Curse of the Lucario chap 1

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Chapter 1

The Drive that Started Everything

I have been been around Pokemon my entire life. I've had a few as pets, friends, and some that I've grown up with. I've never had any sort of desire to capture them or become a breeder. The name's Jason and I live in the countryside with my mom, dad, and our herd of Mareep and Miltank. I'm sixteen and nothing happens around there.

I was driving along a road, headed to school, when my life was changed. (For the better or worse can be debatable.)

As I drove, I saw a blue blur appear in front of my vehicle and slammed on my brakes. My reactions were too slow and my front bumper slammed into the unsuspecting Pokemon, sending it careening to the right and towards the forest.

After screeching to a halt on the side of the road, out of the way of any oncoming traffic, I unbuckled and jumped out of my car. I ran towards where I thought I had seen the creature fly, ignoring the cars that drove by.

I got to the side of the road and scanned the ground below me. Finally, I saw it. I saw something laying on the ground that was covered in blue or black fur all over, the one exception being the fur on its chest, which was gold.

"Oh Arceus! Lucario, it's a Lucario!"

I slid down the steep drop of the ditch and got on my knees next to it.

"Come on, wake up!" I whispered as I checked its pulse

Alive, but weak. Shockingly, his eyes opened and I froze with guilt. I heard his voice echoing in my head, "I know it wasn't your intention. Do not feel guilty. It wasn't your fault."

I started blubbering. I am not the best in stressful situations. "You're going to be fine, just relax. I'm going to call for some help."

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket, and after several fumbled tries, finally punched in the number for emergency services.

"Hello? This is officer Jenny. What is your situation?"

"I hit a Lucario! He's in bad shape and needs help immediately!"

"I am sending a medical team now. What is your location?"

I told her where I was and she promised that they would be there soon.

I hung up and focused on Lucario again. I saw that his right leg was busted up and he had blood soaked fur on his chest. Even the spike in the middle of his chest was soaked in blood.

"Oh Arceus." I felt horrible, I caused this pain. This suffering. I wasn't the kind to get flustered or guilty easily in most things, but I couldn't help it when it was-

"Not your fault, I wasn't watching," Lucario spoke again, absurdly trying to comfort me while in obvious agony.

Wait? Hurt Pokemon?

I had a sudden burst of inspiration and asked, "Do you have a trainer? He could put you in a pokeball." The pokeball acted almost like a stasis chamber where a Pokemon could heal, or at least not get worse, until the trainer gets to a Pokemon center or hospital.

"No. I have no trainer."

My hopes dropped, but they picked up again when I heard sirens in the distance.

"Just wait here, help is almost here."

I saw Lucario close his eyes, probably passing out, and I swallowed down bile. I ran back up to the road and flagged down the ambulance once it got close enough.

A team of two men and a woman got out of the vehicle and rushed over to me.

"Over here! He's really hurt, please hurry!" I pointed to where Lucario was and they hurried over to him with boxes in their arms.

"We need a stretcher!" the nurse instructed the two men and they rushed back to the vehicle and grabbed the requested item. I stood on the sidelines, rubbing my hands nervously, as they worked to stabilize Lucario and get him on the stretcher.

They got him into the ambulance and the nurse came to me.

"Lucario was able to tell us it wasn't your fault. You are free to go, if you wish."

"O-ok. Will I be able to see Lucario in the hospital?"

"Of course. Now, we must be going."

I nodded and she went back to the ambulance and they sped off with their lights on and sirens howling.

With the okay given, I went back to my vehicle and noticed that there was very little damage to it.

This made me both angry and so very sad. Lucario was busted up because of me and what was my punishment? Nothing!

I drove myself home, calling that day a sick day. Once I got home, I sat on my couch and just stared emptily into space. I sat there for hours, tilting between anger and worry. I decided to go to the hospital.

I drove there in an near daze. (Not safe in the slightest, when I thought about it.) Once I got there, I rushed in to the front desk.

"Excuse me, but which room is the Lucario in?" Seeing a Lucario around where I lived was very rare, so it was very unlikely that there would be another in the hospital.

The guy who was there looked up the room on the computer and gave me directions. I headed to the elevator but instead took the stairs, deciding that they would be faster.

"Room thirty-seven B," I repeated under my breath like a prayer every few steps.

I walked past what felt like a hundred doors, twisting past various people and Pokemon in the hallways, until I found it.

I put my hand on the door, and stopped. I took a deep breath before I forced myself to push the door open. I saw that the room was empty aside from Lucario, who was laying on a bed covered in bandages. I saw he had a heart monitor hooked up and that the beeping was the only sound in the room.

"Lucario." I felt new grief at the outcome of my accident and felt the need to help him somehow.

I went in and sat next to the hospital bed. I didn't say anything while I sat there. I just sat there and swallowed back tears.

About thirty minutes later, I felt my phone buzz and I checked it. It was a text from my mother.

[Where are you? I got a call from school saying you weren't there today and I called the home phone. ?] Of course the school would call my parents. That was their policy. I should've remembered that. My mom was probably making sure I was alright. She trusted me enough to know that I wouldn't cut school for anything that wasn't important.

[I'm at the hospital. I hit a Lucario today and I'm next to him now.] My teeth grit as I repressed the urge to let out more tears before I hit send.

A moment later, she responded.

[Oh… well, when you are ready to come home, we will be here for you.]


I put my phone away and saw Lucario watching me.

"Lucario! You're awake. How are you feeling? Do you need anything?"

Lucario shook his head no.

"Do you feel any pain?"

This time he nodded yes after some hesitation. I half assumed that the drugs were keeping him from talking, but didn't really question why.

"I'll go get a nurse. Just a minute."

I rushed out of the room and flagged down a passing nurse.

"Excuse me, Lucario says he is feeling some pain. Can you help?"

"Yes, let me through."

I moved aside and she went in and adjusted a few things. Moments later, I saw Lucario seem to relax.

"Thank you."

"No problem. Is this your Lucario?"

"No. I," I had to hold back new tears. I hated to show that much emotion in front of perfect strangers. "I'm the one who hit him."

"Oh. Well, if he feels any more pain, hit that button please." She pointed at a button beside the bed and left.

I sat back down and saw that Lucario had fallen back asleep.

I don't know how long it took until I finally succumbed to slumber myself. But when I did, I had the strangest dream. I was running through some forest at an insane speed that I knew I could never match in my real body.

Wait, I knew this place?

I saw out of the corner of the dream a particular large hill with a windmill on it that spun lazily. Yeah, I recognized that! These were the same woods that I was driving through earlier? Why would I be dreaming about that?

The dream kept moving and I started to get on the road that I recognized.

"No!" I tried to shout to the dream, trying to get it to stop.

Trying to change what I did.

But to no avail. Lucario got on the road and, because of his heavy breathing and way he was looking, didn't notice the vehicle heading straight for him.

Right at the point of impact, I woke up and held back a scream that had risen in my throat.

I got my heart rate under control and a few seconds later, the nurse from earlier came in.

"Oh, you're awake. I hate to tell you this, but visiting hours are over. You need to get home."

I started to protest, but she held up a finger.

"Look, I know you feel bad about Lucario. But getting yourself in trouble is not going to help him any. And anyways, I'll give you my number. If anything happens, I'll call. Will that suffice?"

I nodded and I wrote my number on a piece of paper while she wrote hers on my hand.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Lilly Brown. You?"

"Jason Simmons. Thanks for everything."

"You're welcome, now get going."

"Yes ma'am." And I went home.

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