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I just walked past her as she pinched me again.

"Ow what was that for?" I said in a childish voice as she pinched me again.

"Not such a bad person as I thought for a male." She said as she was gone in a silver flash as I was left all alone in the middle of the giant pathway to the throne room.

"Well I guess I will take Aphrodite up with that offer I gave her." I said as I detoured around the paths as I finally found the temple I was looking for.

Bright pink and red temple that looked like a place where dressers are design. As I walked up to the door I simply nocked once as, in a second I heard someone come to the door and open it.

"Well looks like Percy came to play." Aphrodite said, she wore see-through gown and pink panties. She had on no makeup and supple DD breasts that seemed super soft, but to top it off she had silk blond hair and deep blue eyes.

I just walked up to her and cupped her cheek in my hand looking her in the eyes. I could feel her knees going week as she looked into my eyes as stared her down as I said nothing.

"How about we take this inside and see if my theory is correct." I said as she nodded as she led me inside.


Percy awoke in Aphrodite's bed after a very long night, he sat up and stretched his arms and legs getting his stiff muscles a little louse. He looked around the room to find his clothes scattered around along with what little she had worn last night. He got up as the white silk sheets slid off of him revealing a very muscle lower body.

After a minute of gathering his clothes he snapped his fingers as they disappeared all except for his cloak with the hood. He put on simple white t-shirt and blue jeans as she started to stretch again. Last night was probably one of his top three of all time he had to say, but it still wasn't his best.

Finally after he was fully stretched he went over to her balcony to watch the sun rise, this became a custom for him for the past thousand years or so. He loved the colors that this atmosphere made when rays of the sun shined on it.

But as he watched the sun shine in the room he heard a groan from the lady still in the bed, he looked back to see Aphrodite slowly stir in her bed. Finally she sat up as she clung the white sheets hiding her chest as she looked around. She spotted Percy and blushed a bright gold as she turned away, even if she was the goddess of beauty and love she had bed head pretty bad after last night for sure.

"So how did you sleep?" He asked as she sat up and looked at him.

"Is that really what you ask a woman after a night like that?" She asked sarcastically as she stood up with the bed sheets around her body like a dress.

"Why not it has only been three hours since we went to bed, but I only need one hour so I over slept actually." He said making her blush again as she walked over to him, and watched the sunrise with him.

"So how was last night for you, from the way you acted in bed I could tell you haven't been actually pleased in quite some time." He said turning and looking at her, as she continued to blush.

It was all true she had never had a man that could ever please her like he did, if she had to say if she wasn't the goddess of love and some other things that she would have guest he was. But he was just so big even Ares was smaller than him in length and width, he was truly a man that if she could she would do him again and not because he was hot either.

But she had a feeling that this was a once in a long time offer that he didn't do very often, plus after he came inside her she tried to fertilize herself but she couldn't like something was blocker her from doing it.

"Yeah it was by far the best I ever had, maybe we should do it again sometime?" She suggested as she lopped her arm through his as the sun just left the horizon.

"Maybe but I would have to make if after all war I will help you guys with, but I will put your number down. But last night was great for me to also I think you look more beautiful without makeup, try not putting some on for a change it think it helps." He said as she took it to heart, if someone who has lived as long he has then his words meant something.

"Okay I will but I need some food, I am starving after last night." She said as she shuffled back into her room looking for some decent clothes, she felt she needed to get clothes on. Because after last night he made it clear that she was his women, but not like master slave more like lover in bed type.

"I'll go make some breakfast, just get some good clothes on." He said as she nodded and looked around for her undergarments and some pants and a t-shirt.

"Bacon and eggs?" He asked from the other room.

"Yeah sounds great." She said as she put on her undergarments.

After about ten minutes she found some house clothes, which consisted of white t-shirt and some short shorts. She walked into her kitchen to find Percy already eating a mountain of eggs with some bacon, she walked over as he handed her a plate that had just the right amount of food on it for her.

She took a bite and was in pure bliss not only was he a great man in bed he was a better cook then Hestia herself.

"These are amazing." She said as she took another bite of the eggs as she nibbled on the bacon, Percy couldn't help but chuckle as he watched her eat.

"You should act like this more often I think your reputation will change if you do." He said as she just nodded at his suggestion.

