A/N: He guys this is Nutsofthechest with a new story I think you guys might like, Percy is still the main dude but different person. He is the son of no one he is the father of none; he is an entity that is a singularity. Existing in one dimension at a time, he has seen more than even Chaos herself.


"You have two months Prince Percy to live, I suggest you abandon this planet before the forces after you find it instead." She said and then she was gone in an instant as I fell to my knees, my head swimming with information. I just looked down at Athena from my knees for what seemed hours trying to figure out what just happened. Finally Athena woke up as she groaned in pain and just looked at me, as she did a blush covered her face in an instant at her pervious antics.

"Don't worry I won't say anything so please just stay quiet right now." I said surprising her as I looked down at the sand. She just nodded slowly then proceed to sit on her knees across from me until I finally spoke.

"Who am I?" I asked her as she looked confused.

"I don't know." She said quietly as I looked up at her.

"Neither do I that is what makes it frightening." I said silently.



"Was it you who called me?" I asked a women on a park bench. It has been three days since I felt dads powers go silent like he was so focused on something that his body didn't feel the need to even give off a power signature. Not 24 hours later I picked up a long distance telepathy signal, the message was hazy as far away as it was full of static. But in the message I picked up a call about fathers wellbeing, whoever the person was they were trying to call us and I knew it.

But as I looked at the women I noticed she wore simple grey shirt and blue jeans with a grey scarf around her neck and a coffee in her hand. She looked to be in her mid-thirties and had light brown hair, but as I looked at her eye I was amazed to see their startling grey color. It was like looking at father's eyes how they seemed to see everything that makes up your being of a person. But as I looked at her eyes I straightened myself as she slowly took a sip of her coffee and started to speak.

"Kelsey right?" She asked me as I just nodded as she scooted over on the bench offering me a seat. I just cautiously took the seat as she continued looked at the snow fall on the ground around us. In the silence I just looked around waiting for her to speak again, most people just glanced at us but immediately turned back to what they were doing. I had to admit though the few plants in this park were under heavy magic powers to keep them from growing I kind of wondered why.

"So my message got to you after all." She said as I just nodded her breath coming out as puffs of steam to accompany the cool air that this day held with the snow.

"Yes but since it was so far away all I got was my father's name what is wrong with him?" I asked her in a quickened tone.

"Nothing is physically wrong with him it is just…something happened." She said slowly choosing her words carefully, but I felt the need to go to father right now with that one sentence. But I held back as I felt if I did I would cause problems for her.

"Can you show me?" I asked her as she looked at me once again, her grey eyes filled with emotion. They showed me anger, hatred, panic, and I think love maybe? I was never really good at reading others emotions that was more of a John kind of thing.

"I cannot…I was overcome by the person's powers. Your father knocked me out I don't know what happened after that. But when I woke up all he said to me is that he didn't know who he was. My guess is that the women that met him told him something that must have shook him to the core. After that he locked himself up in his room in my temple, the only times he comes out of his room is to make food. But he says nothing to me, all he does is cook then go back in his room." She said as this brought a new question to my head.

"Why is he living with you?" I asked her a little off topic but I wanted to know.

"Well…14 years ago he swore on the Styx to help during the war. But since he was pulled off to your war and broke his promise he needed to be punished. But since he is so powerful we couldn't physically harm him so he got a lightened punishment if you will. Until he finds his true love he has to serve me as my butler and live with me until then." She said, but as she finished I broke down. I know the time was not to be laughing but that was fucking hilarious, as I laughed her face blushed a little but was still straight as she looked at me.

"Haha sorry about that, so do you have any idea what she told him to drive him into this state?" I asked her she seemed to think.

"I think I know one thing she might have told him. He has never mentioned any real relatives or family in all of our talks. But the power radiating off of that women that power took control of me was very similar to Percy. It was like she was related to him in a way, her power frequency was so close to his that you could have said they were siblings. But there is not two same power frequency's only twins have the same frequency but other than that now one has the same frequencies."

