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Chapter 2: There Goes the Neighborhood

Jason found himself in the same position of watching the world outside a passenger window fly past. Sitting in Kenny's truck with the man himself behind the wheel driving them along the main road. Katjaa, Clementine and Duck were all sitting in the back seat in comfortable silence.

They didn't stick around the farm very long after the walkers attacked. Shawn had a broken leg and a couple of deep cuts, but was alive and very thankful to the fighter for saving his life. He was being looked after by his father as they packed up what belongings they had, the older farmer coming out to see them off and shaking Jason's hand, thanking him from the bottom of his heart for what he had done and that he and Clementine were always welcome there.

Kenny and Katjaa had been in a similar state, since the younger man had also managed to save their son and was more than willing to offer him and his charge a lift anywhere they wanted to go. So after a couple of goodbyes and well wishes, they piled into the truck and set out toward the coast.

They'd been on the road for most of the day, the sun had already started setting just as they saw a small town approaching in the distance. "That's Macon, I remember us passing through here on our way up from home." said the fisherman as they drew closer.

"Hershel said something about this place, we can probably stock up on a few things as long as there aren't too many walkers wandering around." Jason replied turning to the windshield.

Kenny glanced his way, "Walkers?"

"Calling them 'zombies' makes it too sureal, figured that they at least needed a name." said the fighter, taking the time to pull out his Glock and check it over. He only had 12 rounds left in the clip, he'd have to make them count if they ran into trouble. But he'd also have to avoid using it so they didn't attract more attention.

On his left, the older man looked down at the weapon and sighed before going back to driving. "Jason, thanks. For saving my boy back at Hershel's farm. If you hadn't of reacted like you did..." he trailed off not even wanting to think about it.

"I'll tell you the same thing I told Hershel, Ken." said Jason looking his way, "You don't have to thank me, and you never will. In a world like this, folks need to band together to overcome what we're facing." He looked back out his window as the outside began to darken even more. "These creatures...they don't feel exhaustion, they don't feel pain, and all they do is eat. They're like machines that spread like wildfire. But despite the fact that they're really dangerous, they have one thing they can use against us that will lead to our downfall if we're not careful."

Kenny was now solely focused on him, Katjaa and the kids were as well, listening closely. "And what's that?" asked the fisherman.

Jason looked back at him, his face completely serious. "Fear. It cripples a person to their core if it takes hold of them, makes people act irrationally and they can turn on one another, some even go crazy. The walkers don't feel it, but we sure as hell do, and it could cost us everything if we don't learn to overcome it."

"One of my trainers back home once told me before a match, 'You can't let fear take you. Cause then you'll make mistakes, and those mistakes could mean life or death in a bad situation. What you need to do is take that fear, and turn it into a weapon against your opponent' ." he continued.

"But...how do you learn to not be afraid?" asked Clementine leaning over the back of his seat.

The fighter turned and smiled at her, "It's not about not being afraid, sweetheart. It's about coping with it and overcoming it. We're all afraid of something, but we can learn to live with it and not let it bother us. The walkers are stupid, slow, and easy to dispatch despite how they may scare us. The only real advantage they have is their numbers."

"Sounds like you got this all figured out." Kenny said with a slight smirk getting a chuckle out of Jason.

"Spent a good portion of my younger life watching zombie movies, playing video games and reading books. Never thought I'd actually have to put what I learned from that to good use, but I'm not complaining about it now."

Katjaa leaned on Kenny's seat, "Do you have a plan on how to handle this? What you're next step should be?" she asked.

Jason leaned back against his own seat, arms crossing over his chest as he blew a slow breath out his nose. "Been thinking about that all day. Clem and I are planning on hitting up Savannah to find her parents, if there's one thing I've learned from all those stories is that movement is survival. Finding a haven that's easily defendable is a good idea, but staying in one place for too long while leave you vulnerable after a while. Then there's the issue with supplies; food, water, weapons, medical, anyone needs a good surplus of all that to survive."