"I think I will take that into consideration." She said as he nodded as she looked down to find he had finished his food. He took his plate to the sink and picked up his cloak and put it on.

"Wait are you leaving all ready?" She asked as he nodded as she stood up.

"I have things to do and questions to answer, but I like you better like this don't try to be all slutty all the time it is okay to be yourself sometime." He said as he was gone in an instant leaving Aphrodite to ponder his words.



In a instant I left Aphrodite's palace and appeared in front of another one, I knocked once as I let the solid thunk travel throughout the house.

"Who is it?" Came a female's voice from inside.

"It's Percy you said you had some questions you wanted to ask me?" I said as I heard a book close and someone run around inside as the door unlocked.

I reached down and slowly opened it to find Athena racing around trying to clean up a pile of books as I just watched her. I closed the door as it got her attention; she looked up to see me standing there. She gulped as just tossed her books in a corner of the room that was already a stack of them.

"Why hello I didn't expect you to be so early." She said striating her grey shirt and sweats; her long blond hair was in a ponytail as she wore glasses also. Giving her the perfect look that said this person stayed up all night reading and just realized it was morning.

"You sent me a letter say in the morning and it is morning so I came when you told me to." I said taking off my cloak and putting it on a coat rack as she sat down and had an iPad, ready to write down my questions I will answer for her.

"Well I will forgive you if you don't tell anybody how I keep my house in order." She said as I sat down looking around at the mess of books and different scrolls.

"Don't see how it is my fault but okay if you say so, I always keep my word so don't worry." I said as she nodded and began to scribble down something.

"So my first question is why did you refer to yourself as the forgotten when we first met you?" She asked.

"Because when you live trillions of years people forget you, everyone I know other that Chaos herself is the only immortal I know. So I was constantly forgotten in my life, so it became my name that I picked for myself a very long time ago." I finished as she jotted it down.

"If you are a god or primordial then why don't you appear in any history books?" She asked.

"I do actually but only once during this planets late 990 A.D. year, but my part was insenifigant all I did was make pizza." I said as she stood astounded at what I just said.

"So it was you all along?" She said it like she had tried to figure it out.

"Yeah but it was a short and small event, even though it became very popular I took no credit for it. But as far as I know as far as I am in any history books, plus I kept my presence very secret not even the fates know of me well at least they didn't know about me." I said as she nodded and wrote it down.

"So you would classify yourself as a shepherd of the humans?"

"More like a shepherd for the whole universe, I have made many changes so many planets could grow life on them. I have corrected some of Chaos's mistakes she made while making the universe, but I made it so it looked like it straightened itself out not me correcting it." I said as she again looked at me weir.

"You keep saying you are all powerful but what exactly are your powers?" She asked as I sat back and thought if I should answer this.

"My powers effect reality and space, they are similar to the creators but my powers don't have guide lines like you're of Chaos's do. Believe it or not her powers have to follow a set of rules about the universe she made, but mine do not they are so powerful that a simple command I chose will rip this universe and every dimension of it apart. But I will not tell you what they are or you might ask me to do something I don't want to do." I said as she stop writing it down and looked up at me with a worried expression.

"What do you mean universes and dimensions I thought there was only one?" She got off the topic of my powers erasing what she wrote down as she knew it was something to powerful to know about herself.

"No there are multitudes of different universe that are ever increasing, but they are born out of choices that everybody makes. Well except for me I am an existence that is a singular unit; there are no more than one of me at a time. But they are all connected by what you people call black holes but only this dimension is connected to the most in fact." I said as she wrote down furiously trying to figure something out.

"But what if I go to a different dimension what will happen to me?" She asked as I explained.

"You can't because even though you are immortal Black holes will chew you up and spit you out like a piece of gum. But if you did manage to get to anther universe you would experience relapse or all of you different beings becoming one. They would form a perfect body for you all memories combined into one, but if that happened it would be too much even for you as a god. To put it simply you would fade as you did." I said as she nodded making note to never cross into another dimension.

"But why are they connected then?"

"To stabilize one another if a dimension lose all of it connections it will collapse and ceases to exist. But you don't have to worry about that, this dimension has so many connections that it will never die out." I said as she nodded as I felt a stupid question about to be asked.

"Okay last question for now do you have any kids?" She asked as I almost gagged on my own breath.