"What I mean to say is that women could have been related to Percy, and with her frequency so close to his I dare to say that Percy is no longer alone in this universe." She finished as you could have heard the world stop. In the moment there was a crack of thunder above us, even thought there was no dark clouds in the sky. The silence that followed the thunder lasted for minutes as I finally spoke to her.

"Please if you're going to joke, please don't do it about that." I said in a tone that almost begged she was joking. If there were others in this universe that were the same as father that could mean a million things. At the same time it would explain the injuries to his brain that he had no memories he had of, but for some reason I wanted to say that he was alone. Because if he a past he couldn't remember that means he might have other kids he couldn't remember.

As the thought crossed my mind I felt almost jealous if that was true, that he willing had children at one time. Don't get me wrong I love Shay as do all of my other siblings but, it was like we were the mistakes in his life he had no intention of creating. If he found those children he forget I would feel like the new forgotten child he had.

"Hey you hear what I say?" I suddenly heard as I snapped out of my trance as I looked up at the women.

"Sorry I was thinking…" I said as she smiled a little.

"Afraid he is going to forget you?" She suddenly asked as I reared back and stood up as I looked at her. But she just continued to talk to me as I looked at her with utter surprise.

"Don't be surprised I know that look anywhere that is the look of one afraid to be forgotten. I have seen that look turn into one of anger and revenge, the second war with the titans showed me that. I will tell you this your father loves you too much to forget you for someone he may have forgotten." She said silently as I continued looking at her stormy grey eyes.

"How do you know father loves us?" I asked her as she gave me a small smile.

"The way he talked about you is how I talk about my children when I speak of them, it was heavily laced in love. Just because he might have someone out there he forget that he might have loved doesn't not mean he will forget you. To this day I remember the names of every man I have had a brain child with."

"I will not forget either because of the bonds we shared to create my child, so don't let the idea a parent will forget their child in your mind. Not when you have a father that destroyed a universe to create you. Whether you like it or not he will never forget you, has he ever showed signs of it before?" She finished taking a sip of her still warm coffee as I felt my emotions build up in me.

"No he hasn't." I said in a quiet tone as she smiled at me.

"That is what makes him a good father, now come I believe you need to see him. I can't get through to him but I believe you can. Also where are the others?" She asked standing up and looking around.

"They don't even know I am here, also you know a lot about us don't you?" I asked her as she nodded.

"He tells me a lot of stories when we have free time so I have learned of you children, also I bet they do know you are here but refuse to tell you or come out." She said looking around to tree as I looked at her confused. But as she looked at the tree her look turned into a glare as if forcing someone to give up. The next second the tree shook as air rippled in front of it revealing Violet with a very 'I am in trouble' face.

"Told you." Said the women as violet walked forward with her head down low as the women laughed a little.

"What are you doing here?" I asked my younger sibling as she frowned at me, as she brushed some dark red hair out of her eyes. She wore a simple green jacket and scarf with pants as her angry eyes landed on me, it was a change from her normal bored one.

"The question is why did you tell us that you were coming here?" She asked crossing her arms as the women raised an eyebrow in interest of our conversation.

"Yeah Kelsey why didn't you tell them?" She asked as I was now behind double teamed by two sets of eyes.

"Hey you don't need to gang up on me…" I realized I didn't know the women's name.

"Athena goddess of wisdom." She said as I nodded but Violet took this opportunity to speak.

"I am amazed you didn't notice me and Athena did." She said in a snarky tone as I glared at her, Athena just laughed as we both turned to her.

"It wasn't that hard, your camouflage is not perfect it creates a ripple in the air every hour and 30 seconds. Though the ripple is small as fly landing in water I noticed yours as well as all the other ten of them." She said looking at different spots around us as suddenly the spots she looked at began to shimmer and suddenly all my siblings started to pop out around us. Even Ezra was getting a piggy back from John as she slept on his back. Each one wearing winter clothes as my mouth hung open all the way.

"I told you she would notice, Keven your machine needs work." Miles complained ripping himself from his iPod for a second then going back to it.

"Shut up." He said walking forward as Athena smiled at all them.

