths of their hearts.

I took a step forward as a majority of the girls crumpled to the ground; some held their head screaming that I shouldn't be alive. Others fainted as they peed themselves, but Artemis was shaking in fear as I stepped closer to her. She fumbled for her bow but failed to notch an arrow as I closed in to her; finally I reached her slowly grabbing her bow as she fell back as I dropped the bow to my side.

"I wonder what you see Artemis, what face paralyzes you in your tracks. Is it a long dead enemy or is it something that you wish not to remember so you cast it aside. Please tell me and I might stop this magic and let you bring me to Olympus with you." I said as I walked to the goddess as she backed up until she hit a tree on her back, I leaned down so I was not more than a few inches from her face as she shivered in fear.

"Who are you?" She said in a shaky voice as I smiled at her.

"I am me you are you what else is there." I said as I put my hand forward and stroked some of her auburn hair; it was so soft it was like silk as it slid around in my fingers as I watched it move.

"But what face am I to you please tell me so that you can do your job, I promise I will comply with every order you have if you do." I said again I already knew the answer as I couldn't help but smell her hair, it smelled of the forest my most favorite sent even.

The pine trees and the dew on the grass, all of it that made it seem so simple but so complex instead of what you might think it ever was. A balance of smells that nature itself made, it was bliss to me as I finished smelling her hair as she responded

"You are Orion, my greatest mistake that I will never live down." She said as I smiled at her as I canceled the spell, but as I did she let out a small yelp and punched me in the face. Well at least tried as her hand passed straight through my head like mist, I stood up and dusted myself off as I looked around at the carnage.

Most of the hunters were looking at me with pure rage in their eyes, while some others were still shaking in fear. The one who fainted was Kelsey as the face that I showed her was her abusive father that died in the fire.

"So take me away moon goddess you played my little game so it is time I play yours, take me to the throne room of the gods so I can hear Zeus go on and on about how great he is." At this one hunter snickered but got a punch to the arm by Artemis's first in command Zoë Nightshade.

"Very well but if you ever do that again to us I will castrate you." She said pulling out her hunting knife and flashing it too me.

"Don't worry I won't the reason I had the power on it because I forgot about it, I promise on the Styx it won't happened again." I said to her with a grin as she sneered at me and tried to punch me again but just like last time it passed right through me.

"Gods dammit why can I hit you?" She angry screamed as I chuckled as I put handcuffs on my arms.

"Because, you have to believe you can hit me." I said as she tried to stab me but it did the same time.

"Tell me now." She said angrily as she glared at me as the hunters were starring daggers into my back.

"I have a power active that protects me from harm of other people, but I can't harm people when I have this on either." I said as she just let out a breath and slowly poked my hand as her eyes went static with excitement she could touch me.

"Well come on I don't have all day." I said as she lightly pinched me on the hand as she gave me I will kill you later smile and me flashed to Olympus.


With a flash we appeared out front the elevator to Olympus, my guess Artemis did this so she could show off she caught me. As we walked to the throne room I noticed goddesses looking at me with a tint of gold on their cheeks. I winked at one as she and her friends gasped and giggled off, I earned another pinch from Artemis as I did that though.

But suddenly someone shout through my midsection as if they were trying to tackle me, they landed on the ground and rolled to a standing up position as they dusted herself off.

"Aphrodite what are you doing?" Artemis said as Aphrodite turned around to see the moon goddess glaring at her.

"Oh I see finally caught you another male play thing, after your done with this hunk can I have him." She purred as she leaned up against me and ran her hand across my chest feeling my muscle build underneath it.

"He isn't my play thing he is someone I found that might be of interest to us in the future, he even knew my true name." She hissed the last part as Aphrodite seemed taken back.

"You do?" She asked me as I nodded as she stepped back from me.

"Yeah I do but I won't be telling you anytime ever Aphrodite Cytherea." I said as her face went white as her makeup allowed, Artemis looked up at me with a shocked face as I gave her a wink. I stepped closer to her and went to her ear and whispered something.

"Even if she did let you have me you wouldn't last an hour at your best, but I might just see if you can later tonight after the throne room meeting." I said as she blushed full gold as I walked past her as Artemis fallowed me.

"Cytherea huh I had no idea." Artemis said as she hadn't figured out what I whispered to her.

"Yep I remember the day was came to life to." I said as Artemis seemed to look at me with a little anger but curiosity also.

"Forgotten just how old are you?" She asked as I thought about it.

"Roughly 13 trillion something around that I think it may be a little more I don't know." I said as Artemis just stopped walking and looked at me.

"W-What?" She asked again as I answered her.

"13 trillion." I said as she just stood stunned as she looked me over.

"But how, Chaos is at best 9 trillion years old." She said as I nodded to her.

