Sorry to the readers who have liked my stories so far and continue to wait for it, this is no new chapter, but a note of this long absent writer.

It's been a while since I have updated a new chapter on the multiple fan fictions I have written so far, the last update being Jun 3, 2014, which is more than one and a half year long.

Talk about a big break!

A lot has happened in my life over this long period, the best being my life given a new start of a sort. It's not something that has changed my misshapen life into something awesome, but it has given me some hope, at least for the present time. I am still not sure what's ahead of me.

Enough of my life; this note is about my fan fiction work, and I am really sorry to say this, but I am no longer continuing the stories I have posted so far.

I haven't touched any of my posted stories for over a year now and there is simply no progress in any further chapters; I hit a road block of sorts some time back and since then I have barely concentrated on those stories.

The idea to start anew also seemed to be the key to the abandonment of the stories.

I have tried writing multiple stories with different ideas over the year, some of which didn't even see a completion of a full chapter, but trying new ideas got me to the idea that I would love to transform in a story.

For the current stories and the ideas that I typed down, I am thinking of making a collection of it all in a single story and from there on I will see where I take those ideas too. They certainly won't be a new, full story of its own, but if it does then I will mention so.

If someone wishes to take over my work, please PM me. I will even share ideas I had about my story with you, so you can get a grasp of what I intended to do.

For news on my upcoming stories, I'll soon update my profile, so read it if you look for stories from me.

And finally, a BIG SORRY from me once again for not continuing with my work.