An Unburdened Fury

Chapter 1: One Tiny Mistake

On an Unknown Planet

Paragus steeled himself for what he was about to do. In his hands lay the one thing that could keep Broly under control.

It was an unimpressive golden band with a round, blue gem in the center. He noted that the gem was unusually dull compared to the one on the accompanying ring.

But, forgive the cliché, looks were deceiving.

If what his personal scientist said held true, he wouldn't have to fear Broly any more because of this simple piece of jewelry.

This risk he was taking was great however. The teen's madness had reached a critical point; no words breached his mind whenever he was let loose upon an unfortunate planet and he already lost an eye to one of his rampages.

But the reward was worth it. Having a power such as Broly's under his command practically guaranteed that he would rule wherever he deemed fit.

He let out a deep breath and walked into the boy's room.

Broly was in his bed asleep; the look of peace he had was a rare one. It appeared sleep was the only sanctuary from his collapsing mind.

'He hasn't stirred...this plan might succeed yet.' Thought Paragus as he stealthily walked towards the slumbering time bomb that was his son.

Unfortunately, it seemed that Broly was sleeping lighter than usual that night. His eyes opened slowly and groggily as expected of someone whose rest was interrupted. "Father," His visage shifted to one of confusion. "What are you doing? Ah!"

Paragus practically leapt onto his son despite the incredibly short distance between the two. A light scuffle occurred but Paragus managed to put the crown on his son's head before being pushed away. The ring that controlled the crown fell to the ground in front of Broly but the teen paid it no attention.

The darkness in the room was suddenly chased away by the awe-inspiring aura of Broly's Super Saiyan transformation and his growls devolved into that terrifying laughter of his.

Paragus, realizing the absurd amount of danger he just put himself in, quickly grabbed the ring just as Broly took a hold of his head in a vice grip with his left hand, his maniacal laughter filling the room as his psychopathic tendencies brought themselves forward.

He quickly equipped the ring and pointed it at him. The gem on the ring shone with an unreal intensity as Paragus unleashed the full power of the mind control device.

Broly stopped squeezing which was promising. Granted, he didn't loosen his grip but it was an improvement over a few seconds ago nonetheless. The boy wore a puzzled look to his face for several moments before an utterly murderous grin appeared on his face.

He took off the crown and held it out to Paragus in his free hand. "What is this, father?" Paragus, in shock of the apparent failure of the device, remained silent with a gaping jaw.

"WHAT IS IT?!" He thundered with a palpable hysteria as he crushed the crown in his hand with an effortless ease.

The grip on his head suddenly tightened to the point where Paragus heard cracks in his skull which was surprising given how loud his screams of pain were. More vicious laughter echoed through the halls of the building.

The scientist had been cleaning up his lab for the night when he noticed a glowing object on the floor near one of his tables. The glow died by the time he reached the source of the bright light which turned out to be a blue gemstone.

When he picked it up, he noted that it was exactly like the one he put in Broly's crown just a few hours ago except it was much brighter in its overall appearance.

'Funny,' He thought. 'I could have sworn the placeholder gem was the duller of the two.'

He inspected it for a few seconds before a profound horror rose up within him when his thoughts caught up with what he was seeing.

He bolted out of the lab faster than he ever thought possible.

"Paragus! Paragus!"

The pain in his head was severe but it had dulled to the point where he had been able to stop screaming; he merely whimpered in pain now. If the contemplative, yet wholly sadistic, look on his son's face revealed anything, Broly was thinking of the best way to kill him.

"Paragus, are you there?!" Came a faint cry from down the hall that grabbed Broly's attention. "I accidentally left the placeholder gem in the crown! Here's" The scientist stood sheepishly at the door taking in the sight of Paragus on his knees with his son towering over him in the golden aura of a Super Saiyan.

The gem dropped to the floor.

"PARAGUS FORCED M-!" The scientist was turned to ash mid sentence along with a large part of the building by a ki blast.

"Well it looks like this was a spectacular failure on his part." Remarked the Super Saiyan mockingly.