"Wow he got all of you down to the every detail, I am surprised how well he even put your personalities." Athena said putting a hand to her chin and nodding, at that we all blushed at her antics.

"Well Kelsey you have anything to say for yourself, to not tell your family you are going somewhere and then leave is pretty bad." Athena said with a smirk as everyone turned to me with glares.

"I am sorry okay, I just wanted to do this alone okay." I said as Keven snorted.

"Ha your funny, we are a family got it. So when dad is having problems we all help got it, and your lucky Chaos doesn't know or a random solar system might explode in her worry." He said as everyone grew a face that said he was right as I smiled a little.

"Fine next time I will tell you guys, how did you find out anyway?" I asked them.

"Ezra snuck into your room again and read your diary, you kind wrote it down in there." Violet said as Ezra let out a sweet snore as I sighed, I couldn't stay mad at her even if I tried. But even if she did look innocent she was a demon sometimes. But even now she was still going to get punished for reading my diary again, that means no desert for one month. As the thought crossed my mind you could see her shiver in her sleep as I grinned a little.

"Well if you guys are done chatting how about I flash us to my temple to help your father get over his thoughts." Athena said as we all looked at the beautiful goddess, I had to admit she was gorgeous. Dad was lucky to be the butler of such a beautiful women.

"Okay." I said as everyone placed a hand on each other shoulder as I placed my mine on hers.

"Okay hold your lunches, it is going to be ruff." She said as she flashed out to were our father was.



"I told you didn't I?" I said as I watched 9 of the 12 puke all over the ground in front of my temple. I guess teleporting them to the front of my temple was a good idea from teleporting them inside. The only ones who managed to hold it back was Keven and Ezra I think and Kelsey, all the others were goners as they lost it all right on the ground. I just shook my head as I looked at them as they recovered from puking as they all had green faces.

"Is teleporting really this horrible all the time?" Asked a girl that looked to almost be a mix of one of my and one of Aphrodite's children. She had semi short blonde hair and eyes that seemed to be constantly changing color. But she almost held herself like Artemis did as I looked at her recover as she wiped her mouth clean of stomach fluid.

"You get used to it." I said as I shrugged as she groaned a little.

"How about you just tell us the coordinates next time and we will warp ourselves there." Said a girl.

"I think Alice has a point, next time just do that." Kelsey said as I just nodded as I walked to the door.

"Will do now take off your shoes before you step on the carpet okay, I just had it put in okay." I said as they all rolled their eyes as I glared at them, as I did they flinched and nodded as I smirked at them. They may be all powerful and stuff like Percy but they try their best to act as if they are just normal immortals. As we walked inside they did as I asked and took off their shoes as I took off my coat and scarf.

"You have a beautiful home, and this carpet feels great on my feet by the way." Said Kelsey as I laughed, but as she said it someone smacked her hand and gave me a bow in apology as I just waved it off.

"It better, cost me 1400 drachmas to put it in the whole house." I said to them as they laughed as they took off their coats and stuff as I heard a door close as I smiled a little at least he was moving around now. As they 12 got situated and sat down in the living room in silence I noticed the one named Ezra started to wake up.

"Morning." She said in a voice that just wanted to wrap her up in a hug.

"You sleep well you little sell out?" Kelsey asked her as Ezra just gave her puppy dog eyes as Kelsey lost in a second. I just laughed a little as she turned to me and just looked at me from the lap of Keven. As I looked at her she suddenly swung her legs over his and stood up and walked over to me. As she stopped right in front of me she grabbed my face and looked over me, after a second she just nodded. Then without a word she sat down on my lap and suddenly curled up on my lap and fell asleep as I looked right at Kelsey.

"She has a habit of falling asleep on people she approves for father." Kelsey said as a deep blush crossed my face.

"As in…" I said hoping it wasn't what I thought.

"As in someone who she approves to be close to father, like more than friends." She said with a cough at the end as I blushed harder as I hid my face in my hands as everyone laughed hard.

