An Unburdened Fury

Chapter 47: A Liar

There was a collective silence as they all stared at the changes the purple android had undergone.

Cooler wanted to shiver at the thing's face. It was distinctly Arcosian and, given the monkey's words, it probably was. It sickened him that his family's essence was a part of this abomination. Whatever it wanted, he wasn't going to play its games.

"Well," He said impatiently. "Speak now." It glanced at him for a moment and he felt more than saw its dismissal. It saw him, the rightful emperor of the galaxy, as no more than a nuisance!

"Answer me,-!" Its eyes flashed for a moment and a titanic explosion went off in the distance. The group, save for Broly, turned to bawk at the display of power. He didn't even feel the blast pass him!

"I apologize, I was under the impression that he-" Genome gestured towards Broly who stood wary of him. "-was the head of this particular snake. Was I wrong?"

Seeing the threat for what it was, Cooler bit his tongue. By right of might, Broly was the de facto leader. 'For now.' He thought as he swallowed his pride and kowtowed to the android.

"Broly, for your omnicide of the South Galaxy and your crimes here in the North, you are to surrender to me. Any resistance and I cannot guarantee your life."

The Saiyan felt the weight of their eyes on him. That display of power from the android chilled him. He could have killed any one of them with that. Broly didn't think he'd have been able to react in time to stop it. Genome stared daggers into him and that's when he felt it. For a moment, it was like a shadow was cast over him. A soft wind brushed past them.

The bioandroid was playing with his mind. There was no way his ki peaked that high in that fraction of a fraction of a second.

"I know you know what I am capable of, Saiyan." Genome added as if he read his thoughts.

His decision was made. Genome wouldn't let him go and he didn't know if he could keep Zangya- the Herans safe in the battle. The bioandroid played at being a pacifist; he could use that.

'You better use your time travel bullshit to stop me, Bulma.'

No such help came in the ensuing seconds which he expected but the disappointment was there regardless.

"Fine but-" He pointed at Cooler and the Galaxy Soldiers. "You let them go."

There was a collective stillness at what Broly said. Zangya and Bujin, shocked at what the Saiyan said, glanced at each other and she mouthed whether he heard what she did. His bewildered nod was the unfortunate answer.

"He's suicidal." Cooler said in a hushed tone.

"He's beaten this guy before." Kogu replied nervously.

"Then explain what he just said." Cooler's gaze bore holes through Kogu. "The monkey knows something we don't and he's buying our lives now."

Genome twitched before he scowled. "You're not in the position to make demands of anyone."

Broly felt the collective reaction from everyone behind him. The way their kis suddenly became erratic and frenzied from silent panic.

"I won't repeat myself."

Genome was surprised by the demand, he could tell that much. It made sense why. His actions spoke of a mindless beast with an overwhelming desire to destroy but his actions said otherwise. He might have been that once but something had happened. He didn't want to think about it.

"And why should I do that?"

"Because-" His hair flashed golden and he pointed a finger at the planet below them. On the tip laid a single speck of ki. "There's a lot of innocent people on this planet."

That shook the bioandroid. He took a moment to look around as if to confirm the Saiyan's proclamation. Broly had figured it was the case but it was good to confirm that Genome could sense energy.

"You were so eager to kill me, you didn't think to check if there was anyone else. You've seen my work. You know I'll do it."

Genome's fists clenched hard. "You'll kill your comrades too!"

"You'd turn them into androids otherwise. I'm sparing them the hell." Broly's eyes narrowed at the android. "And I know I can't leave with them."

Genome sighed as he seemingly conceded. "...You know we'd give chase immediately or shoot down your ship in space. You're smarter than I gave you credit for. I took you for only a brute."

"I have my moments."

"You're lucky, you know. If I were anyone else..." Genome gestured for everyone to leave. "Go. My androids will allow your passage."

A sudden weight fell away from his shoulders. His resolve steeled. He knew what this would lead to. He glanced back and his eyes met Zangya's and he waved her over, to her surprise. She glanced at her friends and they shrugged while Cooler was already well on the way to the ship.

Genome watched over them curiously as she approached. "Broly, wha-?" She was abruptly cut as an arm wrapped around her. Her face heated instantly at such intimate contact. Why was this happening? To say it was awkward was an understatement. It was clear that he was unfamiliar with the nuances of hugs. She didn't hate it but it was so out of place for the man.

Broly only hoped that the display looked authentic to the android. He'd seen it enough on his purges. Two people who embraced one another as death surely approached. In a way, it was authentic. He lowered his head so his mouth was near her ear.

"Namek." He whispered.

He couldn't see her face but, when she wrapped her own arms around him and squeezed, he knew she did.

"I'll see you there." She whispered back.