"Please...Broly. Have mercy on your father!" Begged Paragus as he struggled to get Broly's hand off his head. "Explain yourself and I might allow you to flee."

His son suddenly let go causing him to tumble to the floor.

Paragus took several deep breaths as he crawled on his back away from the Super Saiyan. He swallowed a large lump in his throat. Maybe...maybe he could appeal to whatever sane part of the boy remained.

"Your power is tainting your mind, Broly! One day it will break and who knows what could happen! You could kill yourself!"

With that, Broly stomped on Paragus' legs promptly crushing the bones in them eliciting another cry of pain from the man.

"You're not answering the question!"

"It was a device to control your power! So that your mind might be preserved!"

His son's haunting laughter was all Paragus could hear as he struggled to drag himself away in an admittedly pitiful attempt to save his own hide. "You wished to control me, father?!"

His ribs were broken as his son's boot came down on him. It was impossible to breath with the limb pressing down on his lungs. A pair of seething green eyes was all he could see as he felt himself lifted off the ground.

His spine cracked on impact with a nearby wall. The pain from his legs disappeared. In his painful haze, he witnessed a crater appeared around Broly's feet a split second before he flew off.

As to what direction, it didn't matter to Paragus. He just needed to get away from his son.

It took him mere seconds to find his father's personal spaceship. The fool had left it where they first landed all those years ago on this dump of a planet.

He entered the ship and moments later he and the ship were headed towards space.

Once the ship reached the very edge of the planet's atmosphere however, it stopped. Broly erected an energy barrier around himself and opened the airlock.

Below him was a wondrous sight to behold. Another planet for him to do with as he pleased. He held up his right arm towards the massive sphere of rock.

The area around him took on a green color momentarily before the color condensed in the center of Broly's outstretched palm. A bright, marble-sized ball of ki was born which Broly promptly clenched his fist around.

"He he he...ha ha ha...HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Broly threw the brilliantly green ki blast at his latest victim.

Paragon felt his stomach drop when he saw his ship head off into space. If he had to be honest with himself though, he felt mostly relief that Broly was off planet and, dare he say, a sliver of hope as well.

That monster was gone which meant that there was a small, if negligible, chance he might just survive.

A vivid green colored the landscape surrounding Paragus cutting his thoughts short. He looked up in time to see Broly's blast come out of the clouds.

There was only enough time for his eyes to widen before he was consumed in the planet's violent death.

The satisfaction he had upon seeing the planet disappear was...intoxicating to say the least but unfortunately his euphoria was abruptly ended when the light of the explosion died. That was always the worst part.

He headed back inside the ship and closed the airlock before letting his barrier fade away. He sat down in what used to be his father's chair and for what was most likely the first time in his life, he felt...well he didn't know what he felt.

It wasn't regret, no. Confused? Again, no.

Lost? Lost. He felt lost.

For the entirety of his life, nearly all of his choices were made by his father. Where they went, how they lived, etc. The only choices he ever made was how many ki blasts it would take to destroy a certain planet; everything else he relegated to his father.

Never allowing himself to make choices really hindered him now that he thought about it. The thought made him angry and the rush of power that came along with his anger exhilarated him.

He forced himself to calm down when he realized he was damaging the controls on the chair's armrests. A few button presses revealed that everything was in working order and the damage was mostly superficial.

He pulled up a map and inspected it for any inhabited planets. He would need supplies because, in his anger, he left without restocking the ship and destroyed the one planet in this system that had what he needed.

The closest one with a known advanced civilization was a few light years away. A short trip. He plugged the coordinates in and off the ship went.

Author's Note

Broly is my favorite Dragon Ball Z villain but he was sorely underdeveloped in my opinion. I mean he's had two movies but all we got was that he was a crazy dude with an overwhelming hatred for Goku.

Even in the moments where he's not a raving lunatic, he's pretty much a doormat because of the crown so I thought 'What would he be like if he didn't have that crown and Goku wasn't around? Would he have some semblance of sanity or what?"

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