"Percy get down here, you have some visitors!" I yelled as I couldn't handle the laughs of his children, but for some reason I kind of felt happy. God my emotions were a mess ever since that women used her powers on me. As I did call for my butler I heard a door upstairs open and close as I heard footsteps as well.

"Who is it?" I heard him called.

"People you know." I said as they all giggled a little as Ezra snored lightly on my lap as he walked to the stairs.

"That is a very broad statement." He said as I saw his feet appear on the steps as he came down, once he was in view I almost gasped. He looked horrible to say the least there was giant bags under his eyes. His white hair was a mess more than usual, his white tank top he wore was covered in stains. Even his eyes seemed to be bloodshot as nearly shouted at him for the way he looked but someone beat me to it.

"Oh god!" Kelsey screamed in horror as the others agreed with a node as his eye remained wide.

"Why are you all here?" He asked looking around them as no one met his gaze. Which finally landed on me as I held his gaze after a little I finally spoke.

"I called them about your condition." I said as he face filled with a lot of emotions. One of them being more than the others was anger.

"I don't need people to worry about me got it, and I don't need you to call my family to worry about me." He said in a pissed off tone as he started walking back up the stairs.

"Dad look at yourself you're a mess even if you won't admit it, and please it isn't her fault got it. If you are going to yell at someone yell at yourself you're the one who brought this upon yourself in the first place. So apologize to her then we can talk." I suddenly heard from my lap as I looked at a very serious Ezra who held a frown on her face as Percy looked at us. His face just showed anger but that slowly morphed in depression.

"I am sorry Athena." He said quietly like a child in trouble, at first I was a little taken back at how he followed Ezra's command. But then snapped out of my stupor and began to talk.

"I accept your apology I realize you are not your best state of mind so I will brush it off. But if you do it again I will make it so you have to do all the things I ask you to do in a dress." I said in a threatening tone as he gave me a sad grin.

"Noted." He said walking down the stairs and coming into the living room as all his kids looked at him. As I looked at him closer I noticed just how bad he really did look, I guess it was a good idea to call his kids for an intervention.

"Dad you need a shower." Said Kelsey as she plugged her nose and waved her hand in front of her face.

"I don't smell that bad, do I?" He asked as he sniffed himself and reared back at the smell. After a couple blinks he nodded and put down his arms, everyone and myself included laughed at his antics as me smiled at us.

"So you all have come to break me out of my stupor I have hit?" He asked them as they all nodded.

"You're lucky we found you first with the help of Athena, imagine if Chaos found out first." Kelsey said as we all shivered at the thought.

"I guess you're right." He said in a small laughed as a boy with silver hair and with a look that he was up to no good spoke.

"So dad what had got you in your sorry ass state?" He asked not even minding as Kelsey smacked the back of his head.

"Well that question has more than one answer, to start off the reason why I look as I have is because I have been thinking." He said as I raised an eyebrow.

"You never had the time to get cleaned up you have been thinking for so long?" Kelsey asked as he laughed a little.

"Yes that is that but the reason why I have been thinking is because I have been going through my memories. That brings us to the real reason I have been going through my memories in a state of meditation. I met someone who claims that I am not alone in this universe, I have a blood family. One who used to care for me as I care for you, but apparently I didn't want a king to rule us all but my father saw this as treason and tried to kill me. He apparently was the king of the kingdom I was once the prince of. In the end he made 7 people called the seven sins to kill me."

"Apparently a battle happened between me and them, I won but I was wounded in the fight. After that she told me I face my father in a fight which he won and gave me the injury to my brain. After that she said that I managed to escape from the kingdom by escaping into the darkness that surrounds every universe and dimension. In that darkness I healed my injuries and mind but not my memories. But it doesn't stop there, they must have sent an army after me to finish me."

"That is the army I must have face after Chaos made the universe and the dimensions started to form. Those monsters that I killed millions of and force me to collapse some universes was the army. Those monsters I want to say did look like humans do now but the way they acted was like monsters. So that brings me back to the reason why I am meditating and going through my memories."

