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Chapter 10

Outskirts of Beacon Academy

After experiencing the darkness of the localized slipspace portal once again, the SPARTAN and the Huntresses reached the end of the tunnel and emerged in the familiar Beacon Academy grounds, for the latter, it would be the place that they would be trained in for years to come, and the former's place of residence for the time being until he got back to his own people, he had to admit that he was enjoying the peace in he had the luxury to have, he did not really belong there and would not hesitate to take up arms against whatever or whoever opposed the UNSC, and although he remained steadfast in his resolution to return, that did not stop him from enjoying the peace he had in that moment.

Reach had set the portal to open up at the forest at the outskirts of the Academy decrease if not nullify the chances of them being spotted. However, the moment they stepped out of that portal and recovering from the slight nausea that occurred during slipspace travel, they swiftly noticed that something was definitely wrong.

The immediate area around them were filled with dozens of Grimm.

There were mostly composed of Beowolves and Ursi, but there were three or four Deathstalkers at their nine, they looked to be gesturing towards the humans with their claws, ready to tear them apart or whatever worser things that the Grimm had in store for them should they fall, though this may not be the case for the Battle-hardened, augmented and power armor-equipped SPARTAN-III Commando as he had faced much greater odds and his weapons were deadly to the creatures, the students next to him were a completely different story as they began to go back to back and look around, hoping for a chance at escape as there were simply too many of the creatures that they had to fight in combat.

Reach began accessing the situation as SPARTAN time kicked in, everything around him moved to a near-halt as the adrenaline overload pushed his sense of perception to work on overdrive and gather every last bit of information: No foreseeable methods of escape for all of them, Lack of AOE weaponry, Trapped in the middle of the Forest in a clearing, Four VIPs at hand and Chance of backup is zero...

"Wait...is this what Abashed Vestige mentioned earlier? If so, then.." He thought to himself.

Cue Imagine Dragons – Ready Aim Fire

And right on cue, came the Promethean Knights in a bright green glow as the appeared in around them, the first one came, a Knight Commander arrived with it's Inceneration cannon materializing, growling at the Grimm revealing it's glowing green skull roaring in uncontested mechanical fury, earning some expressions from Team RWBY. It proceeded to fire it's Incineration Cannon at a cluster of Grimm and fired, but not before multiple beams came from behind the Commander and revealed that Knight Lancers teleported behind them and fired upon the Grimm with their Binary Rifles, the combined firepower creating an orange light show proceeded by a five streams of death as the projectiles impacted into whatever survived the initial assault, annihialating a single deathstalker in the process and multiple Ursi and Beowolves and the second barrage of Hardlight killing even more of them.

The SPARTAN proceeded to take action and unslung his dual hardlight blades, dashed up to the Grimm far faster than they could react and hacked them to pieces like a living chainsaw as by this point he was still active in SPARTAN-TIME, expertly bobbing and weaving through the strikes of the Grimm and evading each one.

Team RWBY also decided to take action and attacked one of the Deathstalkers, with Blake and Weiss isolating the beast from it's allies and Ruby and Yang attacking it directly.

Ruby grabbed it's attention by shooting it with a few dust rounds before Yang came up and delivered a viscous flurry of punches up it's rear end, as it was about to turn around to deal with Yang instead, Ruby proceeded to grip Crescent Rose tightly and stuck the Scythe right below it's jaw and fired dust bullets, lifting it off the ground for a few moments, allowing Yang to circle around and deliver an uppercut to the same area where Ruby's weapon hit it after Ruby removed it. The Scorpion flew higher with two straight impacts in less than a second, then Ruby jumped up, stuck her Scythe to the Scorpion's jaw like a fisherman's hook into a fish's mouth, and fired a few bullets from her weapon, utilizing the momentum and recoil of her weapon, she turned the Grimm on it's back to the ground, flailing helplessly. It was summarily executed with a fist, sword, rapier and scythe to the face when Blake and Weiss finished up with the three Grimm formerly sticking with the Deathstalker just a few moments earlier and with the assistance of the Promethean Knights, allowing them to cleanly eliminate the escort Grimm, though the same can not be said for the Deathstalker as the area was stained with blood, flesh and brain matter that leaked from the Grimm's corpse.


Reach combined his two hardlight blades into the M2800H HMG, picking the Grimm off at a far faster rate than the Prometheans, the carnage swept through the position of the Grimm as Reach angled his shots and took out swaths of them with bursts of hardlight rounds, leaving some heavily injured to be finished off by the Prometheans, while unlucky ones where left as smoking carcasses in the ground as the hardlight rounds fired from the Human-Forerunner hybrid weapon was not meant to kill quickly and painlessly, it was made to rain utter hell upon the enemy and make them feel the sheer scale of damage that weaponized light could do. And it did just that, a single projectile launched cut straight through an Ursa with the piercing power of an anti-tank round and left horrifying damage as the stench of burnt flesh became livid in the air.

