Strawhat's Time Turned Back!

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Mysterious stranger

It was surprisingly enough a very nice, sunny day aboard the Strawhat pirates ship, and after a long week of sailing, they finally managed to reach the Winter island Nami told them so much about. There was even an Winter Festival on the island in two days, the crew were very excited for this much needed break.

"I SEE AN ISLAND! UP AHEAD ABOUT 3 MILES NORTH OF HERE!" Usopp screamed from the crows nest the moment he caught sight of the island.

"But...the log pose isn't pointing to an island, and there isn't an island on the map either." Nami muttered confused, she knew for certain the whatever island Usopp had seen was not the one they were supposed to arrive at. No one had heard her except the women standing by her side; Nico Robin the ships archaeologists.

'hmm that's interesting...' Robin thought as both herself and Nami went into the kitchen for a drink, and to discuss this no name island.

Out on the deck of the ship Zoro was fast asleep leaning against the mast and sitting at the table on deck playing Bink Sake softly was Brook next to Brook organizing his medical equipment was Chopper, who wanted to hurry to go fishing with Luffy but didn't want to risk messing up. In the ships kitchen cooking Lunch for everyone to take with them while exploring the island was Sanji, who was also mixing up a fruity drink for Robin and Nami who had just entered the kitchen. The only one not in the kitchen or out on deck was Franky, who was in the ships hull working on a new invention to keep his gears from getting stiff in the snow.

The Strawhat pirates were all very excited for their next adventure in the New World.

Sanji held the kitchen door open for the ladies to walk out first before following with everyone's lunch bentos.

"FOOD!" Luffy yelled as he rocketed himself straight towards Sanji only to go flying away with one swift kick. Franky, who had jut climbed up onto the deck, laughed when he saw Luffy go flying. Nobody however, seemed to notice that a stranger wearing an black tattered cloak had snuck aboard the Thousand Sunny from the back, and was quickly making their way around to the deck.

"It is time... time to see the Inner Strawhat Pirates! Hehehehehehe." The voice of the mysterious stranger laughed quietly.

Everyone still stood in the middle of the deck as Nami soon began to explain that she didn't know what island this was, only that it most certainly wasn't the winter island they were supposed to be arriving at, when suddenly Chopper looked up and began to sniff at the air frantically.

"Oi? Chopper? What's the matter?" Usopp asked upon being the first to notice his strange behavior.

Everyone was now looking at Chopper with curious and concerned expressions.

"Ah! U-Um I smelled somebody new on the Thousand Sunny but...they sorta smell familiar too...I'm not really sure..." Chopper said nervously.

"What?!" Usopp screamed instantly terrified, he knew his Observational Haki wasn't as good as the others but he still should've sensed someone on board right? One look at Luffy, Zoro and Sanji showed him that they didn't sense anyone on the ship either...which didn't quell his fears at all.

"Wait you said that this person smelled familiar right?" Receiving a nod from Chopper Nami continued, "Well maybe it's not an enemy!"

"Shisisisisisi, let's go see who it is!" Luffy yelled excitedly about to run around the ship until he found this mysterious person.

Zoro gave an grunt of agreement before he got up from where he napped to go follow after Luffy.

"D-Do you think we should follow them?" Usopp asked his knees shaking.

Everyone was stopped from having to search around the entire ship when the stranger suddenly jumped from the back of the ship onto the deck, directly in front of Luffy.

"Well well well, nice of you all to finally acknowledge me!" The mysterious stranger exclaimed.

"Who the hell are you?!" Zoro demanded as he got his swords out, everyone else prepared for a fight as well.

"Hey..." hearing the seriousness in Luffy's voice everyone even the stranger stopped what they were doing to listen, "can you poop?"

Everyone but the stranger comically fell to the ground. "Yes, I can poop." The stranger answered with equal seriousness.

"You stop asking that!" Sanji yelled jumping up and smacking Luffy in the head, "And you don't encourage him!" He yelled turning to the stranger.