"That, I can get behind." said Kenny liking the idea. "You can definitely count on our support for that, friend. If there really is strength in numbers, then we better stick it out together."

Nodding in agreement, the fighter looked back toward the road just as a sign reading 'Welcome to Macon' went past them. The truck rolled through the small town, shops and other small businesses lining the streets with their windows either shattered and boarded up. Debris and abandoned cars littered the streets and sidewalks making it look completely barren.

There were visible bloodstains splattered on several surfaces, but so far no sign of any walkers from what they could see.

They drew closer to a four-way intersection just as the truck started making stuttering noises from the engine, the gas-gauge on the dash telling them that they were on empty as the vehicle rolled to a complete stop. "Well, this is as far as we're going." Kenny muttered turning the engine off.

"Far enough for the time being, maybe we can pick up some gas and other supplies around here." Jason said as they all got out and started looking around. He looked at their surroundings, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end as the smell of decay washed over him.

Taking out the Glock and flipping the safety off, he turned to Clementine. "Clem, you and Duck stick close to us. If you see anything out of the ordinary tell us immediately." the girl nodded as they set off down a nearby alley. Their footsteps seemingly echoing throughout the entire town as a still silence filled the air.

There wasn't any movement as they turned down a street, passing by a drug store with the neon sign still glowing with power. Jason took note of a lone corpse wearing hospital scrubs and a name tag, pinned underneath a downed telephone poll and propped against a wall when Duck called out to them.

"Look!" the boy pointed down another street where someone was crouched down behind an overturned sedan.

"Guess there are still people here after all." Kenny said stepping to the front. Jason felt something off about the situation and reached to stop him, but it was too late. "Hey there! You friendly? Truck's run out of gas."

The figure stopped what it was doing, raising up to see them standing there with half its face torn off with part of a man's arm dropping from its blood soaked mouth.

Soon walkers began coming from every direction, stumbling and crawling out from store fronts, under cars and out from alleyways and began to close in on them. "FUCK!" Kenny exclaimed backing up as the group stood closer together.

"We're trapped!" Katjaa screamed as the horde started boxing them in.

Jason gritted his teeth, aiming his gun at the undead before looking down and seeing a lead pipe at his feet. "Kenny! Catch!" he shouted picking up the blunt object and tossing it to the fisherman before taking out the hammer from his belt and holding it in his other hand. Driving the blunt end into a walker's forehead and caved it in with a loud crunch, he spun around with the pistol raised and shot another one through the left eye when it reached out to grab Katjaa.

Snatching the pipe from the air, the older man swung it hard into the temple of the closest walker and laying it out with one strike. Kicking another one away and bringing the weapon down on a second one's skull while more began to pour out from the nearby buildings.

One of the creatures flew past him and slammed against the side of a dead car and he turned to see the fighter roundhouse kicking another walker, the monster's head hitting a dumpster hard enough to snap its neck at a sharp angle before swinging around and burying the claw-end of the hammer into the top of the head of a third.

"AHHHH! NO!" the two men spun around and found a walker throwing itself on top of Duck, grabbing his arm and pulling it up to its mouth to take a bite out of it. Jason snapped up his gun to take the shot when another gunshot rang out, the side of the walker's head exploded outward splattering the boy with blood and gore.

A woman wearing a stained white-blouse and knee-length skirt was standing by the now open pharmacy door with two men standing by her. "RUN!" one of the men wearing a jacket and ball-cap shouted as the woman fired another shot and took down another walker.

Jason faced the coming horde and fired two more shots, keeping the undead at bay with their unknown savior as the others ran into the store. When they had made it, the two shooters spun and followed after them, the man that had called out closing a gate that was outside the door and snapping a combination lock on to it just as the walkers slammed into the gate, arms reaching through the bars trying to get at them as they slammed the doors to the pharmacy closed.

Last one inside, the fighter pressed his back to the door, gun still in hand as he listened to the walkers trying to break down the gate outside. "We can't take risks like this!" Turning to the stores interior, he found five other people all ready occupying the building.