At this point, many of the Grimm were falling, however a few more came and simply walked through the river of blood, free-floating molecules and corpses as they rushed to attack the SPARTAN and the huntresses accompanying him as well as the Promethean Knights.

Two Deathstalkers rushed at the SPARTAN with their claws out, Reach simply dashed out towards one of the creatures, catching it off-guard and proceeded to kill it with a burst of hardlight from his weapon, destroying it's brain and a large portion of it's head along with it.

The second one managed to catch up to him and attempted to strike him down with it's stinger, however, Reach leapt up, cleanly dodging the stinger as it threw some dirt up, he proceeded to uncombine his weapons and formed two hardlight blades. As the giant scorpion was about to pull out it's stinger, Reach dashed and cauterize it as the hardlight cut off the Grimm's stinger, the Deathstalker attempted to call on it's claws to defend itself, but was too late as it was pierced through the skull before it could react.

He looked over to Team RWBY and saw that they were showing signs of fatigue as they had already taken down two deathstalkers and a large number of the Ursi and Beowolves, he was thankful though that the Prometheans did the heavy for work for them as a single shot from the Binary Rifle annihilated the Grimm. Now the Grimm were eventually beginning to wither little by little until none where left.

Once the battle was over, the Prometheans used their weaponry to "clean up" the carnage left behind and promptly teleported away, possibly leaving to deal with more of the Grimm, resulting in the clearing in which they fought being bathed with blood, flesh, gray matter and a few bones but without corpses in sight.

"How did the Grimm get this many and this close?" Ruby asked to no one in particular after recovering from the battle.

"This was what my discussion with Abashed Vestige was about." Reach began.

"The monitor observed that the Grimm were increasing in numbers and unleashed the Promethean Knights with my assistance to deal with them, and it looks like it is working so far, but we need to know exactly why they are spreading if we hope to stop them. Because it doesn't look like Beacon will survive for long if the Grimm begin attacking like this and in these numbers."

While the SPARTAN was relatively fine after the battle, Ruby and her team however were not, Weiss was half on the ground while the rest where visually exhausted, only Ruby wasn't that tired, but she was leaning on her scythe. And this battle was won with the assistance of the Promethean Knights who accounted for a huge portion of the heavy lifting, firepower and cover-fire, the results would be devastating if the Knights hadn't assisted them with their effective weaponry.

"Let's head back to Beacon for now, we'll have to warn Ozpin about this as soon as possible, the last thing we want is for Beacon to be caught completely off-guard and most of the unprepared students getting caught in a blood-bath." Reach said as he began moving towards the actual structure of the Academy, with the exhausted Team RWBY in tow, more willing to get rest than have a long talk with Ozpin about preparations.


Forerunner Keyship Burden Of Advancement control room

The Sentinels that the monitor had sent out earlier had begun returning one by one as the hymms of their anti-gravity devices filled the room, each began sending out footage for analysis and grouping them in accordance with significance.

Abashed Vestige proceeded to review the reports and videos frame-by-frame in search of one of the reasons that he perceived to be the reason of the Grimm expansion, he had hundreds of different scenarios from his matrix on how it happened and compared it with the footage and reports, so far he had come up inconclusive as none matched up.

He proceeded to receive the files of a sentinel sent to scan the lower canopies of the deeper parts of the Forest of Forever fall and saw only the normal, which he swiftly classified as normal, though he decided to watch the footage and reports to ensure.

Forerunner technology was advanced, there was no doubt about that, but Abashed Vestige was a particularly unique case, he was created by the surviving Forerunners after the detonation of Halo and was made from the mind of a lifeshaper that volunteered to watch over the species of Remnant until the rest of the Forerunners returned, which would be for a long time, and so, his A.I. body was outfitted with intelligence gathered after the Halo detonation, specifically of what better ways there were to combat the flood and decisions regarding to stay hidden to the indigineous population and when to reveal the truth about the galaxy and Forerunners.

He went over the reports and time slowed down even further for the A.I. unit as it's light slightly blinked in disbelief, he watched the footage attached to the report and rewatched it dozens of times in a span of seconds before coming to a conclusion. It hovered over to a nearby console and access the construction capabilities of the dead ship, it was still functional and relatively intact in contrast to the rest of the ship.

He contacted the reclaimer, he guessed it would be best for him to know about it in order to not get any danger as he was known to have fought the current opposition before if the records from the UNSC database retrieved from the reclaimer's TACPAD was anything to go by.

"We've encountered the Grimm if that's what you were calling about, and thanks for the assist."

"No Reclaimer, something far more significant has come up. I have confirmed the presence of the parasite in this planet, this is extremely urgent, but I am working on a solution, in the meantime, thread with the utmost caution."

"Wait, parasite? Don't tell me..." Reach was obviously taken aback as his voice began to break for a few moments.

"The Flood have returned."

End Of Chapter.

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