He almost smirked at that. Sure, she would. They separated and he whirled around to Genome as she quickly sped off to the ship. It was a tense few minutes that passed while they waited for the group to leave the planet. He felt their powers leave the planet and then speed off into the depths of space. They were safe.

"Saving your allies. Admirable. Heroic even." Genome shrugged. "Shame they're little better than you."

He released his hold on his power and it rose sharply. "It'd be a bit weird if they were, don't you think?"

Genome felt it and his finger snapped towards him. Broly slapped the beam away as his ki hit the wall that was Super Saiyan.

"You said-!"

"I said I would go." Broly interrupted. The ground beneath him exploded underneath him as his body burst into his Legendary form. "I didn't say I'd go quietly."

"That's disappointing." Genome fell into a defensive posture. "But not unexpected."

They rushed each other. The Saiyan pulled back and brought his fist down onto the bioandroid as he responded in kind. Their fists collided and the planet shook. In unison, they aimed their free fists at each other only for their punches to meet once more. Another resounding boom cracked the crust beneath them in two.

"Careful there, machine, lest you kill everyone."

The pattern repeated until the two fighters were throwing out hundreds of blows a second. Rocks were pulverized to dust from the sheer force of their strikes meeting and a crater miles wide and deep formed. Neither could keep up this style of melee forever and it was Broly who was the first to falter. His mind was only that of a mere man while Genome's was both organic and machine. One was more prone to mistakes.

One of Broly's fists went an inch too wide and Genome's return blow pierced through to his jaw. The Saiyan stumbled back as the bioandroid stepped forward and struck the side of his knee. He faltered for just a moment and Gero's creation slammed a swiftly formed ki blast into his face. Smoke and debris flew everywhere. Broly swiped back, more to force Genome away rather than cause damage, as he rocketed upwards.

Broly scanned the battlefield with every sense. That ki blast had little power behind it. Genome wanted to hide from him and he succeeded. There was no sign of him and the scarred man couldn't feel him anywhere. He'd let him hide. Anything to buy time for Zangya and the others.

There was a quick blink of ki, if he wasn't so on edge he'd have missed it, and the hairs on his neck rose. He moved so fast, he nearly gave himself whiplash, as what can only be described as orange goop shot past him. That was the same thing that Genome used to capture him on Amalthea.

"That won't work on me twice!"

Broly brought his hands together in a might thunderclap that cleared the smoke and broke glass in cities hundreds of miles away. A torrent of black flame flooded his vision and he jumped clear out of the way. Ki flooded his skin and his body shone like a second sun. Thousands of energy bolts erupted from him. In an instant, the landscape was glassed all the way to the horizon.

A faint yet sharp ki popped up behind him. It was the only warning he received as he narrowly avoided decapitation by Genome's blade. The bioandroid refused to let up as dozens of slashes threatened to cut the massive Saiyan down to pieces. It was a first for him that he was put on the backfoot so badly.

And then he saw an opening.

Broly didn't think. He had to get his hits in where he could and so he did. There was a resounding BOOM as his fist impacted Genome's face. He pushed forward as much as he could as if his want alone could force the bioandroid's skull to cave in.

Broly fell back as something hit his chest. Blood sprayed from his body. A hellish agony followed after. The Saiyan looked down at the gash had opened up along his body.


"You pushed me out of range with that punch." Genome rubbed at his jaw before he violently twisted his wrist and a loud crack set it back into place. "Otherwise, I would have cleaved you in half."

Gero's creation fell on him once more. It was instinct rather than cohesive thought that allowed Broly to catch his fist. A jab struck his cheek but the Saiyan was quick enough to grab that too. Genome smirked and the battle stopped momentarily as their hands gripped each other and the two pushed.

"I can see it." Genome said with a slight turn to his lip. "The powerlessness that comes with knowing you can't win. I'm sure most of your victims felt the same as you crushed them."

And then the bioandroid grew an extra set of arms from his shoulders.

"A warrior from earth came up with this. Who knows how many countless techniques have been lost forever because of you?"

The fists cracked against his skull with nothing to stop them. Genome's grip crushed his hands. Broly ducked his head against the assault but that worked for all of a moment as the arms moved to the bioandroid's abdomen. One grabbed his hair and pulled him forward as the other rocketed up. His vision flashed white as the distinct sound of a broken nose deafened him.

The Saiyan roared as his head immediately reversed course. Genome's eyes widened as the scarred man's skull made contact with his own nose. The bioandroid cried out as he fell to a knee.

There could be no hesitation. Not an ounce of power held back.

And he had the perfect shot.

Shadowed against the sun above, Genome could only see the immense glow from Broly's mouth. His surprise hardly registered on his face before the Legendary Super Saiyan screamed an unholy fire upon him. The bioandroid held on for several seconds as if he could will the atoms of his body to just stay together. That will wasn't enough and his body was ripped apart in the geyser of unrestrained power.