The woman that helped keep the walkers off of them, another man wearing a green shirt standing by the window keeping watch on the outside, a second woman wearing a black tank top and jeans who was scowling at the first woman, an older man who looked to beyond pissed off. And the man that had sealed the gate, his appearance that of asian descent and as Jason got a closer look felt his eyes widen.

"Wait a minute...that's Glenn!" he screamed in his thoughts.

"And we can't just let people die, either!" the first woman said to the second with narrowed eyes.

The other woman glowered, "When I SAY 'that door stays shut no matter what' I fucking MEAN it." she hissed through clenched teeth. "We don't know who these people are; they could be dangerous!"

"Worse! They could have led them right too us!" said the older man.

Jason felt his anger spike, "Hay, we have kids with us!" he whisper/yelled getting their attention. "The whole fucking town is infested, so don't pin that on us. And we're not dangerous to any of you." They all looked down at the gun in his hand as he flipped the safety off and slipped it into the waistband of his jeans.

"I see ONE little girl..." the disgruntled man snarked.

Clementine gripped Jason's other hand making him look down at her, "What's wrong?" he asked.

"I...I have to pee." she said with her knees buckling a little, all the while the unknown group around them continued to argue.

"Hold on for just another minute or two, okay?" he replied before turning back to the stand off.

"They've got kids, Lilly." Glenn said to the one obviously leading them.

Lilly shook her head, "Those things outside don't care."

"Then maybe you should join 'em, then. You'll have something in common!" Kenny said now pissed.

"Kenny, cool it!" the fighter said holding his arm. "Starting shit won't solve anything, and they've got us outnumbered here." he whispered getting the man to relax, if only slightly. Neither of them noticing that Clementine had broken off from them and was heading to the bathroom located at the back of the store.

"Goddamn it, Lilly! You have to control these people!" the old man of the group bellowed.

"Carley and Glenn just ran out there!" Lilly said back.

"I don't give a flying fuck! We're in a warzone!"

Kenny turned to the fighter, "Jason, can you believe this lady?"

The man turned to him and sneered, "That lady is my daughter." he said low and dangerously.

"I can see the resemblance. My son won't grow up to be a raging fucking lunatic, that's for certain." the fisherman shot back.

"Son?" the man turned and saw Katjaa cleaning the blood off of Duck at the nearby concession counter. "HO-LY shit...one of them is bitten!"

"Duck wasn't bitten!" Jason said immediately coming to the boy's defense.

"The hell he isn't, we have to end this now before he turns!" the man began making his way to the mother and child only for Kenny to step in his path.

"Over my dead body..."

The man narrowed his eyes to slits, "Then we'll dig one hole."

"No! I'm cleaning him up! There's no bite! He's fine!" Katjaa exclaimed while working twice as hard to clean her son up.

"Don't you fucking people get it?!" the man roared. "We've already SEEN this happen. We let someone with a bite stay and we all end up bitten!"

"Shut up." Kenny growled, his fists clenched as everyone began to gather around.

"We gotta throw him out! Or smash his head in!"

"KENNY, JASON STOP HIM!" Katjaa wailed as she desperately search Duck over for any sign of a bite.

Jason got in the man's face, completely ignoring the fact that he stood almost a head shorter than him. "You're not putting a fucking hand on anyone." he said dangerously. "You so much as take another step near that boy, you won't know which asshole to shit from."

"Will everyone CHILL THE FUCK OUT!" the other woman, Carley shouted.

"Nobody is doing anything." Lilly said to her.

"Lilly, shut up." the man snapped at her before turning to the other woman, "And you, shut the fuck up. They will find us and they will get in here, and none of this will fucking matter. But right now, we're about to be TRAPPED in here with one of those things!"

Kenny snarled at him, "What do you mean?"

"He's bitten! That's how you turn!"

Katjaa did one final check before speaking, "He's not bitten! Jason, please, stop this! It's upsetting him!"