"In my trillion years of life I have begun to notice something in my memories, in bits and pieces of them out of the corner of my eye I see people. People with white hair like me, but only out of the corner of my eye do I see them. In all my memories I have only counted 6 times I have seen them. They are watching me even after I killed their army, they have been waiting for me to heal my injuries."

"They want me in my top condition to kill me that is what I think, and I am afraid I got lucky last time I fought them. Next time I think they won't give me the chance to escape, I believe I won't live this next time." As he finished he had his head on two hands as he leaned over.

Silence filled the room as he finished up, no one spoke at this new information. But slowly Ezra got up from my lap and walked over to him. She stood in front of him as he looked up at her from his sitting position, in one second her hand met his face as she slapped him hard. He just sat wide eyed as he raised a hand to his cheek and looked at his daughter. But as he did she suddenly hugged him, her face buried in his neck as she spoke to him.

"Don't say that dad, you are more powerful than any being in this universe and none universe. This time you won't be alone either, you have all of us. We will help you this time and you will win, what you did was not wrong but the right thing to do. This time with our help you will overthrow your father." Ezra said as he smiled and hugged her back, but as he did she reared back and coughed.

"You do need a shower really bad." She said fanning her eyes as everyone laughed as the tension passed by.

"Don't worry I will get one, and thank you." He said with a smile, everyone then just got up and started to hug him as I smiled at the family. But then Ezra looked at me as did everyone else.

"Come on you to." Kelsey said squiring out of the hug and walking over to me. As she did she grabbed my hand as I was pulled out of my seat and dragged towards the hug.

"I am not a hugger." I said panicking as she smirked at me.

"Neither am I now in the hug you go." She said thrusting me into the small crowd of people as they pulled me in and forced me in the middle by Percy as they hugged the life out of us. After a minute I managed to escape as I breathed fresh air as everyone laughed at me. I just glared at them as I got a devilish grin on my face.

"You think this is funny why don't you see how funny it is when you are cleaning my house. Percy if you make them do it you don't have to do anything besides make food for a week." I said with an evil glint in my eyes as their faces grew worried. They all just looked at Percy as he thought about it. But finally his face turned into an evil one like mine as he smiled at them like a wolf does sheep.

"You heard her start cleaning, or do I have to tell her about your guy's third birthday party?" He threatened them as they all gulped, well everyone but Ezra as she smiled sheepishly at everyone as if the third birthday party was all her fault.

"Fine." Kelsey huffed in annoyance as suddenly all their close turned into ones that said they were going to clean this house spotless. Ezra wasn't even sparred as she was stuck with a magical duster and apron and a handkerchief around her forehead like everyone else. I almost laughed at their attire but Percy clapped his hands and started to assign different parts of the house to them. Finally Ezra was left as he looked at her with a hand on his chin.

"Just have her clean my trophy cabinet, I think it is big enough to last a day for her." I said as Percy nodded seeing as that was a big enough job for her. Though I kind of felt bad for Kelsey who got the job to sort and arrange all the books in the house in the library. All except the ones I was reading which were to be placed in my room by my bed. Which Violet was in charge of cleaning, while Keven worked on all my appliances.

"I think you might have this house clean in under 14 hours." Percy said as I nodded and laughed a little as he looked at me.

"You seem to be laughing a lot more since I met you, is that you warming up to me finally?" He asked me as I glared at him.

"Don't push me, I am just happy your finally back to normal. Also…p-please don't tell them what I did to you when Lust confronted you." I said twiddling my fingers as she smiled at me.

"Don't know if I can keep a secret like that inside me, a little incentive would keep my quiet though." He said with a grin planted right on his face as I my eye twitched.

"Fine you can have whatever you want just don't tell them." I said in a hushed yell as I felt my cheeks start to heat up.

"Then I want a formal date with you on Saturday." He said with a grin as I was about to explode at him as I raised my arm.

"You said whatever you want remember, what I want is a nice date to get my mind off things." He said with a shrug as I just about went godly form on him. But that would destroy my temple so I held myself back.