"I know she is I watched her grow up and design the universe, but I won't tell you all I know just yet lets go inside that I will reveal it all to you." I said as I she realized we reached the throne room, she opened up the door with a little push as the right door opened to reveal all but one Olympian.

"Were is Hades, I realize I haven't been here in a few millennia but I thought he was a Olympian?" I asked Artemis as we walked into the middle of the room.

"It's complicated." Was all she had to say as she went over to her throne and grew to her godly height and sat down.

"Artemis what are you doing with this male, did he see you naked or something." Hera said as Artemis shot her an 'I will hurt you later' glance.

"No I have brought him here today as I think he is someone who possesses great power without our knowledge." She said as Zeus's ears perked up.

"What about his powers, what are they?" Apollo asked looking up from a car magazine.

"I don't know he hasn't displayed anything that would suggest his powers are connected to a domain of nature that is for sure." She said as I sat down on a chair someone summoned for me.

"Wait why did you bring him here then?" Demeter asked as Artemis coughed once.

"He brought down my entire hunt with a simple one of his powers, but I have brought him here to possible help us in the upcoming war. Plus he claims that he is older that everyone here, even Chaos herself." She finished as Zeus and Ares let out a laugh.

"Ha you think this week immortal is older than Chaos herself, I must say I thought you weren't that gullible Artemis." Zeus said as Artemis clenched her fist, I guess they didn't have the greatest of father daughter relationship.

"Well tell us your name stranger." Hera said as Artemis was glaring daggers at Zeus.

"It is Forgotten, but I can change it if you people feel fit that it is too hard to remember. I do realize that there are some lower intelligence people present." I said as Athena coughed once covering a laugh but Apollo just let out a sting of laughs, but then stopped thinking of what I just said. Zeus didn't seem to get what I was getting at as I did it though, even Hera let out a stifled laugh as everyone else did.

"How about Percy?" Everyone turned to see Hestia tending to the fire as she suggested the idea, to be honest it sounded like a nice name much easier that Forgotten.

"I like it." I said as she smiled and disappeared in a column of flame, leaving the room in a silence as I looked back at them.

"I guess you can call me Percy then, it is easier to say than forgotten and much shorter." I said as they nodded with agreement as I changed my name.

"Well than Percy why did you attack my daughter hunt?" Zeus asked in a calm demeanor.

"I didn't attack them they attacked me for no reason what so ever, I simply dodge their blows. But Artemis shot off my hood revealing my face, but I had forgotten I had a magic on my face. It shows your greatest fear or really the person or thing you fear the most." I said as he glanced at Artemis as she nodded.

"Well that is interesting but I must ask you, you claim that you are older than Chaos prove it." Zeus said.

"The thing is I can't prove it to you but I do know more about you than you all know about each other. Every full name, every child, everything about you I know don't test me Zeus for you have a very large list that I know about. Things that if I told the throne room right now you probably would be beaten to death by each to them at least once." I said as he paled as Hera scoffed so I decided to show I was not lying.

"Hera Argeia or Juno goddess of marriage and family, I know even though that you are the goddess of marriage you have had one child that was not Zeus's it was conceived in 123 B.C. His name was john he was a bright boy but Zeus unknowingly thought he was a child of Poseidon and killed him in a lightning storm." I said as she seemed to have mixed emotions as I stared into her thinking eyes as she didn't look at anyone.

"No I didn't…" She said as I looked at Apollo what responded to my unasked question.

"She is lying…" He said in a breath he let out as everyone just looked at me then Hera not knowing what to do. Zeus just glared at me as lightning bolt in his hand came to life.

"You will die!" He screamed as he threw the bolt at me, but it just stopped a foot from me frozen in time as lightning froze around it as it arced off the ground. I simply reached up and plucked it out of the air as I suddenly melted in my hands into a puddle of molten liquid. Everyone was silent as it happened even Zeus just watched as I destroyed his master bolt with ease.

"What are you?" He asked backing up in his seat as the lightning disappeared into nothing and I was left with the puddle of molten liquid by my feat.

"I am Percy an immortal who knows all; I have lived here longer than you all have combined. I am here peacefully on this planet because it is simply my favorite, I love the nature around this planet it calms me down puts me at peace." I said in my chair as I sat down as they still looked at me with scared faces.

"What are your powers then?" Artemis blurted out as my face went sour she looked at me weird like.

"I wish not to tell you they are very delicate to handle, that is all I can tell you." I said as Zeus looked a little mad.

"Why can't you tell us?" He asked as I looked up at him like he was unimportant.

"Because if I did you would want me to use them for your own advantages and if I don't you will want to kill me. If you try to kill me I will have to leave this planet I wish not to do that so I cannot show you, but one day I will tell you don't worry." I said as he frowned as sat back down looking at his melted weapon.

"What about my bolt then if you come in peace?" He asked angrily as I looked down at the cooled puddle of molten medal.

