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Iwatodai Station. Iwatodai Station.

"We apologize for the delay. This is our final stop: Iwatodai Station. Thank you for riding with us."

The passengers poured out of the train cars. Two teen twins, blue-haired with clip-on earphones, stepped out.

"…We're back here again…huh, Mina?" says one twin.

"Mhmm," the other replies. "…I wanna leave this place…Please?"

"Yeah. Let's go."

The two walked out of the crowded station and into the bright city lights. One twin held a piece of paper with directions. Despite that, however, the duo seemed to get lost pretty easily, causing the other twin to take charge. Because of the time they wasted getting lost, and also the reminiscent talks, it was near midnight. All of a sudden, the sky, moon, turned an eerie green color, and all the pedestrians turned into coffins. The ground was checkered black and white, and was also covered in puddles of blood.

"Mako-nii, what's going on?"

"I don't know, but we should hurry. I don't think we should stay out here."


Luckily, the way to the dorm was not so far off, and soon reached their destination without a hitch. As they entered the building, they were surprised to see what looked to be a lobby for a hotel, complete with a reception desk.

"You're late."

The twins jumped at the voice. They turned to see a little boy with black hair, pale blue eyes, and a black and white striped jail suit. "I was waiting for you two for a long time."

One twin narrowed his eyes at the boy. The little boy smiled and produced a folder with a document inside. "It's a contract. Please sign it. Oh don't worry, it only states that you will be responsible for your actions. You know, the usual."

The brothers still looked wary, but signed their names anyway.

Arisato Minato

Yuuki Makoto

"There! Now that wasn't so hard! Don't forget, time brings us all to the same end. No way to escape. You can't hide. You can't close your or cover your ears. Always remember that…" then the boy disappeared into the shadows. The brothers were silent, till a girl clad in a pink sweater and gray miniskirt with short, brown hair came into the room.

"Who's there?!" the girl called. The brothers looked to each other first in surprise then to horror as the girl pulled what looked to be a silver gun from a holster on her thigh and pointed it to her forehead. She was about to pull the trigger…


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