With little care, Broly dropped Genome's hands on the ground right by the android's legs.

He let out a long sigh that quickly turned in a drawn out gasp of pain. There was a hole in the planet now and he was sure he could see through the other side if he bothered to look. He put a hand to his chest as he fell onto his remaining limbs. It paralyzed him. He shut his eyes and grit his teeth. Either he'd will away the pain or make himself pass out.

"Fuck me..." The Saiyan mumbled as he wiped the blood from his face with his forearm. He hissed at the contact and his other arm nearly buckled. Yeah, he was going to need help with that. The planet groaned and a violent quake followed after. He didn't have long to get off. It was a good thing he concentrated the beam like he did.

He looked around, for what he didn't know, and the hairs on the back of his head stood ramrod straight. Weren't there legs with those hands? A distinct, fleshy crunch could be heard behind him.

"What the -urgh!"

Broly was looking at a stone wall now with a him-sized hole in it. Something told him that if he was lucid, he'd be barely functional from the pain of his injuries. He pulled himself out and gawked as he saw the sky far below him. He looked up and saw more sky. When did that-?

"You've doomed this world." He didn't think Genome could speak with such venom. Violet bioelectricity flowed down his arm. "It would take weeks to evacuate this planet and you've left them with hours."

The Saiyan hissed through the fog of his mind. "How did you come back?"

"Namekian regeneration." Genome lifted a hand and clenched it into a fist. "Heavily modified before it was implanted into me. As far as I'm aware, Namekians can not survive the loss of their upper halves."

Namekians? As in Namek? Broly could almost laugh. What were the odds?

Genome crossed his arms. "I was actually second guessing myself when I faced you. Everyone I've killed before, I was ordered to. I had come here convinced that I had to kill you but when I landed here, I did not think I could. Then you went and made the regret my hesitation."

Broly ripped himself from the wall as steam rose from his body. With a grunt, the crater around them tripled in size as Broly brought forth everything he had left to bear.

"I hit a nerve, didn't I?" He answered.

Genome remained stoic even as his body was buffeted by winds far outstripping any natural storm. There weren't any innocents in range of this temper tantrum. Though, Broly was rapidly approaching his own power.

'It's time to put down this rabid dog.'

Genome shook his head. That was no way to treat what he was doing. This was a necessary evil.

'We've done the justifying already. Enjoy the process.'

No, none of that. This was an obligation and no more.

And there it was. The Saiyan's shining hand was fractions of an inch from his face. Flesh burned away along the arm and revealed nothing but green. Genome looked past the hand at the Saiyan himself. His face was twisted in a bestial rage.

The warriors were suddenly engulfed as the Devil's Hand made contact. The crust was atomized for miles around. Broly's body landed in the shallow waters of a flooded city well on the other side of the planet. The remnants of a skyscraper caught him before the current could pull him further away.

He pulled himself out of the water onto a dirty tile floor and coughed the murky water out of his lungs. Unlike his right arm, he still felt Genome out there. He suspected it was because Genome wanted him to.

'That went south quick.' He spotted a sign for a grocery store float on by. 'For everyone.'

He didn't even want to look at his arm. As far as he was concerned, it wouldn't hurt unless he looked. What he did look at was the dead cold visage of a bioandroid.

'When did he get there?!' Broly was instantly miles above the bioandroid with an Omega blaster in hand. He gripped the monumental energy tight. He could feel his whole life within it. Every conquest. Every regret. His self destruction. His need for purpose. His hate. His fear. His success.

Broly pulled back the blast.

'I'll see you there.'

His failure.

Down below, Genome placed two fingers to his forehead.

Broly threw it down. As high up as he was, when the attack expanded, it eclipse the planet below. He felt his Legendary power leave him. He put everything into this one. Genome extended his arm and a spiral of yellow and purple met his blast head on. The cataclysmic powers on display shook the world and the warring light could be seen from systems away.

The struggle ended as suddenly as it came. The Omega Blaster shattered as Genome's attack drilled through it.

And through Broly.

Broly put his hands to the gaping hole in his sternum as a thousand billion synapses in his brain screamed in panic. His hands were warm and wet; that wasn't right. If he plugged it right, maybe he could survive. Were his hands smaller? The wind was loud in his ears. He tried to breath but there was a leak somewhere; he couldn't fill his lungs. He hit something hard. The light above him was blocked.

Broly went to speak but found he didn't have a tongue anymore. He did have a new hole in the back of his throat however. Genome drew back his hand, his index fingertip still smoking from the Death Beam he launched into the Saiyan's mouth.

"With that, I've made you a liar."

He called for help but nothing came out. 'Zangya?' He tried but there was no answer. 'Ku-Kogu? Bujin?'



Then there was peace. It was over. He could sleep now. His eyes closed.

Genome stood over the cooling body for some time. There was no heart beat. No breath. If the Saiyan somehow lived, he'd be a vegetable from the lack of oxygen to his brain.