"Oh, I'm 'upsetting' him?" the man snarked. "Upsetting is getting eaten alive! I'm not putting my daughter or the rest of us at risk simply because you fuckers won't accept the truth!"

"We've all got people in here! We can figure this out without killing anybody, there's always another way!" Jason said not backing down an inch.

"Yeah," The man said gravely, "With a shovel."

"Larry! Jesus Christ!" Glenn said not believing how bad things were getting.

Kenny snapped, "That's it! I'm gonna kill him! Kat, watch Duck!"

"Jason." Clementine called from the back of the store.

"Yeah, Clem?" he asked back not taking his eyes off of Larry.

"Someone's in the bathroom." she said hopping from foot to foot from desperation.

"It's probably just locked. Try under the counter, key's probably there."

Larry looked at the group, "Look, I'm not the bad guy here. I'm just trying to keep us all alive and my daughter safe."

"No, you're just the guy arguing for wanting to kill a kid!" Kenny fired back.

"He's covered in muck! She'll find the bite. WATCH!"

"She won't!"

"And if she does?" Larry asked leaning back. "The first thing he'll do is sink his teeth into his mom's face. Then, once she's dead, he'll probably pounce on YOUR little girl." he said shooting a glance toward Jason.

"For the last time, Duck wasn't bitten!" the fighter shouted. "And even if, if, he was, I think we can handle a little kid."

"A little kid?!" Larry said incrudensiously, "He'll be an uncontrollable man-eater! There's no getting around it, and were tossing him out NOW!" he surged forward to make a grab for Duck.

CRACK! He was thrown backward, hitting the floor and grabbing his face as blood dripped from his now broken nose. Jason lowered his fist and shot a burning leer down at the man. "You're not touching him, or anybody else. And if you so much as THREATEN anyone in my group again..." he pulled out his gun and aimed it at Larry's head, clicking the safety off for emphasis. "I'll put you down like the mad fucking dog that you are."

For a few tense seconds, no one moved. No one could even breathe the tension was so thick. And yet in one moment it all shattered.

Clementine's frightened scream pierced the air grabbing the attention of everyone. She backpeddled from the bathroom door just as the rotting form of a walker fell out and began to crawl its way after her.

"CLEMENTINE!" Jason shouted, vaulting over a low shelf and charging forward as the undead grabbed for her legs. "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" he drove the steel-toed tip of his right shoe hard into the monster's forehead with a sickening crunch, knocking it away from the girl and flat on its back where he stomped on its face until its skull exploded under his heel.

Taking a few deep breaths, he turned to Clementine who was shaking like a leaf. "Clem, you okay?" he asked gently, kneeling down and holding her face in his hands. She whimpered with tears in her eyes before throwing her arms around his neck, burrowing her face in his chest. "It's okay, sweetheart. It can't hurt you now." he whispered to her.

"Uh...guys." Glenn said nervous as pounding could be heard along the boarded up windows around the store. Everyone stood tense as the noise continued, the walkers tried to find a way in.

"Everybody down! Stay quiet!" Lilly whisper/yelled to the group as they all took cover. Clementine clung to Jason while he had his gun raised at the closest window. The hungered groans and moans of the undead outside filling the store in tandem with

"There gonna get in!" Larry said, dried blood caked under his now black and blue nose.

"Shut up!" Kenny snapped just as the sounds of automatic gunfire could be heard somewhere in the distance along with a couple of small explosions.

"That the military?" asked the man that had been keeping watch before.

"I don't know," replied Lilly while it continued.

The sound of a helicopter flying overhead roared loudly and soon the pounding on the windows came to an end, the walkers outside following after the louder noise and leaving those in the pharmacy alone. "Thank god, for whatever it was." Glenn said relieved.

"We almost died because of this bitch and that fucker's itchy trigger fingers!" Larry roared sending a withering glare Jason and Carley's way. "That was stupid! That was-" he stopped mid-sentence with a grunt, grabbing at his chest before collapsing to the floor.

"DAD!" Lilly screamed running to his side as he clutched at his shirt even tighter.