"Why are you asking this?" I asked a straight face as her face blushed at what she realized something completely different from what I meant by the question. But then I decided to have some fun.

"So Athena why did you ask?" I asked in my voice that I knew she couldn't ignore, I know things like different voices that will attract different mates. I stood up and walked to her putting my hand on her chairs arm rest as she looked at me with a blushed face as I looked into her stormy grey eyes.

"You wouldn't dare." She said blushing still as I almost laughed, I reached and took clip board and pen and set them on the table covered in books.

"Oh but I do dare, I have brought down women much more prideful than you." I said leaning forward and grabbing her hair and letting it run through my fingers, it felt like silk.

"But I am a maiden goddess." She said in a stifle moan as I smelled her hair, and she felt my rock hard eight back underneath my shirt as I slid my hand on her smooth stomach under her grey shirt not going to far but just enough to let her want more.

"Yes I know." I whispered in her ears as I gingerly kisser her jaw line, she let out a gasp as electricity shot through her body. See my body had this kind of effect on women; I make their whole body a giant erozone. I moved my hand a little as she shuddered in anticipation.

"Percy I can't." She said trying to push me away but kept stopping and feeling my chiseled chest and abs. Her thumb ran down the center of my chest feeling an old scar I had that never seemed to ever heal.

"Ah I guess you are right." I said suddenly pulling her back as she almost looked begging for more to touch her in places she has never been touched before, she had a deep golden blush not over her face but almost going down her neck as I walked back to the coat rack to get my cloak.

"Wait Percy-." She said as I turned around to see her still in her seat but looking down and biting her fingernails as if she was trying to figure out if she should say it or not.

"Yes Athena?" I asked but she looked up for a second as our eyes met my deep sea blue seemed to ask her why also, she shook her head saying it was nothing as I walked out the door to do my job I had put myself in.


With a shudder in space I appeared outside a camp that looked like a straw berry farm, I stood at the top of the hill with a large pine right beside me. I just looked around straight through the mist as I scanned over the camp; it looked like a fun place I had to admit it. But I forgot about my form as I shifted my form from my 21 year old self to a 14 year old.

I shrunk a few feet to a solid five seven and still kept my unruly white hair and semi pale skin, my cloak turned into a white the lees men's 2 tone plain solid double zipper hood jacket with a white skin tight t-shirt underneath. I like fashion not only the Aphrodite kids, also some white pants that still had a jean look to them. To top it off some pure white Nikes, I looked pretty good if I had to say so myself.

As I walked down the hill I saw a few campers stare at me as I reached the bottom of the hill, I just stood there as their looks of surprise hit me. Suddenly like always a person stepped forward and introduced themselves.

"Hello who might you be?" Some guy asked he looked to be about 15 to 16 he had a deep scar on his face that looked rigged on his left side. From my knowledge I could tell this was Luke Castellan I had sympathy for the kid, but not having a mother kind of put me at a disadvantage.

"Hello you there Mr. White guy?" He asked me as I snapped back into reality finding he was waving his hand in front of my face.

"Sorry I was just taking it all in, my mother told me about this place how it was safe for what she called demigods." I said in my fourteen year old voice as she nodded and called a camper wearing an orange t-shirt that said 'Camp Half-blood' after a second the camper nodded and sprinted off.

"So your mom tell you anything else about yourself?" He asked looking at me in a sad look, as if he knew what was going to happen.

"Well she did tell me she adopted me from an orphanage but they didn't tell her with of my real parents dropped me off so I don't know either my real mom or dad." I said as I sent a, hey gods a little help al little later tonight signal to them.

"Oh this is is going to make it much harder to figure out." He mumbled to himself as she thought about my looks and other things.

"Figure out what?" I asked as he looked up, but just in time for a guy in a wheelchair to roll up, I could see what his real form was through the mist.

"Oh Luke thank you for telling me, I guess you your mother sent you to camp am I correct?" He asked as I nodded but Luke corrected him.

"Sir apparently his real parents dropped him off at an orphanage, they don't know which one either." He said as the guy let out a deep breath.

"Well this make things more difficult, well my son my name is Chiron and your name is?" He asked as I thought of a last name.

"Percy… Jackson." I said as I sent a thank you to Athena for sending me the last name.

"Well Percy I guess you are wondering what this camp is." Chiron said.

