Okay, this one will be slightly different, in that it will have more chapters (hopefully) when one of them escapes. Lyra is from the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman.

Also, I can't type accents, so you'll have to use your imagination with Merida. :)

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Let's recap:

Percy and Nico have both escaped.
Jack and Coco are trapped on the bottom floor.
Tag and Edith are on the third floor. (Oh gods...)
Diamond and Isaac are on the fourth floor.
Katniss and Four are on the fifth floor.
Hazel and Gale are on the sixth floor.
Harry and Hermione are on the seventh floor (What will Ron say?)
And finally, Tris and Rapunzel are on the top floor.

Peeta, Ron, Hiccup, Merida, Agnes, Christina, Annabeth and Lyra remaining

Merida POV

What-? One minute I was racing Hiccup on Angus and he was on Toothless, and the next minute, we're both in a boat with a bunch of strangers.

We arrive on a small island with a huge tower on it.

"That looks like-"

"-Rapunzel's tower." Hiccup finishes for me. A cage is waiting for us. I'm not stupid enough to get in, but an invisible force suddenly pushes me. Hiccup stumbles after and trips over his own foot. "Stupid leg."

The others are shoved in to join us and the cage door slams shut. It begins to move upwards, very slowly. Just as we clear the ground, we hear swearing from inside the tower. A girl with blonde hair at the side of the cage peers in through the window and retreats as a blast of water shoots out.

"Percy?" She whispers. The shouts continue and I hear the words 'Poseidon' and 'Ares' used a lot. The blonde seems to make sense of this, because her hands fly to her mouth. "No. Not Percy."

"So, who are you?" A boy with flaming red hair on the other side of the cage looks around at us. "I'm Ron, Ron Weasley."

Hiccup nudges me. "Hey, Mer, it's your cousin."

I have to slap him for that one. "I am Merida and this idiot is Hiccup."


Ron snorts. "Hiccup?" We both glare at him and I knock up an arrow.

"Be careful what you say, laddie."

"Okay, before you two kill each other, I'm Annabeth, daughter of Athena." The blonde says, pushing us away from one another. I don't particularly care who Athena is and am about to say so, when Hiccup puts a hand over my mouth and drags me away.

"Excuse me?" A little voice says. I look down to see a girl with black hair the biggest brown eyes I've ever seen, staring up at me. "Where are we?"

"I don't know." Annabeth has crouched down next to her. "What's your name, little one?"

"Agnes." Suddenly, a symbol appears over Agnes's head. It looks like a black skull. Annabeth scrambles backwards.

"Well, what do you know..." Hiccup steps forwards and kneels down next to Agnes. "A daughter of Hel..." (A/N Hel is the Norse goddess of the underworld)

"I think you mean Hades." Annabeth tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and Hiccup frowns.

"No, I mean Hel."

"Trust me, it's-" They are interrupted by a yell.

"WOOHOO!" Something blonde is let down and I run to the side of the cage.

"Rapunzel?" Hiccup gets up and runs to join me as a figure flies past.


"What the-?" I look at Hiccup who shrugs back. "Do you think Jack's here too then?"

"I don't know..." I feel a tap on the shoulder and spin round to point an arrow at the person. A blonde haired boy stumbles back.

"Whoa, clam down...I'm Peeta."

"Okaaay..." I lower my weapon and look at the last two figures. They are both girls and they both look fierce.

"I'm Christina." The taller of the two steps forwards. She has chin length black hair and dark brown skin. She is dressed head to toe in black and is a little intimidating.

"I'm Lyra." The other girl steps forwards. She has a little animal across her shoulder. "This is Pantalaimon. But I call him Pan." She has dark-blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

I reach out tentatively to stroke Pan, but Lyra takes a step back.

"Don't you know anything? We aren't allowed to touch each other's daemons."

Daemons? What?

Hiccup seems to have an idea of what she's going on about. "Do you have an alethiometer?"

"I used to. I can't read it any more." Pan nuzzles deeper into her neck and Lyra strokes him. I for one, am completely confused.

The cage sways suddenly, throwing me into Hiccup.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine." I say quietly. The cage halts and one side drops down. It makes a rickety bridge to the tower. I run across, closely followed by Lyra. Hiccup looks at his leg, before running across. He skids a little when he reaches me, but I grab him.

Peeta follows closely and I notice that his feet are the same as Hiccup' of his legs is fake. I decide to keep my mouth shut. He could turn violent.

Christina leaps across. Ron and Annabeth cross last, Annabeth with Agnes on her back. Seriously, why?

The door slams shut. Oh no...

"Unfortunates. You have been brought here for my amusement. Only one will escape. The rest will be...Trapped!"

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