"What's happening to him?" the fighter asked putting his gun away.

Lilly looked up at him tensely, "It's his heart. He doesn't have his pills to help."

"Nitroglycerin pills?" asked Katjaa.

"YES." the younger woman said stressfully, "We're out and have been trying to get into the pharmacy since we got here! Please, try to get in there! Behind the counter where all the pills are being kept!"

Jason nodded, "We'll get them, there's gotta be another way inside." he didn't feel right about trying to help someone who was threatening to kill Duck, but they had bigger problems at the moment. "For now we should split up and try to gather anything useful, we could be stuck here while that horde is still out there."

'I'm starting to think that this drugstore isn't a permanent solution." commented Glenn now joining the conversation.

"He's right," added Kenny, "This isn't exactly Fort Knox."

The fighter began to think about their options, "We need gas, at least enough so that we all can get the hell out of town."

Glenn nodded, "Was thinking the same thing. There's a motel not too far from here, out towards the end of Peachtree. I'll work my way towards it and then loop back, siphoning what I can."

"If you're up for it, take this with you." Jason said handing the delivery man the walkie-talkie that he was still carrying. "Clementine's got the other one, contact her if you need any help. We'll bail you out. Keep your head down and get back here as fast as you can, it might not be safe here for much longer."

"Gotcha, wish me luck." Glenn turned to the office door on the opposite side of the store and disappeared through it. Leaving the others to coordinate amongst themselves and get set up in their temporary haven for the time being.

The unnamed man, Doug, went back to watching the front to keep an eye on the undead outside while everyone else began looking through what was available within the store.

Jason sent another look toward the boarded up windows where he could hear the walkers still milling around out in the street. "Can't stay here long, we better work fast."


About an hour had passed since Jason's group had arrived at the drug store, and the whole time he had spent it going through the shelves, boxes and cabinets that he had access to for anything they would be useful to them.

The store had been ransacked pretty hard, supplies were scarce and whatever was left wasn't much help for their situation. There were a couple of energy bars laying around that got past out to keep everyone fed, and a couple of batteries that were used on a radio to help them keep ears out on what was happening elsewhere.

Jason couldn't help but chuckle when Carley had trouble getting the thing to work only to find that she had but the batteries in backwards, something that left her flushed with embarrassment considering she was a reporter.

After talking with the group that had inhabited the place before them, the fighter discovered that the place had been abandoned when they had arrived. Larry having dragged the bodies of an elderly couple out into the alley incase they would come back.

When everyone was settled for the time being, Jason headed over to Kenny and his family to check on them. "Everything okay?" he asked, Duck had been unnaturally quiet since the ordeal outside and it had him a bit worried for the boy.

"As good as can be expected." replied Kenny, "Nice right-cross you got there, guess you weren't foolin' around about you being a fighter and all that."

The younger man shrugged, "Wish it didn't have to come that, but he was being an ass, and there was no way in hell I was going to let him hurt your kid."

"Thank you for that, Jason." Katjaa said while reaching out and squeezing his hand.

"I'd do it again in a heartbeat, I know you both would do the same for Clementine if the situation called for it." Jason looked over behind the counter where his charge was munching on the energy bar he had given her, eyes locked on her walkie-talkie as she waited for Glenn to contact them.

"How's she doing?" asked Kenny.

"Good, for the most part. A little shook up but nothing too bad." came the reply.

"She's a tough one, right there." commented the fisherman, "No normal little girl can make it through something like this the way she has."

Jason couldn't help but smile at the girl as she looked his way, smiling back and waving in his direction. "Yeah, she's special alright." he said lowly before turning back to the family, "I'm gonna search out the office, if anything happens come find me."

Kenny nodded, "You got it, man."

Turning to the lone door that said 'Employees Only', a smaller written sign below it stating 'Alive Here.', Jason grabbed the knob and turned it slowly, pushing the door open and peering into the room beyond to be sure that it was really cleared out.

