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This chapter is a bit of a hit-and-miss one about them all getting home. Drama is finished, so this is it :)


They're taking people home. Nico has a few people around him, all clinging hold of hands. Harry, Ron and Hermione. Lyra and her Will. Coco is there too, looking a little sick. I want to go with her. With Diamond gone, I have no reason to go home...it's not like the circus want me anyway. Marvo and Julip will be fine without me.

Shadows start to writhe up around them and I hardly know what I'm doing as I run forwards and grab hold of Coco's shoulder. Nico turns in shock and starts to say something, but the shadows consume us and we're gone.

We stumble out of it and into a wall.

"TAG WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" Nico yells at me. I shrug and scoot a little closer to Coco, who grins and puts a hand on my shoulder.

"C'mon, Neeks. It's not like he has anywhere else to go..."


She ignores him and starts to walk away. "Where are we, anyway?"

"I don't know." We all freeze and stare at him. "I don't know. I lost concentration when Tag grabbed hold of Coco and the shadows took over."

I look around. Walls surround us on each side, they must reach at least 100ft into the air. I start to walk towards the end of the corridor that we're in, but hear footsteps. Nico does too, because he motions for all of us to shut up.

Two boys come running round the corner, and the one in front stops so suddenly that the guy behind him hits his nose.

"Why, Minho, why?" He grumbles rubbing it, so that it goes bright red. He sees us and freezes, before straightening up.

"Who are you?" The Minho guy asks, folding his arms. I glance sideways at Nico and Coco, as both boys take knives from their boots. Nico just holds out his arms and we grab on.

"Nice meeting you, but we gotta go." Coco smiles sweetly and gives a little wave. Shadows crawl up to us and we disappear, just as the daggers are flung. One of them spirals towards me, but I duck and it barely grazes my head.

One of them shouts something about being a shuck-faced piece of klunk.

We are let out again, gasping for breath, outside a REALLY tall house. Harry, Ron and Hermione all let go and turn to us. "Well..." Hermione says. She holds out her hand to Nico, who shakes it hesitantly, as though she might kill him. Coco stifles a giggle. "...It was nice meeting you. Goodbye!"
The three of them run off, away from our little group. Nico shakes his head in disbelief.


We drop Lyra and Will off in somewhere called Cambridge, where they immediately make a beeline for an old bench. It's weird how they both seem to know exactly where they're going, sometimes looking a little lost as the other drags them along. Coco sighs happily and ruffles my hair. I duck out from under her hand.

Nico finally drops us off in somewhere called Tanglewood. Coco starts to walk away, but Nico puts a hand on my shoulder and passes a little whistle to me. "In case of an emergency. Percy would kill me if I didn't give you anything."

He grins slightly, before disappearing. I look down at the whistle and close my hand around it. The thing is ice-cold.

Thalia POV

By the time Death Breath gets back, we're almost home. My darling cousin decided to take us the short route- aka via a water spout that got us all drenched. Woohoo.

Nico just sits down by the mast and pants. He looks exhausted, and I remember him saying something about it being really hard to travel with large groups of people or something.

All of us demigods are crowded around Leo, who is at the wheel. Percy and Annabeth have their arms around each other. The people left to drop off are either from the past or from the future. Or their names are Jack Frost, Elsa and Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack and Elsa are long gone. They got into some sort of heated argument that ended up in Elsa blasting Jack across the sky. She went to find him and I saw snow appear, so they're probably fine.

Leo steers the ship into port and we jump off. Nico and I are off first, and I'm glad to be on solid ground. I'm pretty sure the only reason the ship didn't capsize was because Percy already drenched us, and Poseidon wouldn't want his demigod son dead.

Later, once we've found Chiron and explained everything to him, we sit around the campfire whilst Leo goes in search of an old portal. He said that it only transports back in time at the moment, but he might be able to make a few alterations.

I stare into the flames as people wander around aimlessly. Agnes and Edith are being shown to their cabins. Percy seems a little annoyed that Tag didn't come back with us, but at the moment there is too much going on to worry.

Rapunzel and Nico are sitting together on the opposite side of the fire. I flicker my gaze to her a couple of times. We all know by now that it was her aunt that took them all...but if Nico likes her, then she can't be that bad...

Hiccup and Merida are nearby too. They aren't saying much, but I don't think they need to. The pair of them look like people who have been through so much together that they're used to crazy stuff happening. I'm used to crazy monsters and minor gods and goddesses being power-hungry, but that tower was on a whole new level.

"GUYS!" Leo's yell pulls me from my thoughts. I twist to squint into the trees, before shielding my eyes from the light emanating from them. "I found it!"

The portal looks like a metal doorframe. It has a dial on one side that is currently set at 'Victorian Age London'. Leo thumps the side a couple of times, before an image swims into view. A table is laid for breakfast, and a woman is talking frantically.

"I can't find them anywhere, Henry! Where could they be?" Her husband, (I'm assuming he is anyway) just pats her arm and tells her not to worry, but she raves on about it. "I'm used to Will being out and about for hours on end, but this is Jem and Tessa too! They know better!"

Will looks offended. "It's nice to know that Charlotte trusts me." He shrugs and turns to us. "Thank you. We'll be going now." He turns and steps through the portal. Jem and Tessa hang back to exchange a few more words, before following him. The picture shimmers for a few moments, enough to see Jem and Tessa being embraced fiercely and Will getting a slap upside the head.

Leo twists the dial to something else. A castle appears, shrouded in mist. A Scottish voice floats through frantically. "Fergus! Have you seen Merida?"

A male voice replies something about sneaking out to see unsuitable Viking boys. Merida snorts and gives us a quick wave, before pulling Hiccup through. Leo looks in and grins as he hears the Scottish voice shouting at Hiccup for running off with her daughter.

"Let's get to work then."

Peeta POV

Later, when Leo has tinkered with the machine that he calls a 'portal', he stands triumphantly and gestures to it. The dial is pointed a label saying 'Future America Panem'. Through it, District 12 is bustling with life. Gale looks at it suspiciously.

"It's District 12. You lived there for most your life." I say helpfully. He glares at me and stalks through. I shake my head and thank the demigods, before following him. There is a sensation of what feels like cool water, before I emerge completely dry on the other side. People immediately crowd me, asking about where I've been and where Katniss is.

From the corner of my eye, I see Gale slipping into the woods. Fat lot of help he was.

Tris POV

Leo turns the dial to 'Future America Chicago.' The Dauntless compound shimmers into view. I look at it, with an ache that reminds me of Tobias. Will and I say our good byes, before walking through.

When I'm there, people turn and look in shock, as though I'm a ghost. Which, I suppose I am.

I turn to see if the portal is still there. A shimmering patch of air dissolves, leaving us stranded where we're meant to be.

Rapunzel POV

The story ends with me, I guess. Nico and I stayed at Camp Half-Blood with the other demigods. Captain Jack Sparrow dropped in from time to time, each more drunk than the last.

Leo found a way to get the portal to work for the present as well, so Percy could see Tag as much as he wanted.

The others all went back to their daily lives. I saw a lot of Hic and Mer too.

But the only thing that sometimes nagged at the back of my mind was my parents and Flynn. After all, Flynn was the one who helped me escape my tower. But that was a different story.

And that was a long time ago.

The End

So, a HUGE thank you to everyone who stuck with the story from the very beginning! And for the constructive criticism and everything! This is the end of the trilogy, but I may write the occasional one-shot or something :D

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