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He was between alertness and sleep when he heard the beeping. The irritating noise brought the young teen out of his slumber. Severus wondered if he was dead. He felt numbness and a twinge of pain in his body. Pain? Maybe he was in the muggle afterlife 'hell'. Probably for killing another. He was searching for fear at the thought of spending a life in eternal pain but nothing came. All he felt was regret for giving the bastard a painless death.

He groggily opened one eye as the other was bandaged and inspected the unfamiliar room. It was painted an irritating blinding white with a muggle television in the corner. There were unmoving posters of the human body scattered across the walls. He was brought out of his inspection by a pointed coughing beside him. He jumped up in surprise, wincing at the pain the action caused.

Somebody tutted and helped him in sitting position, putting some type of clear potion that was inserted in his arm. He felt the comforting numbness return to his body.

He looked at the noise and saw two adults. One was a stern looking man in a long white coat with brown eyes looking over him clinically. He was tall and had golden stubble on his chin that matched his golden blonde hair. The one next to him was a curvy short lady. She had big blue eyes looking at him with the same clinical inspection, her blonde hair was tied up in a professional bun. Her plumb lips that were painted a deep red was twisted in a frown.

He noticed his own state. Feeling annoyance at being trapped in strange white mold on his legs. He saw his chest was bandaged and he felt his face was also bandaged. A muggle hospital he mused with distaste.

"Hello dear" the lady voiced with a professional concern, practiced from repeated use, "I am Angela McKullan and this is Doctor McKullan." She nodded her head at the doctor beside her. He notice the engagement rings around their fingers.

"You are married with each other?" He asked. He didn't care for the response, he just wanted to buy time to see a way out of this muggle infested building and see how long he has until he is sent to Askaban. Again he searched for fear at the thought of spending his life in the infamous Askaban. And again he felt nothing but rage.

She nodded her head tightly and glared at the boy in annoyance before quickly smoothing her features to show nothing but concern and compassion. Severus refrained from smirking at her response.

"Severus?" she asked with a practiced honey soft voice. The tone made Severus skin prickle with annoyance and he resisted his urge to sneer. "I am from Child Service. We are here to find you a suitable place to live. Do you remembered what happen?" She asked with practiced compassion. She scrutinized him as if expected him to break. Internally he gave a sadistic and malicious smile.

He knew what happen, he killed his father. But his pleasure of the fact sizzled with rage. The muggle was given a merciful death. The bastard should have been given the crucio until his eyes were pouring tears of blood. The image almost caused Severus to smile. However that wouldn't be the right response so Severus tampered down his blinding rage and twisted his face into sorrow.

He coughed, "I returned home from receiving a letter that my mother had passed." His allowed his eyes to tear. The knowledge of his mother's death caused his heart to clench painfully tight. His mother, too weak to fight, murdered by a pathetic muggle. He could feel his rage boil. He cursed his father but mostly himself, for being too weak. The muggle lady grabbed his hand. He stopped himself from snatching his hand away in disgust. He sniffled. "I returned home and my father he- he-." He bit his lip from laughing at the Muggle woman's fussing. Her blue eyes softening as she tried to offer him comfort. So pathetically easy. "He beat me. More than before. I thought I was going to die but then-"he forced himself to breath gasps of air. Shaking as if he couldn't go on due to his emotional pain.

"it's okay honey" she whispered in an soft voice gripping his hand tighter. Severus lips curled in disgust before he quickly hid his face through the curtain of his black greasy hair. She continued on to reassure him of his safety and he bit his lips once more to prevent laughing at her idiotic and naive assumption.

"The police will be here shortly to get a statement but first we have to handle of issue of finding you a home" her voice was filled with practiced cheerfulness. His hidden face twisted with distaste. "It says you just turned seventeen three weeks ago, by law an adult. (A/N: I know this is wrong but, for my story it isn't so… yea:-P) But do you have any relative I should call to help you?"

The lady watched with dismay as the boy's bony shoulders began to shake, her blue eyes widening in concern as she assumed the frail boy began sobbing.

Her thoughts were far from the truth. Severus shook as he desperately held back hysterical laughter. How could he have forgotten! According to the ministry he was an adult wizard. An untraceable adult wizard. No wonder no there were no ministry officials popping in here and whisking him to Azkaban. Such a shame, he heard the Dormentors were quite the kissers.

The concerned hand wrapped around his bony shoulder made Severus' hysteria quickly disappear. His concealed face twisted with annoyance as his body tensed at the contact. He resisted growling at the Muggle to remove her arm before he hexed it off, that wouldn't be very polite. And seeing as he was tuck here until he could escape and think about his future actions before returning back to Hogwarts, he had to play the sympathy card until the key went flat.

Slowly peaking at the muggle he widen his beetle black eyes and trembled his bottom lip. "N- n- no my family is all d- dead" he forced his voice to waver as he quickly lowered his eyes. He wished he could force himself to cry but at seeing the Muggle's eyes water he refrained at smirking smugly at succeeding.

"Its okay sweetie, we'll figure something out," her voice so soft with compassion that he could have pretended it was his mother that was offering him sweet reassurance.

His eyes went cold and his skin itched with anger, and the nostalgic grief inside him morphed into rage. It could never be his mother. Not anymore. The regret burned deep inside Severus, he could have crucio her murderer. He could have tortured her husband and basked in his pleading for death. He could have made him feel the pain he and his mother felt daily at that bastard's hand. He could have tied him down destroyed him until he felt as weak and helpless as he and his mother did.

He could have done so much.

But now the bastard was dead, given a merciful death for his crimes. Unable to feel the horrific rage that devoured his son.

It could have been prevented. He could have been protected. But the wizrding world wa cruel. Righteous hypocrites who hide their narrow mindness with reasonable suspicions. Whose twinkling eyes cover up their own cruelty. Whose green eyes betrayed him. Whose ice blonde hair used him. Whose cold grey eyes tormented him. Whose unruly black hair brutalized him. Whose amber eyes failed him.

His torment could have been prevented. His pain could have been soothed. His bruises where reminders. Painful scars that litter his body marking their failures. Each scare sighing those who hurt him fate.

No, he could ever pretend that sweet compassion was from his mother. Because she was killed. And he was too weak to stop it. Or get revenge.

The muggle woman was oblivious to the young boy's internal emotions, still believing him to be in a state of surprise and sadness. "By the end of the week we'll find you a home" she vowed to the frail boy.

Tightening her grip minutely she stood to leave the unresponsive teen and nodded at her cheating husband.

Before closing the door on the teen she had her last look to the young boy whose body was painted with painful bruises. Her lips frowned in sympathy, so fragile she sighed in sadness.

She turned away thinking of potential ways to turn the weak boy into a strong man.

Naively unaware that she was farthest from the truth.

The boy wasn't weak. Not anymore.

His heart charred and his soul froze into a glacier.

The boy marred with reminders of his failures vowed to never fall victim again.

He revenge his mother.

To destroy those that betrayed him.

That hurt his mother.


That allowed his mother to be murdered.

To let his rage run rampant.

To burn the Wizarding World that failed him until it was nothing but ash.

He vowed to never be weak again.

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