"What my adoptive mother said it was a camp for special kids." I said as he chuckled and looked at me.

"Well she wasn't wrong; she must be a smart lady to send you here." He said as I nodded.

"Yeah always kept saying she was clear sighted whatever that means." I said as he nodded as he started to roll forward with me at his side.

"That is interesting indeed, but Percy do you know anything about Greek myths?" He asked but he said myths like it was a joke.

"Yeah all the stuff about Athena, Zeus with all his ladies, and the monsters?" I asked as he almost laughed as the sky rumbled but I could tell the gods were laughing, but Zeus was just pissed off.

"Yes those things, but I would be careful my boy names are powerful words." He said to me.

"Couldn't agree more." I said as we arrived at a large cabin that had some dude playing cards, he wore a leopard skin shirt and smelled like a drunk but I could tell who he was.

"Mr. D this child just appeared in camp don't you have anything to say?" Chiron asked as Mr. D looked up at me with purple eyes that looked blood shot.

"Yeah just don't get yourself killed and do you know how to play pinochle boy?" He asked looking up at me.

"Yeah what are the steaks?" I asked as I sat down at the table he smiled at me as he shuffled the cards.

"loser has to wear a skirt and pink tank top with makeup for a month, swear on the Styx and we got a game." He said as I saw a purple fire of pride burn in his eyes.

"Okay I swear on the Styx on your conditions, now let's play." I said as he dealt me my hand.

Fifteen minutes later I had Mr. D shouting 'no' at the top of his lungs as I placed the hand that kicked his out of the park. Chiron shook his head as Mr. D looked furious at me.

"You brought this upon yourself Mr. D now I think these are yours." Chiron said handing him the necessary equipment as he yanked them out of his hands and walked inside.

"Will he be okay?" I asked Chiron as he nodded.

"I think so but I don't know, but Percy to put it simply you are a child of a god." He said simply as I tried to act surprised but I couldn't that well.

"You don't look surprised." He said as I nodded at him.

"Well my adoptive mother kept mentioning something about demigods so I looked into it, I found many different things but after a while I thought I was one. I showed all the sighs of being one: ADHD, some Dyslexia, and I see monsters like every day." I said as he looked surprised at me.

"I think I know who your godly parent is Percy." He said as I hopped he wasn't going to shay who I thought he was going to say.

"Who?" I asked him.

"The goddess of wisdom and strategy, I believe Athena is your real mother." To top it off a glowing owl appeared above my head as I looked up at it.

"Well talk about timing right." I said sheepishly as Chiron was smiling at me, Luke looked kind of happy but still had a solid face of no emotion.

"Looks like we have another claimed child, second fastest to ever happen I think." He said as I thought about it.

"Who was the first?" I asked as Chiron.

"One of Mr. D's sons, but that is unimportant I believe it is time to show you around camp. And time for me to get out of this stuffy chair." Chiron said as his chair just stared to open up and out stepped a centaur as I just looked at him.

"Figures." I said as I stood there watching him, Luke laughed at my fake expression as Chiron stretched and moved a little.

"You don't seem surprised Percy." He said as I nodded at him.

"Well your name is Chiron and I don't think the Chiron I knew from history books so I guessed your appearance wasn't that normal I should say." I said as he laughed.

"Ah you are indeed a child of Athena lets go see your family shall we?" He said leading me around the area, there were twelve cabins that were in a U formation my guess is for each Olympian god.

"So why don't the minor gods have cabins?" I asked as Chiron stopped and just brushed off my question to look at the volleyball court. After seeing an impressive climbing wall and some other fancy things like an archery lane, and the stables he finally brought me to my cabin.

As I walked into my cabin I was instantly assaulted by twelve pairs of eyes pairs of eyes looking up from their work benches and blue prints they were making.

"Is he here for a reason?" One said as Chiron coughed at me for telling them who I was.

"Hello I am Percy Jackson son of Athena, I am fourteen years old and this is my first time at camp." I said as their eyes lit up, I was then assaulted by question like; was this my hairs natural color, if I had ever seen this blue print, where I was from, etc…

"Camper please he just got here let him take it in, even though he seems to fit in already make him at home okay." He said then he vanished leaving with twelve Athenians that looked like they were about to assault me with more questions.