"Hehehehehe!" The stranger laughed gaining the attention of the Strawhat's once more.

"Oi! What's so funny?" Franky demanded getting back into his fighting style.

"Oh nothing really~~" the stranger mused as they suddenly had a dark purple mist surrounding all of them, "Bye bye for now!" The stranger rushed forward and covered the entire ship in their strange mist but not before sliding their palm across Luffy's forehead.

"W-What *cough* the *cough* hell is this?!" Nami yelled just as she, Chopper, Usopp collapsed to the ground unconscious.

"It's seeping into my skin!" Brook exclaimed swaying, "Though I don't have skin...skull joke! Yohohoho!"

No one could rush foreword to help them because not even a second later everyone else fell down smacking against the deck, unconscious as well.

Some time later, the sun had definitely gone down by now, the crew began waking up.

"Ugh...what the hell happened." Sanji asked himself as he had regained consciousness only to be greeted with a pounding headache.

"Feels like someone knocked me upside the head...WHAT THE HELL?!" Zoro yelled bug-eyed once he sat up and caught sight of Sanji.

"What's your problem? Marm-" Sanji's eye widened to the size of saucers upon seeing Zoro.

"YOUR A KID?!" They both yelled standing up.

Their yelling had caused most of the others to abruptly wake up.

"Stop yelling!...AHHH! WHY AM I SO TINY?!" Nami yelled after bonking both Sanji and Zoro over the head and noticing her short height.

"It would seem that we all are now kids..." Robin announced frowning down at her own appearance.

"WHAT?!" Chopper and Usopp both screamed.

Looking around almost everyone took in what the others appearances were.

Zoro looked way smaller then his original height, wearing his oversized clothes with his swords hanging mostly on the ground by his side, he looked to be nine years old. Nami was even shorter than Zoro by a couple inches, her hair was just above her shoulder's, and she was wearing an oversized tank top and her shorts and panties laid around her feet, giving Sanji a nosebleed, she looked to be seven or eight years old. Usopp had black curly hair just past his shoulders, was about the same height as Nami, and sitting on the ground in his oversized cloths looked to be seven or eight as well. Sanji had the same hair cut as before, he was the same height as Zoro which annoyed the both of them to no end, and was standing up in an oversized suit, he looked to be nine years old. Chopper looked the same but with some baby fat and was a lot smaller then before, he looked like he was at least five years old. Robin's shape was smaller as well, her hair was to her shoulders, her dress dropping lazily around frame she looked to be twelve years old. Franky no longer had any metal limbs instead he was completely flesh and he was taller then Sanji and Zoro by a few inches, he had spiky blue hair, was holding up his speed-o to cover his 'family jewels' he looked to all of them about fourteen years old. Brook however was the hardest to recognize, he no longer had his bones showing he now had flesh as well, he was pale, tallest out of everyone, his cloths oversized as well, and he looked like he was at least 16 years old.

As one everyone looked towards the only remaining unconscious member, Luffy, just to see he looked EXACTLY the same but very short, bare missing the scar on his chest, his clothes were oversized as well, but he looked like he was five years old, which confused everyone.

"Luffy!" Running to him Chopper diagnosed that he was just sleeping.

After carrying Luffy to the infirmary like Chopper ordered, Zoro laid him down on the bed just as everyone else piled into the infirmary as well.

After they discussed what the hell happened Robin came to the conclusion that "That person who was aboard the Thousand Sunny must have turned us all

into kids again, it might be a Devil Fruit I when we were turned into kids that stranger literally turned back time for our bodies. We really are in our bodies from the past. Considering Brook and I no longer have our Devil Fruits, though I am confused as to why Chopper-san seems to still has his..."

"Ugh...meh head 'urts..."

Startled by the sudden somewhat squeaky voice, everyone looked towards the bed just in time to see Luffy sit up.

"Huh? Who the heck are you guys?" Luffy asked confused, only to flinch back as one they kids around him all screamed,


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