"Why do you want with me and not with someone else?" I asked him with a hint of venom in my voice. To be honest I could use a nice getaway from all my work, but I wasn't going to admit that to him as I glared at him.

"Because to be honest all the time I spend with you is always about work or short breaks we have. We have never actually talked about ourselves to each other, I want to get to know you better Athena. Since I am going to be living with you for a long time I don't see why I don't get to know my boss better." He said as I was a little shocked about his answer, I was expecting something a little more perverted in a sense.

"Don't you already know everything about me?" I asked him remembering him say that he did possess my memories from another dimension.

"Yes in a sense but don't you want to get to know me better? Also I want to hear your stories of the past 14 years I have no memories of you in this kind of universe. So please Athena will you go on a date with me so we can get to know each other better?" He asked me as I was trapped with his logic, there wasn't much I could do. I did promise him in the first place.

"Fine but you better make this the best date you have ever taken anyone on ever in the history of any universe." I said in a serious tone as he laughed.

"I don't know if I can beat the date with me and Chaos but I will try okay." He said as I nodded, as I felt a microscopic hint of jealousy as he mentioned Chaos. But as I nodded he smiled then his face grew a little worried.

"I better go get a shower shouldn't I?" He asked me as I nodded as he began to walk up the stairs as I let out a sigh. He was so misleading sometimes it gave me small headaches, but I will give him this one.

"Hey Athena what is this book?" Asked Kelsey as I turned to her as she stood in the doorway, she had a giant tower of books on one hand as she showed me a book that made me blush.

"Oh that is a book for adults." I said trying to grab it but she dodged my hand and twirled out of the way. Not dropping one book as I lunged again until I gave up as she grinned at me.

"What so adult about it?" She asked me as I got a good idea.

"Why don't you read it and figure it out." I said as a grin crossed my face.

"Fine I will but after I am done with all your damn books." She said in a annoyed tone as I gave her little information as she put my copy of fifty shades of grey aside for her to read later. I just laughed lightly as I heard my named called by Keven as I guess he had a question about my appliances. If he was anything like Hephaestus he wanted to make improvements to them as I sighed and started my long day.



One long shower later and a good amount of body wash and shampoo later I smelled and looked brand new and out of the box. I just stretched as I grabbed a towel by the shower and wrapped it around me. I had to admit it Athena's bathrooms had the best showers in the world in them, the temperature never grew cold no matter how long you showered for. But as I wrapped the towel around me and tucked it in so it wouldn't fall down I walked out of the room.

As I opened the door I found John leaning up against the wall on the other side of the door with a bucket of cleaning items as he huffed at me.

"Finally I never thought you were ever coming out of there, then again you really needed it." He said as I agreed with him.

"Well have at it." I said patting him on the shoulder as he shook his head and walked in the bathroom with a face of horror on his face. I just laughed as I walked to my room, but as I got in there I noticed Alice was by my bed with a magazine in her hands. But I was too late as I closed the door and made her look right at me. A blush covered her face as I looked at the magazine in her hands.

"Oh shit, Alice give me that." I said walking over quickly and taking the playboy from her hands as I laughed lightly as felt a glare being poured into my back.

"Give it back." She said in a deadly tone as I slowly turned around and handed it to her.

"Why do you have this? You are a happy man with 13 kids you don't need to be looking at this kind of stuff." She said as she suddenly tore my treasure as I felt my heart break a little.

"No!" I shouted as I suddenly the pages dissolved as she took off her glove and touched them killing my treasure right there with no hope of return.

"That was the latest issue." I said to her as she shook her head.

"Serves you right, now get dressed please I will be outside waiting for you to get done." She said putting back on her glove and marching out, man was she mad.

"I guess she is right but man you wouldn't believe how much a slave driver Athena is, I barely have time to even do the deed anymore." I said to myself but I knew Alice was listenting to me on the other side of the door.

"That is still no excuse you don't need material to get off use your imagination for once." She huffed in a pissed off tone. She knew full well what we men do but she was mad that was I using other women for my material.

"Fine." I huffed in anger as I started to get dressed.

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