"Hey." I managed as someone came forward and looked me over with her grey eyes, shit I forgot about the eyes. In an instant I made them all blink at once as I made my eyes a light blue story grey color.

"Hello Percy nice to have you in cabin six, home of were the blue prints come from." She said.

"Oh sorry I am Shay I am the head counselor of cabin six, well welcome home we will find you a bunk to sleep in okay." She said as I nodded as I was led in, I found that most of the cabin was reserved for work not sleep as all of the beds had been pushed out of the way to sleep in.

"Hey what's with all the white?" One asked as I looked at him.

"Oh I was born like this my hair is naturally this color and so is my skin, I am not albino though but I like white what's wrong with that?" I asked as I sat down on a bed provided by me that was on the boy's room that held all of the beds.

"Nothing just wondering out our curiosity, but it looks good on you man." He said as I smiled at him.

"Thanks dude, hey I have something my adoptive mom said she found with me I think I should show you guys." I said pulling out one of my own inventions I was thinking about giving to the humans some time later.

"What is that?" He asked looking at it; it had two hand gloves that were white and a black box about the size of an orange.

"Something I think you guys might like." I said as I stood up and went back to the room where everyone was working.

"Hey guys gather round I think you might like this." I said as everyone looked at me from their spots.

I went to the middle of the room as I placed it in the middle; I made sure there was enough room around as I nodded. I put on the gloves as I turned on the box, it didn't make a sound other than a windows log on sound.

"So what does your little box do?" Shay asked walking over by me.

"Oh please step back for about six feet from it please it needs to register the ceiling and surrounding area." I said as they stepped aback as a blue light on the top scanned the area.

"You will see but first it needs to make itself in the right position." I said as suddenly eight small cubes that each had lights on them flew off the main square. The flew in the air as they seemed to scan also, this got everyone's attention as it finally stopped and lit up a perfect seven foot square levitating two feet off the ground.

"What is it?" They all asked as I laughed at them.

"Rubix sign in, Percy Jackson, password ********." I said as suddenly an avatar that looked like a little cat popped up and nodded.

"Login accepted welcome back Percy." It said in a male's voice as a 3D projection popped up of different files and stuff.

"I started using it when I was young like really young, so there is some old stuff on here. But once you login it has personal profiles, you just put in you password in the little keyboard not the back of the right glove and you're in. But I think you guys might like this after all who doesn't like seeing the whole picture." I said as I looked around to see stunned faces, this was amazing to them.

"First thing is first lets open a battle strategy and play it shall we." I said as I went over a document and went through it fast enough that no one really could see it. Finally I found it as I clicked on it, it opened with no lag as the battle of Gettysburg was opened showing the men move on the battle field.

It had each individual person running around with a big arrow above a group and it increased with size of the forces. I could tell they could have spent days watching it over and over again but I wanted to show them my prized collection.

"Okay guys what I am going to show you can't tell anybody else got it." I said as they nodded as I opened it up to reveal an earth rotating as everyone looked at me weird.

"How is this special?" One asked.

"Oh you will see, Rubix show me Camp Half-Blood Athena cabin." I said as it suddenly went to America and started to zoom in incredibly far until it reached camp half blood. It stopped right above our cabin as it found its destination.

"Back up a few feet so we can see what's outside." I said it backed up to reveal moving people as it did, the Athena cabin looked at me with wide eyes.

"To answer a question no one has asked it is real time, and it if you get far enough in you can even make out people's faces. It will track anyone that you say or city's or places, but another thing this is only on my account and you will have to earn my trust to get a copy even then it is still can't be copied without my permission. It even show this entire universe if you want to see." I said as they all nodded.

"Rubix back up to U1 and give it a spin will ya." I said as it suddenly started to back out until it was showing the whole universe spin, I had to admit it did take me a long time to make this for sure.

"So if you guys will respect my wishes and don't damage it, you can each make a profile yourself. Once you all do it will scan the room and download everyone's personal things in one and everyone's group projects in a group folder assessable by everyone. So to top it off who wants to be the first to have a account?" I asked as instantly every hand shot up but I looked around and spotted a little girl that looked really intense about it.

"You over there, the one that looks like a princess." I said as she smiled widely as I took off the white gloves and put them on her as she stood in front of me.

"So name and age please." I said as I crouched down to her height

"Annabeth Chase and I am nine years old Percy."

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