Chapter I

This is another one piece story that I´m starting but this is going to be a self insert like it says in the description I will write a new chapter for "Dawn of a Pirate" just have to fix it up a bit cause as you can see I forgot some important stuff, the characters that are in the description are those who will be in the story I may have it another romance story I just don´t know yet hope you guys enjoy it.

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'It´s raining heavily today'

I thought to myself as I walked home from school. My name is Hafthor Ingi Saevarsson a 17 year old Icelander turning 18 the first of may. 184.5 cm tall (6ft) and weigh at 104 kilograms (abit over average and a little round) wear glasses have short dark brown hair and a small thin mustache.

'I wonder if it was a smart idea to start one piece allover again, well if I´m going to write my story I have to start over again sure kirma said I could just use youtube or read the manga but I don´t wanna cause I´m lazy'

My train of thought is interrupted by a car horn, I look to my right and the last thing I see are the headlights of a 98 mustang.

I open my eyes and look around it looks like I´m in a dark alleyway, I walk out of the alley and…. Why does this town look like shell town from one piece?. I rub my eyes and shell town is still infront of me that must mean I´m inside one piece. Okay try not to panic everything´s going to be okay. I walk down to the docks and look into the sea

'I wonder if I have a devils fruit, only one way to find out'

I put my right hand into the sea and wait for a minute and nothing happens which I should be greatfull for i´ve always liked swimming I wonder what time period I´m on is this before zoro join luffy or after and could it be that their already in the grand line, I put my left hand in my pocket and pull out my wallet and look into it

´looks like my money has changed from kronur to belis well that´s good so I have 13.500 belis´

I walk to what looks like a restaurant I go in and look around seems like a nice place, I sit at the counter and order some chicken ramen, "that will be 560 belis" I look up and see a 8 year old girl infront of me wich I think is the same girl that zoro saves I can´t remember her name I look at her smile and hand over the money, I look to my left…. Roronoa zoro is sitting right next to me

'why is he here shouldn´t he be with luffy unless I came a month before luffy gets here'

*CRASH* I look to my right and I see a blonde guy walk in with a wolf and two marines following.


Oh god that voice is annoying somebody should have slit his throat when he was born, cause that voice is not normal, I see that girl from earlier get a broom and hit the wolf, it turns to her and is going to attack her but then it gets cut by zoro I have seen this before so I don´t pay attension to what happens helmeppo and the two marines are about to take zoro.

"oh look my dog has woken up"

I look at the floor and see the wolf stand up I´m trying to figure out how it´s still alive until I see it charge at he little girl and her mother, but before it gets to bite them I throw my arm infront of it and I get bitten.


I look at the wolf I pull my other hand back and throw a punch in it´s face the wolf stumbles back and falls down knocked out.

"arrest that guy he punched my dog"

I look at helmeppo with wide eyes, he´s seriously going to have me arrested for protecting myself, one of the marines goes up to me.

"now just come quietly"

I stand up holding my bleeding arm and I narrow my eyes at the marine, the marine infront of me and helmeppo back away slightly the marine pulls out a sword and tells me to come quietly and that he won´t say it ones more, I sprint passed him and run out of the restaurant and into alley the marines didn´t follow me, or I just ran fast…. Which is probably not true I sit down and look at my bleeding arm I tear my right sleeve of and tie it around my arm.

'so I´m in the one piece universe, what am I supposed to do I will probably die if I just stay alone maybe I should try and join Luffy and Zoro I´ll see now I just have to do something for two months….. and avoid the marines at the same time great what have I gotten myself into"

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