"Evacuate the planet. Save whoever you can."

Genome didn't listen for any affirmation. He knew his androids heard him.

'Take it in.' Cell's voice whispered. Was that admiration? 'This is us. Our power-!'

"This is me. Not you."

Cell chuckled and the sound grated against his sensors. 'Sure.' A moment passes. 'What will you do now?'


'You fool, did you think this was the end of your journey?'

"Of course not."

'Then what will you do?'

"I..." Genome thought of the Cold family's empire. Gero's goals. His own wants. "I'll root out anymore like him. No tyrant, no conqueror, no monster will ever feel safe while I live. I'll will make sure of that."

'There's a lot of former members of the PTO in hiding. How much blood is on their hands? How much are they spilling away from your empire's eyes?'

It wasn't his empire. Cell was playing him but the cretin had a point. Defecting from Frieza or Cooler did not make any of their former underlings good people.

"I'll know in time and justice will be dealt swiftly after."

Bujin sighed as Zangya made yet another pass. "Zangya, you're going to exhaust yourself if you keep going."

"How can you be so calm right now?!" She snapped as she threw her hand up. "It's been hours!"

Bujin snorted. He was basically shitting bricks. "Oh I'm not, I'm just a better actor, but pacing back and forth is a waste of energy."

She fell into a random chair with a huff. He had a point but the nervous energy that ran through her wouldn't let up. Cooler's words were stuck in her head like a sword in a stone. The question left her mouth the moment it went through her min.

"Do you think Cooler's right?"

"I know I am." The former tyrant answered as he entered the bridge. "As 'touching' as his sacrifice was, it was a calculated move on the monkey's part. We're the only real resistance against Genome and his machines."

His eyes fell on her. "What did he tell you?"

She looked off in a random direction as the memory, still fresh and raw, hit her. "Just a word." She looked back to Cooler. "Namek."

"What does that backwater-?" Cooler's eyes widened. "Could it be..?"

"What's his deal?" Zangya and Bujin jumped as Kogu seemingly appeared from nowhere.

"Fuckin' shit, Kogu! Watch it!"

"Don't sneak up like that!"

Kogu shrugged. "Sorry, I guess?"

Cooler's tail slammed down on the floor with a resounding BOOM that quieted the room. "Why did he tell you Namek?"

"We didn't exactly have a conversation, Cooler."

Bujin looked passed Cooler to a blinking light on the main console. "Somebody sent us a message?"

The group collectively focused on the light.

Cooler took it upon himself to go see what it was about. What it was was surprising. "This was delivered Galaxy wide on a channel reserved exclusively for my father. Something to communicate any decrees he wanted to personally deliver to his empire."

"That...doesn't sound good." Kogu said. A sentiment shared by his fellow Herans.

Cooler allowed it to play. It might just be some propaganda but perhaps it might be enlightening.

"To the people of the North Galaxy, today is a day of celebration."

There was a collective hush as they realized what was on screen. It was Genome. Unharmed. A chill when up her spine. It was a different planet than the one they left behind. She didn't want to recognize what she saw. What her mind demanded she know.

"Let the fear fall from your shoulders. Your planets, your families, you are safe."

Genome brought his hand into frame. The wind was knocked from her. Her knees shook. This couldn't be happening. Kogu whispered hush curses but his eyes stayed glued to the screen. Bujin was speechless with horror. Cooler remained stoic. Her eyes watered.

The bioandroid held up Broly's brutalized body like a trophy.

"Broly, mass murderer and destroyer of the South Galaxy, is dead by my hand. Rejoice and feast today. And to any who believe this an opportunity for their own horrors..."

It was like the bioandroid stared directly at her. Broly's body flashed violet and it fell away from Genome as ash.

"Let this be a warning."

Author's Notes

This was surprisingly easy to right. Whenever I sat down to do so, which is rare nowadays, the words just flowed. I'd been planning this for a while so it was nice to see it come to fruition.

To explain myself, I've realized for a while that I had written myself into a bit of a corner with Broly's development. After he kept throwing himself into deadly scenario after deadly scenario with the South Kai's students, Bojack and Cold, the Androids, and now Genome, he had developed a terrible fear of death. It paradoxically has him throwing himself at every potential threat to put it down before it could do anything to him.

That had to stop. He had to move past his fear if he was to have any chance of getting better. It's a shame that the choice of confronting that fear was taken from him so abruptly.

Broly is dead. Cooler and the Galaxy Soldiers are on the run. Cell is putting ideas in Genome's head. Goku and the gang are completely unaware of everything that's happened. Not a good situation for anyone to be in.

Ent out.

P.S. Told y'all I'd get this out before the end of the year! I might even get another out! Don't hold me to that tho.

Have a good Thanksgiving and stay safe!

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