"Don't worry about it I will fix it for you when I leave, but that is not important at the time. I heard you guys finally found out the titans are rising again huh." I said as they looked at me in disbelief.

"How did you know, we only found out yesterday?" Athena asked out loud.

"I have known the moment I felt Kronos's present stir a little more than three months ago, I think the goddess of knowledge should know these things." I said to her as she blushed golden at me.

"Wait does that mean you will help us in this war?" Artemis asked me as I looked at her.

"Yes I will but only at when you need me most, in the mean time I will stay with the demigods at camp half blood." I said as she looked at me with worried eyes.

"In that form?" Aphrodite asked as I looked down at my adult form.

"I guess you are right what is the average age of a demigod at the camp?" I asked as Athena answered for them.

"Fifteen and a half." She said as I nodded thanking her.

"I will alter my image tomorrow when I go to camp, I believe we are done here." I said as everyone nodded, except for Zeus.

"Wait what about my weapon?" He asked as I again looked down at puddle of melted metal.

I waved my hand and suddenly the weapon returned to its normal form and flew back to Zeus, he grabbed it out of the air as he flashed away not caring about anybody else. Slowly I talked to some gods about things they wanted to know, like if I had any kids.

After I answered the last question from Apollo all that were Artemis and Hera as she was still sulking over her lost child. Artemis walked over to me and lightly slapped me on the head as I looked at her.

"What?" I asked her as she pinched me.

"Go apologize to her that was deeply personal to her." She said as I looked up at Hera who had her head in her arms as she cried.

"Fine I will make it better." I said as I walked up to Hera's throne, after a little she looked up with red eyes and glared at me.

"What do you want boy?" She growled at me as I sighed this wasn't going to go down very simply. After a minute of thinking I thought of the perfect I'm sorry gift.

"Hera I am sorry for what I told them about you, please forgive me and accept my gift of apology." I said bowing to her as she looked up from her arms and glared at me.

"What could you offer that will change the fact I had child my husband killed that was not his, what will make me better that you told my whole family that I did have a child that was not Zeus's." He hissed at me as I looked up at her with my sea green eyes, suddenly they flashed white as Hera looked at them.

With a whisper that no one could hear suddenly a ripper started to form by right in front of me, the ripple began to look distorted as colors mixed until perfect semi-circle of black formed right in front of me. It only took half a second for it to happen as the blackness formed, suddenly a sucking sound was heard as the blackness suddenly disappeared leaving a blank with something in it in front of me.

Hera looked at me with question as I gently picked up the bundle; I motioned for Artemis and Hera to come closer without words as Hera shrunk to her normal human size and came forward with question.

"Percy what did you do?" Artemis said she tried to catch a glimpse of what was in the bundle of blankets.

"Hera promise me you will not tell anyone what I am about to show you or what I have just done, if you swear on the Styx I will show you what I have done." I said as she nodded and took the oath as did Artemis for good measure.

"Hera I present to you your son I brought back to from the past, I have made him immortal but he is still a demigod. I hope you enjoy my gift because it is one I might not ever give again." I said as I handed her the baby as she looked down at the baby as he opened his eyes revealing the same one as Hera's.

"John…" She asked as the baby giggled and grabbed at her hair as Hera went to tears of joy.

"How can I ever thank you Percy?" She asked as she cuddled the baby as she seemed truly happy at that time.

"You can't thank me for this, just think of it as apology for what I did to you today." I said stepping away from her, leaving the mother and her child Artemis caught up to me as she seemed ready to explode with questions.

"You can only ask one and if it is the right question I will answer it." I said as she seemed to think about it as I stopped as she paced thinking about what to ask, finally she thought of something.

"Why did you really do it, why did you help Hera with her child that died?" She asked me.

"Because no matter what I don't think any child should suffer like I did for so long, I did it to prevent another child who didn't even know his mother be reborn." I said as Artemis looked at me stunned.

I just walked past her as she pinched me again.

"Ow what was that for?" I said in a childish voice as she pinched me again.

"Not such a bad person as I thought for a male." She said as she was gone in a silver flash as I was left all alone in the middle of the giant pathway to the throne room.

"Well I guess I will take Aphrodite up with that offer I gave her." I said as I detoured around the paths as I finally found the temple I was looking for.

Bright pink and red temple that looked like a place where dressers are design. As I walked up to the door I simply nocked once as, in a second I heard someone come to the door and open it.

"Well looks like Percy came to play." Aphrodite said, she wore see-through gown and pink panties. She had on no makeup and supple DD breasts that seemed super soft, but to top it off she had silk blond hair and deep blue eyes.

I just walked up to her and cupped her cheek in my hand looking her in the eyes. I could feel her knees going week as she looked into my eyes as stared her down as I said nothing.

"How about we take this inside and see if my theory is correct." I said as she nodded as she led me inside.

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