The place was a mess like the rest of the store. Overturned furniture was pressed up against the doors leading out into the alley and into the pharmacy in the back. A small table was set up in the corner by a bookshelf that had a tv on top, a lantern on its surface lighting part of the room revealing empty food cans and a dented first aid kit.

On the floor was a mattress and blankets that were stained with blood, a dried pool on the tiles next to it that spread out pretty far. "These people didn't deserve this..." Jason thought to himself while pushing the door open the rest of the way and stepping inside. The door stopped part-way making him turn in time to see Clementine slip through as well.

"What are you doing here, Clem?" he asked wondering why she followed him.

"I thought I could help you find a way into the back, if that's okay." she replied looking up with her bright eyes.

Jason smiled, "Sounds good, the two of us together should be able to figure this out." the girl beamed up at him before surveying the room. "What did you think of everyone out there?" he asked as they started searching.

"Everyone seems okay, well, maybe not the sick guy." Clementine said at his side.

"Yeah, he was kind of a jerk wasn't he?" said the fighter. He noticed that she had stopped and turned to see what was the matter. She was standing at the edge of the pool of dried blood, eyes not leaving the surface as she trembled a bit. "Clem?" he asked walking back over to her.

She looked up at him. "T-That thing in the bathroom...it tried to get me." her eyes started shimmering, "But, you stopped it. C-Can you do that more?"

He nodded seriously, "I won't let anything happen to you." he held out his right pinky finger to her, "And that's a promise." Clementine smiled as she wrapped her smaller finger with his and they locked them together. "Now, let's find Larry's medicine and get out of here."

Heading to the back door that led to the pharmacy, the fighter grabbed a pallet that was leaning against the desk blocking the entrance. Moving it aside, a hard-wood cane fell to the side and clattered to the floor. Picking it up, he tested the weight of it before leaning it against the pallet he had just moved. "Now, for the desk." he muttered looking at the obstruction.

"Can I help?" asked Clementine with a hopeful look on her face.

"Sure," he replied grabbing on to one side while she took the other, "On the count of three, pull it back. Watch your fingers so they don't get pinched." he instructed getting a nod in response. "One, two...three." They both pulled the desk back a little ways from the door

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, it's not heavy." his charge replied.

"What about with everything happening outside?"

She looked down, "It's not good." her head raised and she smiled at him, "But I think it'll get better."

Jason didn't really know how to respond to that, instead he just smiled back and nodded as they grabbed the desk again and moved it back some more. "Do you have kids?" Clementine asked making the fighter stumble a little bit.

"I'm still pretty young, Clem. So no, not at the moment." he said back as he started angling the desk toward the wall.

"You don't have a family?" she asked with furrowed brows.

Her guardian closed his eyes, "I did...but we don't talk anymore."

"Why? Do they hate you?" Clementine pushed.

"In a way, yeah." Jason answered truthfully, "They wanted me to be something I wasn't, and they didn't like it when I refused to act the way they wanted. So we stopped speaking to each other, I didn't want it to be that way but they just didn't like who I was as a person."

The little girl's brows furrowed more, "But...I like the way you are. You're nice, and strong, and protect people from those monsters. You're a good person."

For the first time in a while, Jason felt his heart warm up a little. To know that this girl, who didn't even really know him, looked at him in such a way made him feel like he actually meant something to someone. "Thanks, Clem. That really means a lot to me." They both went back to the desk and moved it again, pushing it up against the wall so that it was out of the way.

"OWW!" Clementine jumped back clutching at her right index-finger as a small stream of blood slipped down it.

"You okay?" the fighter asked concerned.

"I hurt my finger," she said showing him the damage.

Looking it over, he picked her up by her waist and set her down on the desk, "I'll find you a bandage, just sit tight." he turned to the small first aid kit on the other table and popped it open. There was barely anything left in it, but there were a couple of bandaids at the bottom that he picked up and brought over to the desk. "Now, let's see if we can fix that finger." he said taking the girl's hand and looking at the small cut.

"It still hurts a little." she said as he gently wiped some of the blood away.

