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"Wait!" Another female voice cut through the darkness. A that moment, as if rehearsed, the electricity came back on. The gun-wielding girl made a smile of relief as the new comer came into view. "I never expected you to be so late. You two must be the new transfer students."

The girl in pink put away the gun in its holster and walked up to the older person. "Senpai, who are they?"

The addressed woman, who had burgundy red hair and wore an attire close to a businesswoman, replied with, "Oh them? They're the new transfer students that will be attending Gekkoukan High. They are also first-years, like you."

"I see."

The older girl smiled and introduced herself. "I'm Kirijo Mitsuru. A senior at Gekkoukan High."

"And I'm Takeba Yukari," the younger stated.

The twins felt it was only fair to introduce themselves too, so one twin spoke up. "Yuuki Makoto. I'm the older twin."

The older looked back with blank, silver eyes at the other who blushed and hid behind Makoto. He sighed. "Come on, Mina. You have to at least be able to introduce yourself…"

The younger hesitantly stepped from behind Makoto's back. He gulped. With a shaky voice, barely above a whisper, he said, "A-Arisato Mina…to…"

Makoto sighed again, then translated what he said. Mitsuru hummed, then said, "You two must be tired, and school only starts tomorrow. Please, get some rest. Yukari, can you take our two new dorm-mates to their rooms?"

Yukari nodded. Makoto and Minato followed after Yukari as they say their 'Goodnights'. They reached the second floor, and soon reached the end of the hallway. Your rooms are at the end of the hallway. Minato, yours is on the left and Makoto, yours is on the right. Okay?" She looked toward both of them, not expecting the answer she was expecting.

Makoto looked a little worried, and kept glancing at Minato for some unknown reason. "Can we share a room?"

Yukari blinked. "Eh? Why's that? Is something the matter?"

Makoto was about to speak when someone beat him to it. "No…everything's fine. Okay…Mako-nii? I'll be fine now."

Makoto and Yukari both seemed unconvinced, more so on Makoto's part. Yukari just looked confused. Makoto stared a little more at Minato's smiling face, and finally gave in. "Alright. But if you need anything, I'll be just across from you."

"I know."

Yukari decided to break the tension in the air and spoke up. "Well, if there's no problem, then I'll leave…Oh! And before that, any questions?" Makoto and Minato looked at each other, but Makoto shook his head, deciding not to ask about the boy.


Yukari blinked. "Okay…One more thing." She took a deep breath. "Was everything…alright, coming here?"

The twins looked confused for a moment. Then realization dawned on them. The moon and all that greenness. They looked toward each other and back again.

"Everything was fine."

Yukari blinked once more, and stared at the two closing doors. She gained back her composure and called out a "goodnight", then turned around and walked away. 'Must be a twin thing…'

Later that night, Makoto woke to a sound of his door opening. He opened his eyes and looked toward the figure at the door. "Minato…come here…what was it this time?"

Minato walked over to Makoto's bed. His eyes glistened in the dark room. "I-I…I'm sorry…" was all he said before bursting into tears and hugging the older twin as tightly as he could. "I'm sorry for hurting you…I'm sorry for not trying to save you…I'm sorry…I'm sorry…" Minato repeated the apologies over and over.

Makoto stared at his younger twin sadly. He seemed to still be living in his nightmare. Makoto's eyes darkened with regret and hatred. "It's not your fault. How many times do I have to say that. It was never your fault, nor was it mine…It's inevitable…." He began, but his mind thought differently. 'I won't forgive them…Never…'

The next day, Yukari and the twins were on the monorail on their way to school. The silence was crushing, and Yukari couldn't take it. She broke it. "H-Hey…I was wondering…why do you two have two different last names?"

Makoto stared out the window, expressionless. "Well, our parents weren't divorced, if that's what you mean."

Minato decided to take over. "Our mom kept her maiden name, so while I got Arisato, Mako-nii got Yuuki."

Yukari hummed awkwardly and nodded absently, going back to staring out the window. Her eyes lightened up. "Hey! Look over there. See that tall, white building over there? That's Gekkoukan High School!"

The two brothers looked out the window, and sure enough, there was a building, standing tall and proud over the students and teachers. The trio arrived a few minutes later, and it looked prettier up close. The cherry trees that lined the school painted the air a light, baby pink color, making the front look serene. Makoto and Minato stared in shock at the beauty in front of them. Yukari cleared her throat, stepped in front of them, and flashed her brightest smile as she exclaimed excitedly, "Welcome to Gekkoukan High School!"

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