"It's all good, sweetheart. I got just the thing for it." he took out the bandaid and wrapped it around the tip of her finger effectively sealing it. "There, nothing to it." he said grinning up at her and getting a small giggle in return.

"Jason?" she asked getting his attention when she calmed down, "What if my parents come home and I'm not there?"

The answering machine messages played through his thoughts again, a cold feeling settling in his stomach at the possible truth on whether or not her parents were even still alive. But at the same time he couldn't just crush her with it, what little bit of innocence she had left would be destroyed.

And in a time and place like this, something like that should be cherished for as long as possible.

"Don't worry, Clem. I'm sure they'd try and track us down." he answered.

"Yeah, okay. We better keep a look out then." she said sounding optimistic. "I've still got my walkie-talkie, incase they try that way."

Jason nodded, biting the inside of his cheek before looking her in the eye again. "Listen, Clem. I know I'm not you're dad or anything like that. But I will take care of you, no matter what it takes and no matter what gets in my way. Just stay close to me, okay?" Clementine looked up at him and saw how serious he was and couldn't help but feel safe knowing he was there.

Turning to the pharmacy door, he tried the handle and found it locked.

"Damn, maybe the keys are around here somewhere." the fighter started going through the drawers of the desk, finding loose papers and pens but no keys. He'd also found a remote control for the tv in the office, but as expected, none of the stations were working.

Slipping the remote in his back pocket, he went over to the pool of blood and found a shattered picture frame of the people that ran the store, an elderly couple and their two older sons standing in front of the building the day it was opened.

Releasing a small sigh, he set the broken frame on the table by the lantern before helping his charge down from the desk. "Let's head back into the drug store, maybe we can find what we need to get in the back from there."

Clementine nodded, "Okay." They were about part way to the door when her walkie-talkie went off.

"Hey there, this is Glenn and uh, I'm kinda in a jam here." Glenn's voice echoed from the speaker. "Uh, little girl, if you're there, can you put your daddy on the phone? Or on the talkie, or whatever?"

"Do I seriously look old enough to be her dad?" Jason thought with a shake of his head as Clementine handed her walkie to him. "Glenn? It's Jason, what's wrong?" he asked as they stepped back into the store and garnering the attention of the others.

"So...I'm down at that motor inn and, well, I-I'm stuck..."

"How bad?" asked the fighter.

"Pretty bad...I, uh, saw a chance to get some supplies for the group and a bunch of the roaming ones got the jump on me." Glenn replied. "I'm hiding out here, but they won't leave."

"What's the problem?" asked Kenny.

"Glenn's trapped at the motor inn, walkers got him surrounded." Jason replied going back to the radio, "Glenn, we're gonna talk it over and send someone out to come get you. Just sit tight and try not to bring any attention to where you're hiding."

"Awesome, I'll just sit tight until then."

Looking down at his charge, the fighter slipped her radio on his hip, "I'm gonna hold on to this, at least until we get Glenn back. Don't worry, I'll take good care of it." She nodded hesitantly as he turned to the group.

"So what's the plan?" asked Kenny crossing his arms.

Looking at everyone around him, Jason nodded to himself before speaking, "Doug doesn't seem to do too well with walkers, you've got your family to look after, and Lilly needs to stay with her dad for the time being. Carley and I are pretty good shots, so we'll head down to the motor inn, grab Glenn and get back here as quickly as we can."

"Sounds good, I'm in." said the reporter.

The fighter nodded to her, "Alright, we'll head out in ten minutes. Gather what supplies you think you'll need and we'll head out through the exit in the office." He started going through the box of supplies he had managed to gather, pulling out two rolls of duct tape and a couple of magazines that he had found on one of the racks in the front.

"Time to put what I know to good use."

A/N: A good amount of zombie killing, and a emotional moment between Jason and Clementine. Things are starting to heat up, and Glenn's rescue and the escape from Downtown Macon is in the next chapter. Prepare for a lot of bloodshed...because some people might not make it to see the sunrise.